Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Malaysian Hospitality

Malaysian Hospitality is one of Malaysian treasure where you can see the unique compared to the other places........Open house, wishes, greetings, the cultural and anything related to hospitality........

I wonder what am i talk and mumbling about....... ehehehehehehe.......

Why the name is Malaysian hospitality came out after i went to my relative weddings at Shah Alam. For some reason and always be......( i blame my mom because of insist want to come early), we reach to the place early then the bridegroom, so we decide to wait over there. The host are so kind invite us to the hall and wait while they set the area for the wedding ceremony.

We are so please with their hospitality and how they greet us. Though they have lot of things to do, they spend some time sit beside us and have a chat and make ourselves feel comfortable. I'm very please with them and the way they treat us.......

Thats not all, once the food is ready, they jemput us to take the food. As very please with the way they treat and this is the good thing bout malaysia.

That is malaysia and being a malaysian we are truly rich with this hospitality. But then i don't really know what happen, some of us tend to neglect this small little thing. More less, the hospitality, mingle around, socialised, good deed and have a manners should start at home. It would be better to practise now or it will loose forever.


Kelantan Word

My parents came down to kl for a wedding of our close relative in kl........ The wedding is on sunday and they came quite early to see their grandson and their sons in kl. If there's an ample time for me, i will bring mom to Ikea and my brother will bring dad to car accessory shop. This time, we all only went to my uncle house for raya.

Lots of topic been raised such as my newly wed cousin, whats happen in Kelantan recently, who pass away, who's child get wed and etc etc. But then there one thing caught of our conversation is bout using authentic kelantan word....... like

Bok = books
Sigar = Ladder
tebo'ok = pendam
kessik = seram
kenyea nyadar = kenyang sampai tersadar
pekkar = bertekak ( quarrel )
hunggar = run
kenaling tih tih = seriously dont know what to answer in common word.
saka = sugar
cek pik = dont want to say what does it call in common word. ( i bet anyone who knows this word will smile.......... kekekekekeke)

Its really rare for me esp using this word that i used to heard when i was kids......... simply because most of my friends is non kelantan folks and i only speak kelantan dialect when am with kelantan friends and my family. There lots more and looking forward for my kelantan vocab........... simply a memories

Supper Talk

Normally am not really keen to talk about politics. Not to say i dont like politics but then i dont like to see the political scenario neither in malaysia nor foreign country. To me, politics suppose to be in a proper way handling and the ethics has to be parallel with the objective and bla bla bla.......
Then few weeks ago, i went out with my friends and for some reason, one of the member in the lepak group ( he kind of matured i say) has popped out the politic topic. Luckily he put it in a proper way and plus with the malaysian politic jokes.
During the conversation, one of my friends have come out his idea and i was like hummmmmm....kind of upset me with his comment but then it reminds me of the old malay poverbs " rambut sama hitam hati lain lain." Although we came from the same sources for higher education tertiary, but then the way of thinking and different surrounding can actually can differ you from one person to another.
Same goes when i recalls where i came from a normal schooling and after SPM i went here and there for studies. After for some years i met my classmate where we used to study and hang out together. He has turn to a different person and different background. Where as we came from the same school, same teacher and same learning.
Does make me wonder on that and what happen to me........
Sometimes, supper talk can aalso has input. hehehehehehehee
Till then, Cheers

Monday, October 20, 2008

The House Bunny

Watch this movie with my friend and to me just so so la the story line.......

hilarious and at the same time idiots........ kekekekekeke.... enough say and say no more........

Are they really that bad? owh my........

but then, in real life, there is happen and i used to see that once. But the thing i see is on how to change from one person to another person......... and not forget who you are........ The House Bunny did very well.

Till then, cheers

Heirachy and craving for the attention

Went out with my one of my friends on saturday and sunday. We went here and there for Open house and buy things. I really had fun went out with him cause during the journey from one place to another, we share lots of things from day to day problem, life, people and his friends and my friends.

Among the conversation, my friend did mention about about bunch of his friends and putting him in a gang......... he said that this particular group not really accept other i mean new gang for to click. Just only them.

Then, it remind me of something......... are they really just only be friends among them?

I guess there still these kind of people exist........ just only them and ONLY them. I used to be like that. The 3 type of person

Type 1.
The person who actually want the attention and try my level best to be in the specific group so that i could get the respective attention.

Type 2.
Already in the group that has the attention

Type 3
I dont even care for the attention and just want to be Me, Moi, saya and I.

