Saturday, December 18, 2010

International Roaming.

International Roaming - is the condition where you will be able to get connected by your caller from home of origin to you whenever you are not in country of origin.

You never know this thing is very important to you until you experience it. I had that experience (the trouble) where i forgot to activate my international roaming services from my network supplier.

Hell yeah the trouble happen and when i think about it again, make me smile. But that is simply memorable to me and my SO.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5 cents thought

There 4 type of person that i normally notice.

1. Positive Thinker - Where these person will look on any positive side. In other words, all positive words mingle in their mind; Strong, firm, confidence, smile, go getter, high achiever, success, peace (depends), and bla bla bla.......

2. Negative Thinker - well it definitely the opposite side of positive. All the negative elements always play in their mind; weak, broken, cant do that, cant do this, why why why, nagging, sour face, stress, and short say all the negative words la.......

3. Confuse Thinker - This one definitely cannot decide which one they want to be. Either positive or negative. This one may good in certain part but then hummmm definitely hard to make a decision. But at least this person being realistic. Where they have the capability of see things in a good or bad. but what i afraid is the last person

4. Un-decided - donno what to say lor.....

so which one of you.?

1 month of silence.......


Look at the last date, its like a month i have not update my blog. I guess if these blog can sure can say....."Hello...... are you run out of idea or you are just lazy.......?"hehehehehehhe

Basically, i always update my blog in office. That is before i start my work. But then recently they realised that am not productive enough and block the blog website since september. So.....this is one of the reason why i cant update my blog ASAP.

2nd reasons is YES i am actually have the 4 letter L words "L-A-Z-Y". So malas to go at any coffee outlet and update these.....

3rd reason is where November i kind of full with action. Im in Bali from Deepavali - 9th Nov (amazing trip i went with my SO; love it every moment went i was there) , Then Biz Plan meeting in PD for 3 days and then went back for Raya Haji cum my younger brother wedding reception in Kota Bharu (Yes danny i am kelantanese : p).

4th reasons is because ermmmm i guess thats only the excuse i have. But no worries, i definitely will keep on post the blog when ever i can and definitely as much as i could.

Hope to see you guys more then.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Me and Fortunate

Believe it and Trust Your Believe. Definitely this will Happen no matter how, what, when and Where........

Trust this, you will know what i say.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Manners and Matters

Are we Asian really dont have manners? simple thank you does bring big impact right.......even smile also does bring a cheers to others right.......

really wonder??????????

Wonder Years

This October will be our 3rd Anniversary with my SO. 3 years we been together and 3 years with up's and down's. My friends told me and my SO that we are the romantic couple. Well, been been a while but then our relationship still remain the same. I love my SO so much and wish it will last longer then we think.

Within 3 years :
  • For babies, they already can talk, play and many more. They start to know what mummy like or dislike.

  • For True Friendship, we definitely know our frens character. What they like and what they dont like. Although there's fight or joy, definitely friendship is more like care and share each other.

  • For a career, we already know what's happening inside the company. Who goes up, who's bitching and who can we work or we work less. The system is where we understand.

  • For a Car, its still the peak of the performance. No problem occurred unless the owner dont know how too take care or it.

As for me, 3 years give me lots of things that i been through like :

  1. Loving- I love my other have deep in my heart.
  2. Understanding - Understand each other character, behaviour, what my SO like and dont like, what my SO want and avoid, and many more.
  3. Share - We share of sad, joy, weakness, strength, opportunities and what cause threat between us.

Nothing much i can say beside I love my SO so much. Love you dear and no one really as good as you and no matter what. I am so sorry if any of what i have done previously cause you deeply hurt. I love you so much and hope our relationship will last forever.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blackout experience

Nowadays, i hardly face the blackout in KL. Last time when me and my family stay in Kelantan and Kluang Johor especially, its like almost every month we experience with the blackout. And there's one time whole peninsular Malaysia experience electricity failure, i was like.....another blackout happen......heehehehehehehe. No biggy to me definitely.

