Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012 and Bye 2011

Cant believe that tomorrow is already 2012. Well..... what a what i have said above

Welcome 2012
- Hope this year will be better than previous year

Bye 2011
- I had a great time. The whole year is really a blast and i thank you for the best moment in my life.

My wish for next year...... well......

Monday, December 26, 2011


I always heard one quote sound like this

"If you want to success, you have to be sincere in anything that you do in your life".

No matter about relationship, family, study, work, interaction between you and other person, and many more...... the most important is sincere. I guess that quote is correct. I have seen the example and it is proven fact of life.

I will do as sincere i could no matter what barrier or test come to test my sincere.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Post Pass away to family member

Sometimes, we tend to neglect someone that we love and we start to realised the loss when that person is no longer in this world or leave for break up or transfer to other place. This is happen to me and someone that is very closed with me.

Dont want that to be happened to me again and i keep remind my friends and my family how important that other person that is very close to you no matter how annoying they are when they are just beside you. Be kind and create no enemy. Always cherish the moment no matter how short or long that moment is on.


Study and Me

One of the topic in Marketing Management, there is a term called Point of Differentiation where the company has make the effort in promotion, operation, image or any related to company different from the competitor or in industry.

I just notice that, ever since i start doing my higher learning education, i tend to have different from my friends. For Diploma i took Chef Training. For Bachelor, i took International Business Management and Now for my Masters Studies, i have MBA but..... Strategic Management.

The reason i took Chef Training for my Diploma is because i love to cook. Ive been with the cooking skill since my younger years where i like to help my mom baking, cooking and i do remember that i used to melt my moms favourite Tupperware container just because i wanna fried the Fish Cracker (Keropok Ikan). When i see the cooking class TV program, i can actually have a gut to say "Been there Done that". Most of my closed friends took Accountancy, Banking, Business Studies and Insurance, Ive made my decision to have Chef Training for my Diploma Course. And I complete it.

Bachelor In International Business Management. Why i took this cause is simple. 1) I just find the Bachelor in Business Admin are just to common and i need something different from it. 2) I like to see from the international perspective. The Cultural difference, Logistic, the People and the silly point is i always amaze with the international company or Multinational company generate revenue where sometimes can be more that certain developing countries. Glad cause i took that course and never have doubt bout it ever since.

Lame rite my reason why i want to take for my Diploma and Bachelor courses. That's why I don't want my Masters to be the same

For MBA, it took me several years to decide and seeking what course should i take. Now Strategic Management is the course that i see the potential that i could take for my own personal goal. On the other reason is because i always wonder how the plan can be done and success been created. Not an easy job cause its been awhile i left the study world and so far, i believe i be able to do it. The matters is i need to have strong will and focus; which i can see its been build up.

With the support from my SO, my family and friends. Insyallah i can do it.

Festive Season

I believe, age has change our perception on the season greetings celebration. I used too look forwards to enjoy the moment of the festive celebration but now...... its just the thought that count.

Nowadays, when the festive season come, no matter Eid Mubarak, Eidul Adha, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, or Christmas, i just like to take the moment with my family, spend to with my SO or spend time with my SO family.

For Eid Mubarak and Eidul Adha, definitely i have to be with my family, travel back to my hometown, prepare the house for the celebration, eat the special festive dishes and meet my friends. This year, we celebrate more simpler where my parents coming up in KL and we just spend at my brothers house.

Chinese New Year, for the past 2 years ive been working and my SO went for holiday. But i spend time having a big feast at the eve of Chinese New Year with my SO family.

For Deepavali, well i hardly have indian friends except Suresh, so we end up rest at home and watch tv that show lots of Hindi Movie.or...... gathered, cook and gossipping ngehehehehe. Last Year i went to Bali during Deepavali and This year, am in KL. Well not much different then.

Now it is Xmas, Ive just be at home at my SO place waiting my SO to come back from down south island. Wishing all my Chinese and i presume they celebrate Christmas and now rest at home again while my mind thinking of my upcoming final exam for my MBA and unfinished assignment that i need to settle before the New year comes.

I guess, when we grow older, we kind of NOT celebrate it as much as kids but certainly we took this moment to rest, relax and be with someone that we love.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Me and My SO

Ever since we are an item, lots of things that my SO introduce to me or should i say encourage me to do things. One of the major thing is what I'm doing right now.... Taking the Master course. My SO keep supporting in various way and the biggest one is the morale support.

