Thursday, July 31, 2008

Please other people........

The word are so simple but then some people or in fact everybody......... hard to do it. Why did i tell ya ...... hmmm here some short story bout it....

At my previous work place, i kind of know of happy go lucky and when there's an event on bowling..... of coz the one who need to organised is yours truly lah kan............ but then its no harm on me cause i like it and simple..........In this case is organised a bowling tourney.

There are lot of things need to see, how many, how much, where and when. So i get the info and the best part is they always asked why? .........

why here, why that time, why this much need to pay and any kind of why they can possibly asked.........

YOu what i did.......... I dont Care ............ Why, simply because i already see that place is suitable enough for everybody to be there. How much , is where everybody affordable enough to pay it. and when is the only time which is suitable and bring no harm.

Then about the food. I order pizza....... Still there some complain about why pizza.... not Kentucky or MacDonald's.......... then member selection in a team....... still!!!!!!!!!!! why they not with their preferred member...........

KNow what did.......... I dont care. Stick to what i have plan and dont even care what they going to say............ The thing is my big bos not complain and after the event, everybody happy play bowling and they have enough food to eat.

You see, to please everybody is not easy. Every each person has their own agenda and their own preference. Be as an un professional organiser...... i have to see the best solution so that the play went well and less problem occurs.

When you organised something, definitely they will say and complain. All you need to know is how to handle it in a assertive way. You have to be firm enough. If not......... That's it, your plan will be ruin. Trust me and believe me. Base on my true story okay.........kekekekekekekeke

Thats for now. Till then, Cheers

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Full Support from all angle

You see, i definitely confident on one part

" If you be nice to other people and you definitely sincere bout it, surely you will get the support without you know it or even asked for it".

It sure does with my current situation. Not to say that am so pampered and want my friends attention but then i do really need a support. When i say bout how do i feel right now and i get the best support from my friends.

I really thank to them and glad that they were beside me. I thank you so much and dont know how to pay. Only God knows...............

Thanks mate, thank you so much.................sincerely

Till then Cheers mate

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Pass, My present and My future

You know, being in a position where break up is in the mind especially me..... its really hard for me........ even though its about 3 month already i broke up with my ex-significant but then i still can feel the pinch of heart broken..........

I still dont really know where i should be at the first place after i realised am no longer single. Im still mumbling and float in the air, though i have tried to get a replace but then deep in my heart say i miss this person so much....... its really not fair for me though.

You know, last saturday i make an arrangement to met my ex-significant and i pick my ex from work place and went to my ex friends place cause they have a gather. All along the way, i start to feel not comfortable enough and as well as on the way back.

After i send my ex, i decide not to met up again. I was hoping that i could delete it from my mind and stop knowing this person for the rest of my life.

You see, i dont know i have tell you or not before, this is not the first time i experience this situation. The best part about pass experience, i manage to forget the incident and i grow stronger and stronger. I can see myself where am i heading and stand up very well. I dont even care what other people will say about me and think bout me. As long i know what am doing is right i will just do it by myself

But then, only God know what and why he is doing it again. I face it again and i kind of nearly fall apart. Thank God cause i got a lot of friends who stand beside me and give full support morality and mentality to me. I should say am ok, but then sometime, i kind of weak and sad part is make me feels lonely and near depress again............. when is the best time this things happen is when am lonely. Day, night, morning or even when i was jogging on the park. That bad i say..........

Its my time to have precious NICQ back and i know who am i right know. What happen to me next........ you will know. by the power of Gods will la kan...... kekekekekekeke. I really want to make this thing

___________________The End____________________________

Till then, Cheers


Did i tell ya about my passion of cooking..........

Just love to cook. Last night i just bought some stuff to cook lasagna and it turn out that lazy cause lasagna there lot of stuff to do and saw the bread and milk....... and eggs so i made a bread pudding........

brought to the office and my colleague like it......kekekekekekekekekeke
Need to do the lasagna next

we will see the result.....

Till then, Cheers

Sunday, July 27, 2008


You know when i watch any channel and when there's a time the reporter asked about countries like How do you see bout Malaysia for example..... they will say.......

