Friday, May 29, 2009


I read my blog back and i notice one thing.......

Our university in Malaysia, whether its private or government. They have offer various courses. From business, architecture, hotel, fashion, marketing, advert, law, banking, telecommunication, town planning, agriculture, statistic, engineering and many more.

Reality, when i look at the town especially, the road is not well maintained, the infrastructure not clean, and looks old, engineering looks so dull and not advance, what you had last 10 years, seems not moving, we still see KLCC the BIG Advertising and no other new attraction, the city seems hotter year by year and many more.......

What happen to the all the graduates who has qualification in what they studied before? Are they applied it for their career and do they have any passion on what they do? What have they learn in University, Colleague, or certificate?

Is it just a certificate to show off or applied out? I guess they just frame it on the "Wall of Fame".

Not blaming each other but try to find a puzzle behind it. hummmmmm cant get the answer, anyone can help me?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Food Malaysian Style

I always think that if you would like to have the best originality for certain meal, has to be from their origin place. For example, Nasi Dagang, the best one you can find it in Kelantan. Nasi Briyani Gam, you can find it in Batu Pahat, Johor and so on and so forth. Some may sell it to other place and definitely the taste will be slightly different or totally different.

Last nite i accompany my friend from ipoh cause i need to pass him his bus tickets and have a chat for moment. He said, he would like to have so called "snack"and Fish and Chips is consider "snack" to him....... hummmmm yeah rite.........
So i bring him to Kampung Baru. There's this place serve western food. Nice for the Chicken chop but others i not quite sure. KA order Fish n Chips. When its arrive, i just stunned. Why because fish and chip suppose to be cooked in deep fried battered ( similar like Pisang goreng) and not breading procedure (same like chicken chop)....... And not just that, they served with mushroom sauce gravy and not tartar sauce.

To me, malaysian is creative enough, but then they lack of one thing. Not strong in basic. If they know what is basic for that certain part. Surely it will goes very well and the result turn out very fine and smoochin. : )

Since like that.... The Breaded Fish n Chips have changed their taste, straightly i can say..... The best Fish n Chips is in London. Really cant find original fish n chip in KL...hummmmmmm

Monday, May 25, 2009

Zebra Cross

Everybody know that Zebra Cross meant for pedestrian to cross busy road or any road. As a Driver or motorcyclist need to be precaution and give ways to them to cross the road.

Give ways, courtesy, manners on the road is suppose to apply of every each driver.... unfortunately not in Malaysia. They simply ignore the pedestrian and they just went straight without think their action could kill the new potential leader.

They simply press the Gas pedal so that they could get their chance. I had that experience and as a humble pedestrian, we give the way to them not the other way around........ we understand who we are....... : ( . Ya la.... if not we die frog on the road what.

But then, its different to people in Developed Country. They Give ways to the pedestrian to across the road even the road was meant to them to pass through. When my second trip to Singapore, i took a ride by bus and they stop at one terminal. I have to cross the road via Zebra Cross to get at MRT station. Since its a busy road. i Just stop by to see there no car passing by. Suddenly i saw one car came in and they stop. I just being menace give way to them. But then they insist for me to across....

Impressed me so much cause they still insist for me to cross........ even i said they should go. This incident happened also in London. Makes me wonder.... when can we be at their par on manners on the Road?

Think bout it babe. Can we be like them?

Abbey Road Zebra Cross

One of the rainy days in London, me and my fren take opportunity have a visit at Abbey Road Zebra Cross. Known from Abbey Road album of the Beatles, we took picture like nobody business.

Sometimes, when we at other peoples place, we tend to do something that normally we dont do that....... like take pic of signage.... take pic in a shop, bla bla bla........ so me and my fren did the same thing..hehehehehe

Nice place and cooling place actually. After that we went to Little Venice which is just nearby there and straight to Campden. The only place that does not interest me but then we stop by at Cuban restaurant and we had a good Tapas. I should say still special place to be, i mean the Cuban restaurant only. Not Campden Market.

There's more...... hehehehehe

Singapore again.....

Just came back from Singapore......... I know i like plane very much.... and u know what ..... first Long Distance Boeing 747-400 i took is by KLM to Jakarta from KLIA few years back.......

My plane park next to KLM at Changi airport Terminal 1 and i just take a snap from my window...... by my camera phone.... hehehehehe. Shhhhhh dun tell anyone ya.,...... Ops.....

I like it...... Like it sooo much.......

Guess what.... my dream job is to be Airplane Service Checker...... Person who give rating on Airline service all over the world. So that... i can travel all around the world and get to be in all kind of flight......

Lavish....... hehehehehe

Friday, May 22, 2009

O2 Dome.....

One of the place i went and its a must i say.....