What i always do during black out happen:
1. of course do nothing.
2. Play shadow.
3. Play with the bug.
4. try to get sleep early but then hard for me to get sleep cause it is so hot and i hardly can sleep without fan. I'm not a fan of air con.
5. Do homework
6. most of it do nothing lor..... cause i cant read books, or do homework also no good cause it will damage my eyes cause not enough light.....yeah rite....kekekeke
7. Blackout dream lor.
8. Go outside and try have a chat with neighbour while get night breeze

So, thats what i normally do when blackout happen. yeay......kekekekekke

cheers then

Fasting in Ramadhan - Story

Fasting is one of the thing that muslim need to do once a year for whole month in Ramadhan Month. I start fasting when i was my age of 9 and until now i should say i been good follower. ngehehehehehehe.......But it is really funny when some of muslim dont take this holy month as a special month; after all its only f.or month. They just simply said they cant take it cause of hungry and thirsty.hummmmm sad.........

To me, i take this month really special. The month that i can do lots of prayer such as terawikh, do subuh prayer where other time hard for me to do that, keep my fasting full throughout the month, and be good.

By the whole month, in malaysia especially we can have lots of special food. All the rare delicacies that we hard to find in the other month can find it easily and tasty. Lots of hotel offering Ramadhan Buffet and many place offer good food indeed. For me i would like to have my iftar by having it in a spacial place like home and be with someone that we love. To be frank, i hardly had my white rice for my iftar meal, i like to have cendol that prepared as lai chee kang, kueh with everyday different type, different kind of meal that we can easily find during ramadhan.
Love it every moment in i embrace and cherish with my God, My family and My love one and myself. Its always completes me.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blackberry Torch

Introduce by my fren and office mate about this new Blackberry Torch and since im a Blackberry die Hard Fan........ when i look at it...i fall in love from the first sight.......

Love it, love it, luuurrrrrvvvvveeee it sssooooooooo much cause it is so sexy and superb. Cant describe more.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy with Work........

Ever since Fasting months start and I'm with my Huge project to bring back the expatriates (term that i used for foreign worker) awareness and trust on my prepaid packs cause me dont get enough time for blog...........

Sorry guys, but then i will make sure lot of things i can share especially with my daily and my thought in future after this. Today and yesterday and tomorrow basically on leave and i will blog and share.... ngehehehehehhe

Till now....Cheers guys........

Btw, i still wonder how come my blog is so called popular with Chinese reader and they like to tell in Chinese word.....i don't understand guys......mind if you can write it in normal language that i understand........


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Fasting in Ramadhan Month........

Wishing all Muslim and All my bloggers and my blog readers

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan and Fasting for Whole Month......
You see as born muslim and i have been practise islam my believe, i feel great. Some may say that Islam prohibit you to do this, that, cant eat this, cant eat that, you have to follow this and that and many more that bring up a negative image. Maybe because they just see in from the outside and they dont actually understand what the meaning of Islam.
Am not going to preech or sermon about islam in my blog, but what i would like to share is the good part of doing fasting for whole month. here it goes...:
1. By Fasting
- we can rest our stomach from working all day.
- we can practise diet or slim down
- we can control our (nafsu) needs and urge to waste
- we been thought of being petience and humble and low and cool.
- we dont have to think about lunch and more like want to get rest and finish our work faster
cant think much now cause still hungry,......whahahahaha this is normal as for first few days of fasting, later it should be ok.......
Later guys.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unexpected hobby

When we talk about hobby, the common thing that we used to hear is collecting stamp ( so last century ngehehehehe), swimming, surf internet (since internet start kan), fishing (budak kampung suka nie), cooking ( this one gurls like so called prepare before get married), stitching or cross stitch ( also gugurl punya hobby) and many more.
I also have my own normal and common hobby; swimming the the most favourite one. Then go to the gym to do work out ya....(danny jangan nak fikir lain), reading story books (which i only do few minutes before sleep) , cooking ( maybe because i like to cook but now hardly got time to do that) , shopping ( window and sales shopping is most preferable and if groceries can be in this category; I'm in cause i do groceries seems like i have 5 mouth to feed ngehehehehehe cause full in the trolley i fill in).
But then, i just realised i have another one hobby that i never knew i have been doing it since my school time. I like to read magazine. That time my brother, uncle and aunt like to buy humor magazine Gila-Gila. Lots of joke and pictures that fun to read. Then when i was in Uitm, i start to read Ujang and Blues Selamanya (Melayu sangat kan sebab suka baca magazine yang jiwang-jiwang. suka feeling2 nie). Same like Gila-gila but then even better. I stick and collect the magazine and manage to get the issue No 2.

