Thursday, April 28, 2011

Early Birthday Celebration.

Last night me and my friends (the nyonyas) had a dinner aat Chillies. Basically we all like to gathered and chat and keep the moment together.One of the main agenda ( as i thought earlier) is for one of the friend member birthday. It went well (without i notice) until the cake come in.

We all sing a birthday song and suddenly i saw my name appear. I was like OMG!!!!!!!!! and they laughing like hell to see my face expression.

They give miniature A380 for Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines. Exquisite.

My love to the Airbus 380 is like part of my dream. Talk about that as well.... Last week, my Other-Half (i decided to change to Better-Half) give a news. Saying that our trip to Hong Kong is by Singapore Airline with Airbus 380 ( i already cant stop smiling) and..... with Business Class.......

Woooohooooooooo ** Fireworks celebration**

I just cant stop smiling.

I feel thank you so much to Al-Mighty because giving me My Family, My Better-Half and my best friend Fiza and The Nyonyas. I love you guys sooooooo muah.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Masterchef US & Junior Masterchef


Am not working today. Well with "enjoy of doing nothing", i just lay down on couch and watch Masterchef US and Junior Masterchef.

Remind me of myself of the cooking skills. I practically love cooking. I have a diploma in Chef Training. I have been in several hotel for the practical training. The part that i like most is pastry and appertiser. I just love cooking.

Talking why i didn't continue my skill instead, its just because i just love to cook not to work. Some people know their strength and weakness and i know that i cant be in this industry as a cook only.

Simply amazing on cooking.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A new quote

Heard that in between JJ and Fay

Fay : bla bla bla bla

JJ : owh its weird

Fay : Dont say weird, "they are not weird, they are just curious".

*right away i placed the in my facebook.

Love the nice quote that bring a different meaning and views regards on something or matters.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Faker + Attention Seeker

Let just say i know these 2 person which coincidence they happened to be my friends (not a closed one but ok la....)

The faker:- this person, earlier on its ok. Just nice and doesn't harm anybody. But later, when (let just say f) "f"enters to the jobs world, "f' has changed to BIG faker.

The Attention seeker :- This person actually hate that character. Basically (lets called this person "AS")AS get closed to the BIG Player of AS, or shall i say being used by the BIG AS. Now, the AS has turn to the attention seeker bit by bit.

The best part, the "f" and AS is a couple.

I actually dont want to talk about them, but my hand so gatal want to write about them. I hate them but still dont want to do anything about it to them yet. Maybe its still new. But maybe later, when it happened to the situation i cant handle it, sayonara is the best word for these lovely duey.

i bet u guys hate it else well.

We'll see what they want to do next.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Duri Dalam Daging

This is the term for the someone betrayed you and at the same time nice to you. In a similar situation, it well known as back-stabber. In my life, this is the worst happened to me. The worst part is the back-stabber came from my own unit. Not sure whether the leader or subordinate, but somehow or rather i believe both are related to each other.
Last post i did mentioned about control the emotion; for the love part, Thanks to god, i don't have the problem. My other half support what ever i want to do. What i would like to share is basically is my career. I just get to know that my appraisal is not a good record. There are pro and cons about it.

The pro:-

- I learn that last year is not my year and not my productive year. I should be realised it earlier, but some-how or rather i just keep it until it getting worst.

- My leader does show its colours on the behaviour and character.

- I surely know what should i do for the next move for my career plan and strategy.

- It does strengthen me and leads me to the next move for my for my career and I'm able to get the attention from my colleague in HQ.

The cons :-

- My good record has torn ed

- my motivation are slight down compared what i normally have.

But i remember one word....

This Too Shall Pass and I will survive.

I know i still can continue my life like normal and i believe its getting better.

==I will and i could==(still believe this strong word)