Monday, September 20, 2010

Manners and Matters

Are we Asian really dont have manners? simple thank you does bring big impact right.......even smile also does bring a cheers to others right.......

really wonder??????????

Wonder Years

This October will be our 3rd Anniversary with my SO. 3 years we been together and 3 years with up's and down's. My friends told me and my SO that we are the romantic couple. Well, been been a while but then our relationship still remain the same. I love my SO so much and wish it will last longer then we think.

Within 3 years :
  • For babies, they already can talk, play and many more. They start to know what mummy like or dislike.

  • For True Friendship, we definitely know our frens character. What they like and what they dont like. Although there's fight or joy, definitely friendship is more like care and share each other.

  • For a career, we already know what's happening inside the company. Who goes up, who's bitching and who can we work or we work less. The system is where we understand.

  • For a Car, its still the peak of the performance. No problem occurred unless the owner dont know how too take care or it.

As for me, 3 years give me lots of things that i been through like :

  1. Loving- I love my other have deep in my heart.
  2. Understanding - Understand each other character, behaviour, what my SO like and dont like, what my SO want and avoid, and many more.
  3. Share - We share of sad, joy, weakness, strength, opportunities and what cause threat between us.

Nothing much i can say beside I love my SO so much. Love you dear and no one really as good as you and no matter what. I am so sorry if any of what i have done previously cause you deeply hurt. I love you so much and hope our relationship will last forever.