Monday, June 30, 2008

Back Stabber

Gunting Dalam selimut.......... Duri Dalam Daging and Back Stabber.....

It bring to the same conclusion....... please beware of this person cause they are just beside you and you never know what could possibly they could do to make you suffer without you realised it.

Think bout it mate..........



Director Kabir Bhatia obviously has a soft spot for picaresque storytelling. As with his first feature Cinta, Sepi is actually an anthology of three love stories threaded together by a single life-changing event shared by three couples.

The movie weaves in and out of their search of happily ever after: Adam (Afdlin Shauki) is a celebrated chef frustrated with his inability to find a potential wife other than the creepily eccentric Suzie (Nasha Aziz) until he meets Ilyana (Vanida Imran); Sufi (Tony Eusoff) deals with his wife’s violent death and sees in Marya (Eja) a new lease on life; and young playwright Imaan (newcomer Baizura Kahar) has to choose between her childhood sweetheart Ricco and Ean (Syed Hussein), the campus braggart playing the lead in her play (entitled “Sepi”, coincidentally enough).

The premise is a little cheese-ridden, sure. But the nuanced direction, lush cinematography, and passionate acting by part of the cast truly sets Sepi apart from cringe territory. Indeed, it seems like some of the more senior actors here, notably Afdlin Shauki and Riezman Khuzaimi, have been waiting for a script like this for years, judging from the gusto with which they take on their characters. Afdlin’s depiction of Adam is so heart-wrenchingly understated you have to give the man props for being able to resist his obvious comedic tendencies in order to convey a sense of resigned loneliness. Even Tony Eusoff, who was distractingly smarmy in 8TV’s Ghost mini-series, pulls off a commendable performance and uses all he’s given to great effect.

The only gripe comes from the younger cast members: Baizura Kahar plays the indignant nerd hottie well, but that’s about it as far as her range in this movie’s concerned; her suitors are similarly lacking in definition. Sepi’s theme of second chances at love is illustrated well, without having it hammered into the audience’s head. There’s no getting around the inevitable conclusion that the main cast do find someone to love by movie’s end, but not everything resolves in a syrupy sweet aw shucks moment.

Sepi, apart from a few awkward stumbles, drives home these points with graceful pathos. - I do agree with this opinion and further more below as well.

" Love is pain and second chance dont come cheap"
Do please enjoy this movie but never assumpt this movie is a "Cinta" movie.... its way differ from you see in "Cinta"
Till then, Cheers

Failure is not an answer.....

Every single person have always bum into the failure. Fail exam, fail in love, fail in life and lots of things. Who doesn't, but then it depends on the individual and how they react on that situation......

Its really sad to know some of the person will take their life as an exchange. On this case basis it includes everybody in this world. The kids, teenagers, managers, parents, bosses, staff, citizen, rulers and everybody la............The others try to face it and struggle and trying to run away the failure. It depend on the person how they accept it and face it.

I guess every one of you keep on thinking what the hell is happen to me and what the hell am talking about rite....... kuikuikuikui. How this topic came is when this morning on the way to work, i listen to radio and DJ Fara Fauzana and FBI talking about the biggest failure in our life. Definitely based on the true story which is yours truly face the situation of failure. Let me tell you some of my failure.

Well, i used to get the worse result during my early years..... that was during my UPSR exam where i get 3B and 1C. I was so upset with the result cause i thought i could get at least 1A. So sad........ I cried so bad cause of the result. But then, the weird part is my dad just keep quite and he is not angry of it. I dont know why.......... that was a weird part.I still notice his reaction and he just said its ok you can do better next time...... completely different person i know of my dad.

After that, i have manage to change the situation after that from math C in UPSR i get A for PMR and SPM. hehehehehehehehe. U see, personally i still believe that our life is not that bad....... maybe there are some of the days we face this kind of situation but then its not the end of the world though. Just relax and calm down. For religious person definitely they asked for a god like i did. But for the secular, they just do yoga or anything they could think to make themselves calm. so, how bout you guys...........

I guess you had the same situation....... what will u do babe.......


Sunday, June 29, 2008


I went to Singapore last Wednesday and it just 2 days business trip........Had a meeting with new potential client for the co-joint promotion. Its been for a long time i never been there and i was so excited when my bos tell me that we are heading to Singapore........

