Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013 Resolutions achievement

Sometimes when we talk about resolution that we made by the end of the previous year, we always says :

"have we accomplished anything or what have we achieved? "

Well for some reasons, i actually have to set several resolutions at least for me to see what have i done and what can i do for a change the next following year and maybe some of my previous resolution can bring it over like to shape up my body to lean and no more muffin top seen (lame rite.. LOL)

So, lets see what have i achieved

1. Complete my thesis and Master and graduate - Done

2. Reduce my weight to 68kg - Achieved at the 1st half of the year then failed on the second half of the year. (Remarks : Bring it to 2014)

3. Meet my old friends (special one) - This one actually i didn't planned but yeah…….. I have done it not one but 2 friends. We had a good chance to meet for coffee and exchange stories when we're apart.
4.  Meet a new friends chinese especially - Yup, the numbers are increase.

Personal, Soul and self help
5. Start a reading habit again - Done and love it
6. Wake up in morning to solat subuh every morning - Getting better towards the end of the year
7. Perform Umrah at Mecca and Madinah - Done and would love to go again
8. Not to missed perform solat praying 5 times a day. - Up and down but getting better
9. Try to think positive and better life understanding - I guess getting better  

10. Clear the Personal Loan - Done
11. Credit Card debt - still not recover and need to do it better with planning and execution in 2014.
12. Saving - Still weak and should be more saving every month.

13. Try to get a job by July/ August - Not success because of few reason and current economic condition.

Overall in 2013, i have achieved many things and things getting better towards the end of the year. Let have a good resolution for 2014.