Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I don't know why but then maybe its always a reminder for me in the future and even rite now, am always practice it which I have to act cool and calm.

Yup I know, you don't actually understand what am I saying... Hehehehe, its like this, everything I do or look forward to have, I always make sure that I'm not too excited. I have to mantain my coolness and not to think it too much. Or else, I will get easily when things not going to be exactly what I hope.

Several time, I encounter the over excited inciden and it really frust me up. But then when I act cool about it, later it turn to un expected surprises. Hehehhehe Trust me.

For this I should say
" Be Calm and except weakness. You will get something worth later on."

Till then, what's ur expectation.


Money is something that can be dangerous. But most of the time people think that Money can do anything.

With money, we can buy things, own things, get what we want and with money also we can change our status.

With money also can ruin the happy marriage, can cause haywire in certains people's life and with money also it can damage the friendship., brotherhood/sisterhood can break up just because of MONEY.

Its really powerful and its really influential constinstution whether in a bad way or good way.

Why I have a gut write and article bout money, its just because bad things happen to my family and all of it just because of money. Been told by my mom and uncle bout the bad money influential history in our family, really sads me up. Why all this things and nothing been taken as lesson learn.

I'm just speechless. And silence is the only way I will be in.

Till then, think about it mate.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

takder mood......

Macam mana nie...... Blog dah reach for 200 article and its already a year, bila dah capai..terus takder mood. Bila fikir balik, nie antara sindrom orang melayu. Bila dah capai target yang nak.... Terus puas hati.... Takder mood, takder idea and banyak lagi alasan yang kena bagi......

Hummm.... When talk bout that,memang betul. Fact is there and selalu jugak kalau duduk perhati, inilah tabiat orang melayu. Bukan nak mengata, cuma kenyataan memang betul.

Nie second time nick type in Bahasa and masih lagi ader unsur campur aduk ngan english..... Takper.... I akan teruskan dengan mem"blog" dan kongsi my cerita with you guys.

Ini aja deh Daa...... : )

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Guess what...........

The number on the title is the number i saw on my dashboard and with this article its already 200>>>> Woohoooooooooo

As promise i will put my UGLY picture and i will post it on my pic beside.........

Cheers guys and Woo HOooo

1 Year.

Check my blog and then i realised one thing..........My baby blog is already 1 year. 1 Year i have posted an article, 1 year i have share my thought and comment and my observation. Cant believe that i manage to have the article for so long and my article almost reach to 200 article. Really feels good bout it and motivate me to improve more and be a better person.

More less, Blog is my life and my memories. This is me and i type as per what i think, i see, i observe, i experience, my sad, my cheer, my joy, its everything about me. Although i have to discreet my face and my pic is BORING.......... but then my article is me......... maybe after my 200 article you can see who is me........... and how ugly me is......

Some of my friends knew who i am, they said the way i share in my blog is the already me. They said its look like am the one who tell those stories. Of course la, am the one who type the article and its came from my thought......... same how i talk to them and way i talk la kan...... hehehehehehe

Thanks for reading my blog and do please critics ya..........

Hehehehehe Hug hug HUG.............

till then, Cheers


Dream Car......

Guess most of you know what brand this car is and i guess most of you know where this car been displayed recently. This is a truly my DREAM Car. BMW is really an Auto and i define it as an Angel. Fall in love from the first time i drove one of BMW car and dream to have one in the future.

2 Doors, Saloon car..... or single series. Love it love it love it.

Love at the First Sight.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Young Begger....

On my way back home yesterday after my weekend activity, the taxi we took stop at Traffic Light, then I saw one kid, with dirty shirt, tanned skin, sad face and now wearing shoe.....

He beg for a money..... Feel so sad and wanted to give money... small chain would be ok, hope that it will ease him. But then my fren stop me to do that. He said its a scammed that used poor kid to beg for money.

He tried to beg more.... With sad face say please.... Please.... Please.......his face almost crying begging money from me. When he sure that I won't give a single cent, with frust he went to other car to beg money. Again he fail to get money. Then he sat at a corner of the road and wait. I can see from taxi and his face look straight to me.

Deep in my heart, I really want to give, but I can't. I feel so sad and don't know what to do.

My fren said and the taxi driver said its a scam. They used this kids beg for money for them. Even, there's a parents dare to asked their kids to beg for money.

How could they do this to an innocent kids. I really feel sad with this behaviour. Why they can do this for the sake of themself..... Don't they think, they already ruin the kids life. I still can remember how that poor kids look like with the frustation look.

I still can remember.....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hair Spa.....

After work, tired with the life and day-to-day activity,I decide to go Mid Valley for Hair Treatment. After few session went there, I guess went for hair treatment make me feel relax and calm. With the soft music, aromatic scent, cool air .... Its simply irresistable and relaxing.
Since I have to do the hair treatment cause notice my hair no longer increasing but decreasing, I decide to do hair treatment. Hope that it can grow lil bit and make me look younger few years.... Kekekkekeke.

I guess its enough to have it twice a week or 3 times cause that's the only day I can have my own sweet time. After that, am pack with my activities and travelling( I love travelling so much)

Its really calm mate.... They do the massage to ur head, wash it, and mix it with massage on ur shoulder. Should I say, superb..... Yup...that's is the word....

Till then, cheers mate.

April Fool

Few years back.... April Fool is one of the activities that so called 'smart fella' do to entertain themselves and the April Fool victim cannot angry with the things happen to them.....

In certain point and not beyond the boundaries, Its fun and entertaining. But then, when it exceed to the limit. No one will like it. Its really childish and immature behaviour. Sadly if the "April Fool" been doing by adult. Grow up dude.......

Lot of things to entertain and lot of thing u could do to keep the fun goes on although you already grown up. U don't have to control the Machoness. Yuks... That's so fake.

Yesterday, I dun actually see or notice any immature behaviour activities held due to April Fool Day..... I guess people start to see that its no longer fun cause it may hurt more then that.

Its depend on ur preference mate....

Till then, cheers