Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fitness Gym

Last week if am not mistaken i got called from this one Famous fitness gym.......... say i got i month voucher ticket and i can enjoy their facilities for free. One of the trick that they normally did cause it happen to me previously.

To me, i stick to Fitness First Gym. Several reason why i still choose this gym altho lots of things is not as what i had few years back.
1. Its near to my office
2. They provide towel and key locker. We dont have to bring those as its troublesome
3. They have carbonated drinks and flavoured drinks
4. Their shower room is door not just a cloth.
5. They have the personal tv screen
6. They are everywhere.......

Their competitor can say many things to attract me to join them but then i guess i still ok with fitness first.

So how..... : )

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


"Sesiapa yang tak suka imam yang mengimami solatnya itu, maka dia tidak boleh mengikuti imam tersebut, jika diikut juga; maka solatnya tidak sah"

Surprise when i read this quote posted by my fb fren but then when i relate to my action previously; Yeah, i pernah tak nak ikut this one fella for solat berjemaah cause i still angry with him cause charge me with of 1 pisang with the unstabil price.

Yeah i know i being a unreasonable but then geram cause of that..... hehehehe. Not that am proud of my action, but then i guess in order to avoid of insincere thought while i pray to Him, it is better for me to solat alone.

Hummmmmm still feel awkward but i'll accept it

My story........

Cross Culture Management

Subject ni i took when i was in UUM and maybe i like the subject plus i like to be apart of international organisation, i been placed and have to deal with the international people. So Indonesian, bangladesh, myanmar, pakistan, nepal, philippines and any expatriate working in malaysia is my target market.

Maybe sebab i'm into this, more less i boleh faham their bahaviour, culture, character, how they look like, how they react and how to communicate with them. But then, yang agak tak berapa nak gemar is my colleague yang tak berapa nak faham my market and main taram aje with my target market.

It is so simple yet they just ignored the simple thing.

I learn alot when i start join in the international market. Every each of them is unique and with that unique actually make things live better and cherish. I would like to have more and more to come i believe..... hehehehehe

To be frank, there more to say but i dont know how to say. Macam mana nie. So as a result am mumbling and i will not amend it muahahahahahahaha

Till then, cheers

Friday, February 19, 2010


Tiger Woohoo

Saw the advert of this movie in ASTRO Chinese Channel and i been told by my other half this movie is Malaysian Made and most of the actor act is from MyFM team......

Would love to watch this and seriously like the picture take for the this movie.

Cant wait for this.


72 Tenants of Prosperity

Enough said, i like this movie....... went to TGV last night with my Other Half and we are laughing like hell......
Long time i never watch Cantonese Movie and really i like it so much.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Water Conservation Initiative

Water is precious, yet it is being wasted or poorly managed. You can help promote water conservation by sending on this meme.

If you do, simply follow these rules:

1. Create a blog entry entitled "Water Conservation Initiative".
2. Post the Water Initiative Network's Water Facts in your post.
3. List 3 things YOU will do to save water.
4. Add in the photo above, or any photo you have taken of a waterfall, river or lake.
5. End with the line: "Find out more about water conservation and good governance by joining the Water Initiative Network on Facebook! Visit us here at: Water Initiative Network!Tag 5 or more blog/FB friends.

Be sure to copy the rules, okay?


1. Of every 100 drops of water on earth, 97 are too salty to drink, 2 are locked in ice and snow, and 1 is fresh water.
2. The daily requirement for sanitation, bathing, and cooking needs, as well as for assuring survival, is about 50 litres per person.
3. Reducing shower time from 20 mins to 8 mins saves up to 360 litres of water per shower.
4. A small drip from a faucet can waste as much as 75 litres of water a day.
5. Two thirds of the water used in a home is used in the bathroom. To flush a toilet, we use up to 9 litres of water.
6. Water-efficient toilets and washing machines are good ways to save water.
7. A low-tech way to save water is to form the habit of turning on the tap to low flow and turning it off when the water is not needed.
8. Non-revenue water (i.e. stolen or wasted water) constitutes 36% of water 'used' in Selangor, Malaysia, and this raises the cost of water for everyone.
9. Water supply infrastructure cost billions of ringgit. This money could be spent in more useful ways.
10. Large areas of forests are cleared to make way for water supply dams to accommodate our soaring demand for water. These forests and their wildlife represent our natural heritage.
11. Normally Chinese New Year, i notice that the weather is hotter then other month. At first i like it....after that cannot tahan lei......
12. Waterfall is so refreshing with the cool breeze and lovely environment
13. We can do kon save the many ways.
14. Recycle water not that bad...singapore did very well educate their people. Nor we need to educate ourselves.
15. I already finish the idea to give the fact. : )

1. I will stop using the house water and go to the nearest neighbour and shower there....( eh cannot ker)
2. I will used the same shirt, undies and pants for a month and rotate it as long i can wear. If cannot tahan, i will spray it as much parfume to avoid smelly odor.
3. I will fill my water bottle with filtered water from my taps instead of buying bottled water! ( i already practise this since i was is a brilliant lady)


1. Sumeng - U like all this charity and NGO stuff kan.......
2. Azea - Same goes with u...........
3. Anyone who read this blog.....Yeah everybody...........including me....(aik do i need to do it again and again.........
4. My FB user and reader

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Harsh word

Yesterday i had 2 conversation where from the beginning it was meant for fun and joy. Unfortunately it has turn to the serious matter and harsh statement pop out cause mix reaction to them. As a result cause of that

1. Some of my friend take it as a part of joke and conversation and take noted on this.
2. Some take it seriously and delete me from the list.
3. Others don't take it seriously and ignored it as it not related to them.
4. none at above.

