Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tell the truth

Sometimes its really hurts but truth is always the best thing you need to trust. Dont lie cause when you lie, it will lead to another lie until u cant close the lie.

Dont lie cause Lie dont work.

Friday, June 17, 2011


When we talk about facebook.com; one thing that i notice is people will update what is in their mind, but what i want to say here is facebook but the profile picture is NOT the face.

i guess it should be called facebook la. Its should be called picturebook.(sound so salah rite)

ok. Bye.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Lantern vs Green Hornet

I have watched Green Hornet (from KUL to Jakarta via KLM small tiny screen tv. nak sebut jugak kan klm....) and yesterday read Green Lantern (Lampu Hijau direct translation) synopsis, i guess i like Green Hornet more than Green Lantern.

Why? because green hornet is more realistic and Green Lantern is like epic. Its like u watch Star Wars and too much. So verdict? Dont like the movie altho i have yet watch it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Nowadays we always got lots of acronym. LOL la, BRB la, GTG la. but what i really notice but still until now i dont know what does it mean is:

what is that?

Cant Sleep

Yesterday i actually too tired after whole day working. Don't know what cause me tired but my eyes is like only half can open and only waiting my permission to sleep. Then i decide to sleep early at 10.30 pm after struggling cause degil don't want to sleep.

So 10.30 pm ngam-ngam i sleep.

Than suddenly i woke up and look at my phone its 12.40 am. After that i cant sleep. Move to left, move to the right until i feel restless. Then i decide to watch TV. So called if i sleepy my eyes will just close while watching TV. Being me who is having a set of mind " if you want to sleep, bed is the place. I fail miserably. It caused me until 3.00 am.

Then i went back to bed, finally i manage to sleep. Then what cause me after that?

I am late for work!!!!!

Thank god my SO called me and wake me up. If not late lor...... ngehehehehehehe.

Morale of the story:
" don't force to sleep. Sleep will come by itself" (so salah kan)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gossip and Bitching in the Lift.

This is happened when the building has various company in the same building. They will gossip and thinking no one will care what are they gossiping and bitching about. In certain point, i guess its ok for me to listen ( altho im not suppose to) but if you gossip until like other people beh tahan, i believe that one should have one space for gossip.

One space for Gossip. Hummmmm not bad idea.

Nah....... waste of space. Better ignore my un-brilliant idea.

But then talk about Gossip and Bitching. Like i said just now, for fun yes. It can be done once a while. But if you bitching and gossip and talk bad about you colleague/ boss/ officemate/ friends as if you the only one is doing great, i guess better STOP (Stop right now, thank you very much - remind my of spice girls...whahahahahha) . Cause i really hate it and hate it banyak2 ok.

Btw, this is not gossip ya. Bluweek........

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Muka Fail

whahahahahaha That bitchy right my title for today.

Just when i am walking at the side of the road to pay bills, suddenly my eyes caught attention to this uncle ( or shall i say pakcik). His hand is like holding piece of paper and out of sudden he just throw that paper.

After that, he went to the nearest van and comb his hair. With the slumber face ya. I was like


Straight away i update my fb and said " Pakcik, muka smart macam model pun tak guna kalau buang sampah merata-rata.

Guess what, my friends agreed with me as well.

Best tak.........

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Right in the middle of my motivation for me to create my creativity on my blog. Out of sudden, i dont know what to mumbling and rambling about.


Haish. Sien.

My passion

I have many things that i like. For the gym, i would prefer to be part of RPM class. This is the musical cycling class where we are pushing ourselves to get sweat like hell. Its basically a must to me to join this class at least once a week.

Once i finished that class, all the leg muscle in pain. But i like. ngehehehehehehe.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Telling the truth

Telling the truth sometimes can hurt someone feelings. For example, tell to your girlfriends that she has gained weight until now she does not look as nice as before or tell yourselves that your tummy is increase inch by inch.

Had a chat with my superior regards on my resignation. Telling him that i dont like his style of leadership is like telling to the wall. Not just wooden wall or asbestos wall, but to a concrete wall. Of course im not the kind of want to stretch my throat telling him, but used a hint and surface info so that he can understand.

Verdict from the methods? FAIL

And what do i get? My superior blame other parties. Haiz.......(which i have notice that for so long but what the hell)

Morale of the story - dont tell your boss that he is not good. But tell your Boss Boss because Your boss boss can tell your boss of what you think about your boss.

Is it Greener on the other side?

Last night kind of lazy and im just so happened to be couch potato in front of tv watching " How i meet your mother". I dont know what happened but the older i am ( err i mean not so young anymore) the more alert i can be on wordings. Last night one of the quote came out saying something like this : -

" You cant go back to the pass cause it just a mistake but future is something that you need to look on"

I have to agreed with these words. Its really meaningful and it does related to me indeed. I always take note even put it in my facebook. As a reminder to me. Blog also one if it. I believe that is me and its me who cherish myself cause you yourselves know about you. Yes i do have my other half, basically we always support each other but no one change change you except yourselves.

The Question

" Is it Greener on the other side?"

Its up to us to see whether its light green or dark green or fresh green or artificial green.


Monday, June 6, 2011

May - "Down"date ( not Updates ya)

Yes its June already. Time passed by so fast and my mom always tells me that when we are about to reach the Dooms day ( Akhirat) , time passed by so fast. Even faster when we are tight with deadline, events and schedule.

In May - whats the latest?
* Spend whole first week in Hong Kong with my other half. Always the trip that i look forward because of togetherness and also see the place. Hong Kong is a nice place to visit. The Culture, the building, the people, the food, the scenery and yes the moment.
* Buy simple cheap souvenir yet different from others is always my thing. No more key chain as i believe its such a waste.

* Back from long holiday - rush here and for event and dealer visitation. Reports and presentation and not to forget meeting and yes event as well.

* Manage to escape and went to Jakarta for ermmm cant remember how many times i went there and i always like to go there. Definitely my SO is there as well. Owh yes, did i told you that they have the best and delicious Crab dishes. I still remember the taste. Yummy.

Nothing much yet fun and fill with excitement. Alhamdulillah.