Friday, September 26, 2008

Festive Mood


Its just near by to the Raya Mood but then my work is still increase like nobody business. heheheheh Its my business then.

Bout to place article but later. Something to share............ but now sign off jap. Cheers

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hey there guys and Readers...........

Nicq would like to say

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Mohon Maaf Zahir dan Batin
kalau ader salah and silap tu, i really-really minta maaf.

Happy Eid Mubarak....................


There will be more things to share and i still wrote the article until tomorrow, and sometime during the festive........ Cant wait to have Nasi Dagang, Pulut, Our signature cookies - Biskut Kulit Jering, Rendang ayam, Roti Jala...... and many MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Till then, Cheers again.

Movie share.....


Being a normal person - hmmmm am i not normal.... kekekekeke, i mean being just a simple fella and astro as my entertainer, i kind of watch everything inside the ASTRO. previously i share with you guys about movie's that i watch via cinema this one the one that watch last sunday nite after Iftar time at my friends place.

The Movie we all watch is " The Freedom Writers" - Its about one teachers who do extremely extra mile educate their student and helping them by giving the Motivation and support and they are willing spend and sacrifice of everything to see their student success and by the power of sincerity and hard work they did it. Yeay......... kekekekeke. I dont mean to make fun of it but then am proud of it.

Beside the " The Freedom Writers" there few more movies that i could fall in the same category. Let me recall:

- Dangerous Mind - 1996 i guess
- Sister Act 2 - forgot the year
- Mona Lisa Smile -
- Mr Apekebenda ntah- this one about a teacher who teach music and passion about music haaa..... Mr Holland's Opus..... i guess - see pic
- Patch Adam's
- and many more.........

The Movie indirectly does not bring the big hit but then it really bring a big impact to everybody who watch is and learn from it. To others, no matter how many times they watch it, if they are not learn from it, what can we do........

At this point, i try to see it on me from experience, history, success and what have i done and what i want in my life. To be frank, i seriously can say it really change me from one point to another point. Some is a good, some still remain, some still struggle to move but don't know how, some down at first then go up, and some goes down.
Some people they like to make comparison between them with other person. Role model la.... A starter la...... anything that make them can view them in other perspective. Its true in certain aspect. But then in my opinion, my idea is it should came from the basic. From the beginning, from your mind.
For example, the mindset of always flush after you go. If you are not practise that at home, definitely outside they would practise the same thing. Then complain, public toilet is dirty. Who's fault and who to blame.....?
In my case, i try to see it on me first. Yes, ME, Moi, Aku, Saya, teman, Ambo, woa, I. What i do, i see it me myself. If good i keep it of make it better. If not good, change it. If there's a problem, i always try to find a solution first rather then blame on other people. Blame people is not the way it it. Trust me. It shows that you are soo...... sellfish.
I recall back and one of the scene in The Freedom Writers - Student say that he proud of Mies Heip to be a Hero, but she replied that she is not a Hero. In fact they are. They are the one who should be reward as a Hero. They are willing to make changes and dare to change.
Back to the my article, who ever make this kind of movie's or stories, they are really brilliant and genius. They have the guts and idea and they did it very well.........
Sometimes, we kind of see other peoples Greatness, strength and what they have done, without realised that they also have their own GREAT and STRENGTH. Trust me, see what do u have first before you see others.
So, how bout you............ : - )
Till then, Cheers

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Share

Hey there guys.........

Had a hectic day yesterday....... Monday blues does not turn to its position where i had a meeting for the half day and i had to settle up a report for todays presentation.... though its still not complete and i just take lil time for blog as a calam theraphy........

Weekend held in a fun way where i went to my friends place for Iftar. It was fun cause im used to do iftar only for 2-3 person then last saturday and sunday had a iftar with more then 10 person and we all laugh and make joke like nobody's business kekekekekekekekeke

No picture taken cause tak sempat, but then its still caught in my memories....... sorry guys. Am not kind of person who put pic in this blog that much. Lots of memories and lot of stories to share with ya.......

Maybe later then for the stories, this one just only a quick pit stop for sharing........

Till then, Cheers

Friday, September 19, 2008

Not Fasting during Ramadhan

Well it just happen in front of me today and every year as a matter effect.

Walk back home from Friday prayer, pass through one of the hawker stall sell the Water. I was hmmmmm Sugar Cane......... yummy and owh, maybe this one is for the non-Muslim and maybe for Muslim for iftar later. I'm impress with him.

Right after i start to impress that fella, suddenly he just take a bow behind the bowl of water and have a sip for a drink. Hmmmmmm Hilang mood nak memuji lg. My mind just pop up some quiry, Do you have to break fasting just because you are working under the sun........

