Sunday, August 31, 2008

Independence Day

Well nothing much i could say about the independence day......... not to say am not patriotic Malaysian but then this year we're kind of not feel the celebration. So what i did is just hang out with my friends and chat and share lots of things after a week been in the office and what is the latest news happen among our friends.

Few years back, me and my friends used to hang out at klcc and hang out over there at starbuck to celebrate the merdeka eve. Sanggup nih, after work, go straight to starbucks and we're gonna stay there until the countdown and see the fireworks show......

now..... not anymore....... not into it.......

So, whats ur plan for the weekend and celebration?

Till then,

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Since i was kids i always follow my dad and my brother to the masjid for terawikh. Not sure what does it call in English or arab but then we call terawikh since back then hehehehehe. I always like to masjid during ramadhan, well simply because there are lots of people perform terawikh. But then am not that agree with us which is :

1. Most of us will go there or enthusiast to perform terawikh in the first week or first 2 week of ramadhan. Then after that, the numbers of the people go to masjid is reducing.........
2. Why only ramadhan they do the donation. Is it because in the name of ramadhan?
3. We tend to put on weight during ramadhan. Not the other way around. Hehehehehehe

There many more, but then i cant figure it out now. Strangely because i could remember one by one before i type it out just now.

Then last nite i went to the masjid nearby. I kind of like it cause they have renovate it and put an air cond for all the jemaah convenience. Unlike before its kind of hot while perform terawikh. But then i kind of like to perform in a conventional which is no air cond.

Before start the isya', i went early and i cause see most of the jemaah who came quite early is the older people. They mingle around and socialised before isya'. My questioned is, why not much the young chap came to the masjid early like them, is it because tired after working whole day or lazy to go early? hmmmmmmmm

Well, time flies and we certainly will be at that age if we're not die early.

Something to figure it out.

Till then, Cheers

102 post

Hello there guys,

Well, am in the office and open up my blog. Then i realised one thing........ i already posted about 102 articles in our blog. Gosh, i cant believed it. I know lately i kind of slow post in the article because of the same excuse - Busy with works hehehehehee and the other excuse is no idea to write. Seriously, am so blank sometimes. Dont know what to write and what to share with you guys.

Am so release that i manage to achieve at this point. I mean manage to reach to 102 article. hehehehehee..... and thanks for you guys, i will write more and share more with you guys.

Yesterday is the First day of Ramadhan and For Muslim, i would like to say Happy Fasting and hope you could finished fasting until Syawal come. Kl were holiday and as usual i take the opportunity to stay up late. Me and my fren went to -William Place- at Kelana Jaya. We had The lavish Mee Bandung and Mee ape benda tah... but seafood la........ I was so good and i still can remember how does it taste.

After -William-, we went to Setapak for Shisha.Not me who smoke, its my friend. While they had shisha and while i enjoy the view, we play cards at the same time. Fun and can kill the time. Then we went back and watch movie.......... and again, play cards again. Continue what we had at shisha's place. Until 5, sahur and finish movie and back home. Wake up in the afternoon at 1. Went to tesco and yes..... i hate tesco when holiday cause org penuh sangat. Too crowded. Urgh..............

Has a break fast with Kurma and kueh...... yum yum,..........

There more to tell, have to stop now..... Till then,



Yang nie kali kedua nicq try nak tulis blog in Malay. Susah yang amat sangat nak taip and tulis in Malay. Tak tau nak cakap mana. Bukan nak cakap yang nicq bukan org melayu, but then dah selalu sangat used english as a medium of communication.

Bila tengok ayat kat atas, bunyi macam berterabur sangat dengan rojak ayat dan dah jadi tak tentu hala. hehehehehee........ One of the main reason nicq type in English, i try to improve my writings and also at the same time i try to correct my grammer and my santence yang selama nie memang berterabur. hehehehehehehe

Bukan ape, tangan kita and fikiran kita selalu konflik. My sister used to asked this scenario pasal my nephew and doc cakap its normal cause we think too fast and we write it slow. Same goes over ere where my capability nak menaip macam secretary tu....jhmmmmm hampeh........

nie pun dah kira cepat jugak ah...... ader nick tengok memasing menaip kekadang selow hamek tamek......... hamek tamek mukakek....... ( word nie slalu jugak nicq guna masa study kat itm....) eh budak itm ker nicq nie...... of coz..... Itm di hatiku ok........

