Monday, March 28, 2011

Handling emotion

Roughly this month is not my month; its because this one person. It kind of mixed up. I guess im ok. Handling emotion is really tough.

Friday, March 4, 2011

is it me ?

Its been 2 years i have work with him but then some how or rather this is the most uncomfortable moment i get. I never have this situation before, its like i hate him so much. Every moment i get his sms, instruction or conversation its like one kind of feelings (in anger) that i cant stop towards him. Does it am so emotional or am just being stupid. I hate to do this. Every moment i want to go work, its like a situation where i need to slaughtered a friend. Even worst, when i see his face.

I'm a person who like to discuss of everything, but with him, i feel like i talk to nothing. I feel been betrayed and cheated by my own clan.

I tried to keep it as positive as can be but failed to do so. Maybe this is the test Almighty gave it to me. There must be some reason behind it. I don't know.

Seriously i don't like it. event worst i HATE it.