My mom used to tell me, if you do something or anything, at least try to get barakah. In this case, i feel sad cause if he is fasting, definitely Al-Mighty will give some credit on his effort. Hmmm i really dont know what to say, simply speechless.

Hopefully am not doing the same thing like him. hehehehehehe.

remind me of my childhood time ..... in summary......

1. Never puasa until my age standard 3
2. feels great during Puasa during my age 9 and manage to finished the whole month during fasting month
3. Ter Skip 1 day puasa cause of too tired after almost whole day do charity work - minta derma kat kg for Charity drive....... Yeah rite charity..........
4. Accidentally ate 1 banana heavenly on the 5th day of puasa when i was 14th years old.

The rest, am just am ordinary fella. Hehehehehehe

Till then, Cheers

Sign of Relationship in Red Flag

Hey there guys, something that i would like to share with you guys and i get this at Yahoo website........
P/s, its not mine, its belongs to Rich.
When determining if you should let things get serious, remember: actions speak louder than words. With that being said, here are ten dating red flags. If you see any of these, do yourself a favor and reconsider if it's worth it for you.
1. You are not on the VIP list for breaking news
Were you the last to learn about this person's job promotion or newborn niece or nephew? Once things are serious, you should be among the first to know about exciting news, or bad news.
2. They avoid meeting your family or friends
If they are shying away from meeting your friends/family consistently, then there are problems. Even if they are very shy, they should want to meet those who are important to you.
3. They don't make any sacrifices
Healthy relationships don't require bending over backwards all the time, but a certain amount of sacrifice is necessary in a selfless union. When two of my friends first started dating one another, she demanded that he go to Farm Aid for her birthday, which was also the opening NFL football Sunday. While all the guys gathered to watch the games, he was sweltering on some field attending Farm Aid -- an event he never would have gone to if she hadn't have invited him. Now that's sacrifice.
4. They can't fit in your future
I admit it. When I meet girls, I envision future moments I may some day share with them. Most of my scenarios are her with me and my family at a Thanksgiving holiday or at a summer crabfeast. If I'm really into her, I usually relish the thought. If not, I kinda cringe.

5. They are too controlling
It's scary but I've seen many relationships where guys forbid girls to hang out with certain friends, or wear certain clothes. Major problem if someone is controlling you and not allowing you to be who you want to be within a relationship.

6. The "what are we" conversation fails miserably
Almost every relationship hits that crossroads where you both decide if it's worth taking the plunge into being exclusive and calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend. If they are confused and surprised that you're ready to get serious, the timing is not right, and you should try to figure out how long you want to wait around until they are ready.

7. They talk about plans that don't involve you
My sister has major wanderlust. She's always talking about heading off to Chicago or living in London for a year. She often talks about these things with no regard for the fact that she has a boyfriend at the time. If you find that someone is making plans or talking about far off places without inviting you along for the ride, don't let yourself get too into this person.
8. Your friends or family don't like them
Remember that your friends and family know you best. Don't take their thoughts with a grain of salt. It's one thing if a person or two don't get along with your significant other, but if a lot of them are saying you should reconsider, then do it. Unfortunately, we often find out about how much our friends hated that person after this person is gone.

9. They violated your trust
Whether it's cheating or a little lie that they got caught in, it will be hard to regain trust. Trust is something we don't give away easily, and once it's gone it's hard to get it back. We'll always be wondering about that lie, and doubt will creep in more and more as our minds fixate on that lie. Too often, people take trust for granted and once they lose it they never get it back.
10. You practice "unbalanced dating"
Are you always seeing his friends or doing things that he wants to do? Do you just let him pick the restaurants and events? Or is it the other way around? Relationships are fun when you are both able to contribute. If you're not taking turns creating fun times together, it will most likely fizzle out.
What would you add to the list? Ever been a victim of any of these red flags?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Its bring a lot of meaning about sharing, but then all i want to share with you is when im stay with my fren in a Bachelor's house. Heheheheheh Yes, Bachelor House.

We stay 5 of us. I dont know why, but then do we need to have a situation of My things and ur things in the house........ Thats not sharing and this kind of people is not the one who should live in a sharing house. They should stay alone......

Think bout it.

Till then, Cheers

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What will you do when some1 tell you "He/She" love's you!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmmmm, Before i start my conversation........ I would like to say....... Thanks all memang memahami penderitaan i. I know its seriously a BIG humour for you but then it really helps me a lot to cool me down after hear a big laugh from you....... Thanks and Please ya....... its our secret. Please dont tell to anyone.

Back to my story....... Well, this idea pop up when i read this article from juju's blog. What will you do when someone tell that he Love's you........... I used to have that kind of situation and after what had happen definitely am not into it...........Its scary, its too soon, its rushing and it will lead to anything that you might not think off....... or cant imagine i suppose........ Do you really can trust of people who just can simply declare or say I love you in short time.......