Then, after finish study, i stop buy magazine. Just simply read from my frens magazine only. Lazy and dont have money ( so called la kan). Just few years back i start to get Menshealth as my magazine. This is because at that time my body is like blegh..... and i need motivation on how to shape up plus i join FF as well at that time. Till now i still continue buy it every month and depend on the cover cause some of the cover model i dont like, i have to skip and buat donno.

Then National Geographic Magazine. Surprising this magazine is really informative. I love it so much plus with the picture and how they snap. Its not only information they give, but also many more the put in such as knowledge of that area and anything that you also cant imagine. You know what, i also has their issues that come out on the year and month that i was born........ got it in 2nd Hand Value shop at Singapore. Syiok sangat.

Then, Discovery Channels come in just last year. Similar to Nat Geo but in a modern way. Also i like.
But during my study in Uni, or maybe since my school time, Time and Fortune among the magazine that i always read at my uncle place. I like what they write regards on Political, social, civilization, economic and culture as well. Where Fortune tells us about the ranking of Millionaire, properties, political, celebrities, leaders and many more from the top 100 in the WOLRD hocay.

And at the same time, i like when the MNC company advert their product and services via these magazine. With this magazine also thought me on cross culture management and how to run the business until to the various type of location and places and run through the any kind of barrier such as Rules and regulation, behavior, marketing, culture and also the operation strategies. Some of the Top 100 MNC can generate millions2 of money and they can earn more then country can generate. This is really GOOD and Amazing at the same time.
Since travelling by plane is like one of my monthly routine, i also collect the Airline Magazines. Any airline that i want to like AirAsia (3sixty), MH ( Growing Places) KLM (herald) Singapore Airline (Krisflyers) Silk Air (Silk Mag) and Jet Star (Jet Mag). The information in it are just sooo exquisite.

I keep the magazine and kumpul habuk at the same time. hehehehehe. I loike.........
There u go......i ade hobby baca magazine and collect magazine jugak......kekekekekeke.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Old Organization Chart

When top level guys look down, they see only shit;
When bottom level guys look up, they see only assholes
So which one you like to seen by others? the shit or the assholes?
Certainly not both for me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Down south Escaped

I believe i can declare singapore is my second home.......... its actually for 2 year plus i been traveling down to singapore and enjoy my weekend escaped here. Love it every moment when im in here with the new thing and what most important is be with my Other Half. Cant believe of what i had right now cause it is so amazing.............

Hope this will last forever and definitely dont want it stop or end because i love it every each part of it...the trigger of purchase ticket, the time when to travel and traveling by flight for 1 hour and see my other half and spend timd with my other half.

The part dont like is when i have to go like ver much big time..........

Love u My boo.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Morning Ride....

Morning ride to work is something that really can be interesting. As usual with No mood to work, i drive my car as using Jalan Ampang as famous as it is traffic Jam. What i notice for todays ride to work is :

1. Can see couple have a good conversation and moment in the car while waiting to get move.
2. A girl / woman applied make up in her car and fixed their hair and tudung.
3. Man tied up their tie.
4. They eat biscuits
5. Play drum stick with earphone stick on ears
6. Play Handphone and talk in phone
7. See police traffic wear tight uniform with big tummy ( hummm why la Malaysian Police doesn't look fit and active)
8. Someone picking up their nose.

What a Day.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Went lunch and pa'tor with my other half at Full House restaurant at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng last sunday. The food it just ok, so so la....... then the service, hummm ok la kot cause lots of people and lunch time some more but then, what things that im not preference is the air condition where it is sooooo hot and humid. Understand that they want to have open concept with easy for customer to come in and out...but then they need to make sure that the air conditioned has to be cold and cooling. Nie air con sikit, tapi nak buat open concept.....
I can see lot of people wave their hand to cool down and also looks like not confortable in the afternoon. Kesian.....
To go again this restaurant, i guess can la but then after they fixed the air condition. Panas wooo, tak tahan..........kalau kat oversea ok jugak........ kekekekeke

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sotong World Cup

Its officially that Spain Won the 2010 South Africa World Cup; yeay but no yeay......cause am a Germany Die Hard Fan and Germany Loss to Span in Semi final..... : (. But then the funny part is where whole world is really believe with Paul the Sotong........

