Friday, May 24, 2013


Beside the berries which is several type of berries that i've tried before (strawberry, gooseberry, raspberry, blueberry blackberry, and some berries that i cant remember how to spell). Another kind of fruit that i rally like is Mango. 

Like berries and all other fruits, God has create various type from each fruits. Each has their own uniqueness, specialty and exquisite taste. In this case, i say Mango is one of it as well. Ever since i was kid, my parents always buy mango back home when its seasons is in. I know some name of the Mango that is "Emas Hitam" (its darker colour of mango with golden and very sweet taste), then "Siku Raja" (long and very full flavour of mango), Manga Ringan (common type of mango that most of malay house plant it next to it) and many more. 

Then, during the time when i have my practical training in Hotel, they serve "Elephant trunk Mango" which is very big, sweet and fresh. Very good if you can blend make a smoothies. 

Lately, i just got to know another type of mango that the taste is really lavish and make me orgasmic when i have it and of cause its the best in my opinion; "Mango Lemak". Its like, not too sweet, the texture is firm and you hardly get the sour taste even if its still not ripe yet. Yummy...........

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Something Interesting

I dont know where does it come from but i actually found out without i notice it exist in my Mac. I guess i would like to share it with you. 

Please have a look 

But then this video is more like a facts and it does related to my passion as well 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Squat for the Big Nature Call

You can call Im a outdated or old fashion but i dont care. But i am a big fan of Squat when im having the big nature call. My instinct is actually right when last month i found this from my friends fb post. Have a look 

Seriously this is very informative 

Urge to Pee

I dont know about you guys but it always happen to me. For me, let go this little nature call it should easier to any location. Even better if the place that i found is very clean, neat, no urine smell and even better its dry........... its like orgasmic for me to let go the urine inside the toilet bowl. 

But i dont know that it is something wrong about it or its my nature of habit. All along im at outside, i dont feel like want to pee. But............. the moment i arrive home, at the moment that am about to open my grill door lock, suddenly the urge coming like cannot hold for any single second. Its like about to burst and i have to be as quick as possible. The condition can be worst when my hand is kind of full and when i try to unlock the grill lock, they key slow me down.....Just imagine how suffer i am at that moment. 

The moment i manage to open the grill and the main door, straight away i rush to the nearest toilet and woosh it flow like a tsunami. But house safety have to take although it just a simple one. Which is i just lock the main door. If i actually wait to lock back the grill....... am so sure i dont have enough time and it will flooded inside 

anak kambing rambling 


Monday, May 13, 2013

Force someone to do something that they know nothing.

This incident happened quite long time ago and i always remembered it when i was at the surau in any shopping complex. So happened i know this guy who actually just reverted to islam about 2 days. Well,  of cause some accepted it with open hand because he decided to reverted but unfortunately not his brother if am not mistaken.   

Cut it short, one of my friend actually invite him to surau to perform solat, but then he actually didnt teach anything about solat to this reverted guy. So, this guy just do what other people do bluntly without knowing anything the juice of solat. 

To me, what my friend did is totally wrong. He actually should teach this reverted guy a basic understanding until he is ready to perform solat. Because if you forced someone to do something that they knew nothing about it, don't you think it will lead to a wrong direction? Think about it.  

Anak Kambing 2 cents opinion.   

Friday, May 10, 2013

Throw the plain water in the Drain

Just saw this guy where he just pour the water from the mineral water into the drain and then after that throw the empty bottle in to the dustbin. To me, i dont have any problem for him on throwing the empty bottle in the dustbin because it is our duty to make sure that to make our place clean and tidy. Kudos for that action

But what interest me more is where he pour the water into the drain. Where, beside of the drain, there are carpet grass. To me, it is such a waste. Even if it's the flavored drink, it still ok for you to sprinkle it on the grass in any kind of weather. You give water to the plant. 

To me, I look it this way. Try to imagine that water is the money and the grass is the people/society who need the money. The action of pouring the water in the drainage is similar to giving the money to the something that not bring any benefits to the society. So, it clearly such a waste right.     

My 2 cents opinion 

Anak kambing rambling. 

Stay alert and fresh every morning

I used to be person who are lazy to wake up early in the morning.  Although my parents has show the example of waking up early in the morning and start their daily activity with fresh body, at that time i guess the law factor still strong in my mind. 

However, i start to think something interesting........ i said to myself plus with some reading talking about the benefits of wake up early goes like this "I guess, i should try to start my daily activity with fresh way but how?" 

I look through my daily journey activity and i notice that most of the time i sleep quite late. When i sleep late, the tendency for me to wake up early is really (i mean) extreme low.  So how to wake up early if i sleep late. Plus i need a quality sleep. 

I look deeper, where i used to hang out till almost early in the morning. At that time, yes its peaceful because of not many people but then again no much you can do at the late night beside just go for clubbing or hang out at mamak. 

That is one of the main reasons i start to change slowly my activities from always sleep late to sleep early where midnight is the most i can go. 

It good for your own benefits though.  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

We are Malaysian

I guess it is my character that i like to get close with other race. To me, it is something that you cant get it in other county. I remember when the first time i enter to the secondary school, in my class turn out to be all boys although its a co-ed school and its like only 3 person is indian and the balance which the number is really balance is Malay and Chinese. I actually love it and still think that one of the good memories in my life. 