" owh i love it, its so special, the food was good, nice environment bla bla bla........ " Its sound so fake.......... and its like everything was soo........ good.....why they never show the tourist not satisfied say about what they dont like and we could see and try to improve whare are the areas need to be improve better.......

Am i rite...........

Hmmmmm ok ok am too complaining..... ya i like Malaysia, Malaysia is so special and so unique. Im proud to be Malaysian......ya rite............but truly i do love Malaysia ok...... dont miss understand that.


Till then, Cheers

Passion and Pateince Part 2.

I have told ya about Passion and Patience on My Love....... and this one i would like to share with ya about my career.........

Since i was kid my ambition always keep on changing..... from Lawyer to accountant. From accountant to Chef, from Chef to Expatriate and still remain unchanged till now.

Why lawyer at the first place is because my aunt is a lawyer and love she work and at the same time Higher pay at that time.......

Then change to accountant because am really terrible in Science, Physic especially. When i was in Form 4, i was in the Science stream class and i have no idea what physics is all about and same goes with chemistry. But then i like Biology. Unfortunately i cant take biology alone cause it has to be with chemistry and physics at that time in my school. That is why i change to Account class. But im so bad in Debit credit rules but i manage to pass in my SPM hehehehehehehehe.

At that time, the cooking show always on air and Chef Wan is the celebrity that always pop up on screen. Since i like to cook and get the encouragement from my family, i pursue my studies in Chef Training. It was odd cause all my good friends take account studies and only me take the odd course, and i love it till my final year in diploma studies where it came to realised where i only love to cook and dont like to make it as my career. For someone who knows me, they will know what do i mean by " Love to learn but not to work "

I manage to graduate and unemployed for about 4 month. At that time i asked to myself what i actually love for living......... so i try to dig, think and i manage to see one thing. I love to read international magazine live National Geographic, Forbes, Times and others and see the international advertising. then i realised that there are lot of international companies in Malaysia. I love all the countries and what is their international specialities. Since i like international thingy and business perspective that is why i decide to learn International Studies. At that time i realised there's a term of Expatriate and Big Money as well, kekekekekekkeke.

Manage to do my Practical training at Ministry of International Trade and Industries and get my first job at HSBC. Not satisfied me cause i just do Call center. Change to the local company where we are the panel contractor for one big company in Malaysia. Then move to international company in Insurance with the same job scope. Still not satisfied and now i move to the Big company in Malaysia in International Business. It take me 4 years after i graduate with jump to 4 companies to be locate in International Business.

Though its really long journey but then i like it and still my search to be an expatriate is still on. Looking the way to be the expatriate team and work with the international team. Pray to Almighty and am learning to be that with passion and patience. Hope my dream will be come true.

There will be more. Hope you not get bored with what i tell ya.

Till then Cheers


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Passion and Patience

When we talk bout passion and patience, for me i assume or generally every each person has their own passion and how patience they can be to make sure on what they want is achievable. Every person have their own ways to make it happen.

I used to hear that, some willing to wait for ages to make sure what they want is achieve. Some cant wait that long, trying all means and ways so that they could achieve in short of time.

Let me tell ya about what passion and patience means to me......

I know that every each person are meant to be for each other. Bagai Pinang Di belah Dua, Perfect Couple and all the stuff that say about meant to be.........the nearest example is our parents and how happy they are.

I've been couple with various type of person, clash several times, meet several times and until to one point im so scared that i will be alone for the rest of my life. But then i know that one day i will met someone that i really know that i care, love and happy to be with. Same goes with that person who is care of me, love me and happy to be with me. That is my "passion" about love life.

How "patience" i am........ i dont know. I really sure that when the time is right, i know that person will came to me by all mean. Maybe at this moment, God have yet give me the right person cause He would like to see and would like to make sure that what i have been through i have took it and learn it for better me.

That is on my Love topic. What about my dream career..........

I will tell ya later. Till now, this only i would like to share with you guys.......

Till then, Cheers


Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend activities

Its been quite sometime i have not update my blog and even on weekend i just only hang out at home and just clean up my house.........

