Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wise Quote

Dear People,

I always like to have a wise quote in my life so that it can help me to motivate. in this case, i get one wise quote that i got from Mr Magoruim Wonder Emporium.

"Life is an Opportunity, Dont let it go"
I have been in several situation where almost make me go down and down. But then probably Al Mighty know whats the best for His human and He definitely help me to come up and at the same time i have also need bring me up as indeed.
No one could actually change themselves beside themselves. Although the progress of what i have been through not that rapid increase, but then i can actually see my progress and changes. From a person who is nerdy to the open to anything. I know am capable to do lots of things in my life and i know i can have it.
Sometimes, what we plan, does not mean that we are able to achieve it. But then the journey to achieve does bring you something in your daily or your internal behaviours because you learn lots from the things that you have been through.
God is definitely Al-mighty. He always know what He is up too to us. In fact my friend used to say a good wise word
" Only God knows where the story ends for me, but i know where the story begins. Its up to us to choose whether we win or loose and win is my aim"

Alhamdulillah, till now i can still smile, talk, cherish every moment that i had and i will face, work, fun, sad and anything that i can still remember.

Till then, Cheers mate


Thursday, December 17, 2009


Watch The Premier show at GSC Pavillion on Tuesday. It is very entertaining but then predictable. This movie although they have the special effect almost all part but then it definitely reminds me of Pocahontas. Why i said like this because where the Americans or the so called Develop Mind or Civilization people" are looking for the new location, and the new place have the resources that can be used for the human race.

Then they are trying to get closed with the native and be nice to this new community so that later on they can manipulated this so called the uncivilized community and then take what they want and claim the land belong to them.

They have the good or heroic character, the bad or villain character, and the good hero will get close with the most attention and in this case the heroin plus try to get to know each other and then so happen they fall in love. At the same time, the hero also will get the fight from the heroin family member or clan that in love also with the heroin.

Then, the fight happen where the civilization people will used the weapon and the natives will used the nature and praised of mother nature to help them to fight with this so called civilization. As usual, the civilization people will will at the early stage and then the hero will go together with the native clan against his clan for the love and so called understand with the natives. Then they will be together with the bless of the mother nature and the father or the head of community.

Despite of this predictable, it still amaze and entertain me to watched this movie. Thanks to my SO cause give this chance to watch. I really wish i could watch with my SO and spend time together. hehehehehe

So, bout the movie i can say " I watch it already.... muahahahaha( giler muka berlagak yg tak berfaedah) hehehehehe

Till then, cheers

Cousin Gettin Married

I have more then 12 cousin in my family and this actually come from my dad side only by not add from my mom side. In this case, we are quite close with each other and we share and gathered for special occasion and create bonding closer.

When we talk about marriage, some of us will married by following the turn. Start with my eldest brother who is the eldest among the cousin, then my sis cousin sha , the 3rd sis cousin lanie and then followed by my 2nd brother which on fourth and the 5th is cousin boy. This is the first batch of Grandson of Nik Jaafar (my grand dad's name)

Then my batch that consist of my cousin mus, me, cousin tahir and cousin Is. I guess my batch kind of weird cause cousin mus still don't know his direction with marriage and me also don't know what to say about marriage. So in this case people start to asked when is our time or in a hidden word " Bila nak makan nasi minyak nie?" from our relatives, friends and anybody when they knew that we have yet getting married. We just can only smile.

Mom start to announce to the whole world about my single hood and promote me to any of her friends, relative if there any "anak dara sunti" to match make with me. Even this activity been support by my friends and provoke by my younger brother indeed. Same goes happen to my cousin Mus.

Both of us just can only smile, dont know what to answer of the single hood title that we are holding rite now. Then suddenly news of my cousin Tahir (mus brother) want to get married. Am just glad that he get married and the ceremony went well at Terengganu with 1 breath (satu nafas lafaz).

To be frank, i don't know what is my fate about my marriage. I still don't have any idea what is look like and i kind of scared to face this situation. Am ok with the relationship, but then i don't know how can i coupe with the other family plus with the incident happen of family break up, the kids, the crime and child kidnap, the financial with in this world of money, the cheat by any parties of the marriage institution and many more.

As a human, i never had a marriage dream ever since i start to know that i already turn to a teenager. My friends did tell me that they do have the wet dream, marriage dream and any normal wet dream scene. Unlike me ( dunno whether lucky or not lucky) i never had. Maybe i thinking too much or exaggerated.

I personally would like to get married if am ready for it. I dont want to get married if people asked me to do so, or because other people already getting married and i need to do the same thing. Marriage is very sacred to me cause its really huge thing. Its the life, future, love, generation and sacrifice you dealing with. I hate to see the marriage broke on the way when suddenly one parties said they are not happy anymore with their partner or cause of cheat or involve of other parties.

Of all the sinned that i have done, i dont want to create more and cause more. I dont want to be like some people who just marriage to cover from who he is before or what he is now. I dont want to married cause of 3 little alphabets cause with this 3 little alphabets can cause sinned and blessing to the Almighty.

My idea or marriage is Love, share talk, know each other, never ending feeling love and hugging and cuddle, jealous at the right place, responsibility, care, protect, help each other in any way, honest, understanding and believing each other.

Forgive me of my sinned. But if i died single; i take the fact and accept as it is.

Watermelon report

Something new that i learn from my SO regards on the report is the Watermelon Report. Meaning of this watermelon report is looks great on the report but the actual is not really good as it report. Like some of the people, they only would like to show only good thing and at the same time hide the bad and worst one.

Macam this case. I always dont understand why they need to be like this. They should actually highlight this matter to avoid any problem occurs in the future. Report should mentioned the reality but in professional way.