So, hope yang nie will be my first attempt and i will try to give more in Bahasa. Tengok dah cakap org putih balik....... kuikuikuikui

Ok then macam biasa ah yer......

Till then, Cheers

Private Practice

I used to share with you guys about Greys Anatomy........ I dont know whats happening but then i do know one thing about this series. They share about How beautiful love is and not just a puppy love..... but then an adult love with the reality scenario as a base.

Unlike the movie Sex and The City where they just show the Love but then to me the effect is not that strong compared to the Greys Anatomy. For the SATC, they are more focus on Glamour, sex, face, fashion,New York Life Style and relationship.

Ok ok ok, stop about the Sex and the City, as what i want to share foremost is on Private Practice. Dont want to tell the synopsis of the series, but then what do i think about this series. Still maintained the concept of love, this one is the matured version of love. About Dr Addison, bout pete, about Samuel, about their patience and many more.......

They did very well in story telling and brings up the matters. About life, hows life must goes on, how we should priorities on daily basis, about should we do when dilemma is all around us and alot of things related about life.

Being in the age that will turn to 30 by next year definitely i need something that i could stake on and stick with. And being single definitely am looking for the right person for companion and i could share my joy and my sad. At this point am not really into the sex. Opss......... eh true what....... its not sex give the criteria, but then love and appreciation of love is what we are looking at. Do you ever think that old people still looking for sex at their age? No........ Do you think, marriage at the old age is based on S.E.X...... i guarantee its not that. But if there is, well there must be something wrong about that fella. Believe me not babe........

Back to my observation on Private Practice....... it can be an example and i positively sure that i will buy the CD for my collection item.....Does it will be my wish list to buy...... Hmmmmm No Am not gonna be like others, but i will try to find it for my joy.

Till then, Cheers

Monday, August 25, 2008

Story to share

Facing the Bully

By: Jon Arat

Finding my way seems like an underlying theme throughout the course of my life. Ever since I was seven years old and moved to America from the Philippines I can remember how hard of a struggle it was to feel comfortable in a new culture. At this age, I remember my experiences in the American public school system as if the memories occurred yesterday. I reached the airport in the evening. An early spring rain was falling. I waited in the lobby with my mother. I ran towards the gate after seeing my grandmother fight through the crowded Filipino faces. I felt as though this would be the last time I would see her. She handed me a handkerchief after tears ran down my face. I knew at once that I would not be able to leave.

Prior to my departure to the new land, I remember clinging desperately to my grandmother who had escorted me to the airport. I probably never felt more emotional pain in my life than the moment when my mother pulled me by the arm and dragged me across the airport lobby. Crying and screaming, I could not bare the painful agony of having to leave. Leaving the Philippines, and especially my grandmother, was similar to leaving my parents because my "Lola" (Filipino for grandma), had raised me my whole life. On the evening of my arrival in America, I felt completely lost. I had wished that my moving had been a big dream.

Evidently, America was not the paradise I imagined my new home to be. I had been welcomed with a plastic bag full of mixed fruits with a great big hug from my father whom I had not seen in five years. I remember feeling exhilarated and special thinking how everything would now be a happy ending after having my family reunited. I soon realized that I could not escape the pain of mourning over the loss of my friends and relatives back in the Philippines. The euphoric feelings of anticipation were quickly replaced with heartache and deep pain.

My first night in America felt like my first night in prison. We had to live with my cousins until my father had earned enough for our own apartment. That night, I lay in between my parents. Restless, I began thinking of my grandmother. I began to let out my sorrows by crying away with the thoughts of "Wishing she was here," or "I wish I was back home." I desperately wanted my mother's embraced as I screamed in the soaked pillow. All I received was silence. I did not know whether being emotionally ignored by my parents, or missing my grandmother, was more painful to experience that night. I was awakened in the morning by merry noises of my little cousins running across the hallway. I recall feeling so anxious that my legs were paralyzed to move down the stairs. Hoping to be invited down, I nervously sat at the top of the stairs and proceeded to slowly come down while in a sitting position. Halfway down, I hear "hurry up big cry baby!" Not only were my legs paralyzed, but now my butt was paralyzed as well. Ashamed, I desperately wanted to slide back up to hide in my room. Unexpectedly, my uncle picked me up with glee and landed me in the middle of the dining table to join everybody else. Still frozen in fear and embarrassment, I couldn't open my mouth because my cousins kept making fun of my crying and for the way I was dressed. I was teased for looking like a "FOB," a derogatory acronym meaning "fresh off the boat."