Manage to go out on sunday after i clean up my house and went to my uncle's condo for gym and swimming. Before that, my mind keep on thinking about the pass ..... what have i done, what have i been through, what is my aim and goal, my ex'es and etc etc etc.

The fave topic that keep on rolling in my mind is my ex-significant. What that fella have shown to me, done to me and i tried to search the good part and i manage to see it in my mind. Then i went for swimming , met this fella over there where he stay over there and married with a divorcee for 3 years already. He's a freelance fitness trainer.

He tell about his life, work, tips on fitness and final topic is his experience where he bump into a relationship with a marriage lady or divorcee............ and he tells that they tend to tell and complain about the pass marriage, which mostly for guys they not intend to share bout the pass experience.

Then i look back his stories on me. Somehow or rather i tend to do that, i mean complain bout my pass. I tend to tell to my closed friends about my ex'es and what they have done to me and what it has effect on me. Which is definitely not good on certain point of views. I know sometime the blame also came from me and i admit it. I have to learn and accept the fact that i do make mistake. Hurt other peoples feeling and dont want to accept my mistake.

Am glad my relationship between me and my ex-significant went well and as a friend and hope it will be better.

That's for now, till the, cheers

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cinta Agung

I've actually got one email forwarded from my office colleague called Cinta Agung........what is this story tell all of us about is about this guy i suppose are in love with his lover. Nothings wrong with the concept but then the part where people are talking about is on Men-Men relationship.

I manage to read a portion of it and here's are my comment:

1. Malaysian is not that open to this un-natural relationship. Hence, it should be as close as can be.
2. Though you are in love with this person, i guess the word that he do is too exaggerate and extremely in love situation. Its like without this fella he will be dying. Gosh.......... am scared though.

I dont mind with this kind of relationship. In this open world, its does exist. I tried not to make it bad cause they are human as well. They should be treat the same way they want to. Other people wouldn't understand what they feel unless they have experience it.

There are reason why Almighty forbidden us to talk back on others. Cause it will turns to you. What normally i did is think twice and if you would like to say, say it nicely. By this way, you will not hurt others people feelings and it help you think well too.

Think about it babe. Till then,


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sakit gigi..........


This toothache is killing me......................Argh..........................i cant do my work better .....Argh.................

Monday, July 14, 2008


As what i have told you...... had a big headache early in the, definitely just have a rest at home only........... watch movie on HBO and hook to this story......

Samoan Wedding.......

Here's a review about the movie and i tell ya what does caught me from the movie.....

A woman preparing for the biggest day in her life finds her wedding plans thwarted by her well-intending brother and his painfully immature friends in a matrimonial comedy with a decidedly Samoan twist. Sione is about to get married, but she knows that when her brother and his friends show up chaos will be quick to follow. Though the rowdy foursome are all well into their thirties, their reckless behavior suggests a maturity level of sixteen at best. When Sione bans the entire group from her upcoming wedding, they are forced to find dates in hopes that the bride will relent if they each arrive in the company of a true lady.
My comment was:
Am actually watch it near to the ending part......and part where this fella afraid to asked his fave girl to his friends brothers wedding ceremony........ and he still afraid to said till he's friends said on behalf of him....... to me that's friendship suppose to be ..........
Then when a wedding held and a scene where they have a reception in a hall..... gosh seriously i just love what they did.... they still maintain their culture where they still wear a squirt as a part of an official wear like what we did for Baju Melayu......the shirt with the Maori's design... its really an example we need to maintain and think about.
Should watch that movie..... please... please do so........
Till then, Cheers

weekend and me.....

well, since am single what i do basically try to have as much fun as can be.............. and at the same time i try not to think the tragic that happen to me. So, weekdays i tried to occupied with work load and blogging, and weekend went out. Dont want to be at home all the time.......

Start with Friday nite where my fren call and want to go to club, since its ok on my site.... why not...... went for clubbin and have fun.......ehehehehe theres actually some incident happen where i dont actually have any interest to tell bout it.

Back home late that nite, by not take any shower, just wash my face and asleep cause am too sleepy. woke up by 11, do home laundry and out again for lunch and met my fren. Then went to Bandar Tun razak Swimming Pool, dont like the place cause its kind of dirty......... but like the scenery.........

unfortunate to me, that evening, not really eye candy cause the candy is not that much...... hehehehehehehe, hungry after swimming, went to sup meletup and have a chat with my fren..........