But then, from KLIA i had a bad situation where on a check area, some of my toiletries have been taken cause the weight is more than 150ml........ my fave shower gel, my new open hair gel and my body lotion....... actually i dont mind they took my stuff cause its violet the rules and regulation, but then please dont make too fuss......, its really annoyed me.Just say properly and nicely would be ok from here...but what really happen, they keep say No No No with the voice all people can hear in the satellite building......... just perfect make me embarrassed and humiliate...... just perfect.......

We took Singapore airline and actually i like it...... the service just perfect and the important part is the crew are just eye candy......... kekekekekekeke. i dont know why, but then they are so good in doing their job. Salute them in doing service.

Reach Changi airport and we all straight to Hotel, my bos manage to upgrade our room from normal to club floor....... just nice and really love the place. The place just beside Takasyimaya Shopping complex and that was the best ........... I just manage to go shopping only an hour cause limit of time.......

Well, not much to buy cause currency is too much for me and i just manage to buy perfume to my brother and short and t-shirt for me...... love the design and love the sales promoter....... eye candy cause he is Filipinos......whahahahahahaha

i will tell you more about the trip ... and now really need to go......

have a nice read babe......Cheers

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Greys Anatomy

Watch this series last nite, I dont know why but then it really bring a big impact to my love life imagination where somehow or rather i do feels like a reality and not on screening and a story teller...........

At first i just watched it for fun, but then since when i watch it that series and am in love with my significant other, it really bring the effect on my love life. Not to say that this series has turn to be my love bible, but then i took it as something that cherish. In other word, menambah berangan la.......... When you watch this, watch with your heart. You will know what i mean. How to do that, you urself know what to do though, am not god to teach how..... kuikuikuikui just kidding.

Owh, did i tell you who is my fave character inside the Grey's Anatomy, For Lady, its Christina Yang and the guy is Mc Dreamy and Karev - someone who know me, they can guess why i like them........... i leave it to you why i like this 3 people.

The best part that i always waiting from this series its when she give a quote ( i suppose) and last nite there's a quote present by Meridith:

" Changes......... it came and whether we wan to accept it or stick to what we have. Its up to you and your courage to decide".

enjoy that series though.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I dont know whether its true or not but i used to hear that the word "sunday came from Sunny day" most of the day on sunday always sunny............I dont know its true or not, when its sunny day mean a leisure day and a time to break. So, sunday is a break day.........

I normally went out on saturday whole day and sunday will be my laundry day. Means am at home...... sounds boring aite...... but thats what i do........ unless there's my fren call me up and asked me to go out.

But, yesterday is really-really boring............. not just boring the power of 2 but then extremely power of 2 boring.......... gosh.......... i really need a break and need some of the entertainment. The result, i went to cc and update this blog and chat....... thought i want to go for jog, but its not sunny but then its rainy day in the late afternoon........ dont like to sleep in the afternoon even though that's was the best part plus with the cool weather make all of us thinking of bed most of the time.......

I should say, sunday is a sunny day definitely not a good combination......why, cause am bored........

Till then, cheers

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maid of Honour

Watch that movie last nite with my new friend lan........thanks buddy cause accompany me watch that movie..............

To say that movie was strong, i should say the story line is interesting........ but then there are few thuings that i could say something went missing and not that spark......... yup, i cant feel the spark of the movie.........unlike when i watch movie " The Holiday" or " Devils Wear Prada" where i enjoy every each moment in the movie....... its definitely a good movie. To me it can be done better.

But, what i like that movie is the words....... owh.... just love it. it really meaningful.

What say you...........till then cheers mate

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Freaky friday....


Most of you guys know about this word, Thank god its Friday......but to me its a hectic day yesterday....... meeting, discussion, packing, finishing the assignment and catch up with my friends.

but then again, Thank god its Friday cause i can have a rest on Saturday and also stay late till 3 am at Bunga Raya kuey teow with my friends do you know who am i.......

find me.......



Friday, June 20, 2008

Casuality part 2

On this title definitely i would like to say on Human behaviour and this time i want to tell you all what i realised during we all in the lift or in the Train/ bus.

