Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unexpected hobby

When we talk about hobby, the common thing that we used to hear is collecting stamp ( so last century ngehehehehe), swimming, surf internet (since internet start kan), fishing (budak kampung suka nie), cooking ( this one gurls like so called prepare before get married), stitching or cross stitch ( also gugurl punya hobby) and many more.
I also have my own normal and common hobby; swimming the the most favourite one. Then go to the gym to do work out ya....(danny jangan nak fikir lain), reading story books (which i only do few minutes before sleep) , cooking ( maybe because i like to cook but now hardly got time to do that) , shopping ( window and sales shopping is most preferable and if groceries can be in this category; I'm in cause i do groceries seems like i have 5 mouth to feed ngehehehehehe cause full in the trolley i fill in).
But then, i just realised i have another one hobby that i never knew i have been doing it since my school time. I like to read magazine. That time my brother, uncle and aunt like to buy humor magazine Gila-Gila. Lots of joke and pictures that fun to read. Then when i was in Uitm, i start to read Ujang and Blues Selamanya (Melayu sangat kan sebab suka baca magazine yang jiwang-jiwang. suka feeling2 nie). Same like Gila-gila but then even better. I stick and collect the magazine and manage to get the issue No 2.

Then, after finish study, i stop buy magazine. Just simply read from my frens magazine only. Lazy and dont have money ( so called la kan). Just few years back i start to get Menshealth as my magazine. This is because at that time my body is like blegh..... and i need motivation on how to shape up plus i join FF as well at that time. Till now i still continue buy it every month and depend on the cover cause some of the cover model i dont like, i have to skip and buat donno.

Then National Geographic Magazine. Surprising this magazine is really informative. I love it so much plus with the picture and how they snap. Its not only information they give, but also many more the put in such as knowledge of that area and anything that you also cant imagine. You know what, i also has their issues that come out on the year and month that i was born........ got it in 2nd Hand Value shop at Singapore. Syiok sangat.

Then, Discovery Channels come in just last year. Similar to Nat Geo but in a modern way. Also i like.
But during my study in Uni, or maybe since my school time, Time and Fortune among the magazine that i always read at my uncle place. I like what they write regards on Political, social, civilization, economic and culture as well. Where Fortune tells us about the ranking of Millionaire, properties, political, celebrities, leaders and many more from the top 100 in the WOLRD hocay.

And at the same time, i like when the MNC company advert their product and services via these magazine. With this magazine also thought me on cross culture management and how to run the business until to the various type of location and places and run through the any kind of barrier such as Rules and regulation, behavior, marketing, culture and also the operation strategies. Some of the Top 100 MNC can generate millions2 of money and they can earn more then country can generate. This is really GOOD and Amazing at the same time.
Since travelling by plane is like one of my monthly routine, i also collect the Airline Magazines. Any airline that i want to like AirAsia (3sixty), MH ( Growing Places) KLM (herald) Singapore Airline (Krisflyers) Silk Air (Silk Mag) and Jet Star (Jet Mag). The information in it are just sooo exquisite.

I keep the magazine and kumpul habuk at the same time. hehehehehe. I loike.........
There u go......i ade hobby baca magazine and collect magazine jugak......kekekekekeke.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Old Organization Chart

When top level guys look down, they see only shit;
When bottom level guys look up, they see only assholes
So which one you like to seen by others? the shit or the assholes?
Certainly not both for me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Down south Escaped

I believe i can declare singapore is my second home.......... its actually for 2 year plus i been traveling down to singapore and enjoy my weekend escaped here. Love it every moment when im in here with the new thing and what most important is be with my Other Half. Cant believe of what i had right now cause it is so amazing.............

Hope this will last forever and definitely dont want it stop or end because i love it every each part of it...the trigger of purchase ticket, the time when to travel and traveling by flight for 1 hour and see my other half and spend timd with my other half.

The part dont like is when i have to go like ver much big time..........

Love u My boo.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Morning Ride....

Morning ride to work is something that really can be interesting. As usual with No mood to work, i drive my car as using Jalan Ampang as famous as it is traffic Jam. What i notice for todays ride to work is :

1. Can see couple have a good conversation and moment in the car while waiting to get move.
2. A girl / woman applied make up in her car and fixed their hair and tudung.
3. Man tied up their tie.
4. They eat biscuits
5. Play drum stick with earphone stick on ears
6. Play Handphone and talk in phone
7. See police traffic wear tight uniform with big tummy ( hummm why la Malaysian Police doesn't look fit and active)
8. Someone picking up their nose.