Got a call from my ex significant other, we went for clubbing again....... whahahahahhaha and this time went to the legend place..... dont want to say where but seriously that place have not change for ages........

back home bout 4 again and woke up by 2. gosh...... am so the city guy......... went out again with my aunt to see the condos and after that had dinner with my uni frens....... after that send him to PJ and got call from my ex. Hate the moment and make decision that was the last time met that fella...........

searchin for a saloon to cut my hair and fail, have to go mamak for that...... urgh..... but like the cutting....... new and stylish with cheap price........kekekekekekekeke

back home, take shower and sleep...........

Monday had a big headache...........

Dont like it and dont want to repeat it again...... whahahahahahhahaa

Friday, July 11, 2008


Nothing much i could do and tell cause am so tired and i dont have any idea to write up.

If thats so, i just want to say Happy Holiday to everybody...............



Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bachelor Cooks?

Look at the tittle, i actually have a query. in general....... does bachelor cooks?

Normally being a bachelor guy or the normal scenario of being a bachelor definitely we could hear eating outside is the solution. Why? simply the answer is lazy too cook, lazy to wash pots and pans, dont have time etc.etc only the bachelor in this world sigh......kekekekekeke

Lately, i do also watch this program in AsianFoodChannel they said about The Food Bachelor where bunch of good looking Bachelor Guy gonna learn how to cook and at the same time they have to cook as well. Its really interesting cause you can see how un experience they are in cooking skills. Since its a show, i believe they have make it better and so called how good this person cooks. Ya rite. kekekekekekeke

Being a middle child and my mom love to cook, some how or rather the skills turn to me as well like malays verbs " Kemana tumpahnya lauk kalau tak ke nasi" or in English they say "An apple came from a tree? "i guess.... kekekekekeke similar like that la...... i like being in kitchen and i like to cook.

But, a boy is always a boy, the lazinesssss is there. So normally what i do, i only cook on weekend or special occasion. So what i do when i came back after work........ either i tapau or take away or i just prepare a simple meal. Sandwich definitely a fave meal cause its healthy and its simple. You can make it in less then 5 min. or 15 min if you need to fried something like hot dog or burger. To me its more then enough. But to certain people...... they need to have rice, 2 type of lauk and a proper meal. Duh.........

The moral of the story i wanna share is :

1. Guys also do cook and they cooks very well. To prove it just look at the Hotel where the Head Chef and the crew is a guy.

2. You dont have to get a full course of meal for your meal. A simple dish like sandwich does make full fill your stomach and its simple too.

3. And you actually can make more fun with your food change or substitute to other things that is similar to the one that you dont have like if you dont have burger bun, you can used sandwich loaf, if you dont have bread but you have pita bread or tortilla wrap it also can make it happen.As long you are creative enough and used ur brain to change it and the taste is good.

4. Not only a guys who lazy to cook, girls too........ no offence but its true.

hope you enjoy my article,

Till then Cheers


When you are alone

I dont know why, but then i kind of hate it when im alone at this moment. I guess it because am no longer attached and i miss of being attached.

My fave activities after work at home is have a rest and watch TV series. Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Monday comedy sitcom, Monk and now Private Practise. But then again, they are talking about love and the best part of being in Love. Unlike me who are just 2 month being dump by my ex, i really miss all that part. Still can take of my mind of saying that aite.... how pathetic it is rite........ i know but then i cant help it babe.......

Its basically im kind of person who like being attached. Not on Hugging 24/7 scenario but then just enough saying that i like of being attached. I like to feel that i belong to my beloved one. When am alone at home even when am attached simple sms are just enough. But now, no belonging feeling and no sms will accompany me when am alone. So sad though..........

You know what i have to do...... i give a ring to selected friend where i can sure this person can comfort me and give the best advise to avoid this loneliness. At this point, this will do.I guess this is the consequences of being a single person and it will take time to adapt the situation.

I hope i wont be too long lonely. Rite now am praying very hard to God Al-Mighty for the answer. I guess im ok with it.