One of our favorite thing to do is photography. According to my SO, i have the photogenic face. More and more picture my SO took for me. True enough and always like my SO skill and i show it at my FB. One of the return, i took my SO pic. But according to my SO, the face is soooo not photogenic and due to that, my SO always wanted to delete the picture that i took. As usual, i object cause no matter how my SO look in the picture, there still room of improvement. The improvement from me in taking the best picture for my SO in a good shot and correct angle, or my SO way while taking the picture.

Altho my SO complain on UGLY but some of it does appear in the profile picture and i can see now more and more picture coming our from my SO.

Love it. nge he he

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wanna be.

Cant you just be yourself? Have your own identity and make the social community livelier?

Today i had lunch at my University Food Hall. Which is that is the common place i went after the morning class finished. Food hall is at the upper floor from our classroom and normally i can actually have a good guess on what food that they served before i arrive at the buffet counter. Some of the caterer i find it ok and some are good. But this week maybe our luck is not as good as previous one.

Today the Menu is Chicken Rice.

I don't mind with any food that they served but what really make me disappointed BIG time is the "Wanna be". They are trying so hard to make their Chicken Rice as a Chinese style but unfortunately it turns out....How should i say this....... ermmmmm
- Tasteless
- killing me every time i try to swallow the rice.
- Bad experience with "wanna be" issues.

This is what really happen in Malaysian Culinary. They are try very hard to make their food taste so good but they are forget that the basic element of the food itself. I don't mind if they wanna moderate and make it more creative but........ basic element has to be included.

One of the reason i kind of hesitate to join the culinary industry is because if this.


Air Asia Promo

One thing i really hate bout this promo is; the chances for me to get the exact price i wanted is almost to NONE.

not just that........ it actually effected me with:
1. to buy the non promo date in a comfort and non cursing condition almost not gonna happen.
2. lost my hope to get cheap / affordable price at the current price.
3. to check in or to get the notification; it always cause me problem.

I don't mind people called me bragging for the "atas class" or not into low fair airlines but i seriously lost hope of Airasia because of this. I would rather keep my money or not going to the dream vacation place if my money not enough rather than WASTE my money and time for the unknown my fate to get the price plus........ its really depressing.

my idea for Low Cost airlines is..... "only for the journey less than 1 hour". If more than that..... i wold rather go to the commercial airlines.

me not arrogant but that is my personal preference.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snap a pose....

In certain situation and people we tend to take a snap of what we do in life time as it can capture at that moment. Then the assumption start after the picture taken as below:
1. Look ugly
2. Look horrible with that face posture
3. Look photogenic
4. Look nice
5. Look gorgeous.

So me..... no matter what you look in the picture, it doesn't matter cause if you look great or ugly but if you are so honest and kind hearted, ppl will always look up on you.

So....which one will you say?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Take a break

In what ever we do...... take a break is something that is really good for you. This is because you have too much give focus on something what you do. by take a break can ease you lil bit.

In my case, what i like to do during a take 5 or take break is read other things or see other things such as FB, other ppl blog and many more. Eat..... not really cause i can eat while am working. ngehehehehhehe

Till then
Have a break, have a kitkat.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Busy Body / Kay Phoo Chee / Suka Jaga Tepi kain Orang

There i say it....... in English, Chinese and Malay.

I just simply can't understand these people. Don't they have their own life????

Since this is about third month in my Masters study, i just can't take it this fella. All of my things i do, they are just keep asking what am i doing, where am i going, what do i like, what color is my favorite, what type of person is am ok with..... I was like; ok....... don't you have your own life? Annoying rite.

My picture in fb, my daily activity, my attire, and many more..... they simply ask this and that until annoys me BIG time.

To me, i just like to have simple life. No one care about me except my love one and good friends and my family. I don't like to bother what other people do cause they want to enjoy and cherish their own life.

Starting today..... i wanna have Selfish and don't want to share my life to others cause this is really annoying.

Full STOP.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finding information

Well........ there are various way to find information and all you need is the time, space and tools to do that. Just now my MBA friends asking me on how to find the information and since she just got her laptop and we are doing the assignment...... i show her how to do that.

