Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Anniversary

Today is the day that i start blog or shall i say my blog. It start with my hobby reading other peoples blog, then my friend give suggestion to me to start the blog. Its been a while and without i realized that my blog has reached 4th years and entering to 5th years by tomorrow.

This what i call priceless memories of what i have achieved. Would love to have more and achieve more. Will do that more and my blog will be updated as frequent as i could.


anak kambing noted on 3rd October. : )

Friday, March 23, 2012


Some people are just simply ignorance without they think that actually doesn't bring a good image to themselves. One of the character of ignorance is

" They just want other people listen to their idea/way only".

I just don't understand with these kind of people. I have done of what they have requested, in fact i do some extra mile by alert to the person that is higher position of them. End yet, they actually make fuzz. That is simply stupid.

My approach is just simple and i don't complicate things. If all the things goes complicated, i actually try to find a way to simplified it and make our life easier. THAT ALL. Why can't they think that way????? *sigh*.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ugly Duckling

Every person has their own uniqueness and can attract their own specific partner.

I remember, when i was young and teenage years, i kind of down and feels like I'm ugly. I don't like to see myself in the mirror. With the big spectacle, one kind of hair style and boring body posture.

However, all those has change bit by bit. I start to change my style and way when i was in university. Try to follow the trend but not be a fashion victim. Now, the older i get (yes, i claimed myself as an old man), the better looking i get. I want to maintain and look better then.

So i do also believe that "Ugly Duckling can change to Beautiful Swan" :D

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cigarette and Smoking

Well, this is not new in my life. Ever since i was kid, i can see my family member have the connection with cigarette. My Dad, my uncles, my grand ma and my neighbor. During my teenage years, my friends used to smoke after school and that actually including with me. I start try to smoke since 15 years old. But due to afraid to my parents, I'm not really hook to the cigarette.

During my university years, most of my friends smoke. My roommate smoke and well i join smoke with them as well. But maybe because of nicotine not really ngam with my body, so the urge of smoking is not that much unless I'm in the club. At that time, i found out that i am a social smoker. I only smoke when I'm in the group of smoker.

It continues until i was attached with Insurance company and i guess at that time the stress is like piling up, my social smoker status has become a permanent smoker. But i guess my fate with cigarette is not a good combination. There's a time where i fell sick and after i recover and try to smoke back, i end up coughing like I'm about to go heaven. So i decide to stop and thanks to Al-Mighty that it stop until now.

I guess, the addiction can stop you from smoking. If i can, why can't u.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Realized Half Way

Have you ever face a situation where you are doing something and reaching half way u kind of stuck and don't know what you want to do? Thats what really happen to me.

As you all know that I'm in a midst of continue my Master Study and the same symptom happen like last semester that I'm stuck in the middle. My mind can't think much. But thanks to almighty that now i actually realized it earlier than last semester. So kind of prepare this time.

My aim for this semester is to achieve higher grade then last semester. Hope and i truly Hope i can achieve it.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Don't you just hate when this things happen to you. That what really happen to me right now. I kind of dunno what should i do or focus where else i actually know that i need to settle it up ASAP.

This can't stop me in improving and making me at the same like am used to.

Yeah i know. I need to wake up and no one else could force me or motivate me beside myself.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Travel with elderly people.

Last week and last 2 week i actually have the opportunity went to see my SO in 2 common city but this time i actually went together with my SO's parents. Well, to be frank, I'm quite close with them. Always visit them to their house when my SO not in country and catch up.

Look at the bring side of it, this is the time i actually went travel with elderly people. Most of the people complain on how hard or hassle can these be. To be frank, yes, it is not easy. Like us who always travel, certainly you know what to do and walk freely. Unfortunately for them, you have to be more patience and handle with care.

KLIA is not a handicap / disable friendly, neither Soekarno Hatta Airport. Yes. This is the statement based on my observation and especially when you travel by Budget Airlines, they actually neglect some of the most basic features for the disable people. Im not talking about the Disable toilet, but wheelchair.

To think about it, i thankful to Al-Mighty that giving me opportunity in giving the experience to these situation. I look at the bright side, what if all these happen to any of my family. My beloved Parents especially. Certainly i would like to take care and make sure they feel very comfortable in an unpleasant feelings.

Being on a wheelchair is really not an easy feeling. Certain part of your life might thinking that you are useless and not worth it anymore. Directly am saying that, you have to be patience in a high level. I'm actually saying for both person, the wheelchair pusher and the person on a wheelchair. Mental strength especially cause this is seriously not as easy as it looks.