Then, when i was like form 3, my mom decided to transfer me back to kota bharu because i kind of weak in exam result and she want me to get a good result for PMR. 

I do remember, when i was form 4 in science stream, it just only 3 malays in the class and others are dominated by indian and chinese. To me its ok. I dont feel any sentiment of racist or discrimination at all although it just 3 of us. 

When i was form 5, all of us have to transferred back to Kota Bharu. It is because of my dad have to transfer. so, whether i like or not, i have to follow. At that year is when the Chinese New Year and Hari Raya were celebrate together, just in a few days difference. I dont actually feel the Combine celebration because majority race in Kelantan is malay. Some or rather, i do feel the pinch where i like to celebrate CNY as well, but i dun have chinese friends in Kota Bharu. 

I start to mixed back with other race is when i join the UUM. The feeling of muhibbah and togetherness is there. 

Now, the racist issue have been raised up from one particular party mentioned about race sentiment, to me it is stupid and worst i see them as MORON. Sorry for my language but i think they dont have the muhibbah feelings in their mind. The only they know is to get what they want and they will use any weapon to make sure that they get what they want. 

Time has change, we have independent for more than 50 years and it is known that we call ourselves Malaysia. The immigrant word and say that immigrant should return back to their country of origin should not be said or even think about it. It does not bring any good. You are hurting their feelings when you passed a bad remarks. How do you feel if they said the same thing to you? same right!. 

So, stop the racism sentiment and see it as Malaysian (FULL STOP).   

Face doesn't show actual age

Do we have any relevant to it? Do we have actual face shape that is match with the age kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke am sure the answer is NO.  Some people may look younger than their age, some may look older than their age. 

Those days, when i was young, i guess my body inherit from my grandparents where i tend to grow  bigger and taller than normal kids or my friends. The calculation is like this, let say at   that time i was at Standard 4, but because of i grew taller and bigger, people might think that i am standard 5 or 6. But when i was in Secondary school, the growth has start getting slow and matched with my friends body growth.

I guess the growth are getting slower and slower........ lol - Good lor.

Happened many times nowadays when they ask my age and when i answered the actual age, they were like "U serious? u doesn't look that old". So, I start to play the game "Guess my age". 

Recently, i went to Maxis to ehem ehem :p upgrade phone with fruit name originate from US who their CEO died last 1 year plus ago. So when i give my IC to the Sales Rep for the registration and suddenly she said "Owh, your birth year is 1979, i really thought that you're age maybe like from 1985 something like that". I actually laugh (quite loud actually) after that. So yes......... I look younger than my actual age. 

Stay young and be young on body and in mind. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Labor Day

In Malaysia, people celebrate it by resting at home and enjoy the public holiday given by the government. But in other country, thats not going to happen. 

I mentioned that i went to Jakarta for my birthday and the next day is a Labor Day. So Do the math ya when is my birthday date.  I have the opportunity to see how they do some Big Gathering at the Center of Jakarta and express the Right of the Workers and the citizen of Indonesia. 

Speechless and i guess better not tell what in my mind cause i guess its their country matter. But I certainly take it as a lesson for my life, point of view and understand the uniqueness of the Indonesian people. 

Be grateful of what we have here although yes we sure need to improve more for future generation at the same time. 
I have 1000 of idea in my mind to share in my blog when i was outside, but when i was actually in front of the screen, my mind kind of stuck and blank. But then again, i guess it should start my blog by rambling to talking nonsense yet something that related to my life. After all this is my blog. :D 

I was at Jakarta for 5 days. Well, simply because to celebrate my birthday with my other half. It's really an ad-hoc plan where a very quick decision and arrangement. Earlier on, the plan was like I'm gonna be in KL for my birthday because of my passport is with Travel Agent for Visa arrangement. Manage to request to get my passport, well, what do you know 2 days after that, i already flew to a city called "Uniquely Jakarta". 

Since i was young, i always heard the word "we can only plan but God will decide the fate". The trip went well for a a first 2 days, i arrived on Saturday evening, we had dinner, my Other Half has upgrade the room to suite which is double the size from the room that we normally stayed and then on the next day, we went to their conventional hall to see IndoCraft. It was an eye opener where i actually can see thousands of craft modern and traditional from all over Indonesia and the batik was like an ocean. And Yes, i do catch one batik (very wow i should say on design) for me and some modern craft that seriously i find it simple yet does look good for deco.  

However, the planned has been amended for a slight big change where me and my other half were  caught up with a bad food poisoning. So most of the time after that we kind of sleep, diarrhea, and weak and stay in the room. I actually puke, or in the case vomit the whole meal that i had. Cause of the problem is the "si hum" or clam and adding to that, i suspect the veges cause me the "wind". Due to that, my stomach doesn't feel good few hours after i had the meals.    

My Other Half keep apologize me because of food poisoning, but seriously it is not my Other Half fault at all. Its beyond our control and we never expect its gonna happen like that. For me, spend time together with my Other Half (no matter sick or not) is always the best moment for me. Its because we always share our moment by chat, crack a joke, tease each other, where companion moment is the more i look forward rather then only see the good things only.  

OK, I stop there. Cheerios