Then because of our university really strict with plagiarism, we should rephrase the word that we took from the other writer and she asked me is there any software that can do rephrase........ and he conversation goes like this:

My friends : Nas, is there any software that we can used to rephrase the word? i find its very hard
(my friends is from Iran and her English is limited)
Me : Yup, there is
(altho i don't know whether it exist or not)
My friends : REALLY!!!!! show me.......
(with excited face and ready to type what name of software in the Internet)
Me : you type
My friends : Chait LOL

I sometimes can be sarcastic at one time.

I rest my case

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the unwanted question

As a single person like me is self proclaimed single, the question that i always try to avoid is

1. Why i still not married.
2. When is my turn after my younger brother tied his knot.
3. Dont i get worried when I'm old and who will take care of me.

Well, what can i say.......those question is really a question that i want to avoid. Not to say i DONT want tied the knot with my "wife" as fast as i could; but i believe I'm not ready for it. Im scared i guess and i still can't imagine whether i could do it or not of this "trust/responsible" given by Allah Al-Mighty.

Last 2 weeks my cousin has tied his knot with his girlfriends and after the Akad Nikah finished, i announced it in my Facebook says

"My cousin Anis has successful confirmed as husband and I'm glad with his decision. I shall not entertained any unwanted question after this ".

Seriously, to the married couple. Single person definitely won't asked anything to you guys which is when is the next production or when you wanna get a house for the future. But WHY the married couple will always kayphoochee asking all the single when is our turn simply because yo guys have done yours.

Don't they (married couple) never ever think what is their(single people) feelings looks like when those question comes to them?

Think about it.

Study vs Working


Study is the things that we always neglect when we had it. I still remember there was he time my teacher used to say that Study the most fun part in her life. We are bag to differ saying that we are eager to work rather than study.

I guess i have been quit study in 2003 after i finished my degree. Than I've been working for 8 years and now i start my Masters studies. To twist my mind from the things that i have not doing it for so long is not as easy as i believe. I must have a good motivation and goal in my mind.

I have been struggle and pushing myself very hard with all the errant comes to me. Alhamdulillah i manage to get my motivation back with a proper planning and state of mind. Study is fun and seriously fun.

thanks to my boo that always give me support. I'm glad that my boo and also my family and friends give me the support i needed.

Love you all and love yourselves most.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MBA study.

Its been for awhile i didn't do blogging. Further my Master study since last month and serious Master study is not easy. Hectic and tight with discussion and assignment. Whatever it is.....

I LOVE My LIFE. and thanks to Allah Almighty God that this is really happen to me where all this while i never expected this day will come.

Will start to blog more after this and definitely lots of stories to tell.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Ages not blogging

It's been while I didn't blog . Guess it's almost a month. I don't have clue what to say and idea to spread. Still blur perhaps. Maybe will say more after this.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last day

Today is my last day in Celcom. What have i accomplished with this company?

1. I have revamp all the Celcom IDD rates from the MOST expensive to the most competitive rate in the market.
2. I have been doing promotion for roaming in JB and Singapore.
3. I have done the technical part of IDD and make calls to all over the world yer. (test call)
4. I have handle the SUKSES product, event for SUKSES from roving, sales booth, social responsibility, sales channel, mobile program, wayang pacak, and many more for event and check revenue, sales, activation, dealer, visibility, and promotion and i meet lots of people and many kind of people.

Why i have to resigned and move to next step?
1. For the change
2. For better exposure
3. For any possibilities that may come.

seriously this is not something that i eager to do but i have to. Somehow or rather i am confident with what i am doing. What is for future? only God knows.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SO birthday

Yesterday is my SO birthday. Despite of long distance relationship, chat via BBM most of the time regards on anything, travel together, know the place together and jokes about bimbo (which refer to me indeed) ,up and down, and many more with each other; i believe i can always be thankful and blessed to my SO cause this is THE BEST relationship i gained with my SO.

Happy Birthday to my Beloved SO. I love u so much and always do. No one take a good care of me and vice versa and ths is DEFINITELY the Best relationship i had in my life. Muah

This is the first time i had the longest relationship in my life with my Love one. i guess i never had this precious relationship like this ever before beside my family and friends love. Look at it i agreed with my SO principle on relationship

1. Share to each other of anything
2. Trust and keep the trust as precious as can be.
3. Jealous can be applied yet in a right way.
4. Jokes and laugh always bind the relationship more
5. Sex is a must. NO Matter what. Relationship without SEX is like nay to relationship.
6. Understanding each other is a MUST.
7. Always spend time between each other. no matter long or short. in my case i spend time with BBM to chat.
8. You can have friends of your own but kindly Please don't cheat or hide to your partner cause that is the disease that could kill your relationship.

