Saturday, July 27, 2013

Iftar outside from home

I guess im a home type of person. Even though currently i have ample time and i actually can go out but i have decided to stay at home. Start from breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and even now even iftar and sahur (meals before start fasting), i love to have it at home. 

For breakfast, if am not cook, i buy it and have it at home. Mom always said that having breakfast t home is like can increase the rezeki. 

Lunch. Occasionally if i feel to have it outside, i went out and having outside. 

Tea / Hi-tea - dont you just love to have tea at home, spend a quality time with your family 

Dinner - Occasionally 

Iftar and Sahur _ Most of the time at home. 

I guess thats answer a lot saying that i am a homely type guy right? 

Naked picture (own/others/tools) in your handphone

I dont know what do they think about it but to me, i dont keep it. I guess naked picture, tools picture, or any kind of picture that leads to the porn attraction material is really should not be keep in your phone. What if: 

1. You lost your phone and someone found it and dig inside it? 
2. Your family play with your phone and accidentally go through at your picture files? 
3. Your partner seek something in your phone and so happen he/she think what hidden inside your phone that they want to see?  

You have to be careful with all these material. Look what happen to the some of the celebrities that accidentally leak their privacy picture to the public. 

I am sure you dont want all those humiliate incident happened to you as well right? 

And i really hate to get a message of what they called "booty-call-text" and they actually include with the tools picture. Seriously am not interested AT ALL even i actually HATE it.  

My 2 cents ramblings 

Love Anak Kambing 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

You are Ugly

Ever since my boo give an iPhone 5 and I guess being me as a late boomer (a.k.a not a gadget fan) and after seeing most of my friends using the "touch screen smart phone and its applications" makes me want to be part of it. One of it is Social Networking apps. 

With my super excitement, I actually forgot that human are always human. 

As for me, what we called "Excited human"....... I start the conversation by saying hye to the other person that looks appealing to me from the screen. But before I say hye to them, as for me a kaypochee guy, i read what they said on the profile detail. So in this case, they said 

"before you say hye to me, please show me your face, i dont talk to object" with the profile picture that show his upper body part from neck till the leg with very fine and smooth figure with just wearing the red swimming trunk but without the face. 

Since thats what he want, so I do exactly what he said by attached a good-looking-picture-with-show from-top-till-bottom. 

Guess what did i get as a reply............ "You're Ugly". - smack to my face -. 

As for them, what I called "Arrogant Human" , since they have a well fine muscle toned body figure, they feels like they have a right to say a bad things to other people without thinking that other people also have feelings and they should be treated in a nice manner. 

Really i feel a smack splat to my face!......... but after sometimes, im ok and start to accept the fact by saying that "Yes I am UGLY". 

But after think about it again.......i can say 
"Yes i am ugly, I don't have good muscle body like you but I am proud of how I look like and I have a balls to show it to you. Unlike you Mr-Nice-figure-body-without-the-head-and-face, you have no Balls AT ALL!!!" 

I start to doubt that body figure picture is not belongs to him and i guess he also have an ugly face that seriously he feel so ashamed to show it and admit that is his face to other people. Then i feel so pity to him cause maybe thats the only thing that he has, but as for me, i have more than what he has. 

Thats what we call LIFE ladies and Gentleman 

Anak Kambing Rambling.        

Wise Quote

Starting from 25th of May until now, I have learned lots of things.  People always said that 
"God created something with a reason" and I guess the answer start to show to me whether it is directly or indirectly.   

Related back to the wise quote title........ I want to share 2 meaningful quotes here since July, still nothing to appear.

Quote 1: 
Never ignore a person who loves you and cares for you. One day, you may realize you've lost the moon while counting the stars 

Quote 2 

One wise man used to give a very simple wise word to me. He said "remember Nas, You control your mind