Owh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be realistic, we bare knew this person very well, just only a short time of know each other and you can simply accept him or her to be you partner or couple. You dont even know this person history, health condition, financial condition, pass relationship, pass career path, education, family background, his attitude and many more.........

Dont you think that its really important for you to be little bit careful or should i say Fully precautions................? Seriously. Let me tell you a story tell by my fren. Well, let just say Mr J. He kind of precaution person and believe of True Love. So, he is willing to wait a so called " Perfect Person" came to his life. One day, he met this fella and he fall in Love to this fella. Being a person who is in Love........ he willing to do anything including having sex. So he kind of willing to loose his virginity to this person. The bad thing is, J is just know this fella in a short time. He dont event know anything about this person who he so called Love........Well, Guess what........ That fella has HIV and it effected to J. His first time loose his virginity and first time effected by HIV.

I feel sorry to him and hope he's doing well after what really happen. When i heard about this story, i was like......... silence and speechless. Dont know what to say and dont want to say anything. But what can i do is take that as my guideline and iktibar. I dont want to make same mistake had happen to J. I love myself and i love you guys too........... i dont want you to make the same mistake like others did.

Just chill, take your own sweet time and know this person. I dont mean " sweet time" by any chance give ur precious to him for sweetness......... Take a long as can be to know this person. You will see the answer later. Good things will come if you know how to be patience. Patience pay dude....... Trust me , but most important is Trust ur Guts not your emotion.

Till then, Cheers

Please guys, bear in ur mind that not all people are innocent. They have other intention for their own good.

Alone and Yourself

After quite sometime, i kind of like of what i had rite now. Do most of the time alone and be here and there alone.

Last nite i spend my time alone at home. My siblings is not at home, so left me alone for iftar time and tv time after terawikh. I cook fried instant noodle and eat my Jco donut alone and went to masjid for isya' and terawikh and spend the rest of the night watching Ugly Betty, Lipstick Jungle and Main In Manhattan. Sound so sad and so lonely. But then surprisingly nope. Im fine with what i had last nite and am completely ok with it.

While watchin those series and movie, suddenly my mind pop up a question .......... when will my partner will come to me and do romantic thing like in in the Movie "Maid in Manhattan" or any movie that show the true love and sacrifice and forgiveness and back to your love partner......... hmmmmmmm i wish and still wish......... ah, susah-susah, i did that to my partner..........but when will my partner do that to me.......... hmmmmm speechless again........well, thats why its call Movie. If thats not Movie, they will called Reality............. hehehehehe

After the break up, what i do feel is Lonely when am alone, but then NOW when am alone, i dont really feel lonely. It has turn to the point where i spend my own time and do what ever i want to do. I cook, buy, shopping, reading, watching tv, eating and anything that i could do alone, i still continue and enjoy every second of my time.

Still wishing my partner will come.........and i will enjoy my life with it? Yes and still.

Never say Never. I know i will get my Happiness back and I could get the right partner for Me.

Thats why my new tagged is " I will and I could".

I dont want to type my express seems like i won 1 million cheer but my face is start to smile back................ :-)

Till then, Cheers

Jco Donut.........

Dont know why but then am craving for the Donut. Not just any kind of donut, just only 2 type of donut - Jco and Big Apple Donut.

2 Word i could say bout this 2 brand, Yummy and superb.............

Seriously, i love it and like it the moment it touch my tongue. The dough is so fluffy, the icing and the feeling inside the dough and also the sweetness of the donut. Simply delicious and i still can imagine how does it taste.

Compared from Jco and Big Apple, I kind of prefer to the Big Apple. Reason is their dough taste better compared to Jco and even firmer on the dough. The feeling is not that sweet. Urgh.......... Love it and Like it more........

Well, there goes my diet.................. kuikuikuikuikui

Till then, cheers

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House - AXN

Watch final season for House last nite and i satisfied with what they did.........

Obviously, we can tell that House is the "one" who really need help. Be so mean to the others, sarcastic and he's word is rude. Even though he doing that, but then he always know what he is doing. I kind of envy and impress of what he did. Reality, thats the way it is. No pain no gain.

I have seen some of my friends acting like House character and i could conclude into 2 perception. He is really like that and the other one is, they trying to hide something. I was rite when the last part when he is in coma and he met his dead patience, and he kind of confess that being in depression,lonely, down, sick and ill make him dont want to continue his life. She reply saying " You cant always get what you want". He nodded and move out from that place.

