Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012 and Bye 2011

Cant believe that tomorrow is already 2012. Well..... what a what i have said above

Welcome 2012
- Hope this year will be better than previous year

Bye 2011
- I had a great time. The whole year is really a blast and i thank you for the best moment in my life.

My wish for next year...... well......

Monday, December 26, 2011


I always heard one quote sound like this

"If you want to success, you have to be sincere in anything that you do in your life".

No matter about relationship, family, study, work, interaction between you and other person, and many more...... the most important is sincere. I guess that quote is correct. I have seen the example and it is proven fact of life.

I will do as sincere i could no matter what barrier or test come to test my sincere.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Post Pass away to family member

Sometimes, we tend to neglect someone that we love and we start to realised the loss when that person is no longer in this world or leave for break up or transfer to other place. This is happen to me and someone that is very closed with me.

Dont want that to be happened to me again and i keep remind my friends and my family how important that other person that is very close to you no matter how annoying they are when they are just beside you. Be kind and create no enemy. Always cherish the moment no matter how short or long that moment is on.


Study and Me

One of the topic in Marketing Management, there is a term called Point of Differentiation where the company has make the effort in promotion, operation, image or any related to company different from the competitor or in industry.

I just notice that, ever since i start doing my higher learning education, i tend to have different from my friends. For Diploma i took Chef Training. For Bachelor, i took International Business Management and Now for my Masters Studies, i have MBA but..... Strategic Management.

The reason i took Chef Training for my Diploma is because i love to cook. Ive been with the cooking skill since my younger years where i like to help my mom baking, cooking and i do remember that i used to melt my moms favourite Tupperware container just because i wanna fried the Fish Cracker (Keropok Ikan). When i see the cooking class TV program, i can actually have a gut to say "Been there Done that". Most of my closed friends took Accountancy, Banking, Business Studies and Insurance, Ive made my decision to have Chef Training for my Diploma Course. And I complete it.

Bachelor In International Business Management. Why i took this cause is simple. 1) I just find the Bachelor in Business Admin are just to common and i need something different from it. 2) I like to see from the international perspective. The Cultural difference, Logistic, the People and the silly point is i always amaze with the international company or Multinational company generate revenue where sometimes can be more that certain developing countries. Glad cause i took that course and never have doubt bout it ever since.

Lame rite my reason why i want to take for my Diploma and Bachelor courses. That's why I don't want my Masters to be the same

For MBA, it took me several years to decide and seeking what course should i take. Now Strategic Management is the course that i see the potential that i could take for my own personal goal. On the other reason is because i always wonder how the plan can be done and success been created. Not an easy job cause its been awhile i left the study world and so far, i believe i be able to do it. The matters is i need to have strong will and focus; which i can see its been build up.

With the support from my SO, my family and friends. Insyallah i can do it.

Festive Season

I believe, age has change our perception on the season greetings celebration. I used too look forwards to enjoy the moment of the festive celebration but now...... its just the thought that count.

Nowadays, when the festive season come, no matter Eid Mubarak, Eidul Adha, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, or Christmas, i just like to take the moment with my family, spend to with my SO or spend time with my SO family.

For Eid Mubarak and Eidul Adha, definitely i have to be with my family, travel back to my hometown, prepare the house for the celebration, eat the special festive dishes and meet my friends. This year, we celebrate more simpler where my parents coming up in KL and we just spend at my brothers house.

Chinese New Year, for the past 2 years ive been working and my SO went for holiday. But i spend time having a big feast at the eve of Chinese New Year with my SO family.

For Deepavali, well i hardly have indian friends except Suresh, so we end up rest at home and watch tv that show lots of Hindi Movie.or...... gathered, cook and gossipping ngehehehehe. Last Year i went to Bali during Deepavali and This year, am in KL. Well not much different then.

Now it is Xmas, Ive just be at home at my SO place waiting my SO to come back from down south island. Wishing all my Chinese and i presume they celebrate Christmas and now rest at home again while my mind thinking of my upcoming final exam for my MBA and unfinished assignment that i need to settle before the New year comes.

I guess, when we grow older, we kind of NOT celebrate it as much as kids but certainly we took this moment to rest, relax and be with someone that we love.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Me and My SO

Ever since we are an item, lots of things that my SO introduce to me or should i say encourage me to do things. One of the major thing is what I'm doing right now.... Taking the Master course. My SO keep supporting in various way and the biggest one is the morale support.

One of our favorite thing to do is photography. According to my SO, i have the photogenic face. More and more picture my SO took for me. True enough and always like my SO skill and i show it at my FB. One of the return, i took my SO pic. But according to my SO, the face is soooo not photogenic and due to that, my SO always wanted to delete the picture that i took. As usual, i object cause no matter how my SO look in the picture, there still room of improvement. The improvement from me in taking the best picture for my SO in a good shot and correct angle, or my SO way while taking the picture.

Altho my SO complain on UGLY but some of it does appear in the profile picture and i can see now more and more picture coming our from my SO.

Love it. nge he he

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wanna be.

Cant you just be yourself? Have your own identity and make the social community livelier?

Today i had lunch at my University Food Hall. Which is that is the common place i went after the morning class finished. Food hall is at the upper floor from our classroom and normally i can actually have a good guess on what food that they served before i arrive at the buffet counter. Some of the caterer i find it ok and some are good. But this week maybe our luck is not as good as previous one.

Today the Menu is Chicken Rice.

I don't mind with any food that they served but what really make me disappointed BIG time is the "Wanna be". They are trying so hard to make their Chicken Rice as a Chinese style but unfortunately it turns out....How should i say this....... ermmmmm
- Tasteless
- killing me every time i try to swallow the rice.
- Bad experience with "wanna be" issues.

This is what really happen in Malaysian Culinary. They are try very hard to make their food taste so good but they are forget that the basic element of the food itself. I don't mind if they wanna moderate and make it more creative but........ basic element has to be included.

One of the reason i kind of hesitate to join the culinary industry is because if this.


Air Asia Promo

One thing i really hate bout this promo is; the chances for me to get the exact price i wanted is almost to NONE.

not just that........ it actually effected me with:
1. to buy the non promo date in a comfort and non cursing condition almost not gonna happen.
2. lost my hope to get cheap / affordable price at the current price.
3. to check in or to get the notification; it always cause me problem.

I don't mind people called me bragging for the "atas class" or not into low fair airlines but i seriously lost hope of Airasia because of this. I would rather keep my money or not going to the dream vacation place if my money not enough rather than WASTE my money and time for the unknown my fate to get the price plus........ its really depressing.

my idea for Low Cost airlines is..... "only for the journey less than 1 hour". If more than that..... i wold rather go to the commercial airlines.

me not arrogant but that is my personal preference.