Normally when we're in this place and lot of people are inside there, as usual when we enter we push button on level we on to. then we wait. But then, please be prepared to go out. Not when the lift reach to your level andstill dreaming and trying harder to go out and say excuse, excuse , excuse......., why not just get a move a head before the lift reach and when the lift open you already prepare to go out. How was that.

It does annoyed me even though not that too annoyed....... kekekekeke

Think bout it babe.....

Till then, cheers

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lets Learn something New

Its about STD - Not Sexual Transmitted Disease ok.

STD codes stand for ‘Subscriber Trunk Dialing’ it also stands for ‘Subscriber Toll Dialing’. These codes were made for the convenience of the subscriber, who could make a long distance call without the assistance of an Operator. In the United Kingdom the use of STD codes first started when the Queen who resided in ‘Bristol wanted to make a call to ‘Edinburgh’. This call was made on the 5th of December, 1958. From the 8th of March 1963 subscribers could make ISD (International Subscriber Trunk Dialing).
However it took 21 years for the entire STD system to be completed. It was completed in the year 1979. The term STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) is used in countries like India and Australia. Whereas in the United States of America and Canada the term used instead of STD is ‘Direct Distance Dialing’.
Have you ever heard about IDD.......?
More to tell kekekekekekeke
Till Then, Cheers

Free Pretzels

Went to klcc for lunch.... and what i had is Lam Mee from my fave place at Rasa Foodcourt. But that not the thing i want to tell ya, after lunch my fren want to have pretzels. So we all went down to the concourse area and we saw long queue.......

Its turn out that Anne's Pretzel give their pretzel for free from 12.00 pm - 2.00pm...... at first i dont want, but then what a heck..........its free......

When i look it back, human always attract to the FREE ITEM. No matter where they are or when, if there's a chance for them to have free thing, definitely they'll take it and yes that's includes me.

But since i still full and am a small portion eater nowadays, i still take the pretzel, but i gave to my colleague. Not that i want to get his intention but just simply give ok.

So, if you in this position, what will you do babe.......

Till then, cheers

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I used to remember there's one time i used to stuck in a jam ( one time jer ker..... always la.) at Federal highway for about 2 hours where normally the duration supposelyonly 45 minutes to go to Shah Alam. Why bad traffic jam happen, just because of there's a car accident at PJ. After the accident, the road run smooth.

When i think it back, so called think la kan, we could see some driver can simply slow down their car just nak tau what happen and what car involve and how bad it happen. That's make the road turn tu a jam. Kejikan........

Actually no harm if you want to know what happen, but then please do make too slow as if you would like to make an analysis.......... am i rite?

Then, when i talk bout this, it does remind me on the Harith Iskandar Stand up Joke during Annual Dinner organised by my ex-company.

Being a Malaysian, we tend to repeat again what we have said......... i forgot and don't know how to tell but you can listen on DJ from RTM and listen how he did it. you definitely gonna smile........

And then, there's one more..........

Let say we are doing something like washing our cloth, still there's some person are so kind and try to be nice asking what we are doing, where else they know that we are washing our cloth......... gigih mulut tu nak beramah tamah......... sometimes, i just keep quite, but sometime, gatal jer menjawab and of course in a sarcastic way la kan...........

OH yes, here just a regular n easy to ponder upon ( feels like org putih jer )

Watch your thoughts; they become your words.
Watch your words; they become your actions.
Watch your actions; they become your habits.
Watch your habits; they become your character.
Watch you character; it becomes your destiny.

-Unknown Let's keep life simple!

Till then, Cheers

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Childhood memories

Last nite i went to tesco to buy groceries....... yes am alone. Since menjanda nie, alone la buat sumer perkara........ alah macam tak biasa buat keja sorang2 kan...... keekekekekekekke

While am pushing my trolley along the aisle, i could see alot of people, couple, with kids, maid and banyak la ragam memasing. But look at the kids it definitely remind me when i was a little kid. Once a month, we all whole family went to supermarket to buy groceries. My mom will make a list " Things to buy " and we all help her pick the item on a shelves. Later it will full loaded inside the trolley.

But, what make me so happy, me and my brother will get a rewards. We all can get 2 can of soft drinks. Keji kan reward kitaorg, hehehhehehee sorry mom. But, even though we just only get those thing, we still happy, enjoy to follow mom to supermarket to but groceries.

2nd Chapter.....