So what should you do if things like this happen?

your ask yourself....... cheers

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cartoon of my favourite

There are lots of cartoon that i like to watch but then the one that i like is.....


Its a very simple presentation by foreign country and very educative.

Shaun the Sheep

This one is ease to the mind and very and extremely entertaining. Although it just beyond the expectation but then this is fun and cause im no longer like to watch the heavy fighting and villain and hero character. This one is really simple and entertaining and suitable to be watched by kids and adult as well.
Whats your favourite cartoon character at this moment?
Till then, Cheers

Friday, December 11, 2009

Swimming Instructor

Went to KLPac to watch theater of Swimming Instructor. I bring one of my good friends syed. He has meeting in KL and at night he is terribly bored stay in the room. So i just gave him a call and he agreed to follow me.

The play is so simple yet meaningful. Its about the person, the relationship, pass history, the family problem issues caused a trauma to child, the stress, the go getter, the dream, the out of closet and the LOVE.

I always like to watch the play. Its entertaining and at the same time it really bring some idea and open up peoples mind with the jokes, stories even the word said inside the play.

The actors and actress did well, although in the Swimming instructor just only 3 person but certainly the stories entertaining for 1 and half hours. I like the play and definitely will go there again to watch the play should they have show again.

The next play i would like to see is "Mens in Tutus". Hehhehehehehe

Wish my other half be with me last nite : )

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Split Personality

Got called from my old friend and we catch up old stories bout our life. Its quite sometime i didnt meet him; then after few minutes we chat, he start his stories. The bad experience that he had for about 7- 8 months. The experience that he face with the split personality gurl.

Because of this, he been traumatised and really freak out for the relationship. I still remember that i also face the same situation during my uni. I have attached with this gurl and so happen that she is the one with the split personality. Until now, it really freak me out.

Its really weird where they can change from a loving caring fella to a extreme, jealous, fierce and capable to do lots of thing that can even hurt of their body and life. They can event simply cuts their body part just to make sure that their partner follow what they want.

Try to commit suicide is one of the extremist things that they always want to do. Just dont get it why they did that and definitely dont want to face the same situation happen again in my life. hummmmmm

Me not like split personal people.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Headless Chicken

I guess the word really shows the true meaning. Now, thats what happen in my dept. Due to our VP has been transferred to othe rplaces, most of us has no motivation and no mood to work.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Sleep in Masjid

Went for solat this afternoon as normal and few seconds when im ready for solat, i heard people snoring........its really loud. Not to say no good but not nice. Maybe they need to control lil bit.



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pass away part 2

Early in the morning, i got a sms telling that my aunt passed away at 4.30 am. The message reach at my phone at 5 am.

Its been 2 death in this week and all happen to the person that i knew. Last few days its my friends mom, and today is my aunt. Well, definitely death will follow us no matter how best we try to avoid it. Previously am not keen or really dont even care about death. Kind of freak out of the news but then after several incident happen to me, i keep on askin myself. Have i prepared to die? Am i ready for it? How would i like to be when am dying. Its kind of weird when we think of dying. Of course i would like to have a smooth ceremony or meaning that i can leave this world in peace. But what will happen that during my death and way to the muslim cemetry, i face lots of difficulty.

Everyday, i always pray to Allah Almighty that if i died. I hope that He could make it smooth and from my death, i hope that i would not bring any humiliation to my family or me. I know i have done lots of sins in my past and now, however, i always pray to Him that He can ringankan dosa that i have done cause sincerely i would never ever able to face the punishment di Alam Barzakh and in the judgement Day.

I really love my family especially my mom, dad, my brothers, my other half, my niece and nephew, my uncle and aunt, my friends and anybody that i know and met. As a human, definitely i will do something that may hurt their feeling and i really dont mean to do that.

I hope that when moment anybody knew of my dying, i hope that they could say a prayer to me, recite Al-fatihah, read Yasin Verse for at least once a week and say a good things and fun things about me. I hope Allah almighty can hear my pray and hope that my wish can be comand.

The death is really shocking me but now am ready to face the reality and face the death.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Hope for the best

My other half having exam for MBA. Always proud to my other half as my SO always show the great things about life, meaning of love and the best that my SO share with me ever since i meet my SO.

Today is my SO last paper and all i hope that my SO can do well for the exam. I cant be beside my SO but then i try my level best to keep my SO accompany from far by not disturb my SO study, wake up my SO early in the morning cause my SO has exam in the morning and encourage my SO to study and know my SO can do and confident my SO can do not just well, best to the top.

Ever since i know my SO and from the past 1 month in November, me and my SO face lots of difficulties and hard time. Its really a challenge for me and my SO of what had happened. We manage to get through although its hurt to face it but we manage to get through it.

I know i meet the person that suitable with me. I never regret of what had happen and all the mistakes that i have done making me a lesson which is a valuable one. I will always stick to the person that i love, encourage my SO, support when ever my SO need and share from the sad till the joy cause in this situation, companion that i want and i gave not the fling and flirt the norm.

Love you my SO and i LOve you so much.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Al Fatihah.....

Yesterday i got sad news from my mom that my close friends mom passed away. Straight away i called my friend to confirm on the cause of death and spread the news to our close friends.

Sad to hear the death news but then definitely the death will be come to us no matter how and when. Kind of speachless and silence of the shocking news cause we are close. My friends family is close to me and all of us. Definitely after this the situation will not be the same.

I guess that also will happen to me no matter how. Either im the one who die first or die later. I guess im ready for it. But what should i answer if the death angle asking me? maybe the truth of what have i done in my throughout life.

Al Fatihah to my friend's mom- Ramzul Ikhsan b. Mohd Hashim. Hope she will be rest in peace.