Three weeks later, I found myself in grade school. Talk about from the frying pan into the fire, this was an even worse form of torture for a lost little boy. I remember crying and hiding behind a school building each time my mother dropped me off at school. I used to run home from school each day trying to avoid being beaten-up by bullies who harassed because I looked, dressed, and talked differently than the other children. In the beginning, I was young, naïve, and lost. I figured that the key to the American life was to imitate pop culture and daytime television of the early nineties. In short, the key to learning the English language was to model myself after characters in old TV sitcoms such as Punky Brewster and I Love Lucy.

I felt like an extraterrestrial wanting desperately to be unnoticed in this new world. I said to myself, "I definitely am no longer in the Philippines," emulating Dorothy's character in The Wizard of Oz. Recalling these childhood experiences, I realize I was also similar to the character of Forrest in the movie Forrest Gump. I was unaware of how the basic protocols of the American public school system. On the first day of class, I decided to blend in as much as possible. At one point, since I had never heard of recess or lunchtime, I had not known what cafeteria tickets were. Therefore, I had no notion of how to obtain them. Instead, I simply ate my packed hotdog, the only thing my mother put in my lunch bag.

On one occasion, I had a squished hotdog in the bottom of my book bag and felt embarrassed taking it out to eat for lunch. It was either the hotdog or settling in having to sit and wait for everyone else to finish their cafeteria lunches. Although I was not a bit hungry, I didn't want to draw attention to myself sitting alone without food to eat so I reached in to grab my hotdog that my mother had packed for me. Unbeknownst to me, the hotdog was soggy with grape juice, along with the rest of everything else that was inside my book bag. A few kids pointed fingers and someone threw a milk cartoon that hit me in the head. Humiliated, I ran to the bathroom.

After the hotdog fiasco, I thought I never had to go back to school ever again. Apparently, feeling humiliated was not a good enough excuse to hold off on public schooling. Surprisingly, after deciding to face the music and set my foot back on school soil, it seemed as though the hotdog incident had never occurred. Everyone ignored me as I walked back into the classroom. My fear of being given the long stares from my fellow classmates quickly dissipated when a fight between two students broke out in the middle of the classroom. The teacher quickly took matters to hand and sent the two boys to the principal's office. The rest of the class was soon inundated with school stuff so I too casually lost myself in the assigned tasks. I felt assured that everybody's attention was on the fight and not my hotdog incident. I almost thought I had survived the dreadful day of coming back to class after the embarrassing moment when the school bully caught me. He had forewarned me that he would beat me up after school.

Evidently, during the incident when I stormed out of the cafeteria, another milk cartoon had hit him in the back. It had seemed all the more logical that I had been the one who had thrown it at him since I was seen running away from the crime after he got hit. I was clearly set up, but my English would not yet suffice to explain myself. That day I ran home as fast as I could, thinking of avoiding the bully. Eventually, I arrived home feeling a sigh of relief when my heart began to start beating fast again. Apparently, my key to the house was misplaced and I had no way of letting myself in. No one was home to open the door. I could have either waited for hours or go back to school to call my parents. Grudgingly, I decided to go back to school after assuming that the bully would be long gone. As I was walking closer to school, I froze with fear after realizing that my executioner was still waiting for me at the entrance. I could no longer turn back since the bully had seen me. I felt like an inmate walking on death row.

After walking half a block, which seemed more like a long mile due to my high anxiety, I was standing five feet away from the bully. Looking down I could not see what he was about to do. I anticipated a punch, but what I received was an unexpected pat on the back. Apparently, a fellow classmate of mine had stood up for me and had cleared my name prior to this confrontation. The bully was about to call off the fight that same day, but since I had stormed out the classroom he was not given the opportunity. I felt relieved and a little braver that day. I befriended the notorious school bully, which to me felt like befriending the president of the country.

Looking back, I realize that my own fears and worries came from within. I felt scared to confront anyone because I was too fearful to face the most significant individual, which is myself. I also realize that during this transitional phase of my life, I was suicidal and extremely depressed. Perhaps during the moment of confronting the bully I felt that I had nothing more to lose, so I surrendered. I remember thinking many irrational thoughts such as, "I'm lower than everybody else because I'm different." At times, I came to actually believe these thoughts. At other times, I rather watched TV than face my shortcomings. I followed my instincts by thinking the immigrant thing to do was to take life's punches, fight to get back up, and move forward.