When i was kid, bout 7 or 8 years old, at that time also, KFC, Pizza Hut, MacDonald's baru nak bertapak kat Malaysia. At that time, we all stay at Kota Bharu and at that time KFC baru bukak their outlet over there. Since that place is so called so special, we all can be there just only in a special occasion like birthday, get the highest score or top position in mid exam or final exam. So you can guess la where we celebrate our birthday celebration kan........

At that point, what ever we all had even though it just a small thing, we are so enjoy and really glad that we had that moment. We appreciate ape yang our parents rewards and definitely brings the best memories in our childhood. We all never though our parent will pour us with the lavish expensive things. In fact at that time, we think its already lavish. So, sederhana should be the way and Ikhlas or sincere should be in every moment. Think bout it guys..............

Till then, Cheers

Monday, June 16, 2008

weekend social activity

Went out with my long time not meet friends. We went to KL Pavilion food court for lunch and had a cuci mata session over there as well....... i saw the Hazman, famous blogger Tukangtaip.blogspot......... and 2 other person Crew and i forgot other person name. Cute guy esp hazman and crew..... kekekekekeke. Went back and hang out at my friends place for a chat a tv and then we went to Bandar Tun Razak Swimming pool. That place commonly known as a cruising place. I actually dont like that place cause it not well maintained. But then, once a while ok la............

After swimming, by nature am starving like hell....... went to santai and had mee goreng mamak. Not that bad this time after i heard a review bout the food was sucks.......... then my friend suggest we went to Mensfield massage center. I didnt get the massage cause am not into it at this moment. But then i had a great time on saturday.

Sunday, again i met my long time not met friend to OneUtama. We went for a movie " The Happening". Cant actually understand the caused of the actioned but seriously it does scare my like hell........... I had this scare feelings like this before when i watch Movie " Resident Evil" part one........ Gosh, i does scare me though.

What bout you guys, had a great day on a weekend..............

Till then, Cheers

Friday, June 13, 2008

Break up

I guess starting from early last month till now, you can see most of my articles is all about break up, heart broken feelings, sad, and remind the memories thingy........

Boring aite....... but at this point, that is the only topic i would like to share and at the same time it remind me.

Last Wednesday, im having lunch with my closet ex office mate. She with one of the agent that i knew her and kind of close as well. So we share this and that and one of the topic pop up is about her Divorce thingy..........

According to her, after 14 years marriage and 3 year couple, she actually realised that she dont even know who actually the real person he is........when i think it back, thank god that the incident happen to me in a quick way. What will happen to me if its last for more than 1 year, 5 years or more than that........

To be frank, God is always with us no matter whats happen. Even though am not a good person, do some of the bad thing, but then please keep it in your mind that god is always be with you and asked to Him whenever you are in sad, happy or any incident.

Hope you know what do i mean , Till then,



Let me tell you a secret........... ya rite, tell a secret in this channel meaning tell to everybody........

I actually have no idea what to tell at this moment cause i just took a few minutes only from my work task to do this bloody blog kuikuikuikui........

Tell you what, how bout let me finish my work first..... then i know what issue should i tell and share to all of ya.

Cheers mate

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Being Me

Let see this quote

" Its you to decide who you want to be. No one else can change that except God al-Mighty "

When im thinking of that phrase, its really true enough to judge who we are and what kind of person we would like to be. The prove is there and it always related and reflected to what you do.

The main reason this feature's came up when i like to observe people behaviour. Working in big entity, we can see a lot kind of behaviour. Some of them work as an Executive till they retired. Others; they work hard to get a better position. Some of them tried to work harder but then not smart enough in approached. At the end, they only get just ok judgement and maybe the position they expect might not be achieved. Some, they do smart move and they can go up easily.

To me as a human, of course i want to get well paid and good position with a better role. But how am i going to achieve, i still doing it and looking the opportunity. By looking the opportunity that have over ere, its really a chance and what result i want to have...... hmmmmmmm later i will show to myself. ( ya what, why should i satisfied you where im suppose to show to myself that im able to get that and dream on....... kekekekekekeke)


or girls

What ever you do, please priority to yourself first cause at the end of the day its you who going to enjoy all your effort. Others like ur love one, your family and your friends, they just share your joy. Sometime, they dont even understand or know what joy you had in your mind.