Nak kata masing2 stupid or dum dum.....i believe most all the football fan is educated. But believe with the octopus who never play football, not any rules of football games, they actually believe of this stupid prediction. Even tukang kad ramalan in Singapore use bird to predict the football match and thank god the bird prediction is fail......if not sure that small parrot tu pun famous like the octopus.

If like this, i guess better i dont have to work la...just but Sotong and make them to predict my decision. Senang kan.......

Sotong oh sotong.....aku dapat makan lunch tak hari nie.........


Sotong..... aku nie sotong macam ko tak....... whahahahahaha

Maciam maciam lei......

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Buckle up

Just now when i was driving i saw this car with his son standing at front seat. Yesterday also i saw one car with kids sit at the open window door. I still remember when i was young, we dont even dare to put our hand out from window. My dad definitely will ask to put in back and we all sure kena marah like hell punya.

Nowadays, parents are just such an ignorance. They are just simply ignore this simple stuff where at the same time it could cause a life when accident happen. Not just a life but then from their fresh own blood, their generation. Bodoh betul la diaorg nie......
Mind and taught does count before accident happen. Even want to talk also need to think first. You not alone........ think to other people as well cause no harm pun if you think for others. I say this also for me ok...... remind me also for doing good deed.
Think about it.

Angry with Bos......

I guess this is happen to any of you who work with "the boss". What i mean with "the boss" is where your leader or supervisor is really make you head pusing or geram always. How you going to handle it ah?

I have been working with several company. Bank, vendor, Manufacturer, Insurance company and now with Telco company. But then, my current supervisor that make me wonder and hummmmm how should i say as really BIG time wonder...... why i say like this... let me tell why?
1. By the time of HOD meeting, he will always find a way to escape.
2. Presentation slide that my Boss want to show is like "Put - All - Information - until - Big Boss-ask-thousand-of-question.
3. He never come for HQ meeting. We the kuli have to go and get the head to be chopped by HQ.
4. He will ask us to do this this this, then when something wrong happen, he will smack you in front of others and say why we all do this. But after that he will call for 1-2-1 session and say he want to protect but we never update him for the ruin project.
5. He never has a plan, he will let us do the planning and anything happen, he will ask why why why.
6. My boss always like the word "Free Food" and very (i really mean) really rare treat us at nice place unless there something he want from us.
7. He always said we should so called "sacrifice and Work very HARD for company" but then he will always try to find a way to escape if any work in Saturday and Sunday.
8. He always said that anything problem, we all can talk to him as he dont want to be as boss but then a good working partner, but deep in my heart; i say nay, nil, not the one to talk and its a very-big-mistake if you share anything to him.

So you see, how you going to handle with this kind of person. I really dunno lei. Everything i go to work, i always feels like

"gosh do i have to do this everyday; is there any other way that i could do to make my life getting better and merrier everyday in the office?"
So macam mana nie.......

Monday, July 5, 2010


Today i just post something at fb about something on nice2 thing.....i said

"Anak kambing tengah buat air and tetiba ade orang tegur " wuih...buat air ke....?" nak je jawab "tak la tengah masak daging tikus buat asam pedas......."(lagi mau tanya ka.....)

Look in this situation, im the one being sacarstic, but then dah tahu tengah buat air....masih lagi nak bertanya buat air ke....? kalau tanya buat air ape tu sedap jugak nak continue conversation.........

Some people really donno how to use the suitable word. Human kan, we normally do something stupid la kan. Me also did the same thing. Just try not to repeat the same mistake and stupid mistake especially because off stupid mistake, definitely make we all look more stupid then we are.