I am still trying to find a constant feeling of belonging. I am just a beginner as a counselor, and I hope I don't find myself screaming in my pillow over another new culture. I must say that I feel as lost now as I once did as a newcomer to this country. The main difference is that there is no bully chasing me (at least that I am aware of). Perhaps it is not surprising that I now feel a strong need to standup for anyone who is taken advantage of by a bully and to help those who are ignored. At least now I can say that my English will finally suffice to get directions. So it does get better. As an advocate for minorities, immigrant students, and individuals coming out of the closet, I recognize myself in their struggles.

Now I am able to provide emotional support for my client's and be able to share my experiences. In addition, I challenge my Filipino-American client's to find their own way and not allow society or their parents to dictate their lives. Nevertheless, I am still learning how to comfort those who have no clear directions in life. Most importantly, I hope to revive a sense of personal belief in oneself for each client I am able to help. I know that no man can destroy my belief in myself which had sprung from all the hopes and aspirations of my "Lola". Often in my practice, I find myself in a position to do for my client's what I desperately needed, but did not receive. To me, this is exhilarating and healing.

Jon Arat is a graduate student in counseling at California State University Fullerton.


What do you know about happiness..?

Being in a several times break up, see the example of the close relative divorce, the child moving one place to another, suffer of depression and many more..... what does happiness means to you?

I really not in the mood of taking about the sad mode. This article most of it telling what happening and what actually can brings memory to me. At the same time, it does educate me and giude me to be a better person.

I have lot of things i would like to share after a hectic week last day........

I shall tell that more in this week. Hope i able to write it out and share with all of you.

Till then, cheers

Nicq Love

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dare to say WRONG........

As usual, i always encourage people to give comment about my blog and my storyline. This is because i always welcome room of improvement. I try my level best to correct any mistakes that i have done previously and for this point of view my grammar and way i communicate from my heart to you guys.

Then finally i saw 1 anonymous comment where he has a guts to say that my English is bad especially my grammar. Im so glad of what he did and as for that i have challenge to myself to improve more on grammar and make things better in a future.

Being a Malaysian and being in a full well train cultural behavior, we always been thought by our parent or above us that never disobey what they have ordered. If they said No, Its means no without give any reason or justification. By that point, 2 aspect that i would like to share with you, Good impact and bad impact.

Good Impact
1. Discipline - They teach us to obey and never ever bantah cakap orang tua. Because to them, they been living for so long and they know what is the best thing to their children

Bad Impact
1. Afraid to say to their superior that they are wrong. This will lead to the "Yes Bos attitude........." They afraid to admit that their superior are wrong and show them to the right thing.

At this point, create to a situation where some afraid to tell the truth about wrong thing. At this moment, i should say Thank you babe cause of remind me. I will try my level best to improve my english and hope you are not lack of idea to give any comment about my writings.

Till then, Cheers

Friday, August 8, 2008

Life is just a Cycle.......part 2

What actually happen from the word above you can see and clearly understand what does it mean. Life is always a cycle and when we on top, when we on below and what happen to you when you are in the middle. Not on top nor on the bottom?

I know, nicq kind of mumbling and make you dont really understand what do i mean and what i try to say............. to be exact so do i........ kkekekkekkeke

Its like this, when i said life is a cycle, you will know know that you on top and you or you on the bottom. Like i always tell you guys is, i like to observed people to life, especially person who i used to know or hurt my feelings. kind of weird rite....... believe me guys thats me. not that i pray they will suffer in their future life ..... but because of their behavior and action, does Almighty will pay that person of what he or she has done?

Only God know what to answer ......... being me, i just want to see what happen next. Thats all.

I will always remember and foresee their future. Some God already pay of what bad things they have done, some, god have yet give the response. So, i just wait. hehehehehhehehehe.

I will continue ............ Cheers

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Seriously for sure i really dont know what to say and what to type. My mind is empty and i have no idea what to write.

Read others blog, read forwarded email, read magazines and others, but then still no clue what actually should i write. Some of the blogger tells about the silence moment, about holiday, about makan-makan, about love, bout their children, jokes, and many more.

But then me, i have no clue. Finally now i have a clue about the creative people like artist, writers, designers or the reporter like stuck in the middle of nowhere and their mind and thinking is blank.