Why do i say this, of course all my stories came from my observation rite and i always put me as a guinea pig to get the exposure and experience. Relate to my stories, previously my body shape is not that nice, with belly , got the figure but lazy to work out. Till one day, i decide to start work out and start control on daily diet. Now, im not only like my body ( cheh perasan but its true though ) , but then i have my confident back. Have a try and you will know what do i mean. But then it has to be continuously. Think about it.

Till then, Cheers

Memories - shopping

When i was a little kid and watch movie or tv bout shopping; its always amaze me. Why? i tell you why................

They always portrayed that shopping is heaven. Go and test the shirt, dress and trousers on and on and after the whole day shopping you can see they brought back bunch of paper bag with branded name appear on the bag. The actor or actress took the shirt and raise up to the air to see what colour, nice design, does it suitable on him or her, etc etc etc.

They make shopping is fun, you enjoy with what you doing and at the same time it make you feels its worth for you to buy those cloth.

I went out with my friends after work yesterday after so long i have not see him and chat with him. At first we plan for a dinner and chat only, but it come with additional activities which is " Shopping......."

Try this shirt, that shirt, then get other person opinion, like the design where the shirts and pants suites with the person who wears its and feels you worth it. ........seriously its fun.. For me, i just help them give the honest opinion what its nice for them to wear by not making them a Fashion victim. If its ugly i say its ugly. If it just ok, i say just ok with no sparks when you wear it or the colour does not sparks or making you looks fabulous. I managed not to buy anything last night cause i already spend almost RM 500 for this month salary. What i bought - 2 pair of Bosini office pants, a pair of Esprit's cargo crew cut pants and a shirt that i really love it when im wear it. All of this i bought without plan. How was that. hehehehehehehehehehhehe shopping therapy i suppose.

Ok back to my friends shopping spree last nite, not only am happy to see they shopping, but then im happy when they feels worth buying it. Of course im not influence them to buy it, but i encourage them to buy......... thats is the key word............. kekekekekekekke

If you want me to help you and encourage you to buy things, Im in......... hehehehehehehehehe. Glad to help other people when they need help. Later i will tell you about " Feels good with Shopping therapy"

Till then, Cheers

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Catch up with friend

Went back home after work yesterday quite late. On the way back, i gave a call to one of my close friends and pick him up from his office.

As usual, being a good buddy he asked me how am i doing and share few things like what he do on weekend, his life and his problem. One of the question, he asked me bout my love. I have to tell him the truth bout my relationship where we are no longer attached to each other. No need to further the conversation. Just enough only me and a very close person know how break up happen and what cause of my break up.

Even in this blog, the story i tell just a shallow on the break up story. Then, when he knew that i already break up, he said that he has the kind of feeling this situation will be happen. Not he wish this things happen but then the sense is there. He gave an explanation what do he feels why my relationship will end up with break up. Partially he got the point. Am not saying what he said is 100% true but some of the point he hit to the right point.

When im think it back, why after the break up our close friends would tell. Not before. Is it because they dont want to hurt his friends feelings cause seeing his friends is in love? Afraid that their friendship with destroy cause of saying what he feels. or what.........

This situation happen before when previously before i attached with my ex significant other, bout my ex. When i introduce my ex to most of my friends, they accept it and say pity me cause they say i deserved to have better person but not with my ex. Not just pity, but with other reason match to the situation. I knew all this stories and their concern only after when i told them that im no longer with my ex.

But only my blog partner tell straight away what do he feels about all my relationship since with my ex and with my ex significant other. He tell bout how my ex cheat me even in front of me, how my ex significant other treat me. I took it his advice and analyse on the situation. My best buddy Fiza, did the same thing. I really appreciate that.

being me and being a basic human, we tend to ignore all the advice even though we already know bout it. Why, just because of the simple 4 letter word...... L O V E. Its really totally true with LOVE, we tend to forget, blind, argue, fight ignore, stupid and anything bad involve with it. And with LOVE as well it remind, hold, bind, best feeling, happy, cherish , smart and anything best involve with it. Its really need guts to the person who in LOVE to see what situation involved in.

For me, i still know what is my focus and priority and only with the experience that i gain from several incident matured me and help me to see who i am and what do i want to be. What bout you guys.....