I believe that's more like it that make our relationship last longer despite of long distance relationship.

Love you so much dear.
anak kambing

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Methaphor

From all the conversation that i have gained and created. I certainly remember some of it. Here it goes:

1. We are certainly came from different industries, however in a group, we have common view and interest. That makes us bind and cherish.
2. Dont be a straw where you suck all the thing. Be a spoon or chopstick where we choose the best for our food.

Theres more, but now i still cant remember. Will share when the time come.



Dont want to be like Chopstick for a relationship that i have built with my SO for 4 years. I certainly wanna be like other things. Cheers

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Notice one thing

Ever since i was kid, i always follow comedy series like The Cosby show, According to Jim, How i met your mother and many more which i cant recalled what its title. And i notice 1 big thing.
1. Their door will be on right side of the screen and the kitchen will be at the opposite side
2. The stairs to the next floor will be at the center of the hall.

its like so common and i just realized it today. : D



Thursday, July 14, 2011


My friends post this in his FB.

Brocolli : i look like a tree
Walnut : i look like a brain
Mushroom : i look like an umbrella
Banana : dude!! Can we change the topic!!

Hehehehehe. Really make my day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


No Action Talk Only.

Disappointed with my office colleague where he ( yes a guy) always talk and blast an email about Manners and Integrity. UNFORTUNATELY

Manners - I can say OMG like that ah....?.
Integrity - Owh God.
Interaction - Hummm Fail
Smile - ONLY to a beautiful girl.

Seriously Don't do something that you don't really know what does it mean.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Yes i call my car Adam....... simply because it is the first car i ever bought and i love my car so much. Actually last week, i kind of rush to dentist and on the way to ampang, i was caught in a accident. Hit the wall of AKLEH.

Now my adam is in the workshop store and waiting to get fixed. Hit my eyes and even worst HIT my pocket lor..........

another 1 week to go before get my adam.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Indonesian, Singaporean and Malaysian

What do i see from these country?

Each of country has their own uniqueness and specialty. Regardless on which country is Developed, Developing country or Under Developed, i believe it still has their own specialty.

Why need to compare?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tell the truth

Sometimes its really hurts but truth is always the best thing you need to trust. Dont lie cause when you lie, it will lead to another lie until u cant close the lie.

Dont lie cause Lie dont work.

Friday, June 17, 2011


When we talk about; one thing that i notice is people will update what is in their mind, but what i want to say here is facebook but the profile picture is NOT the face.

i guess it should be called facebook la. Its should be called picturebook.(sound so salah rite)

ok. Bye.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Lantern vs Green Hornet

I have watched Green Hornet (from KUL to Jakarta via KLM small tiny screen tv. nak sebut jugak kan klm....) and yesterday read Green Lantern (Lampu Hijau direct translation) synopsis, i guess i like Green Hornet more than Green Lantern.

Why? because green hornet is more realistic and Green Lantern is like epic. Its like u watch Star Wars and too much. So verdict? Dont like the movie altho i have yet watch it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Nowadays we always got lots of acronym. LOL la, BRB la, GTG la. but what i really notice but still until now i dont know what does it mean is:

what is that?

Cant Sleep

Yesterday i actually too tired after whole day working. Don't know what cause me tired but my eyes is like only half can open and only waiting my permission to sleep. Then i decide to sleep early at 10.30 pm after struggling cause degil don't want to sleep.

So 10.30 pm ngam-ngam i sleep.

Than suddenly i woke up and look at my phone its 12.40 am. After that i cant sleep. Move to left, move to the right until i feel restless. Then i decide to watch TV. So called if i sleepy my eyes will just close while watching TV. Being me who is having a set of mind " if you want to sleep, bed is the place. I fail miserably. It caused me until 3.00 am.

Then i went back to bed, finally i manage to sleep. Then what cause me after that?

I am late for work!!!!!

Thank god my SO called me and wake me up. If not late lor...... ngehehehehehehe.

Morale of the story:
" don't force to sleep. Sleep will come by itself" (so salah kan)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gossip and Bitching in the Lift.