Maybe i guess silence is the nice way to be and focus on what i have to urge like working............ At this moment i just keep quite until i have the idea what to say..........


You know what, i went to see my friend yesterday and see the rehearsal of the Honda Jazz at KL Convention Center. I will story you guys whats is all about it this afternoon. But now i really need to stop and start my work,

Till then, trulu....................Cheers


Being me or anyone who knows me, its really hard for me to get angry. But then, when am angry, i dont even want to know anything bout that person. Not because of i hate him or her, but seriously it really hurt my feelings and i dont want things happen again.

In this case, i have a friend where i always be with him before if i got the time to do it. We always meet up and have a chat and mengutuk mengata about anything. We been friends about 1 year. To me, a friendship has to be valued from the first we met until forever. Courteous and understand each other is really crucial cause you not are not alone in this world. I always try to understand about other and at least please understand me as well. Not that am begging to understand me but then just know who am i is just enough. Am not artist nor important people. But then just enough treat me as a human that already apart for their life. Thats all.

So one day ( just few weeks back to be exact); i just asked him about the trip. Do he want to join me for a vacation or not. Its not a total vacation just coincident i have things to do and since its on friday, i continue with the vacation on the beach. At first he agree to follow but will give final decision on the next day.

The next day no response, so i just wait till aweek. Then i asked again the next following week, did he really want to join me, he's like hmmmmmmmm how much ah, where ah, when ah and bla bla bla. Then said can i give you answer tomorrow.

I was like........ Urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats it, and am not gonna give a chance. Straight away after he request another day to decide i already make decision for him like this " You know what, its ok and just forget what i have said to you. Thanks and thats all " straight i cut off the conversation.

I am so angry with him and still pissed off with him.

Then i send him a sms saying " Am sorry cause you trouble and force him to follow me. " Like a drama aite...........

Then he reply saying that he has problem la, this la, that la......... and all the fact that he could see to calm me down.

I thought that maybe he really meant what he said and i tried to called him and turn out that only voice mail that entertained me. Well, i just leave him a voice message saying that i understand what he face but then i really want him to be part of the journey and its ok for me bear his as well.

Next morning, guess what he answer.....

" Sorry cause last nite already asleep. Ok babe, am coming". and then no further call or action of showing that he is eager to go for a trip.

I was like.......URRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats it!

It makes me pissed off 2 times and i have decide not to continue nor do anything about him. Few days after that, he sms and want to know when and what time, i didnt reply. Then 2 days b4 we all went , he just give the sms saying he is sorry of what had happen and minta halalkan all the makan and minum that we had during our friendship.

I still dont want to do anything a had enough of it. ( Again, its like a drama queen sangat kan...... kekekekekkeke)

Owh, by the time i wrote this story, i already forgive him. In fact i forgive him the next day after he reply he's coming. But i still can remember what he did to me.

I really dont understand, not that am so cruel or heartless do this to him but then its really hurt my feeling. To me its fine you cant join me for the trip but then make me waiting and then add on few more days just because of afraid to tell the truth reason he cant joint me. We all waiting for his decision and what will happen that he cancelled for the last minutes. does it gonna cause us a big frustration.

At least, just tell me earlier. Its fine and i totally understand his situation. But then why must he try to hide the truth.

You might say that i still cant forgive him, but then the truth is i already forgive him. The only thing that i cant do rite now is forget of what he has done to me. He should know me well. When he send the sms to say sorry, he did mentioned about i always treat him very well, am so understanding, am this am that. If he knew me very well, he shouldnt do this to me.

The reason i really want him join the trip is for him to have fun and enjoy cause i knew that he kind of stress at work. So, since like this, why should i be nice to a person where they can even see the reason behind it.Am i a sellfish at this point?

Being me, its just a simple where i be friend with everybody and precious them if they be nice to me. But then, when there's something happen and hurt my feeling and i declare " Thats it, am not gonna be like this anymore" its definitely "Thats it".In other word " I dont care what you want to do and i dont give a single damn care of it".

Hehehehehe, its bad rite but then thats me though.

Till then, Cheers

Right Person

I normally always have a chat with my good buddy fiza and we talk and share on lots of things. Since last weekend i went to Paka terengganu for dual activities - Work and holiday, we all back home quite late and reach home about 8 pm. My body tired and my mind exhausted because of travelling and too much enjoy the place i suppose hehhehehehehehehehe. I kind of cranky and need to chat with fiza at least release some of the things that play in my mind.