He really need someone and he is trying level best to get happiness. When we knew bout this matter, they actually need help. I know what does he mean and completely understand cause I'm in that position as well. Just be courteous and be alert of others need. Dont be selfish dude...... ( Remind to me as well)

The word " You cant always get what you want" bring lot of meaning to me. Its is true and there is lots of reason lies behind it and we cant even know the answer. Only the Almighty could say it. I just leave the answer Him but at the mean time, i will try my level best to get what i want. Until to what extend............ Wakaranai..- I dont know - Mane le teman tau yob. Its not easy but its not impossible.

"I will and I could"

Till then, Cheers

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New day comes.........

13th September is the date that i take my scroll for a degree for the past 4 years. I still cant believe of what i have achieve and what i had left for the pass 4 years.

Its been up and down, break up, meet up, new job, new friends, fighting, lost friends, vacation, birthday celebration, new movies, new way of thinking and many more that i still cant imagine and i cant recall.

Im still looking to the bright future and hoping that one day i could get of what i dream off. Every day i pray to the All Mighty so that He could help me and support me in any ways so that i could acheive of what i want. He is so fair and He know what He is doing. I definitely trust him and i Trust myself as well. Cause if not me trust myself who else...........

Insyallah, i will do my level best to get what i want it and Never and never say STOP in my life.

May Allah Bless me and you too

Till then........


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teman Palsu

Kind of weird title i gave rite......but then the word came from article of narcistbandit called teman palsu......

According to him, teman palsu means buddy who is fake to you. ( direct translation which bring a straight meaning). Well, its really clear on the point and you know what does it mean. I don't plan to elaborate more but then all i would like to share is what really happen to me about the term of "fake buddy".

This happen during when i was in Uni where at that time im still young and vibrant and we do a bit naughty and bad. Don't blame me of being naughty cause that is my nature dude..... hehehehehe. Boys will be always boys remember.......

So, what really happen, i kind of know this fella where he is known to everybody on his character and pass history. Unfortunately i dont know him well. And being me, i have a weakness of hard to say NO. So, i kind of closed with him and do most of the things together.

The rumours spread out all over uni and say i do bad stuff with him. Its brings bad name to me and well i didnt realised it at first. Until when i stop by at my friends place and he kind of give a one kind reaction to me. I asked why...... he just ignore me and shock me. Hmmmmmm what have i done to him?

Well, i just dont take it seriously, but i just take a moment and observed. Then i realised some of my fren start to have distance from me. I dont know why and i dont like it. So what i do is talk to my fren who close with me. He tell what happen and again i was shock on the news. Then i confront to my friend who gave distance and he kind of shock. I dont care what will he think but then all i want to do is just clear the mess.

Then i realised, theres no point for me to do that. I just act like nothings happen and be friend with anybody who want to be friend with me. At that time, i know who is my friend who is the fake buddy.

Like what i used quote
" Friends will go when we have trouble, TRUE friends will give their hand even we dont asked for it"
" Fake buddy will be only when you happy, TRUE friends will be beside you when you in a sad mood."

Not all friends can be our buddy but we still can be friends with anybody.

Till then, Cheers

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stupid system......


I guess this blog system is running crazy. Bengang giler ngan system...... and now pun dah jadi bangang dah........

sorry oguys ngan my word but then i can take it. Waht ever i post and today i type on 8th Sept still they posted it on 31st Aug.......


btw, today is a great morning and lovely day to run

Till then cheers


Hungry during fasting month

Well, if not hungry it doesn't called fasting month. Well, remind me during my first time i start fasting...... hehehehehe. I start fasting when i was standard 3. Before that, i get the privilege by NOT Fasting during the Ramadan.... Hehehehe.

I still remember how hard it be and sooner or later i get used to it. There's a time where my mom wake up and nearly slip the sahur, we all only had fresh milk. I manage to run through the day only with the help of fresh milk.

Kind of weird where i saw some of us not fasting during fasting month. Well it just only a month. Just go through with it without thinking of hungry.... what cause of problem will make you suffer?

I notice one thing, Yes, Ramadan is a special month and before Ramadan came , people kind of make some sort of celebration or event like picnic or event before fasting month came.As if there's no more picnic after Ramadan....I wonder......... it looks like when Ramadan came for the whole year or the rest of the life. Its really does not make sense.

To me, moderate should be the way it is. Well, Ramadan came and we cherish the holy month. That what i normally do and practice.

During fasting month as well, you can see there are various type of food that you hard to find during normal month will appear. Matter of sedap or not different issue. But its come's out during fasting month. I always make it as a special month where i not really keen to have rice , i mean normal rice as one of my meal. I take anything beside rice. Mee, Mee Hoon, Pasta, bread, pita, kueh, anything but not rice. If there's a rice, i only take nasi dagang, briani, kerabu, tomato as long it not white normal rice. hehehehehehe.

I guess it because i used to it and been practice it since my young age.

How bout you guys, what is your Ramadan looks like?