This is happened when the building has various company in the same building. They will gossip and thinking no one will care what are they gossiping and bitching about. In certain point, i guess its ok for me to listen ( altho im not suppose to) but if you gossip until like other people beh tahan, i believe that one should have one space for gossip.

One space for Gossip. Hummmmm not bad idea.

Nah....... waste of space. Better ignore my un-brilliant idea.

But then talk about Gossip and Bitching. Like i said just now, for fun yes. It can be done once a while. But if you bitching and gossip and talk bad about you colleague/ boss/ officemate/ friends as if you the only one is doing great, i guess better STOP (Stop right now, thank you very much - remind my of spice girls...whahahahahha) . Cause i really hate it and hate it banyak2 ok.

Btw, this is not gossip ya. Bluweek........

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Muka Fail

whahahahahaha That bitchy right my title for today.

Just when i am walking at the side of the road to pay bills, suddenly my eyes caught attention to this uncle ( or shall i say pakcik). His hand is like holding piece of paper and out of sudden he just throw that paper.

After that, he went to the nearest van and comb his hair. With the slumber face ya. I was like


Straight away i update my fb and said " Pakcik, muka smart macam model pun tak guna kalau buang sampah merata-rata.

Guess what, my friends agreed with me as well.

Best tak.........

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Right in the middle of my motivation for me to create my creativity on my blog. Out of sudden, i dont know what to mumbling and rambling about.


Haish. Sien.

My passion

I have many things that i like. For the gym, i would prefer to be part of RPM class. This is the musical cycling class where we are pushing ourselves to get sweat like hell. Its basically a must to me to join this class at least once a week.

Once i finished that class, all the leg muscle in pain. But i like. ngehehehehehehe.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Telling the truth

Telling the truth sometimes can hurt someone feelings. For example, tell to your girlfriends that she has gained weight until now she does not look as nice as before or tell yourselves that your tummy is increase inch by inch.

Had a chat with my superior regards on my resignation. Telling him that i dont like his style of leadership is like telling to the wall. Not just wooden wall or asbestos wall, but to a concrete wall. Of course im not the kind of want to stretch my throat telling him, but used a hint and surface info so that he can understand.

Verdict from the methods? FAIL

And what do i get? My superior blame other parties. Haiz.......(which i have notice that for so long but what the hell)

Morale of the story - dont tell your boss that he is not good. But tell your Boss Boss because Your boss boss can tell your boss of what you think about your boss.

Is it Greener on the other side?

Last night kind of lazy and im just so happened to be couch potato in front of tv watching " How i meet your mother". I dont know what happened but the older i am ( err i mean not so young anymore) the more alert i can be on wordings. Last night one of the quote came out saying something like this : -

" You cant go back to the pass cause it just a mistake but future is something that you need to look on"

I have to agreed with these words. Its really meaningful and it does related to me indeed. I always take note even put it in my facebook. As a reminder to me. Blog also one if it. I believe that is me and its me who cherish myself cause you yourselves know about you. Yes i do have my other half, basically we always support each other but no one change change you except yourselves.

The Question

" Is it Greener on the other side?"

Its up to us to see whether its light green or dark green or fresh green or artificial green.


Monday, June 6, 2011

May - "Down"date ( not Updates ya)

Yes its June already. Time passed by so fast and my mom always tells me that when we are about to reach the Dooms day ( Akhirat) , time passed by so fast. Even faster when we are tight with deadline, events and schedule.

In May - whats the latest?
* Spend whole first week in Hong Kong with my other half. Always the trip that i look forward because of togetherness and also see the place. Hong Kong is a nice place to visit. The Culture, the building, the people, the food, the scenery and yes the moment.
* Buy simple cheap souvenir yet different from others is always my thing. No more key chain as i believe its such a waste.

* Back from long holiday - rush here and for event and dealer visitation. Reports and presentation and not to forget meeting and yes event as well.

* Manage to escape and went to Jakarta for ermmm cant remember how many times i went there and i always like to go there. Definitely my SO is there as well. Owh yes, did i told you that they have the best and delicious Crab dishes. I still remember the taste. Yummy.

Nothing much yet fun and fill with excitement. Alhamdulillah.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Early Birthday Celebration.

Last night me and my friends (the nyonyas) had a dinner aat Chillies. Basically we all like to gathered and chat and keep the moment together.One of the main agenda ( as i thought earlier) is for one of the friend member birthday. It went well (without i notice) until the cake come in.