What a Day.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Went lunch and pa'tor with my other half at Full House restaurant at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng last sunday. The food it just ok, so so la....... then the service, hummm ok la kot cause lots of people and lunch time some more but then, what things that im not preference is the air condition where it is sooooo hot and humid. Understand that they want to have open concept with easy for customer to come in and out...but then they need to make sure that the air conditioned has to be cold and cooling. Nie air con sikit, tapi nak buat open concept.....
I can see lot of people wave their hand to cool down and also looks like not confortable in the afternoon. Kesian.....
To go again this restaurant, i guess can la but then after they fixed the air condition. Panas wooo, tak tahan..........kalau kat oversea ok jugak........ kekekekeke

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sotong World Cup

Its officially that Spain Won the 2010 South Africa World Cup; yeay but no yeay......cause am a Germany Die Hard Fan and Germany Loss to Span in Semi final..... : (. But then the funny part is where whole world is really believe with Paul the Sotong........

Nak kata masing2 stupid or dum dum.....i believe most all the football fan is educated. But believe with the octopus who never play football, not any rules of football games, they actually believe of this stupid prediction. Even tukang kad ramalan in Singapore use bird to predict the football match and thank god the bird prediction is fail......if not sure that small parrot tu pun famous like the octopus.

If like this, i guess better i dont have to work la...just but Sotong and make them to predict my decision. Senang kan.......

Sotong oh sotong.....aku dapat makan lunch tak hari nie.........


Sotong..... aku nie sotong macam ko tak....... whahahahahaha

Maciam maciam lei......

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Buckle up

Just now when i was driving i saw this car with his son standing at front seat. Yesterday also i saw one car with kids sit at the open window door. I still remember when i was young, we dont even dare to put our hand out from window. My dad definitely will ask to put in back and we all sure kena marah like hell punya.

Nowadays, parents are just such an ignorance. They are just simply ignore this simple stuff where at the same time it could cause a life when accident happen. Not just a life but then from their fresh own blood, their generation. Bodoh betul la diaorg nie......
Mind and taught does count before accident happen. Even want to talk also need to think first. You not alone........ think to other people as well cause no harm pun if you think for others. I say this also for me ok...... remind me also for doing good deed.
Think about it.

Angry with Bos......

I guess this is happen to any of you who work with "the boss". What i mean with "the boss" is where your leader or supervisor is really make you head pusing or geram always. How you going to handle it ah?

I have been working with several company. Bank, vendor, Manufacturer, Insurance company and now with Telco company. But then, my current supervisor that make me wonder and hummmmm how should i say as really BIG time wonder...... why i say like this... let me tell why?
1. By the time of HOD meeting, he will always find a way to escape.
2. Presentation slide that my Boss want to show is like "Put - All - Information - until - Big Boss-ask-thousand-of-question.
3. He never come for HQ meeting. We the kuli have to go and get the head to be chopped by HQ.
4. He will ask us to do this this this, then when something wrong happen, he will smack you in front of others and say why we all do this. But after that he will call for 1-2-1 session and say he want to protect but we never update him for the ruin project.
5. He never has a plan, he will let us do the planning and anything happen, he will ask why why why.
6. My boss always like the word "Free Food" and very (i really mean) really rare treat us at nice place unless there something he want from us.
7. He always said we should so called "sacrifice and Work very HARD for company" but then he will always try to find a way to escape if any work in Saturday and Sunday.
8. He always said that anything problem, we all can talk to him as he dont want to be as boss but then a good working partner, but deep in my heart; i say nay, nil, not the one to talk and its a very-big-mistake if you share anything to him.

So you see, how you going to handle with this kind of person. I really dunno lei. Everything i go to work, i always feels like

"gosh do i have to do this everyday; is there any other way that i could do to make my life getting better and merrier everyday in the office?"
So macam mana nie.......

Monday, July 5, 2010


Today i just post something at fb about something on nice2 thing.....i said

"Anak kambing tengah buat air and tetiba ade orang tegur " wuih...buat air ke....?" nak je jawab "tak la tengah masak daging tikus buat asam pedas......."(lagi mau tanya ka.....)

Look in this situation, im the one being sacarstic, but then dah tahu tengah buat air....masih lagi nak bertanya buat air ke....? kalau tanya buat air ape tu sedap jugak nak continue conversation.........

Some people really donno how to use the suitable word. Human kan, we normally do something stupid la kan. Me also did the same thing. Just try not to repeat the same mistake and stupid mistake especially because off stupid mistake, definitely make we all look more stupid then we are.

My other fren plak lagi best, i just ask nicely "why" and he actually answer like "Do i have too.....?" .......without realised that with his so called simple answer its already hurt feelings.....(tak la hurt sangat to me, its just hello.....i cakap elok2, ko nak smack aku just like that la kan......)

My SO always thought me how to answer the right word that at the same time not hurt other people and you actually reflect a good image to others. Sometimes, they just simply answer aje cause thinkin that answer is the right answer. But they are sooo wrong. This is really a valuable lesson that my SO thought me. Thanks my boo.......... ngehehehehehe......

Owh.....I am soo need a vacation.


July is the 7th month of the Calander year and basically we already enter the 2nd half of the year........normally i dont care this month much cause no public holiday and nothing much to celebrate........... Just nowadays in sales, July is the month that we have to look it for the plan and what should i do before it reach to the end of the year.....6 month so quickly lei......boring kan........hehehehehehehe.


Am so need a vacation