My other fren plak lagi best, i just ask nicely "why" and he actually answer like "Do i have too.....?" .......without realised that with his so called simple answer its already hurt feelings.....(tak la hurt sangat to me, its just hello.....i cakap elok2, ko nak smack aku just like that la kan......)

My SO always thought me how to answer the right word that at the same time not hurt other people and you actually reflect a good image to others. Sometimes, they just simply answer aje cause thinkin that answer is the right answer. But they are sooo wrong. This is really a valuable lesson that my SO thought me. Thanks my boo.......... ngehehehehehe......

Owh.....I am soo need a vacation.


July is the 7th month of the Calander year and basically we already enter the 2nd half of the year........normally i dont care this month much cause no public holiday and nothing much to celebrate........... Just nowadays in sales, July is the month that we have to look it for the plan and what should i do before it reach to the end of the year.....6 month so quickly lei......boring kan........hehehehehehehe.


Am so need a vacation

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Let just say everybody has this character or behaviour; Lazy or Malas. so the person who is lazy is called pemalas.

The weird part is there are lot of the behaviour relate to pemalas :

1. Sanggup go around the house searching the tv remote control. ( i did that too)

2. Sanggup sleep with hungry stomach cause lazy to go out. ( pernah la)

3. Sanggup take a long Q for escalator cause dont want use stairs ( like the picture below and above)

4. Sanggup take lift to level 1 cause dont want use stair as well. (this one my officemate selalu buat)
but then its funny tho......... because of lot of technology and facilities has been provided to us....we tend to be so lazy la.
and today, i lazy to do my report. Can my company say lazy to pay my salary too....whahahahahaha mati la like this.........

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pudu Jail

I guess i have read this Pudu Jail demolition news since the day it will be demolished. Not to say i am a fan of it but then its basically part of my life stories indeed. My dad is prison warden officer. One if the top rank i should say la. the funny part is, non of his son follow him working as a Prison officer hehehehehehe......

Since i was kid. I always heard or knew about this place. The stories of the place from my dad, and many more. Yes, it is include about the hanging place and haunted stories.

To me, when government have finally decide to demolished it. Its more like ok feeling only. At first they said, they want to maintain as a heritage or museum. Then closed cause not money making. Then open again for short while for police if am not mistaken. Then close back and now they demolished.

So, we see what will happen next ya.

Me and Driving

Basically ever since i was kid, I've been expose with driving. My Mom, my dad, my uncle, my grandpa and not just normal driving, but also speedy driving. Always if driving the car, the normal speed is 120 km/h. tak syiok lei drive slow2. Ever since now with Gen 2, i always like to drive such driving in long journey, hill drive also thrills me for driving. Plus i have experience with accident, make spice and sugar to my driving experience.

Maybe because of our nature kot that like to friends always give me to drive their car and they like to be boss sit beside while me driving...... sien : p.....
Last 2 weeks, i went to Mazda Showroom to see Mazda 2 Model type. The car is really been design in a good way so that we feel like driving and passion is there. The technology and the interior really smack and superb; but of course la, the price also make you swallow your saliva la kan. Mazda 3? I should say i fall in love with it from the first time i saw and test drive. ngeheheheheehe

But the thing that i feel weird is the Malaysian Attitude on driving. Not to say i am so good, but then civic minded tu ade la. Nie tak....... they drive like this is their grandfather road. Pengsan lei....... dont la driving so reckless la........

Mengarut betul la i mumbling today...... hehehehehe bosan la nie.....waaaa...........

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Actually i have to share lot of things bout something notty. Just because of this is public and i dun want to offence you guys with my cheeky and naughty thought....ngehehehehehe. What do you know about Fetish:

Fetish may refer to:
Social conditioning to create attraction towards a person, behaviour, place, or an object.

Its really subjective and can be anything. For me, i have several. For this one i just tell the good one la......... the bad one also i just give clue but i leave to your own imagination.

I love Commercial Airplane.