We all sing a birthday song and suddenly i saw my name appear. I was like OMG!!!!!!!!! and they laughing like hell to see my face expression.

They give miniature A380 for Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines. Exquisite.

My love to the Airbus 380 is like part of my dream. Talk about that as well.... Last week, my Other-Half (i decided to change to Better-Half) give a news. Saying that our trip to Hong Kong is by Singapore Airline with Airbus 380 ( i already cant stop smiling) and..... with Business Class.......

Woooohooooooooo ** Fireworks celebration**

I just cant stop smiling.

I feel thank you so much to Al-Mighty because giving me My Family, My Better-Half and my best friend Fiza and The Nyonyas. I love you guys sooooooo muah.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Masterchef US & Junior Masterchef


Am not working today. Well with "enjoy of doing nothing", i just lay down on couch and watch Masterchef US and Junior Masterchef.

Remind me of myself of the cooking skills. I practically love cooking. I have a diploma in Chef Training. I have been in several hotel for the practical training. The part that i like most is pastry and appertiser. I just love cooking.

Talking why i didn't continue my skill instead, its just because i just love to cook not to work. Some people know their strength and weakness and i know that i cant be in this industry as a cook only.

Simply amazing on cooking.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A new quote

Heard that in between JJ and Fay

Fay : bla bla bla bla

JJ : owh its weird

Fay : Dont say weird, "they are not weird, they are just curious".

*right away i placed the in my facebook.

Love the nice quote that bring a different meaning and views regards on something or matters.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Faker + Attention Seeker

Let just say i know these 2 person which coincidence they happened to be my friends (not a closed one but ok la....)

The faker:- this person, earlier on its ok. Just nice and doesn't harm anybody. But later, when (let just say f) "f"enters to the jobs world, "f' has changed to BIG faker.

The Attention seeker :- This person actually hate that character. Basically (lets called this person "AS")AS get closed to the BIG Player of AS, or shall i say being used by the BIG AS. Now, the AS has turn to the attention seeker bit by bit.

The best part, the "f" and AS is a couple.

I actually dont want to talk about them, but my hand so gatal want to write about them. I hate them but still dont want to do anything about it to them yet. Maybe its still new. But maybe later, when it happened to the situation i cant handle it, sayonara is the best word for these lovely duey.

i bet u guys hate it else well.

We'll see what they want to do next.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Duri Dalam Daging

This is the term for the someone betrayed you and at the same time nice to you. In a similar situation, it well known as back-stabber. In my life, this is the worst happened to me. The worst part is the back-stabber came from my own unit. Not sure whether the leader or subordinate, but somehow or rather i believe both are related to each other.
Last post i did mentioned about control the emotion; for the love part, Thanks to god, i don't have the problem. My other half support what ever i want to do. What i would like to share is basically is my career. I just get to know that my appraisal is not a good record. There are pro and cons about it.

The pro:-

- I learn that last year is not my year and not my productive year. I should be realised it earlier, but some-how or rather i just keep it until it getting worst.

- My leader does show its colours on the behaviour and character.

- I surely know what should i do for the next move for my career plan and strategy.

- It does strengthen me and leads me to the next move for my for my career and I'm able to get the attention from my colleague in HQ.

The cons :-

- My good record has torn ed

- my motivation are slight down compared what i normally have.

But i remember one word....

This Too Shall Pass and I will survive.

I know i still can continue my life like normal and i believe its getting better.

==I will and i could==(still believe this strong word)


Monday, March 28, 2011

Handling emotion

Roughly this month is not my month; its because this one person. It kind of mixed up. I guess im ok. Handling emotion is really tough.

Friday, March 4, 2011

is it me ?

Its been 2 years i have work with him but then some how or rather this is the most uncomfortable moment i get. I never have this situation before, its like i hate him so much. Every moment i get his sms, instruction or conversation its like one kind of feelings (in anger) that i cant stop towards him. Does it am so emotional or am just being stupid. I hate to do this. Every moment i want to go work, its like a situation where i need to slaughtered a friend. Even worst, when i see his face.

I'm a person who like to discuss of everything, but with him, i feel like i talk to nothing. I feel been betrayed and cheated by my own clan.

I tried to keep it as positive as can be but failed to do so. Maybe this is the test Almighty gave it to me. There must be some reason behind it. I don't know.

