Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Girls talk

I was in the lift most of the time and i end up listen to several topic which i can categories as below :

Young ladies :
- What dress to wear.
- Where is the best spot for sale
- nice shirt wore by their group
- PMR ( Hot topic for final year )

- What baby to be expected
- What to cook to their husband
- Their kid having fun at Kg
- How many month - again expected mother......
- Many on-leave

Father and guys
- silence
- footballs match last nite
- sports
- Crappy jokes.
- Most of it---- silence......

That i what i had for the past 5 time up and down from level 22 to any place in the building........

How was that.......

Till then, Happy New Year Guys


Stop by at Renggam

Did you know that, there is a soil name Tanah Sri Renggam.....( my brother tells me that this soil is the best soil for Palm oil tree...... ( pokok kelapa sawit la.....)

Went to Johor on 28th and 29th Dec with my mom and my lil brother. My mom want to pay a visit her friends in Tampoi and Senai and we all just accompany her.......... Had Nasi Briyani Gam at Batu Pahat and stay at Selesa Hotel. Its was nice and spend time with my mom and dad for a vacation really something we all look forward.

On the way back, we all stop by at Simpang Renggam for lunch and Dzuhur Prayer, at the same time recall our childhood memories because we used to stay in Johor for quite sometime. I remember, my dad transfer to Simpang renggam since i was 9 and we move back to Kota Bharu when i was Form 5.

All the journey remind me of our childhood esp me and my lil brother. The place have changed alot but still there some spot where we all could remember. We all straight to Renggam and i went to my secondary school........ Sekolah Menengah Dato Haji Hassan Yunos Renggam. Owh my, i miss that school so much.

Renggam, always a Renggam and it never change. Still known as Bandar cowboy. hehehehehehe.

I guess that's all i want to share, maybe later i will continue.

Till then, Cheers

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

See your good fren Lying on bed..........

Deep in my heart, My heart feels hurt when i saw my good friend lay down on Hospital bed with his face show how bad he suffer, his body from healthy and energetic to a skinny and i can see his bone from far.

My fren suffer nearly 2 month of fever and still no sign of recovery. Am so sad and i really dont know what should i do besides than accompany him during night.

I dont want to show how pity i am to him, i dont want to show how sad i am when i saw his conditions. I dont want any of my friends cry in front of him because of what he suffer. I must show to him that we all care for him and give him a spirit.

He is one of my good friends, the close one among the others. We always spend time together during weekend, went out for shopping, chatting, do clubing and gossiping ( not gossip bad things but share some story : ) )

He is the one who i can say i can trust him, He know what he want, and when there something bad or good, he know how to react.
We always share our joy together, sad story and not to forget our secret. When i saw him lying ver weak on bed, my heart is broken piece by piece. I dont know what should i do, It feels like i want to take some of his pain and throw away so that his suffer can reduce. But who am i to do that. Am not a God who know what He is doing.......... Like i always said, There must be some reason that we can think about it.

Im pray to Almighty hope He give back my friends a health life. Reduce the suffer and pain and bring back the cheer.

Ya Allah, Engkaulah Maha Pemurah, Pengasih dan Maha Mengetahui, Aku memohon kepada kau agar sembuhkanlah sahabat ku ini, Kurangkanlah keperitan yang dia alami sekarang,


long time no tell story

Since the last post bout lady driver....... its really hard for me to post any article....... not because of i dont have any story to tell, but then no time to write.......

Sounds like an excuse rite...... but then thats the fact.......... am try to focus on my work till the end , am too exhausted. All i really need after that is go back home and have a rest.

I just take few minutes to share and write an article for this, trust me, ive been through with lot of things within this week and may share lil bit.

Hope this will be enough at this moment. Till then, Cheers

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lady driver........

Last nite after finish my work, as usual i drive back home...... From my office i have to pass this small little road to get though to main road. Before that little road, there another road connected to this little road to pass to main road.

Somehow or rather, at that time, there's one car came and want to use this little road. Its kind of rough and dont want to wait. I have to stop and give a way to this impatience car. After this car went through..... i saw its a lady driver drove to that impatience car.

I've experience this situation so many time...... i dont know why, why must they drive rough like that........


Till then cheers

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Play time...

I got email from my friend and he gave this ip link for play.......


Let see how good you are to find that the picture refer to He or She......

Have fun......

Yes i know, its quite sometime i didnt post any article....... i will put it more by this week...... kekekekekeke

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gurlish Gurl........

My office mate bring her daughter to the office yesterday. She suppose to be on leave but then because of work, she came to work.......

Her daughter is so adorable, lovely face, sweet lil and most important is Girlish........ everything she do, is always in a girlish way......... play her baby toy, walking, talking, place he hair behind her ears and her dressing....... ( that one of course from her mother)

Then, when i look at her, it remind me to my niece Nabila. She is so adorable, and loving girl. She is so bind with her brother and we all. She speak english with english eccent because she always watch Playhouse disney and like to read english books.

Nabila and her brother, Fareez are my favourite niece and nephew. But then its really sad now because they have to stay with their mother because my brother and his ex have to divorce. This is due to my brother ex-wife having affair with a PILOT. THIS BLOODY STUPID PILOT cant get enough with one woman..... and this STUPID BLOODY BIMBO PEREMPUAN JALANG because distroy hey marriage and her children future life because of her action.......

Its really bring a big scar to my niece and nephew because of this 2 BlOODY STUPID PEOPLE.

But, what ever it is, My brother, my family and me are praying very hard so that this lovely kid are happy and they really know what is good and what is bad and we are also pray very hard that nothing are going to be happen to them.

Ok, my article has shift from sweet talk to an anger.......... i should be calm down......... if not my stress comes back..... kekekekekeke

Till then, cheers ..........

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I dont know how to say this, but then this is the first time doctor tell me that im in stress!.

Its kind of weird cause i actually dont know what stress mean and how does it attack on me...... and now it really happen. For the past 1 week i kind of blur..... hard for me to go for No.2 and i have a back pain, muscle pain, hard to take a breath and bla bla bla..... seriously i dont know am in stress........ i thought thats normal........

i went to clinic yesterday and i tell whats happen to me and he do the check up...... he said, im in stress....... stress of work..... gosh....... kind of awkward cause this is the first time happen to me......

I dont mind with the chest pain, muscle pain, but what bothers me is hard for me to take a breath........ its like something stopping me to inhale very deep...... so, doc give the No 2 medicine and now am ok........

yeah, its true im in stress...... ehehehehehe........ ok ok ok i need to be calm...... Holiday perhaps...... where could it be.......

Singapore........ hummmmmmmm thats sounds a brilliant idea........No not for shopping ok........

i tell you when i have decide something.......

Till then, cheers

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Eid Adha

Dear All,

Since its been quite sometime from early December until yesterday, now i get a chance to say all

Happy Eid Adha.....

or in Malay

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Qurban....

Hope with this celebration will give every each of us the true meaning of Sacrifice in our life and to everybody..........

Btw, my article already axceed to 150 article...... this one is the 150 yosh.......

Till then cheers

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I always think, every single things happen, sure there is a reason. Not only bad things happen give you a clue or a sign but, good deed too.....

I don't know what happen to me but this week is not my ordinary week. I have turn myself not easy, can't perform very well, blur most of the time,my bos keep remind me my work, and lot of thing that many things which is I used to say " Soooo not me!".

I learned my lesson and I really thank to Almighty cause show me the right thing.

That's all mate.....