Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Friends with Benefits

The statement sometimes brings a good meaning and on the other hand bad meaning as well.

Good Meaning
- this is where you can benefits from your friends good/have such as contacts, expertise etc etc etc.
- At the same time, your friends can get the same benefits from urself.

Bad Meaning
- this is the part where only your friend obtained the benefits that you gave but unfortunately u didn't get anything but trouble or nothing from it.

At this moment, i actually watch the sitcom "Friends With Benefits" and no further explanation related to this sitcom.

At this moment as well, i actually try to get away from my friends who try to used me of who and what i am capable with; simply because i don't want to feel useless at the end of the day.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

Facts says that Valentines Day has been created to remember St Valentines long time ago. Long after that, I'm not sure how the St. Valentines Remembered Day has become the Love Day that been cherish all around the world who think that these days are special for all.

Recently, Malaysian religious department have come out with the fatwa said that Valentines Day should not been celebrate by Muslim because its against the Islamic law.

These year, i have the opportunity to observed the Valentines Day in Jakarta where fact claimed that Indonesia has the most population of the Muslim in the world. Well, as far that i knew, Indonesia has always practice the secularism in their way of life since if am not mistaken Soekarno era.

I actually went around the Plaza Indonesia and its neighbor mall Grand Indonesia and i can see that florist shop has displayed and arrange more than usual numbers of bouquet of flower and people are queuing to buy and not to forget some bouquet delivery to the lucky person.

We actually planned to have dinner at several nice restaurant and to be surprised that its all fully booked. We actually try our luck with waiting list and it more shocking news telling that the waiting list is piling up to the longer waiting time.

In fact my SO saw a cashier tied a pink ribbon along their jilbab as to create the ambiance of the Valentines Day and attract the customer to purchase their goods and upscale the profit from the Valentines Day fever.

I don't know how to analyze; it is weird and makes me wonder as well with these scenario. But what i can say is, Valentines Day is a special Day for the couple (although other days also can be as special as Valentines Day) and i just cherish the moment of the Special Day.

To make me change the way of my religious believes? i affirmatively know my Believe and path. I put myself as liberal where i adapt the other customs, culture, religion cause that make it unique and i could understand more why Allah Al-Mighty has create lots of religion in these world.

Moral of the story.
ermmmm i let you to see about it because it is subjective.

Pull hand brake.

I always put myself very lenient and compromise with all sort of things in my life, without knowing sometime people or situation have cross the borderline of my compromise. Normally i always give myself and that person/situation up to 3 chances. When it has exceed, i guess its about time for me to pull the hand break.

Recently few of my good friends of mine have make me pull the hand break. For some reason that i guess my tolerance has reached to its limits. I don't know whether they knew or notice about it, but i really don't care and don't want to bother about it anymore.

I have stop all mode of conversation for a while with them. For the situation, i just simply let go and don't want to get involve in the similar situation that has annoyed me. People always said that we should talk or be frank with that person, in my case, i guess i should pull back first. Until the time is suitable, then i will share and explain why i did that.

Different and Changing

Its been a while i don't blog, simply because i don't know what to write. When i opened my page, and try to figure what to say..... it turn out blank.

But, i believe i could share one little things that i guess its a bout time for me to do that. That is shift to the New of me. Look back from my previous days, i guess i have accidentally turn to someone that make me not proud of.

To change or shift is not an easy things. It took a good strength, courage and strong will to make sure that the shift is happen. Or else it will turn up to be the same "New Year Resolution Dream" that at the end of the year, still not be achieved; worst part is we are still at the same of what we have before.

So far, the progress is still on. I have decided to keep it to myself and keep track on the progress. I evaluate myself and make sure i will not do the same stupidity that i have done previously.

I believe i shall stop for moment on sharing what is the progress has went through and i will share in these blog more in the short while. Owh yes, i notice one wise quote and i have been using these for the pass 4 years and still it valid with my way that is

I would, i could.