Monday, June 29, 2009

Dewa 19

Me take pic with Oncee.....

Ahmad Dani And Mulan do performance

Oncee again....

Dewa 19 came for showcase in Kuala Lumpur and the event held at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa yesterday 28th June 09. The main agenda is actually for Kedutaan Besar Indonesia havin Family Day.
I have to work over there and at the same time took a chance to watch concert LIVE...... hehehehe. The performance done by them its really SUPERB and Fabulous......
It start by performance by Pesawat. Then Ella do the show. The Highlight of course been place at the last one......To me, the set up, music, sound, is more then the showcase. Its Concert standard. Wohoo.........
Join my other team for Meet and Greet session. hehehehe. Definitely take pic with Oncee......
Till then, Cheers

Friday, June 26, 2009

My idea of couple

Loving, care, understanding, simple, together, dont lie, talk always, express the unsatisfied matters, find a new things, cherish each other, cheese cake, lontong, Chinese food, pasta, take picture, tell what i dont like, tell what i like, tell what i love and tell what i hate, listen what my partner like and dont like, prefer, love and hate and remember and vice versa, share hobby, reading, share info, books, magazine, fashion, clothes, travel, lunch, dinner, music, theater, design, furniture, swimming, work out, perfume, forever, forgive the past and not repeat.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swine Flu

Every body talk about Swine Flu. Left, right, low, high level and it already create worries from every angle. Since the swine flu start till now, i should say some of the countries has take a major role for the precaution and some just take look and see first action.
How well the action goes.....
The result its dramatic where the virus has quickly been spread all around the world in fast way. Look at Malaysia case for example. If am not mistaken, the case is just reach 23 case. I still remember that our Beloved Prime Minister Datuk Seri NAjib Tun Razak make announcement that his Deputy call for a Urgent meeting to look and see and take action (so called) to prevent this situation turn to worst.
The result when i open the newspaper....... Swine Flu in Malaysia has increase to 80 cases with 4 schools has to closed in order to avoid virus spread even faster.
Few things i would like to asked.
1. Do we need the so called " UPPER MGMT DIRECTION" first to do planning and can make things work?
2. Is it our so called PLANNING is really effective and all aspect has taken consideration?
3. Why since the early part when news bout swine flu spread, we are not take the best action to prevent this from spread even MORE?
4. What our intelligent bodies is doing at their dept?
I leave to you guys to see on this. This can be applied in our life though for our lesson. : )
Think bout it mate. Cheers

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gaucho Steak

Went to one of Argentinian Restaurant at Chulan Square and this is the steak i had over there and i should say one thing........ Really not the same of what i had i London. They cook it like local taste. Not the real taste of Argentinian steak. Sorry mate, this is my honest opinion.

Make me missed the London and all bout it. : p


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

London Picture

In front of Royal Albert Hall

At the Westminster Station facing London Eye

At the street of Kensington

How nice the house is rite......


When i saw this words, somehow or rather it bring lot of meaning. Let me explain how?

1. With friendship we can get help in a time we need in term of financial, morale support, things, share and anything.
2. With friendship we can share our thought and get the advice from them.
3. With friendship we can get info that we really hard to get. For example, we can used our friends help to get in (if he get connection) to make our works goes smooth.
4. Many things we can get from friendship.

But why
1. Use in a name of friendship if you just being hypocrite
2. Why friends will appear when you having a problem, not when you in a happy moment. Why cant you bring them along when you HAPPY with your partner.

seriously why ah?

More to express but don't know how to say it. Its really pathetic. Its really just not in my dictionary.
So what kind of friends you are?

Till then, Cheers

Back Stabber

Today i got a stories from my frens about back stabber....... sad to hear her stories but then i completely understand and knew how does she feels. Really pissed me off. Although am not the one face the problem that cause her a humiliation, anger, and depress but i understand. So the pissed is there too.

I really wonder, how can someone we see as so kind, portrait a nice, innocent and naive character can actually devil and cause unexpected behavior that cause a humiliation to victim. Well that's how the word back stabber invented. We actually give a trust and then with the trust they get..... they used it against us. So typical back stabber.

To me, its really hard for me to give trust. I cant simply give my trust to anybody. I just cant after it had happen to me before. Yet it happen to me sometime and its beyond my control. At the same time i just act cool and nothings happen. Although its really want make me smack that person, but still i just act cool.

I just can share how sorry i am of what happen to my fren and at the same time i learn my lesson too.

Till then, cheers

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fried or Freid Chicken?

See the picture above and see it throughly.I dont know but as far am concern spelling for Ayam Goreng is Fried Chicken. But you know what i saw......


Name is really important and spelling is also IMPORTANT cause its direct you how to pronounce....... fainted when i saw this one.... but really make me smile all along. Ahaks.....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My car

My car masuk SPA. Why i said My Car Masuk spa cause i have to spend lil bit MORE cause some of the parts already been used quite long time and need to replace. Since that i have to close one eye's and agreed for them to change.
Tyre, Break Pad, normal service, air-cond filter, engine air filter, brake oil, alignment, balancing, and spark plug. Thank god i used Ferrari Malaysia which not used much money. But still cause me more for my safety.....hehehehehe.
I still love my car although its already start to have orchestra sound system, really melodious and make my heart drop hummmmm....... Sayang my Adam( i called my car Adam). That's life and love it every moment of it.
I love my Car
I love Adam
Adam Loves me so much
Me love Adam so much too.....
We are an item since 2007.
Ok then mate, till then,

Monday, June 8, 2009


Nice rite when you see the picture. This is one of the Fine Dining Restaurant interior design that i went during am in London. Went to One of the Finest Argentinian Steak Restaurant in London called Gaucho. Ever since i studied in Chef Training at UiTM, i never had the best steak taste. The best ever...... its really taste of cook medium and with the side dish which make every bite to be one of the most memorable.

I know i may sound so exaggerate but it really happened. Love the meal but love the moment with my SO is always the moment am looking for. ahaks*
Muah.... Cheers

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pret A Manger

I guess i can be in a foreign country without rice for several month. I have tried many food and sandwich is one of it.......

May i suggest the ultimate taste for sandwich? The brand called Pret A Manger and its really fresh and homemade taste.... Malaysia dont have but they have ot alot in London.The nearest you could get it is in Singapore. But dun think you will get the great taste as good in London ihiks.......

Cheers mate

I love Pret A Manger Sandwich. Yummy and delicious.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mandarin Hotel - SEGAMAT

Went to Segamat for family friends for wedding invitation, they have placed us at Mandarin Hotel. Well to be frank, after stayed in several hotel, i more selective on staying over one nite in stranger location. I would like to have a decent place where i can feel comfortable and not SCARY!!!!!!!

Once we reach Segamat, we look out the Hotel and manage to found the hotel. First impression when i saw the Hotel is big OWH MY GOD. Its more like cheap hotel and please dont expect Five STAR service nor facility.

When we enter to the room, the aircond is hot, bed is so sad......, toilet cant lock, they have scary look and smell of toilet, and other things that u really cant imagine but you will get it. Scary but have to close one eye just for one night.

I guess i have change myself a city boy and that's scares me alot.........