It really excited me and so called turn me ON when i see lots of commercial airline at the airport.
Heathrow, Changi, Soekarno Hatta Airport, JFK, Narita and Charles de Guelle airport is among of the busiest airport in the world. Love it so much.
I like MNC
Big boys like Shell, Exxon Mobile, Nike, Adidas, Nestle, Tiffany, Rolex, Tumi, Tesco, Carrefour, Giant, Zara and many more. Amazing how they can expend in various countries and at the same time make million money everyday. So turn ON. They really keep their reputation on Image, product, cross culture Management, operation, branding, and life spam.
I love to read other people blog.
This one mmg best. Its like my candy or coffee everyday. If i dont read it, i feel not complete wor. Especially to the blog that they update everyday. Eh me also do that lei.....ngehehehehehe...but not as active like Danny, wahdi, Dr Shah and Eric la....... So much things to share and so creative. Im your die hard fan jugak la......(yes Danny true ok.....)whahahahahaha
I love Tulips.
This one i like it since my early age. since this flower hard to find in our country(never ok). When i saw this flower in London last year........ i straight away touch it, smell it, feel it and take picture with it. Syiok ooo when i got chance to do it.
Who doesn't right.....Ice Cream, cream puff, jelly, pudding with sauce, and also the small bit dessert at the buffet line. Hummmmmmmm Va Va Voom you........
The naughty one is.......hummmmmmmm ngehehehehehehehehe
Night and pool. You can have your own imagination ya. I dun want to elaborate. Paiseh lei..........

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Adam

Let me introduce who is this......... this is My car name Adam. Adam already with me since January 2005. Time flies so fast, Adam couple dengan i for 5 years already.

When i decide to buy car, i didn't tell to anyone what car that i bought. I just said im going to buy a car. What car, local or international, big or small, expensive or not; i leave to my friends, relatives and office mate to guess and wonder. This is because if i tell what car i buy, definitely there's a comment la, this la, that la, no good la, and caused me change my mind. Thank god i keep a secret and made my decision.

The first long distance journey with Adam is from KL to Kota Bharu via Terengganu route. Adam know all my ex and if Adam can talk with me, Adam can say which one Adam like and Which one Adam don't like of my ex-es........

If Adam can tell me or record my conversation, Adam can tell a story of sad, fun, laugh, serious conversation, and the ugliest conversation and nastiest conversation.

Every 3 month I bring Adam to the best and known Service center. Sometimes consultation cost for Adam more then BMW. But its ok, as long Adam can bring me with the speed that i like most and i can reach there fast. For the first 4 years, Adam never knock any car, but then other car like to scratch Adam. So kesian to Adam, Can see some scratch marks. Then last year, Adam knock a calf on the way to Kelantan and cause Adam internal injuries. But then thank god, my dad know the Specialist and he fixed it and Adam now as good as new.

Adam is a good carboy. Just sometime Adam merajuk and he do la something that i have to take out several piece of paper with Agung Picture on it. In term of engine, Adam always the best. But then Adam like to merajuk at Electric system, Power Window especially on the passenger side, and the seat already look like i never wash it cause of the water stain on it. My fren told me that i "main" inside Adam.....CHOI!!!!!!!! Em tak lei........ sueiy kereta lei......

2 month i bought the car, i was so clever where i left my gym bag on a seat and cause me a damage to the window screen. Someone knock my window screen to take my Gym bag and thinking ade valuable item in it. Padahal just t-shirt, shorts and towel but gym bag tu mmg the one that i like so much.

Adam has been to Kota Bharu Every Year, Kuala terengganu several times also, Kuantan and cherating several times too....Melaka twice, Johor Bahru twice, All around KL and Selangor and its has exceed to almost 200K mileage now........ Still i like to drive Adam for more then 150 km/h and Adam never fail me.

I used to change Adam tyre on a hill and twice ok. Thank god nothing happen. I used to change Adam's battery several times also cause of my careless taking care of car battery. Finally i change's Adam battery to dry type and last longer till now.

I love Adam so much.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Congeniality vs Contigency

Still like this word........ My fren like Movie Miss Congeniality so much...... so one day

Place : Uni Food Court

We all : hey Naza..... cantik la you......(hey naza...u look lovely...)
naza : eh betul ke....i kan Miss Contingency. ( is that true, i am Miss Contingency)

I was like...hummmm whats wrong with this......

Me : Eh Naza....Miss Congeniality la..... Contingency to kecemasan......
Naza : Gulp.......(hide her face under the table)
Others - Laugh like hell

Result : Now she is known as Miss Contingency........


