Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rambling 1

Ramadhan Al Kareem 

As we grow older, the way of our thinking and see of certain thing will be different. My friend Zarul Zafi say is "More better" kekekekekekekeke. Ramadhan or fasting month are commonly known as a fly month for muslim. During my younger years, i guess i take it as a light in a sense of a religion, faith  and see it as another special month in a islamic calendar year. But now, i believe my view has changed to a different perspective. More towards holistic and see my faith. I guess it not only happen during this special month, but in my daily life activities. 

I know i am a naughty person, but i know also i have certain limit and what direction should i choose and believe with that path. In my opinion, nothings wrong if you want to be open and get into the current trend. BUT as long you don't go beyond than that....... i guess it should be ok. 

Yes zarul..... "more better". 


Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadhan has begin

Alhamdulillah, Thanks to the Allah The Creator, blessed, and thankful. 

The moment i typing right now, its already dusk and for muslim known it as Maghrib moment where we pray a solat for maghrib time. In islam calendar, our day it start from the dusk and the special time about now is Ramadhan has begin. 

I do feel so peaceful at this moment. Look back from my life that i have went through, i know Allah has arrange the best journey for me. I am look forward for my fasting month with my family, my beloved SO, my friends, and everybody that knows me and accept me for who i am.  


Eat Pray Love

Read the book

Watch this movie so many times.


My SO told me that Indonesian love........ I say it again LOVE the acronym or short form the word. Maybe they are lazy to say it in a longer or they just simply2 make it short like 
1. DuBes - Duta Besar 
2. Bandara - Bandar Udara (Airport) 
3. lansia - Lanjut Usia 
4. Soho - Social House and many more 

So yesterday, my SO asked me: 

SO:  Yang, have you post the Korsel Pic already? 
Me:  Korsel???? kroset u mean? since when la i wear kroset?  
SO: Korsel is Korea Selatan la. Korut?
Me: Owh........ Cheh! Not yet. Korut??? Korut or Karut??? 
SO: Haduih, my Anak Kambing* is so slow la. Korut is Korea Utara. So Penang Island how they say ah? 
Me: Ngehehehe. Where got slow. errrr little bit slow i guess. Penang Island? Penis is it?
SO n Me: Whahahahahahahhaha  

Dear Blog

Dear Blog, 

I have a problem. I know that now I'm in short semester and i only have 5 classes to attend and i only take 2 subjects, but i always face the same problem every time i wanna do my studies, i always need to seek my mood and conflict internally before i could start my study. 

Last semester, it drag me almost a week with internal conflict, before i could start my reading books or do my assignment and this semester i guess because it short semester, the conflict has shorten its time period as well as in 1 day an half. But STILL an internal conflict. Haih sienz. 

The mood can be distracted sometimes by a simple or shall i say SILLY things like 
1. Am hungry - hungry cannot study well. (excuse) 
2. BBM/Whatsapp/FB or SMS come in. Im sure wanna kaypohchee and prolonged it. 
3. My Brother watch tv. (i always turn ON TV but volume to mute when i study alone)- This one not an excuse. 
4. Any silly excuse that i can think of. 

So, How? 

But a good news is, errr i can study and focus. It just i need to jump up the starting point before i start my study. 

There, thats my concern blog. I know this won't help me much, but i certainly enjoy reading it in the future like i did. LOL 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Confident FB Post 2

Another sacarstic statement that i post in my fb statement is

Dia is not my threat. I just define that person as Lalat that sometimes meng"annoying"kan.

So, why bother.

Confident FB post

I like to post something at my fb and recently i did it again.......

"I may not as leaned and have a 6 pax abs like you...... but i am WAY................. Taller, better and wiser than you". 

Muahahahahahahaha *evil laugh start*. 

No plastics

Its been 1 month plus i didn't blog....... lots of things to talk but when it come to the screen, i was like n mood to tell you a story. ngehehehehehehe 

but this time, let me share you one thing 

Last Saturday i went to buy lunch nearby at bukit indah, so after select what i want, i go to the counter to pay. While i took the money to pay, this makcik wanna pack my food polysterene inside the plastic bag. Straight away i said "no need the plastic bag".

She kind of stunned. I continued and say that no need to waste it. She replied and said "not nice hold that polystyrene just like that. I just smile and went out. 

Sometimes, we need to start by NOT using the plastic bag. No need the local authority say and keep remind us for this. it has to start from us.