The first type - where they are try their level best to be in popular group........ most of them not really kind of good looking person or not bright person or etc.......... they feel they really need to be in the group and even they dont look good but still people see them as a Wow factor.

Be in the type 2 group in the other hand actually does not make me feels great.......... To me its just the attention. Thats all....... Some they like to brag up high but to me hummmmmm what ever.........

Type 3 is the things what i do right now. ehehehehehehe.......

enough said.

Hope it give a thought for ya.... till then, Cheers

Open House Race

Starting from 11th Oct till 27th Oct..... my weekend is full with open house. Whether from my close friends, my relatives, my new friends and follow my friend to open house....... i try my level best to be there. Every year i enjoy the scenery and i like it. Malaysia is very unique and this is very special and we should keep it.

The main reason this article need to post as usual is on my opinion about open house. Since I've been to several places, one of the things caught in my attention on doubt when we say raya.... Rendang, nasi impit, lemang and etc....But then am bored with those stuff......

Normally what i do when i went for open house..... i try to find something differ from other houses....... Roti Jala, Satay, spaghetti, mee curry and lots more.........This year i manage to have various type of food and enjoy every moment. But then, thank god am not craving for that......... just like ok....... have it as a matters of rasa and enjoy and mingle around..... thats the true Hari Raya spirit what........

And some, they dont know how to cook....... or dont know what to cook....... all they do is just spaghetti......... urghhh.... please.... like spaghetti is so common...........
cant they do something different......... baked macaroni ker....... or mee curry ker....... kebab ker....... thats is easy and really easy......but, their effort to do open house is what i salute for..... kuikuikui.............

Really like it and next year also looking for that............

But then, did you notice that MRR2 traffic is so damn bad during this syawal......... what happen to kl people's driving........... should i say worse.............

Till then, cheers : )

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend night out


My weekend start on friday night and end until sunday night. What have i done during that 2 good satuday and sunday....... hmmmmmmm should i say " Hell beginning but Heaven in the End". Back home from office quite late cause i have to prepare the report for the my division portfolio and after im from the office, i just go straight to my freinds house.Simply because i really dont want go back home yet.

Then I just hang out and we had a chat over there until bout 9 something near to 10 my fren called for supper at William at Kelana Jaya. Kind of fun cause most of my friends were there and i can have lot of food to finished..... hehehehehee.

Dont have time to change, i straight pick up my friend at his house. While on my way, my other friends asked to go clubbing. At first no intention but then after he push and say please...... i just follow. Dislike come up when suppose he send me back, end up i have to send him and i have to go back home by train.This is because of he Drinks and cant control already of his drunk level that night. Thats the hell part...........

Saturday, i went for a Open House to a several houses and sunday as well. All together is 8 houses and my tummy full of food and yummy........... i have to reject one house at Kelana Jaya with my friends cause the traffic really bad.

That is heaven part. ehehehehehehe.........

All this while, and my habit, i like to observed people and what happen to them since the moment i be friend with them until now. Before sending my friend to his house , we stop by at one restaurant and he had supper........ Me with my other friends see and at that moment we also have a chat of anything. It really surprise me by his answer and way of thinking cause we came from one source of higher Tertiary education.

I really dont like to judge people, but then at this point it really does trigger me on human behaviour and piece of mind. We cant really say that people who came from one education sources will provide the same result and same behaviour. We just presume that it will be the same, but it's not. Various factor occurs at this point and surroundings actually play a bigger role change a person. But............ it depend on that particular person to see and accept it.

It does open up my mind and im glad i knew this. hmmmmmmmm or not....... or deny. hmmmmmmmmm

Till then, Cheers

Monday, October 13, 2008


Really dont know but sure what i could do is give this series a credit. Not top up credit but a better and nice review.

Similar like Sepet, Bernard Chauly also one of the creative director. He manage to share the story in a simple way and of course using normal life as a platform. Again, enough say i love the series same as i like watch the Private Practice and House. You can see the synonsis below ....

GODA kisah mengenai “sifu cinta” yang lebih dikenali sebagai ‘M’ di mana di dalam blognya, dan dia juga yang memiliki rancangan talk show nya sendiri di radio, ‘M’ memberikan nasihat-nasihat untuk yang memiliki masalah cinta dan juga kepada para jejaka yang cuba untuk mendapatkan gadis yang diidam-idamkan.

