Monday, January 16, 2012

my 2012 Start

How this thing all starts........

My final exam start 8 days after New Year come in and at the same time am actually struggling with the assignment that need to complete before 31st Dec 2011.

Lesson Learn -
1. Do your assignment as efficient and as fast with a good preparation earlier.
2. I actually did, but not that good and effective enough.

Complete assignment on time with the good cooperation from group mate and at the same time i manage to do my revision while doing the assignment. Not to forget with the drama that i get from one of my trouble teammate. The exam? i think I'm prepare for more thrill in the future. I have some more planning for the next following semester and complete with my studies and start to have my own plan for my future. Not to forget shift from what I've been through all these years to a better life with Person that i love most in my life and together with my family.

Lesson learn -
1. Life is not easy and unexpected. Enjoy, learn and cherish it while you can do it.
2. I believe i am adult and i can handle this.
3. Be prepare for that.

thats life.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Have a tea with style

Went to karaoke with my other half at Fahrenheit and i actually parked at the StarHill. I have to walk inside the premise and pass through one tea cafe at the ground floor if am not mistaken. Well i always pass through that place but never come through in my mind to have a tea or hi-tea there with my Nyonya Sosialitas gang.

But these one lucky day that my mind have a thought to do that. Maybe because i like tea and like the way of that cafe guest have a tea moment there.

Yeah... why not. Ngehehehehehehe

p/s one fine day ya.......