Till then, cheers

Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend - Saturday

Woke up by 10.00 am, lepak till noon. At the mean time i finish the laundry. Thank god with the technology there's invention called Washing Machine. kekekekekekekeke.

I went out with this fella, his name is Khai or kay. Nice person but definitely don't judge person at the first met. Dangerous cause you might not know what will happen in the future. Nothing much to tell except went for a late lunch together with his housemate and accompany him to cut his hair. ( OK guys, i know you think that seem like i want to find a replace for the ex significant other......... but no am not. To be frank, i still love him and i really wish he will be back to me)

After that bout 6 i went out with my adik angkat Naz. We went to Federal hotel for the SuperModelWorld contest. Yes guys, supermodel. But transgender ok.......... Pondan drag. Seriously, you will shock when you see cause some of them really transform. See it first you will know what i mean.

I really had fun, not just the event but then of what i saw. Mengutuk baju toksah cakap la kan. cara jalan and banyak lagi ah.......

After the event finish, went to Lanson Place where Suresh Kumar Naidu and the gang stay and we had a chat and bring up all the uum and ghost stories. Really man......... seronok giler dengan bilik dia, their bed........ urgh.......... i want to do it again. when....... Hmmmmmmm will see when. whahahahahahaha. I accidentally sleep till i terjaga and no body not there already. macam mana nie. Went back home by 6, and pray subuh and continue sleep till 12.30. whahahahhahahaa, nasib baik semayang subuh. Kalau tak...... keekekekekekekekkekekeke , alah, macam tak biasa......

Woke up, and just lay back. Still i have to go out cause i have promise with Dr Firdaus. We went to One Utama cause he want to find the jeans and hook me as well to buy a cargo crew long pants and really gorgeous shirt. I really love that shirt. seriously. If i know how to upload the pic, i will put it in. After that, send him to pudu station cause he want to go back to Ipoh and back by 10.00. Tired but then i really enjoy my weekend.

How bout your weekend babe...........

till then, Cheers


Its start from friday nite where i met up with my ex significant other to give back his things that he gave to me. At the mean time, he asked me to pick him up at Seputeh Condo and straight to his place.

Being him, to me, he's always him. With the cheer face, cheer and nice with any outfits. Thats his speciality. I guess thats one of the point why i attract to him. I have to take the fact of what i have before with him.

He direct me to his new place. Its actually an old place. The building and the area kind of rural. Surprisingly, its really cooling. Space is big and with the right arrangement and right furniture, it does look so nice. He offer me to stay a night with him, but then i have to say no. There are few factor why i have to say no, one of it i dont want to bring a bad impression to other household in the house. Orang melayu cakap, tak mahu timbulkan syak wasangka.

Then i left about 11 am and met my friend at Bandar Tasik Selatan and after that straight to My hang out place at Taman Bunga Raya, Malis. Met Muja, Fenda and others. But most of the time, me, muja and fenda and halim. Chat, Mengutuk mengata, update any news and follow with umpat and add some spice to make the story fun to hear. I found out that Muja already break up with his significant other......." way to go Muja, you should do that long time ago........"

Back home by 3 am and get as sleep straight away........ by how.... hmmmmmm not even a piece of cloth. I loike....whahahahahahaha i wish...... only applicable if special person sleep beside me ok.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Lets put it this way,

Normally, when we're so happy or too satisfied of what we had at that point, we never tried to look back or appreciate of what we have until somethings bad happen to our lives. I guess it happen to me. Ignore and being thinking that those things is not important to you always make it habit..

After the break up thingy, im actually start to understand bit by bit of what had happen to me of the past. what have i done, what is my focus, what things that i need etc etc. To be honest, when im in love or in relationship, i tend to forget my good buddy, my family ( cause im afraid that they might know what is my hidden activities, my friends and the environment. Not to say they are no longer exist when im in relationship, but then i kind da put a distance on it. I still go out with them, hang out but then the boundary is there.

When break up happen, i feel lost. Feels like no body wants to be with me and am alone in this world. The Almighty is always a fair to us. He always know what to do and understand. To be frank, when im at this position, i start to understand and trying to fix it i suppose and make it right after all the wrong things i have done.

This basically is my small journal that when i look it back, a reminder to me. i hope this will work.

Have a thought about it.

Till then, cheers