Burhan, seorang eksekutif pemasaran yang sangat kekok dalam menggoda wanita kerana mempunyai perasaan rendah diri telah meminta pertolongan ‘M’. Burhan menaruh perasaan terhadap pengurus yang baru ditukarkan ke tempat kerjanya, Adela dan ‘M’ sendiri tahu yang dia mempunyai tugas besar dalam menyelesaikan masalah tersebut.
Adela yang merupakan anak tunggal kepada Datuk Razak, pengarah tempat Burhan bekerja. Adela seorang wanita jelita lagi kaya-raya dan hanya tahu menggunakan lelaki sebagai tempatnya bersenang-lenang kerana dia juga tahu yang lelaki-lelaki ini hanyalah untuk mengambil kesempatan untuk mendapat tempat di empayar ayahnya. Adela juga seorang wanita yang mempunyai cita rasa tinggi yang Burhan tahu dia tidak mampu untuk menggapainya.

Sementara itu, Sanya yang merupakan seorang wartawan yang bekerja untuk sebuah akhbar tabloid yang mahukan dirinya diambil serius didalam kerjayanya telah berhenti menulis mengenai kisah gossip panas para selebriti. Dia yang terjumpa dengan blog ‘M’ telah mengambil salah satu artikelnya lalu menunjukkan kepada editor untuk membongkar identiti sebenar ‘M’ – adakah dia benar seorang pakar dalam percintaan atau hanyalah seorang penipu? Editor Sanya memberikan persetujuan namun ianya menimbulkan huru-hara apabila dianggap hanya memberikan gimik kepada akhbar tabloid tempatnya bekerja. Sanya juga berasakan tidak selesa kerana dia mula bercerita mengenai masalah kisah cintanya terhadap M.

“Setiap episod siri mini ini juga memaparkan mengenai masalah-masalah yang berlainan di mana lelaki-lelaki normal meminta nasihat dan pertolongan M untuk menyelesaikan masalah dan dilema mereka,” kata Penerbit Ekskutif, Lina Tan. “Walaupun mempunyai tajuk cerita yang sangat menggoda, namun kisah mini GODA siri ini adalah pemahaman mengenai jantina yang berlainan.”

GODA dibintangi oleh Sazzy Falak sebagai Sanya dan menampilkan Lash Mokhtar sebagai Burhan serta Dilla Syahirah sebagai Adela dan serta banyak pelakon-pelakon hebat tanah air seperti Radhi Khalid, Dato Rahim Razali, Nas-T, Razif, Nabila Huda, Fahrin Ahmad serta ramai lagi. Diarahkan oleh Bernard Chauly dan skrip dihasilkan oleh pelbagai penulis seperti Rafidah Ahmad, Nizam Zakaria serta ramai lagi.
Siapa si misteri “M”? Adakah Burhan berjaya mengeksperesikan perasaannya terhadap Adela? Adakah Adela juga akan menyintai Burhan? Adakah Sanya berjaya membongkar identiti sebenar “M”?
I only manage to watched last episode of GODA. Yet i still feels like i watched the movie from the beginning.
Till then, Cheers


Watched Sepet last week and from the first time i watch this movie at home until recently........ i still love the movie and no complain should i raised except a cheer applauder.

To me Yasmin Ahmad did very well as a Storyteller. She is really a genius producer and her work is a success. Different from other movie - malay movie to be exact, it really show the reality and what is happening nowadays. The movie is not to hard or heavy to think, but then it really open up certain people's eye's and do some changes in their mind and their way of thinking.

When i watched this movie, my brother kind of object and asked to change the channel. But then i said have a look first then if you dont like it, we change it. Start from beginning until the end he watched the movie and dont move anywhere.

Am not a professionals but then enough say i really truly love this movie. Definitely a smile always pop up when my mind thinking about SEPET.

Till then, Cheers

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Untold married

Went out with my friends at Awan Besar for satay supper and mini gather, and we had chat of of the topic is about untold married....... its not about my friends who get married secretly but then he actually keep it secret that he already get engage with his love one.

This is not the first time it happen to me, this is the second time happen among my click friends. I knew the news from my mom say my friend is engage but then dont actually take it serious how true it was. In my case, i dont want to know deeply cause afraid my mom will raise the issues of " When will she get a new member in our family"...........

The first incident happen to my other friend who is trying very hard keep a secret of his engagement and later it burst out by slip of tongue in front of my friend and my friend straight away tell to us via email group. Ouch and gosh....... hehehehehe....... I rather not to discreet who that was but then just enough say its a friends of mine.

