Sunday, June 23, 2013


Souvenir is something that we bought from a place that we went for travel. As for me, i try to find something different (not completely different) like

- Hard Rock Shot Glass
- If no hard rock cafe at that place, shot glass would be good for me.
- Fridge Magnet
- Something else if i cant find any of above.

Normally its very rare for me to but a t-shirt/singlet/or any fabric item like "i love phuket t-shirt" cause so not my kind of thing.

whats urs

Moon and Star

I saw this post from my friend via fb and he said 

"Never ignore a person who cares and loves u cause one day you may realized that you've lost the moon while counting the stars." 

I have realized this statement all along and this is really a good advice. I never forget and never neglect "the moon" cause to me "the moon" is everything to me. "The moon" is always in my heart and be with "the moon" is always the best moment in my live in every parts and angles. 

The moon is my my boo aka my SO. 

I love u so much  

Disconnect to connect

Saw this advertisement from dtac in the internet few years back and i guess it is good to share here

Disconnect to connect VC 1 

and another one the dtac VC

Dtac VC Disconnect to Connect

please enjoy it