As usual, i chat lots of things with her, relationship, how to find a good love la, food, our pass story and bla bla bla. and since me with the problem on relationship, she actually have come out with an suggestion of having a relationship where i define " Alam Flora". Grab anybody at the mean time just to make sure am not lonely.

I found it too hideous and nonsense. It doesnt make sense doing that. That is sound so desperate and really unacceptable. The thing is, with my age are going to enter 30 and love is not the simple thing. Grab anybody just to full fill with any need that i required is so unacceptable. I have my own proud and i have my own dignity. It really not fair to me, and at the mean time its also not fair to the other party. Its seems like im playing their heart.

I dont want this happen to me, nor i dont want this things happen to other people as well. I believe you guys understand what do i mean right............

Till then, Cheers

Life Is Just a Cycle

Lately, i tend to talk about life, happiness and all the stuff related to the life.......... That's what really happen when we are in this kind mood. Hehehehehehehe

What ever it is, i can be so sure that i really know what am i doing rite now and confirm without any doubt in my mind. But then, i don't actually want to talk bout this to you guys, i do have a topic and currently i really need only the mood and what suitable word i should express in my blog. Still remain with the title Life is just a cycle.

I guess i better stop here at this moment on the mumbling and start to think on the best wording.

To Be continued .........

What happen last nite.......

Hmmmmmm ,

Yesterday, straight after work i went to Mid Valley to met my good friend Zack...... ( sorry zack, me mentioned ur name.....commercial sikit.) for the dinner and exchange gift. Hehehehehehhe oh yes zack, i feel really touched with the gift. It is so lovely and i like it so much...........

Went to Chillies and we had a dinner. I dont know why Chillies but then seriously i really like the place and food. Definitely enjoy eating over there........ We share lot of stories about life, work, past relationship, mengutuk, mengata and lots of things with laugh. I really want to have this kind of conversation cause talk in a sad emotion definitely not really likable.

While we had dinner, my friend Fiza call and i really dont like when this happen...... its kind of distract me and as what i aspects it really disturb my time chatting at chillies....... At first attempt, i said that im with client. Then 1 hr after that she called again and send the message SOS. Hmmmmmmm definitely i have to know what kind of SOS she meant.

Guess what, SOS need my help to entertain her and her friend at Bukit Bintang and dont know where to go.............. I was like......hmmmmmmm. ( wish to smack her head to the wall....... but then what to do....... tolong jer ah........ )

We wrap up our conversation and exchange gift and am straight heading to Bukit Bintang. When i reached there, they still dont know where to go and give this idea reject, that idea reject........ hmmmmmmmm again i really want to smack her friend head plak...............

You know what, it really hard to suggest any entertainment at Bukit Bintang on the Odd time and odd day which is Weekdays............ seriously i have no idea and turn out brain dead to suggest any where to go. Plus no response from other party which not really participate to give idea....... Gosh i hate this..........

Then i just said that, how bout we just walk along at bukit bintang walk and we'll see what can we full fill our boring...... Then saw The Ship restaurant and i guess there must be some Drag show last nite. Well, there no Drag show but then there's live band........ Kind of ok but when we reached up there, they play the music disco till i feels like numb......... pekak ok dengan bunyi lagu yang ntah haper2......

There there's live band, ok la....... just i sometime cant understand what are they saying....... are they mumbling or singing........... ( cheh, pengaruh AF still ader lg ker.......... kuikuikuikui). Went back home bout 1 and take shower and have a nap................seriously, when you in this position , sleep is really a precious thing to have.........

Whats ur night event
Till then, Cheers

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last night....

Hey there guys...........

As promise i want to share bout last nite rehearsal event at KL convention Center. The All New Jazz.................

I didnt get the invitation for the Jazz launch but then i manage to see the rehearsal of the car launch....... It was awesome............. i like it and love the presentation.......... They put it with the launch with fashion show. Heheehhehehehee

To me, Jazz is a compact car. Whoever drive that car always bring the image of active, vibrant, smart and also new edge. At this new launch, i should say the car has improve on design and their interior and their speciality. How special it is, well, you can see it through the honda website of course. Lazy me to describe more. kekekekekekekekeke

So. I guess that all i want to share. Till then


Read other people's blog

Yup, i do read other peoples blog............ why was that? simply because i really love to read what they would like to share as what i like to share with you guys toooo. During my early known to the blog, i read several persons blog like

- Wahdi
- Tukangtaip
- Crew brew
- Shahsramblings
- irwanzulkefli
- tykeonabike
- ezwans
- thehisstory
- pujanggabujanglara
and many more.................

