Monday, May 31, 2010

Other Language

You know one thing guys, in Malaysia aje we have more then 2 language we use. Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese, Indian, Arab, even chinese pun we have cantonese, mandarin, hakka. That one not include pribumi's language and also mix with Indonesian dialect and each state dialect. Best and I'm so excited...... kekekeke.......
Recently i always got comment from unknown reader.........( danny,wan, sarah, my dear, you guys i dah start kenal ye.....) .which i like cause i thought i never have reader for my blog...... sometimes feeling2 famous tu ade la...... hehehehehe.......

There's one time, more then one reader give comment that my article is so horrible and my grammar tunggang langgang,....... well...... i admit and i take it..... and i like cause they concern with the English and my writing.........

but......... the one that i weird is, there's one or 2 person nie..... no offence guys.......but they read my blog and comment in Chinese. i was like......apo ko bondo la u nak cakap nie...... i only know English and malays language aje. Other language i nganga oooiiiiii.......

Anyhow, thank you guys cause spend you precious little time read my blog nie, and feel free to comment ya. If comment, please write in English or Malay ya......... that's the only language that i know.......


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sweet memories when im in Cambridge......... accidently saw cute little duck in the tub. so sweet........

Love u dear.........

My ex BOS

I have been working in several places before this. I still contact with my ex bos directly or indirectly... hehehehe...... but then this one difference from all my ex bosses. My ex bos that i work with one of main insurance company in KL. Last nite, suddenly he text me cause he saw my UK trip in my fb......

My ex Bos : U went to UK ke?
Me : Its not secret anymore rite as you seen via fb......( sound sacarstic la lil bit cause dah tahu i post it at fb and say UK trip lagi)
My ex Bos : Why? Holiday? so happy
Me : what do u mean by Why?
My ex Bos : For work? Or seeing some one sp? ( i guess sp mean special)
(when i read it, i was like erk.....nape nie?)
Me : Ape yang you talking nie yw? Yes thats is for holiday. Nape?
My ex Bos : Bagus tapi you not young anymore
Me : And? Your point is? You even older then me yw......... ( yes he still single and he is about 35 above )
My ex Bos : Sakit Hati talking to you la.. So stubborn
(aik... tetiba marah bila i flash back AGE to him....)
Me : I yang degil ke you.
My ex Bos : Dont sweet talk la... will not get upset by degil ppl ( masalah dia bila masa i sweet talk to him and why should i sweet talk to him? )
Me : Yang you suddenly get angry nue why you are the the one brought up the not young issue. There must be something....
My ex Bos : No la just catching up la.. you in touch with akmal? ( nak lari tajuk kan.....)
Me : Nope ( lazy to prolong cause too tired and to sleepy already)
My ex bos : kenapa? You know our company is buying he co over ( so...... what is the connection between her company and me........haduih... pengsan.......)

I didnt reply his text cause cannot tahan anymore. dont see any connection and thank god he text me to my sony ericsson phone. if via my BB lagi teruk la i bagi... ngehehehehehe......
its really weird la my ex bos ni. what ever it is "whatever......." like i care la kan......... hehehehehehehe

if this happen to you guys? i guess u will do the same thing rite....?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Food i like

Fish and Chips, chinese Food, Dessert, Pasta, malay cuisine, and japanese food.

why i do this, i dont know lei....... ngehehehehehe.......whats your favourite food...?

PUKS - Post UK Syndrome

Yes guys...... still with my unending syndrome...... ngehehehehehe

If in UK, They really want to stop and give ways to pedestrian to cross the road. Malaysian...... "Me first, i want to go there. Cant you see my car went through...... : p"

something that you need to think about it la kawan.........

Friday, May 21, 2010

PUKS ( Post UK Syndrome)

I have post it in my FB and i guess i want to share it here......Yes i know i still in PUKS whahahahahaha.......

In UK we dont have to pay to enter the toilet, its still clean, dry, toilet bowl flashy and no bad toilet smell. In Malaysia, we have to pay 30 sen - 50 sen, the toilet not that clean, wet, toilet bowl still got stain and dirty, and the smell like puke non stop for one month.


Driving in UK
Although the road is small but we still can drive in peacefully, no harsh and no need to rushing. In busy town, they still give ways and raised hand say thank you cause give ways to them. In Malaysia, driving like their grand mother road, rush like they need to go washroom and never EVER give ways to others even though enough space for the other car to get in WITH signal is switch on.

How Malaysian?

In UK,they will keep on smiling, say hello, good day, and have a pleasant day. We sure feel good one. In Malaysia hard to see they smile, give instruction like want to eat us, show direction with mouth and arrogant.

Malaysian style like that ah?
Think about it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love Never Dies

I guess i told you guys about last trip to London and we went to watch the theater Phantom of the Opera...... This time around, i watch the sequel .......

Love Never Dies.

Jurisdiction...... I love it so much.....The best

My SO said i will sleep while the play held....but Nooo......I watch it and i Love it sooo much

Thanks dear. Hehehehehehe

Friday, May 7, 2010


When we talk about "Conservative" and definitely i check from dictionary and the meaning

is disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

Funny thing is...masa kat UK, i saw this

Macam mana nak change kalau dah the name of the party is Conservative. Contradict kan...... but thats what really happen. Interesting.


Come back......

Hey there..........

Its been quite sometime i tak update my blog. Thats is because am so busy with my work and also start from 21st april till 2nd May, am on leave and went for holiday. Seronok jugak when i got the chance to do this.

I went to UK for a holiday and lot of things that we can learn from it. A lot.... tak tipu punya...... not only from the development that we been dreaming since long time ago, their cultural, menace, attitude and banyak lagi.

The simplest thing i nak share in this blog is their Public toilet. Over there the public is CLEAN and mmg really clean. Takde orang jaga pun still mantained clean......... kat malaysia.....ade orang jaga pun the toilet mesti berbau one kind, wet, not clean and sinki rosak mcm hape. So how?

Driving behaviour? yang nie lagi best........ over there, they are highly tolerance and give and take. Although there are lot of cars, they still give ways to the other party to across and peoples at the back also ok with that.

Banyak benda we can learn from this. But then one thing i feel weird, why malaysian who used to stay in Europe or UK that i know thousand of them and thousand of them also used to work and visit UK, cant they just learn something and practise from this. I know i do.......

Yer betul, maybe this is because of "Post UK Syndrome", but then we can learn something what.

Cheers mate.