Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday My Boo

Last 16 August is My Boo's birthday date. 

Despite of my boo always said that not celebrate the birthday and always on that whole months caused bad/negative/unwanted/unexpected conditions to my boo, but 1608 is always my boo carried it proudly in all of the journey life. 

I always adore my boo in every ways, envy to the leadership and i always feel blessed and thankful that  my boo say hye to me 4 years plus ago (almost reaching to 5 years) and be part of my boo's life right after that. 

Happy Belated Birthday My Boo. 
Anak Kambing loves you so much.  


The unexpected condition or questions

In our life, there always a questions, situations or conditions that comes without you expect it will happen to you but it happen in a split second, and as for this normally they will ask, 

"What if" 

- What if you face a financial broke down? 
- What if someone that you not really care before this fall sick and died in a short time?
-what if you really confident that you will pass with a flying colors, suddenly you failed some of the subject that you never thought that you will fail?   
- What if you been effect with some disease what you never thought you will get it?  

etc, etc, etc 

There are many possibilities and many speculations. No matter the outcome is the positive or negative, the word "what if" is always seen as something that is unexpected. 

I guess, for a few months that i will reached to the age 35 ( i never thought i could reached to this age) I actually start to understand the true meaning of "what if". By having "what if" situation, you actually prepared for the worst.