Seriously, from this blog its actually brings up my interest in reading, sharing, open up my mind and give lots of idea on many things................. At first, i just only want to read and i introduce this blog thingy to my close friends and he said that how bout we create a new blog of our own and share. Hmmmm thats not a bad idea....... that is why For Better or Worse come's out.

I really love blog and since got the encourage from my friends and other person, definitely this blog will still be remain and from time to time i will share my story to all of you. Some like to make it in a certain area like cars, fashion, house and life. but to me, i share anything........ and i guess not only me did that.

After a while, i never thought that i could get intention from other person, until versedAnggerik give a comment and im touched with her advise i should say. She has her own blog as well and her article to me tremendously awesome. You could click at -

I guess i like to conclude that Lawyers really know what word they should used and there did very well. I've read several blogger who actually a lawyer and i never stop reading their blog and never hate it by any pinch. But then not only them cause others did well too. Some like to put picture cause with interesting picture helps you tell the story without cracking your head on what to tell after that.

I just spend half an hour write anythings that pop up in my mind and share it with you guys. Some of it i wrote the topic when am not in front of the computer and write it out when im in front of it.

Seriously, i do love this blog and im gonna keep read it and published it to satisfied me. ehehehehehehehehe . Till then,


Monday, August 4, 2008

Fake it to make it.....

I dont really know how should i express on this title, but then some people can do it some fail to do that............

To me, our face definitely know what to express cause it came straight from our heart and am one of it.... my face can't lie if am not in a good condition..... like for example....... people can see if i have a problem......... people can see if am not happy and vice versa....... Although i keep on telling everyone that am ok and can live bout it but surely my face give a different answer..........

Spoke with my close friend bout this and what she said is ............ " i need someone beside me". Hmmm i really should and im about to make a move and i hope that it does not stopping me from go further.....

I know i have this faith and i really want someone beside me. ehehehehehehhee ok am sound like am so desperate..... kuikuikuikui
No worries. Life goes on and i know i will go further up............

Till then, Cheers

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Simple yet Meaningfull

Yup, That's what i meant...........

Last friday i went to my friends wedding........ a good buddy actually at Janda Baik. She got married to a lovely husband that she know for about 8 years since her studies in Uni. I knew her when i was working in one of the top Insurance company in malaysia........

Went there during friday prayer..... " yes mate am not went for Friday prayer instead" and almost get lost cause the map is not that accurate kekekekekekek sorry meeranda cause you know ur map is horrible...... kuikuikui but then, during the journey..... its really makes me so alive on driving and darn.... i really love drive over there..........

Reach at meeranda's place and she are just about to get ready for the akad nikah session......... Her make up is so simple but then have turn her face up and she looks so gorgeous and stunning......... With help of her 2 good buddies i call them Huru Hara's team........ i guess they did the right thing......

The akad ceremony went so well, although not see it live cause we were upstairs but then after that we come down with the ring exchange ceremony....... Basically that was the first day i saw meeranda's husband and i know she make a wise decision.

After that we went for a makan session cause we are so hungry......... Huru hara team was there and definitely we ate like no bodies business hehehehehehehhehe. After the meal, went back into the house and get the photo session....... huh.... the best part where we can be apart of it....... kekekekekke only we all know what happen during that time.......

Went back next day for kenduri with my our good buddies......... during our journey we have a good chat and just love the journey so much...... reach there just nice and we been greet by huru hara team............ definitely "Gamat you all......... macam tongkang pecah seribu alam keturunan......." We went straight see meeranda and take a photo with her.......... gosh... again she is so lovely and her dress, make up and environment was sooo perfect for her wedding day....... so envy though..........

Her house locate at the janda baik area and with a concept of nature....... the tent for the guess and the food is lovely....... definitely its a perfect day for her........ i cant describe how lovely that day was.........

Back to my title why i say Simple yet Meaning full. Well that's the only thing i could express bout that 2 days i went there. Some people they really want it so grand for their wedding but then it turn's up bad............. to me, wedding suppose to be meaning full for everybody especially to the wedding couple.

So, Meeranda......... mak ucapkan Selamat Pengantin Baru and Semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu........ You will be always in my heart and our friendship is the best i ever had............

Till then, Cheers