That night we all keep on asking and later he finally tell us the true story of engagement and of course its a good news what...... but still i dont want to tell on behalf of him cause am not his PA. Just let he himself tell the news and all i want is been invited for his wedding ceremony and get the present.... yes... get the present ya.... not give the present kuikuikuikui I wish..........

Like my post previously.... human is unique....... they are so unique until no one can predict or know the exect about human but God knows........ I guess i leave to you to judge and say.......

Till then, cheers now

p/s.... this is my 125 article........ hehehehehe

Money and Fair of Life

Hmmm how should i start my article........... ok the easiest thing is about salary........ Here i go.......

When we talk about salary, its sensitive issues to every single person. How bad the sensitivity is it depend to them but then most of us dont like to tell others how much they earn cause that is their personal matters. 2 person in a same unit can have different salary pay and it will based on several aspect. At this point, HR can tell why....

People will do anything to get a better earn. They might get lucky, they will get paid higher then previous job and other person. They will work hard, smart or play hard and play smart. Depend on every each single person. Some would love to lick their boss arse to get better pay or play dirty to move up. What ever it is - again subject to the person who want it or who dont.

I have my friends who work extra hours to get better claim, some would travel across the border or the sea for a better job, some change job many time for a better pay. They dont mind change many place as long next company will pay higher then the current company. I did that too but then not too obvious. Mostly i change job place because of work and i want to have more then what i have right now.

I only raise the issues about salary ya........ but this can be applied to the other aspect but readers common sense kindly needed. I dont plan to offend other person just want to share my point of views.

Since am talking about the money and salary, it comes to me about fair of life. Some work very hard, but then they only get paid lower then what they expected. Some just do lil bit here and there, they get the price higher then others, some are just lucky enough. Some work very hard and pray to Al Mighty or God every time they pray and they just get fair earn only. Some dont even pray to God still........ they can live in a wealthy life. Even worse they never thank of what they get.

When i look at it, Al-Mighty or God are fair enough to every each person. He really know what he is doing. Being a human we tend to complain and get frust easily. I used to be like that. I complain a lot and almost get frust easily. But my parent always thought one thing......... never ever give up and never lost hope to Him. He know what he is doing and at the same time we need to look to our self more and look up of anything that you could correct it and improve it. Remember...... no other people can change you except You and God.

I always asked for bless of everything i do. Of course i asked for more rezeki.... but also come togther with berkat or blessed by Him. When we say God is not fair, are you sure he is not fair to you............. may i asked you one thing...... are you the only one who live in this world........... think about it babe.......... same goes with me at the same time.... kekekekeke.

I guess thats all i can share... dont want to continue cause i might lead to mumbling and of course i dont like people who like to mumbling all around the world for a small topic. There's more things to think and share.

Till then, Cheers

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Unexpected incident


Just enough make me laugh when i saw my own article title........

Have you encounter a situation where you try to hide something and suddenly you met someone and coincident that fella try to hide the same thing you try to hide as well,

hehehehehehe..........decide not to share bout this case cause if i do it will bring chaos .... decide to keep it to myself. But then seriously i do feel funny when think about it....... kekekekekekeke


Art of Serving.

During Raya, i went out and hang out around Kota Bharu with my friends......... out of 4 night i went out, I've been to 4 different places. First night 2 night before raya i went to White House Coffee.

We had a bread toast and coffee. This is an old place and gosh i really love it every each moment over there. Night of raya, went out mingle with my primary school friends and since its festive season, we all had a problem and dont know where to go. Lastly we manage to find a spot called " Ridel Hotel beside kelantan river. Its so pack with people and just only 2 cafe open that night.

I guess they never expect to be that busy and lot of people turn up, its kind of haywire to them managing the situation. Pity them. We order a drink and to take order takes about half and hour and get our drink an hour after that. Its kind of ok to us cause at the mean time we all can have chat and catch up what we have been missed and whats the latest.

The next day even worse where i went there again with other colleague and they like chic lost hen. the service is so slow even snails move faster then them. That night we all found out that Ridel Cafe and Bikers Cafe is not same mgmt and Ridel Cafe closed their order by 11.15 pm. Which i think its their loss.

The third night i went there again after my friends call and meet them over there. Again..... yes......... we had chicken wing and keropok and chicken soup. The soup taste so bad and the service even worse. When they serve a bowl of soup, my fren sarcastic asked for a straw for soup. We thought they understand what my fren mean......... guess what they gave...... Yes.... a straw....... Cant they think and get a common sense? asked for the plain warm water takes for ages to get it and it has to be 3 time request. How bad it can be.......