We actually walk around the dome with the view, and nice to walk some more especially with someone we want to walk with hehehehe

Owh, did i tell u i celebrate my Birthday over ere too....... hehehehehe


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birthday present

Last 2 weeks my fren organised a surprise birthday party to me and my fren. My ex office mate to be exact. They try to keep it very well.... but then the secret broken with smash cause the planning not really efficient till the secret reveal......hehehehehe

But then i should say Mekacih, Thank YOU Very Much cause organised a Birthday Party for us....i really like it cause with the birthday wishes from the DJ lg..... hehehehe so shy-shy me that time........

Btw, The present is just small box....... but the present to present is BIG and HEAVY...... But then the HEAVY is the ROCK and fill in with shredded paper..... hummmmmmm ; ) . The present also i like cause its a tie with carfling. Shmack design gurls.......

But then. Thank you very much gurls....Like it like it soo much........

I had a Best celebration for my birthday......


London Tube

When i reach Heathrow, We took London Tube from Airport to Kensington. At first kind of ok with the train from the airport. Just a train i said in my mind......Just still amaze with the scenery in London only. Once we reach at Gloucester Station, i start to amaze with the train station cause it look so old and authentic.

Then, next day, we took train. I start to amaze with the complexity, fast efficient and punctuality. I just amaze and cant describe it how it was........We don't have to rent car to go there.... Tube is just enough. In fact more then enough. Really convenient.

Like it soo much......

More to tell bout London..... Cheers

Phantom of the Opera

Enough said i like the Theater, went to Queen Hall to watch Phantom of the Opera Play in London....... Love it and like it soooo much.......

Its really enjoyable cause never had an experience watch English play........ Got a chance to go again?

"You bet I will"

Cheers mate.

I want to fly again.......

I want To fly again........ where was that...... dunno yet.....

But i want to fly.......
Airasia..... please give me cheap rate... NOW!!!!!!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Royal Albert Hall

First day am in London.....take a walk at the area we stay......

Saw the Royal Albert Hall, tempat Siti make performance last few years.......

So, Siti make performance, i went there jalan2......

I like.......Hehehehehe

Thursday, May 14, 2009

World First Underground

Got this article from London Transport Museum and am still amaze with it cause they actually start this since 1860. Have a look an article bout it.

Main line railways made it easier to get to London, but also contributed to the growing congestion on the streets.

In 1860 work began on the first attempt to solve the problem: an underground railway. The Metropolitan Railway was designed to link three of London's main line termini with the City. The track was laid mostly in a shallow cutting excavated along the street, which was then roofed over. This method was known as cut-and-cover construction.

The first section of the Metropolitan opened from Paddington to Farringdon on 10 January 1863. A second underground line, the District, began operating five years later. The two were eventually linked to create the Circle line in 1884.

The early underground was a huge engineering achievement and very well used, but had one big disadvantage. Its steam locomotives created a permanent sulphurous fug in the stations and tunnels. The only surviving steam engine from the 1860s, Metropolitan number 23, is on display in the Museum.

Cool rite... wait till you went to their museum.

Cheers mate

A 380 - Singapore Airline

I know that you surely boring am talking bout Airbus A380.... but then..... I love it. Every moment of it...... : )

Thank you so much my Dear....... really dont know what to it soooo much... ehehehe *snigger*


London Transport Meseum

Got a chance to go London Transport Museum and love every moment inside the London Transport Museum. Its not as normal museum cause its include with the interactive and every journey really amaze me.

Although the entrance quite expensive...... but then its worth it.

Beside pic is one of the way they did and when you look at it make you say ... "wow' me la especially : )

No Joke one.... : )

Lady Driver

Come to the office with just enough time the journey and reach office. But sometimes plan does not work as we expected.........

Reach at parking gate, saw this one car in front of me, the DRIVER.... Lady Driver so Kancheong spider cause the gate not open up..... she keep pushing the button act like nobody business. The result of it...... the gate broke and need help from the gate keeper.

Why She need to do that....... Kancheong Spider......... She don't have to press so many times. If its not open. All she need to do is PRESS the HONK and call for assistance.........Such a Kancheong one........
Sorry Gurls who read this article, but then i have to say please don't be kancheong la........

The Men's Driver plak so relax till drive like go honeymoon......... Then how?

Who to blame..........

Greenwich Tunnel across Thames River

Remember i tell you bout Walking Tunnel crossing the Thames River........ This is the pic one end ( the entrance)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dunno what to do......

After Asar prayer at the office, don't feel like to go back to office. At that time, my throat still itchy to cough. So while waiting alone do nothing, i snap a pic of building next to our office building.
Like the design and would love to stay here......
Who doesn't if its free rite? Or maybe one day i can have it and i will get it better one.
One day mate......
Till then, Cheers


Since i was in school time and since i knew what is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), somehow or rather, i have a dream to see or be there for a visit. Just to see how special it is and how great it does since its really important to the world.