Seriously i don't like it. event worst i HATE it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

1st Day After CNY

Its been quite sometime i didnt write in for my blog. enough said that our company prohibited to access right after 8.30 am. Nevertheless, my CNY celebration went well with having a simple "Makan besar" with my SO family. Got the angpow as well..... yeay........

And today is the day i start my work. I guess lots of things need to be done and i will start it in a short while.

Happy Chinese New Year to you yeah....... and dun forget that 50-50 portion on your angpow collection. ngeheheheehehehehe


Monday, January 31, 2011

My Day today.

Today is the day that i actually cant do my work and full with meeting.

Not really a productive day......

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Have i told you that i went to Bali during Deepavali? if i haven't....... yes i went there. Nice place wor..........
so where have i been.......: ?
- Fly in at via Denpasar International Airport. Dont you know that this airport is more frequent compared to Jakarta International Airport? small airport but really with international airlines.
- Straight away went to Ubud and stay at Bagus Jati. Nice place and love the place so much. Its really a peaceful place.
- Went to several Pura ( Balinese temple) where you can see how devoted they are to the spirit and really interesting.
- went shopping in Ubud are where you can see various art and culture which is very different from other part of indonesia.

- Went to a authentic restaurant that served indonesian balinese food. such as bebek Begil and many more that you cant imagine how nice the food is. Excuisite.

- Watch the barongan dance where its one of the icon that must see in Bali.
- went to Tegalalang where this is a place you can see Balinese plant their padi rice on hill and we had a coffee over there and nice embiance. - Went for Tanah Lot where this is one part that you cant be missed.
- Stay at Ayana resort where this is very nice place........ seriously love it so much. Thank you my SO for the moment and stay.

- Watch kechak Dance where this is the dance you can see people worship the fire and have the story behind of each scene.

- Had a moment with my SO at infinity pool at Ayana Resort.

- went to their Sanur beach. Nice sunny and windy beach. - but to me it just overrated lil bit. hehehehehe

Love it,........ haa.........

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gym and Their Cynical Jokes

Ever since i join gym, i have tried several gym..... Cali Fitness la.... Celeb Fitness la, My Fitness la, Unknown fitness and also the one i still used and like till now...... Fitness First. Each of these places has their own strength and weakness.... well am not gonna do any SWOT analysis.... takde kerje la buat SWOT analysis to the things that not make any money to me kan!. But what i notice is.... each of their staff like to make a joke about others fitness.......and here's the thing;

Celebrity and California Fitness - Have locker but it does not come with lock. Members has to bring their own locker.

My Fitness - The one and only and to get there is like have to enter all sorts of jam.....

Fitness First - only one place that ppl like to come..... one machine that is sweet and tasty Drink bar....

Haish......... they all don't know what idea to kutuk kot....... so.... that silly thing that use as a fun and attracted other new member to join their gym..... Kesian lei........
For me...... if you wanna work out... at home also can.... as long u know what work out u need and suitable for you and make a habit.
Kutuk la......... i know the true gym that bring benefit and goodness.....*not to back any gym ya....*


Me and No hair Issue (takde bulu.....)

During my teenage years, where when my hair has grown in certain part of my body..... i kind of not like it. Maybe because i feels like weird and so not cool or not cute then..... ( feeling kiddo lagi); but then when time goes by..... i guess my hair has grown in a way that i like and certain place that i don't like....definitely i will cut it, trim it or pull it with my hair remover. Under armpit sure i trim, this is because i kind of geli and kind of untidy. Mustache and beard is big NO NO to me.......that is because i looks like Goat.But when i see a guys especially dont have a hair especially at their feet...... i kind of sorry to them, cause it looks like wierd. Pelik kan anak kambing nie...... kekekekekekeke......

Chest hair is like euw............ I classified it as Dada Carpet. Even worst if they have the hair at the back. Haiyoooo...... Me and my best friend fiza don't like it. To her, "more hair more germ...." for me its more like geli aje........ more germ also can take consider and more germ sure more unwanted smell. Yuks........ Man with bad BO is like pengotor lei........

So, trim also has to do la........ it wouldn't take so long la...... just use your hair shave and zas zas zas...... look good and nice lor.........I don't want to say on other part of my body..... later Danny sure will comment punya....(woops....whahahahaha)

Till then...... Cheers