Till then, Cheers

Monday, July 7, 2008

A wise quote


I've got this presentation slide and there are few words basically does touch my heart. Here it goes where i could share with you......

"Every success full person has painful story, Every painful story has successful ending. Accept the pain and get ready for success".

and another one is

"If you miss an opportunity, don't fill the eyes with tears. It will hide another better opportunity in front of you".

Am not going to say anything and i let you guys to figure it out.

Till then, Cheers

Handsome or Beauty

Handsome or Beauty .................

I get this article from my friend Suresh and i kind of agree with the others but then i have a query for this fella ........... is he handsome or is he beauty?
Why do i say that cause his mouth, his eyes and his skin...... does he look like a girl to you.............
What can you say...........

Till Then, cheers

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Attend wedding

One of my old fren asking me to accompany him to his friends wedding at Putrajaya......... and since i dont have things to do yesterday, i agree to accompany him. Beside, no harm on my side cause i can have free meal......kuikuikuikui

Its actually his classmate during his studies and i could see there are so close cause they keep on contact to each other and update whats the latest new among their friends. This event turns out to be a wedding ceremony to a a bride and bridegroom couple and a gathering to others.

The gather photo shows a smile in every each person on a picture make does touch me and reflect saying that they agree with the married couple ceremony and wish they will be happily ever after.

I simply just love to see how happy they are and at the same time it definitely cherish the moment to the married couple. Whats next is to find who will get married......... the bachelor of course....... so, on my position i just keep it to myself when im going to get married at this point am looking for the best person to be part of my life.

After a several break up on me and a divorce tragedy to my brothers marriage, definitely make me a phobia at certain point. What ever it is, only me, god and faith can make a change.

So , what about you mate........ till then, cheers


Friday, July 4, 2008

Sharing is caring

I've got something to share......

Sally is at home when she hears someone knock at the door. She goes to the door and opens it to see a man standing there. He asks the lady "Do you have a vagina?". Shocked she slams the door in disgust.

The next morning she hears a knock at the door and it is the same man and he asks the same question to the woman "Do you have a vagina?". She slams the door again. Later that night when her husband gets home she tells him what has happened for the last two days. The husband tells the wife in a loving and concerned voice "Honey I am taking tomorrow off to be home just in case this guy shows up again".

The next morning they hear a knock at the door and both run for the door. The husband says to the wife in a whispered voice "Honey, I'm going to hide behind the door and listen and if it is the same guy I want you to answer yes to the question because I want to see where he is going with it". She nods yes to her husband and opens the door. Sure enough the same fellow is standing there and asks the same question. "Do you have vagina?". "Yes" she says. The man replies..

"Good! Would you mind telling your husband to leave my wife alone and start using yours?!!!"

New person in my life?


I've got something to share with you.

When you in my position or my age area, you can see your close friends are getting married or already married. My parents, my friends, my relatives and my officemate or anyone who start conversation with me keep on asking are you married yet? or when they can attend my wedding ceremony.

Till now, after several break up, several heart broken and several case of divorce happen in my surrounding make's me scared to get married. Am i prepared for this or what?

Last nite i met my good uni friends, Azea and both of us catch up what latest and whats past. She's gonna get married and im so glad for her. So, azea congrate and " Semoga bahagia ke anak cucu...... kekekekekee in english " happily ever after".

But what about me? hmmmmmm

Till then, Cheers

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Human Nature

Lately i went back home quite late........ why? simple answer..... there are lot of reason and the reason are differ from time to time.....kekekekekeke. But most of the time, just because i like go back home late. Am trying to avoid jam and at the same time i can finished work that are pending....... if not just simply go back home late.... kekekekeke.

But then, thats not the topic i would like to tell. This is because i have to settle up one critical part on my unit product. Since 2 years back, there no one handle this stuff and even no one ever do any progress about it. And since we initiate back and we are trying to change bit by bit, people start to shout and give their generous opinion and concern.

There are several factors that i've seen at this point. Here we go.....

1. Good point where since no one handle this matter, people are wonder and dont have any direction to refer. Since am around and am the person to refer. Even am just a new guy in the loop but im in charged and i have to know here and there. AKA there are people to refer.

