Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snap a pose....

In certain situation and people we tend to take a snap of what we do in life time as it can capture at that moment. Then the assumption start after the picture taken as below:
1. Look ugly
2. Look horrible with that face posture
3. Look photogenic
4. Look nice
5. Look gorgeous.

So me..... no matter what you look in the picture, it doesn't matter cause if you look great or ugly but if you are so honest and kind hearted, ppl will always look up on you.

So....which one will you say?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Take a break

In what ever we do...... take a break is something that is really good for you. This is because you have too much give focus on something what you do. by take a break can ease you lil bit.

In my case, what i like to do during a take 5 or take break is read other things or see other things such as FB, other ppl blog and many more. Eat..... not really cause i can eat while am working. ngehehehehhehe

Till then
Have a break, have a kitkat.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Busy Body / Kay Phoo Chee / Suka Jaga Tepi kain Orang

There i say it....... in English, Chinese and Malay.

I just simply can't understand these people. Don't they have their own life????

Since this is about third month in my Masters study, i just can't take it this fella. All of my things i do, they are just keep asking what am i doing, where am i going, what do i like, what color is my favorite, what type of person is am ok with..... I was like; ok....... don't you have your own life? Annoying rite.

My picture in fb, my daily activity, my attire, and many more..... they simply ask this and that until annoys me BIG time.

To me, i just like to have simple life. No one care about me except my love one and good friends and my family. I don't like to bother what other people do cause they want to enjoy and cherish their own life.

Starting today..... i wanna have Selfish and don't want to share my life to others cause this is really annoying.

Full STOP.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finding information

Well........ there are various way to find information and all you need is the time, space and tools to do that. Just now my MBA friends asking me on how to find the information and since she just got her laptop and we are doing the assignment...... i show her how to do that.

Then because of our university really strict with plagiarism, we should rephrase the word that we took from the other writer and she asked me is there any software that can do rephrase........ and he conversation goes like this:

My friends : Nas, is there any software that we can used to rephrase the word? i find its very hard
(my friends is from Iran and her English is limited)
Me : Yup, there is
(altho i don't know whether it exist or not)
My friends : REALLY!!!!! show me.......
(with excited face and ready to type what name of software in the Internet)
Me : you type www.B.r.a.i.n.com
My friends : Chait LOL

I sometimes can be sarcastic at one time.

I rest my case

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the unwanted question

As a single person like me is self proclaimed single, the question that i always try to avoid is

1. Why i still not married.
2. When is my turn after my younger brother tied his knot.
3. Dont i get worried when I'm old and who will take care of me.

Well, what can i say.......those question is really a question that i want to avoid. Not to say i DONT want tied the knot with my "wife" as fast as i could; but i believe I'm not ready for it. Im scared i guess and i still can't imagine whether i could do it or not of this "trust/responsible" given by Allah Al-Mighty.

Last 2 weeks my cousin has tied his knot with his girlfriends and after the Akad Nikah finished, i announced it in my Facebook says

"My cousin Anis has successful confirmed as husband and I'm glad with his decision. I shall not entertained any unwanted question after this ".

Seriously, to the married couple. Single person definitely won't asked anything to you guys which is when is the next production or when you wanna get a house for the future. But WHY the married couple will always kayphoochee asking all the single when is our turn simply because yo guys have done yours.

Don't they (married couple) never ever think what is their(single people) feelings looks like when those question comes to them?

Think about it.

Study vs Working


Study is the things that we always neglect when we had it. I still remember there was he time my teacher used to say that Study the most fun part in her life. We are bag to differ saying that we are eager to work rather than study.

I guess i have been quit study in 2003 after i finished my degree. Than I've been working for 8 years and now i start my Masters studies. To twist my mind from the things that i have not doing it for so long is not as easy as i believe. I must have a good motivation and goal in my mind.

I have been struggle and pushing myself very hard with all the errant comes to me. Alhamdulillah i manage to get my motivation back with a proper planning and state of mind. Study is fun and seriously fun.

thanks to my boo that always give me support. I'm glad that my boo and also my family and friends give me the support i needed.

Love you all and love yourselves most.