Well, it really does VERY SPECIAl to me because i Love it soooo much.
Went there with my SO, we went there on Sunday. Lovely sunny day in London and nearby from the London. We took a speedboat for our journey mode and took pictures from river Thames...... Love it all along the journey.
Once we reach there, the location are just walking distance, so we walk the small town of Greenwich and i like it cause it calm, peach, very small English town and nice scenery. More less the same if we in anywhere in the world : ) . We have to walk up and reach on the top of small hill and the GMT starts there.
People take pics, saw the FREE entrance exhibition and all the history element on how GMT start and evolution. Really impress me more on how it done and how it control so that the standard no ruin.
On the way back, we take a walk via tunnel across Thames River. Guess what guys...... its built since 1902. Its cold when we enter in and its clean. Really amaze me cause over hundred years its build and wonder where Tanah Melayu back then. Really amaze me how they can DIG it down there and they can estimate how deep to go in and its VERY Amazing USEFULL to the community until now. Amazing.
Seriously, when i think it back, where are we back then, and what are we rite now? Can we achieve Developed Country status in 2020?
Till then, Cheers

Monday, May 11, 2009

--------mom's MISS understanding------

Yesterday is Mothers Day and I would like to wish:

Happy Mothers Day To ALL MOTHERS
Well, the topic might get offend to the mothers but i would like to share this stories cause i dont want all Mothers or Parents do this to their children.
Yesterday i went to Pavillion just to accompany my SO to cut hair. I asked my SO to go first then meet up my SO anywhere inside Pavillion.
I park my car at Basement and took lift to go up. While waiting the lift, one family came closer also wait for the lift. Once the lift came, we all get in and i heard the Mother said to her daughter to press Level 5. So the daughter did as what been told.
At the same time, i press the Level 2 button. The Mother saw and said to her daughter " Why you press number 2, we're going to Level 5?"
Daughter answer " I did not mom....."
Then how come the number 2 been pressed... She sounds like not trust to her daughter.
Straightly i told to the Mother saying im the one who pressed it. The mother heard and she kind of shy with her accused to her daughter and straight away say sorry to her daughter. I understand how the daughters feel and even i face the same situation even worst. Been accused of things that i dont do it.
Although the kids kind of naughty or anything related, somehow or rather please dont accused like they did bad things. Although they did it, please dont scold them seems like they have done REALLY bad things. Say it in a proper manner and it wont hurt their feelings.
We tend to forget of things whe have done this is because you're the accuser, but then, what about the person been accused? how do they feel about it........ Like me, i still can remember how its happen, and more less its really hurt my feelings.
Mothers or parents, please dont do this to your kids........
Remember ya...... till then, Cheers

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Airbus 380

Ever since Airbus 380 has landed in KLIA last 2 years, my heart always fall in love with it. Then at the same time, Discovery Channel aired the program of the journey of Airbus 380 and their sisters type make me even fall in love even deeper with the plane, Airbus and to be part of it.

Then on 23rd April, i get the experience travel to London with Airbus 380. My face cant stop smiling. Many reason behind of the smile....... First and foremost, first time went to the Europe country, then am travelling with my dream plane, then am celebrate my birthday in London and from all of the big smile reason, am with my Other Half all the time.

Start the journey from Changi Airport on Friday, the journey starts at 12.30 noon and take about 13 hours to reach Heathrow Airport. This is the first experience is unbelievable. I will never forget the whole journey. Although for some people they said..... well it just travel by plane, but for me is unforgettable memories in my life (well budak kampung la katakan).

I dont mind stay at Economy Class, I dont mind having a normal meal, i dont mind share the service with 10 person from my row and i dont mind having just nice space for me......... but then to me, this the the best experience in my life and i always like it. Like i said previously in my article about my passion of transportation, be in a BIG BIRD is my ultimate dream at this moment and i got it, love it, and cherish it for the rest in my life. Specially my other half with me as well.hummmmmm!!!!!!!

I take the moment by take picture's from the boarding room ( the pic not really nice cause of the glare) and inside the plane. Love it,love it , love it......... : ). The plane is so big, the seat is spacious for me to seat, move and sleep too......, then SIA provide attractive program make the world boring along the journey is not in my dictionary. They provide a good meal and to me its a good one, plus I'll make sure my drinks always there and refillable......(is there such word refillable? heehhehehe)

Hummmmmm, i like it, like it, and like it very much. Don't know what to say and i really cant express cause it is so special to me. I love it so much. Thank you dear for the great journey and i love it every moment for my journey and our trip in London.

Till then...... there's more story in LONDON.........


Monday, May 4, 2009

Am back......

Back from 10 days trip to london..... lot of things to share........ laters mate........ hehehehehe