The only fun thing when i was there is the scenery and view.... there are lots of eye candy and enjoy as much as can be...... - as if there no eye candy in KL.........

The other place i went is at PCB and Noodle station. Noodle station did well this time maybe because they have been there since several years and they prepared it this time and open longer then normal operation hour. Good for them.Same goes at PCB where it looks like there have done mise-en-place* for raya....

Being in serving and i have put myself in service line before make me upset of what really happen. That is why there books and studies about the Art of Serving and they teach us lot of things about service. People may think service is an easy job and take it easy. Just bear in ur mind that how good your food is and how grand your place is, if the service is poor or worse, the curse will follow until bad image create to you.

* mise-en-place is a hotel or hospitality term for preparation.

I guess thats all, till then Cheers

Cycle of Life

During Raya is a chance for me to meet my friends. Not all but then just enough to make our relationship closer and get the news of others who kind of silence in a way or contactable by any means.....

Went to see my friend and this fella i should say kind of playful during his school time. I be friends with many kind and from that i leave to my thought to analyse and judge which one is good to follow and good to avoid. Not to say he is a bad person but then his life cycle stories interest me.

When we all me up, since last year in fact, he keep on saying about his ups and down. According to him, he used to be up where he think he get everything that he want and now he is down where all the problems burden him to go up again. He used to have a car and lot of friends and they had fun and joy all the way and now his just be only him and be friend with any friend who just want to be friend with him. Its hard for him to come up again...........

In my opinion and based on my experience, it happen to every each person of us. Sometimes we on the top, sometimes we're at the bottom. It is not impossible for you to go up if you want to and if you do, what have you done to get up again.

Maybe its not the time to be on top and let see what can we do at the bottom so that when we on top, we can hold it and take bottom as a guidance for the juice of life. Sometimes we might think that we are at the bottom but then we are not. We are just in between Top and Bottom.

Somehow or rather, i completely understand how does he feels and I'll put it in my mind for the thought for me and can share to others. There's always a way to solve this problems and all we need is to find the ways to react on it. Sometime, we know that way is the solutions but still we follow our own way. Just because of what our heart say and ego play the role. Its you to choose your own way and to decide.

After i listen to his story. I just keep silence and node my head say i understand. No comment or advice comes out cause in my opinion i should show my concern only and that's all. Some people used to say Silence is Golden and that's what am i doing.

What say you.......... till then, Cheers


Monday, October 6, 2008

am back.........

Kekekeke, as if i have lot of people to read my blog....... but then thanks again cause spend lil time read my blog......... Please give me some comment so that i could do more after this........

Ok, back after raya.... there are lot of things i would like to share in fact i have note it down what things that i want to share........ ok, here i go......

Back from kl to kelantan, no problem for me and my brother... we all just had a smooth journey. But then when we decide to return to kl on saturday afternoon...... that cause us a problem...... what problem is that- stuck in a jam for many hours...... urgh......... hate it. It start with our plan to go back to kl on Saturday. Hoping that most of the people want to go back to kl saturday morning. I thought since they all want to go back early, i should take my own sweet time back to kl on saturday afternoon. The best part is not only me who thinks like that...........

So we start our journey by 2 plus after lunch and dzuhur prayer and while journey we all sms other people who drove back on the same day and how was the journey looks like...... like we all expected, jam and slow moving all the way. We decide to take Terengganu route for our journey....... it went smooth until we all reach at Gong Badak area where lots of cars stuck. Just because of round-a-bout and from there we all met the traffic jam all the way until pass the Kuala Terengganu area. We spend about 2 hours stuck in a various jam in Kuala Terengganu. The curse is in my mind and the calm also put in place to cool us down. We suppose to spend only about 20 minutes journey pass the Kuala Terengganu town end up to 2 hour stuck.Hmmmmmmmm

Then the journey went well back until we reach at Karak highway. 1 hour journey. That one, i kind of pity cause there's a bus broke down and cause us bad traffic jam for 1 hour. But then i wonder cause Karak highway mgmt should open up the opposite side for us go though and smooth the traffic.

Normally the journey from KL to Kota Bharu just take bout 8 hours end up to 11 hours. Reach at home at 2 am to be exact. Tired and flat because of the long journey. After 3 years face the jam during festive season, i have declare to changes on journey timeline...... when was that..... you will know. kuikuikuikui.

There's more to share. Later i update. Trulu............

Till then, Cheers