In my opinion, what ever we do, we need to think of other people and vice versa. Sad to see where some are react so selfish and semangat setiakawan is not in their thought. I'm not saying am an angel where i always think other people point of view and feelings but then somehow or rather i am a human too.

I need to say although the word may become very harsh to certain people but it really meant for the right thing. But then not all have to deal with that kind of approach. It has to take different kind of method in dealing with different kind of people.

What to do.......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Me and marriage

I have more then 12 cousin in my family and this actually come from my dad side only by not add from my mom side. In this case, we are quite close with each other and we share and gathered for special occasion and create bonding closer. When we talk about marriage, some of us will married by following the turn.

Start with my eldest brother who is the eldest among the cousin, then my sis cousin sha , the 3rd sis cousin lanie and then followed by my 2nd brother which on fourth and the 5th is cousin boy. This is the first batch of Grandson of Nik Jaafar (my grand dad's name) Then my batch that consist of my cousin mus, me, cousin tahir and cousin Is. I guess my batch kind of weird cause cousin mus still don't know his direction with marriage and me also don't know what to say about marriage. So in this case people start to asked when is our time or in a hidden word " Bila nak makan nasi minyak nie?" from our relatives, friends and anybody when they knew that we have yet getting married. We just can only smile.

Mom start to announce to the whole world about my single hood and promote me to any of her friends, relative if there any "anak dara sunti" to match make with me. Even this activity been support by my friends and provoke by my younger brother indeed. Same goes happen to my cousin Mus. Both of us just can only smile, dont know what to answer of the single hood title that we are holding rite now. Then suddenly news of my cousin Tahir (mus brother) want to get married. Am just glad that he get married and the ceremony went well at Terengganu with 1 breath (satu nafas lafaz).

To be frank, i don't know what is my fate about my marriage. I still don't have any idea what is look like and i kind of scared to face this situation. Am ok with the relationship, but then i don't know how can i coupe with the other family plus with the incident happen of family break up, the kids, the crime and child kidnap, the financial with in this world of money, the cheat by any parties of the marriage institution and many more.

As a human, i never had a marriage dream ever since i start to know that i already turn to a teenager. My friends did tell me that they do have the wet dream, marriage dream and any normal wet dream scene. Unlike me ( dunno whether lucky or not lucky) i never had. Maybe i thinking too much or exaggerated. I personally would like to get married if am ready for it. I dont want to get married if people asked me to do so, or because other people already getting married and i need to do the same thing.

Marriage is very sacred to me cause its really huge thing. Its the life, future, love, generation and sacrifice you dealing with. I hate to see the marriage broke on the way when suddenly one parties said they are not happy anymore with their partner or cause of cheat or involve of other parties. Of all the sinned that i have done, i dont want to create more and cause more. I dont want to be like some people who just marriage to cover from who he is before or what he is now.

I dont want to married cause of 3 little alphabets cause with this 3 little alphabets can cause sinned and blessing to the Almighty. My idea or marriage is Love, share talk, know each other, never ending feeling love and hugging and cuddle, jealous at the right place, responsibility, care, protect, help each other in any way, honest, understanding and believing each other.

Forgive me of my sinned. But if i died single; i take the fact and accept as it is.

Towel and hair dryer.

Ever since i notice the function of towel, i always like it. Mom always prepared it with the soft texture, water absorb very well and smells good. I always like it when its clean and smells good, but then this story is not about my towel, but its about towel condition i saw last night.

I dont know why, but there's some people can actually dare to wear the towel yang dah koyak kat tepi and at the same time nipis plak. Come on mate........ you can actually pay few hundred to be a fitness membership, but you dont really have MONEY to buy a good quality towel where you can get it in just RM 20.

I never like to judge people cause its never a good thing, but then you are using that towel in a public area and you can actually show that towel condition in a public.

Then some other people, can actually miss use the power of hair dryer to dry their towel. Aduih........ ingatkan makin masa depan kita pergi makin bijak kita buat penilaian..... masih takde ape2 kesan ade la.............

This is not what i call talk back or cakap belakang from the direct translation; but this is simply a something that you can see out as a common sense. Am not a good person as well and am not a perfect person. Indeed i try not to hurt other people or create something that i dont like and either to the other people.

morale of the story;

1. Bring a GOOD Condition of the towel to a public area.
2. Hair Dryer is not to dry your body or bath towel; its for your hair.
3. You can pay over hundred for a membership, you also can buy a good towel with cost just RM 20.

You can do better than that mate.


February.......and its 2010


Cant believe its already February..... and i still kind of dreaming............

tak bleh jadi nie. I need to do something to boost up my motivation so that this wont waste just like that. What is my dream and my focus? i tell you something....

1. I would like to........
2. I need to ...........
3. I already focus on........

I dont know...... ok...... am a dead meat. Its already first quarter and i still dont have any clue what to do, what to focus and the worst thing is am still dreaming. even my story line also dead meat soulless.