Monday, August 31, 2009

BLUR Syndromme

Am in my office on PUBLIC HOLIDAY. First initial plan is to do my work. BUT guess what. I yet do my work and still blur and have no idea what should i do first. Lot of things i need to do and finish...... but i still not start my BLOODY Work. All i do since now is surf FACEBOOK, read my blog, update my blog, read other peoples blog, and day dreaming.

ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BENCI


Thinking from the past

Watch tv after iftar session yesterday and plus try to get laid last night, i watch this documentary about Mokhtar Dahari..... Our famous footballer player. Then they also played about our past history before Independence era.........

Look at the current and what i have seen, Malaysian just like to see the pass and they never see straight to the future......... what i mean is like this;

1. Do we still need to say that he or she is really great and done a good job and their achievement is tremendous and no one else can beat......... where the actual person is no longer exist.
2. Why during their time perform, they never see what this person have done, in fact condemn and cynical critical always been pass remark with the bad intention held in their mind and heart.
3. We always see, analyse the reports that's already done and not learn something from it and make a change of it.
4. Why things already happen, then we are just to take action. Aren't we always say, prevention is the best then cure.
5. Why, we never dare to say straight to their face if they have suggest something bad idea or done bad things, where we always like to talk back and give so called advice when things already happen and not before.

Sad to see whats happening over here but the truth is there. Malaysian and 1Malaysia, and Malaysia Boleh. Funny isn't it.

Hope u know what i mean.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sibu Island

Went there for Business trip and really everybody enjoy it. With the lovely place, fun activities, nice resort which you can bring your pak' tor for honeymoon with good food serve, love the room, splendid beach and facilities and many more.....
The only i dont like is am not feeling well at that time and the water is salty. Others is great one. See Me inside it.........

The gang in the bus

Stop by at R & R for supper.

Reach at Pangkalan Leman

The Gurls and their POSE DEAD

1st Activities - me in red

Group Picture - My team PINK The Champion

Many more event and i just keep for myself...... Cool mate......

Cheers mate.

What Master Course should i take.......

One of my dream is to have a Master. When i think about it, i still cant decide what Course should i pursue........well, there some in my mind and maybe you can suggest something.....

1. Master in International Business
- well, i do have degree in International Business Management and I still love it. Till now, only UUM offers the course. The university where i study previously and they just offer full time course. Meaning, if i take this course, i have to be in Kedah AGAIN. How i still cant imagine me in KEDAH(SINTOK) in this age.........

2. Master in Information technology
- My friend suggest this course because its still a booming industries. dilemma is i have no clue of what IT is and what would it be. I afraid i cant finish it.

3. Master in Communication
- something that i like and amaze with it. It can be in different kind of communication mode. lots of industries can be used with this Masters. so how........?

4. Master of Transportation and Logistic
- U know right that Plane, car, lorry and ship is my passion. I love things been shift from one place to another with different mode of transportation. Unfortunately i dont have any clue and experience in this industries except travel by bus and plane from KL to Singapore, London and Jakarta and Love to see plane and lots of plane in Airport.

5. MBA
- Things that i dont like is, other people do master, we also want to do master. Nowadays its like most of people have BBA and Diploma in Business studies. Although this can be done but am not like some who just follow for the sake to have MAsters Qualification.

Till now i still cant decide what i want to do. Any idea?


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fasting in Ramadhan

Today is the first day of Ramadhan and would like to wish every Muslim in the world Happy Eid Ramadhan Kareem and Hope you all can fasting throughout the month and Celebrate Eid Mubarak in Syawal Month.


Asking Good Condom

As a normal person and curious, would you like to go to 7-11 and the cashier where is the condom and then asked which brand and type is the good one?

Well certainly not me..... although i have the intention to know the good type of condom, but then i certainly not dare to go to cashier counter and asked them "Do they sell condom and which type is good one" plus with the loud voice........hehehehehehe

kidding me not. The truth is there.........

That day i went to 7-11 looking for something, then suddenly i heard a voice asked "Do you sell condom......?". I straightly lift up my face a try to see whats happening.With the cheeky smile, the cashier reply its on the right side of the counter. Then this guy asked which one is the good one........With shy face, cashier reply "am sorry sir, i never try it before....."

Certainly cashier know how to cover up, but then why this fella can simply asked the question like that. Dont he see its create smile or even a laughing stock when they hear it?. What will you do if this happen to you in public......? hehehehe

How was ur day mate.... Cheers

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sing Dollar

I went to Esplanade to watch play of Sing Dollar and i should say I love it very much. Not to say Malaysian play no good cause Malaysian Theater also do have a similar standard play as well. Really funny and it does bring the impact and message behind it.

Sing Dollar played by non ordinary actor and director. It simply not dissappointed to a person who are non singaporean or never stay in this small developed country more then 1 week.

Thank you My dear SO. I love it so much. hehehehe.

Morton Steakhouse

Enough said on the name but then normally some name does bring the quality behind it. Went to the fine Dining restaurant with my SO at Morton Steakhouse, we been served with the best service. This is the second time i enter to the fine dining restaurant and it is really a truly fine dining services with the Luxury ambiance, music, food and beverage. Lavish.

If i can compared to the Victoria Station and so called they claimed the best steak, i guess they have to rethink again and they may have to spend way high to make sure they are up to the Morton Steakhouse standard cause they are nothing even from the moment i enter to this place.
One of the specialities they served is Prime Rib and it just served only on friday and saturday and believe me its really a PRIME item guys. No Joke.

The bread they served....... make me say hummmmmm sedapnyer....... seriously no joke it is very delicous.

Victoria Station.....No thanks to you and Morton Steakhouse...... Yummy...... hehehehehe


Monday, August 3, 2009

Masjid Negara......

I guess almost every week i pass through the Masjid Negara but then the last time i went there for prayer or visit is more then 15 years. Its a old design but unique concept. Different from others.

I do notice, when people come to kl, the just talk about how good shopping complex is, where the good food can be found but its really rare to find people say about the masjid all around KL. hummmmm maciam mana nie guys...... ; p

Yesterday, after send my SO to Klsentral, I just stop by over there for Asar prayer. Still the same and always make me feels very peaceful. Religiously yes and for my soul also does make me peace. Alhamdulillah.