2. They have their point of view and their own objective. so we need to prepare a based for them and ease them. Since we are working in a "TEAM". If they achieve, we will achieve the target as well. Good for me and good for them. Im like a candle who lights up for a space. Hmmm i like this kind of concept. kuikuikuikuikui

3. Good point as well where without their concern and opinion, i would do more ground work and prepare a based for my team as well. Since my work as a product owner its my job to make sure it runs well and does not hassle to others.

4. Not good point is where people tend to give bad comment not good comment. As if we are doing bad thing and at the same time its shows like they are our bos.... does it suppose to be the other way around?

5. Not good happen where this stuff has been spread and we have to make sure they not gonna Bomba our team again......

So, at this point i dont know what to explain, but i can conclude this as human nature and you, me and other will do. But till when we are going to shoot, aren't we suppose to find a solution and post-mortem before blame to each other?

Till then, cheers

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Just a query, when you old, do you still have friends like we have rite now............

I do believe every each of us has a good friend whether we realise or not. This time i would like to share with you all about my schoolmate. This one not only my schoolmate but then primary schoolmate.

We start to met again since last 2 years, this one after i met one of them. Coincident all of us are looking for each other and still most of us does not change on face. So its quite easy to recognised each of us. So for start we make gathering on Hari Raya and we share lot of stuff such as whats latest, whats happen during school time. Its really rare you hear people say a childhood friends esp primary schoolmate. Even there is, there numbers will be less cause of different direction and different character been build after for so long.

Where all this came from, we all came from a primary school name Sekolah Rendah Dato' Hashim. Then most of us spread after UPSR. In my case i was with them only standard 4 and standard 5 cause after that my dad got transfer to other state. But still the memories is there and i really had a good time when i was there.

Since most of us stay scattered and not in a same area so its really rare to met up each other. Last nite i met 2 of them and we went for dinner after work. Gosh, its been for so long and there are lot of stuff we share. Its really a special moment for all of us and definitely its polish for our friendship better binding.

I should say, this click is differ from my common click cause the way we gather and bind is special. I guess this why i like to know lot of people and we can see the difference. I guess you do agree with me.

Till then, cheers

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Perfect Couple


At this point i dont actually know the right definition of "Perfect Couple". You see why i say like this is when you see around you can see various kind of couple you could see. There are reason why Allah Almighty give different kind of face, attitude, figure, and any type that you cant event know it exist its is there........

I used to hear some of my friends say that you can see the contra... meaning let say the husband is gorgeous, the wife are just so so or vice verse. Its really rare you see the both couple same good looking face, features and figure. And if there is, its like once in a blue moon.

Other of my friend used to say if both couple is good looking, they will compete to each other. I can really know or understand why my friends say like this but then it does has the coincidence in a small part and not all true.

What i do believe is, no matter both couple is good looking or either one is good looking or both are not good looking, the main part over here is loyalty, trust, and caring to each other. Every each person in this world god has given the perfect match. You might not know who is ur match until you find one.

Because of that, i have make sure 3 character for me to choose my mate. Brain, Attitude and looks. simply reason is, brain has to come first is because by brain you can do and share lot of stuff with your couple in a matured way. If not, you will bum into not meaning argument, Attitude has to come along cause its actually bring you and put you in a right place. Meanings, with the right attitude, where ever you go and been, people can see you as a person not as a laughing stock or hot topic.

Looks came last cause even you have good looks but no brain the answer is bimbo...... i look this situation like this :

Look + attitude, no brain = bimbo
Brain + looks , no attitude = normal person
brain + attitude, no looks = people dont see u much unless ur brain.

Basically you can say that with looks actually make you ease on ur eyes. That person dont have to be good looking to other person, as long the looks ease to ur eyes is more then enough. I cant really stand person who is good looking but no brain and attitude cause they annoyed me with their behaviour and act. seriously...........

There are lot of myth telling on the couple, but bottom line is you should know what you are looking at and you should know who is ur match. In this case, i actually really like to this fella in my office building where that fella is so my type........ hmmmmmmm ( with big smile )

So, who is ur match?