BBM - Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry has become a new trend in KL or Malaysia i suppose...... Lot of things we can do with it. Check email, Internet, GPS, do the listing, check out the list, Excel, Word, Take picture also can. But what i like most with Blackberry is Blackberry Messenger.
With a good plan that local telco offer, i definitely use it non stop. You can transfer pic via BBM, send voicemail also, update and chat via group and many more. Definitely this is the my communication between me and my SO. Since my SO not here, so if call, for sure expensive kan. Nak jimat, BBM lor......hehehehehee. It is so handy when use this.

I still remember past 2 years where i just start using Blackberry, my fren laugh at me cause i bring the brick blok (batu bata kata org melayu) . Now they also use the brink block. : p

To add also fren with BB also easy. ngehehehehehehehe. And guess what..... now all my brothers use the blackberry also...... ngehehehehehehe

Love it.

Further Study

Nowadays, i can see lots of my friends further their studies to Masters. Most of them took part time studies. So envy lei cause they really have the guts to do it. The time and also mindset to prepare. My SO also take MBA. Sometime my SO so stress with the work, and also assignment and the exam.

I will make sure to support my SO what ever happen. Altho my SO stay far away from me, but then definitely i will encourage my SO to focus studies and calm when my SO stress out. Ngeheehehehehe.

Miss my SO already altho everyday chat non stop via BBM.

Cheers mate.

Monday, June 14, 2010

See other people......


what will you do when you see handicap people, old people that sleep at the corner of the street, or mentally disorder people. Will you help them........?

Near to my office, ade there's one old fella. He always sleep under the skybridge stairs and so kesian....... i wish i could help him and give him shelter. But i cant because i also dun have the guts to do that. But then still i will help him if i could. any help that i can offer. Like give money, food, drink and anything so that he is ok.

Look at him, he seems ok, he sleep so peaceful although the road busy and noisy. Not to say im glad with him but then look at him, he seems so peaceful. He dont event look so stress, hurry or anything. I wish i can have that state of mind. No stress, not thinking of anything and be happy all the time.

Do u?

Thats not my name.......2

hehehehe...No danny this is not to tell you my malam and siang name ok......: p cause i dun have...sorry to disappoint you.....ngehehehehee.

After i read it again, i forgot there's another one name that i used it. yang nie my SO call me....Anak Kambing.....(calling manja2.....) at first when my SO call me like that; i was like hummmm, thats a weird name. but then, i like it and used it in my fb as well.

Thats all. hehehehhe

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thats not my name......hehehehehe

Recently i notice, some of the blog that i read, they mentioned about calling names, wrong call name and what name they have....... i guess, i have some to share......

Ever since my younger age, my family call me nas, and since is near to a fruit call nenas, being a kids they tease me nas nenas; nas suka makan nenas. Well, masa kecik, we definitely dunno how special our name unlike nowadays la.

But when i was 11, my dad transfer to Johor and johorean like to call people from first name, since my first name is Ahmad; so it straight away called amat or amad... Till now, most of my johore frens called me amad.

Then when i was form 5, dad transfer back to Kota Bharu and at that time, there's famous malay artist name Nash. Since my name near to nash...... so Nash it is...... Till know my secondary fren from Kota Bharu call me Nash.

After SPM, I further my study kat UITM and since a so called traditional to them, senior give names to the junior. Some of my frens got name like tauchu, chiky, garbok, toso, miri (cause he from Miri), abon, bonzer (cause his body big like bonzer), manja (cause his eyes have jelingan manja), Butet, nyot (he like suck), sultan (cause his face like sultan kelantan), laloq (cause his face looks like stone and high) and many more. This one i dont want to share cause so buruk my name they give. Since that, my fren call me that name, i know that its name from UiTM.

Then, i further to university and im no longer a Mr Nice Guy. So i want to be cheeky always. I use cheeky as my nickname. But then that name is so not cool. whahahahaha. Again, i know already, when ppl call me cheeky, sure from Uni.

Since i already work and dun want to all my nick name, i use my formal name that is Nasrul. But still gatal nak ade nickname. Since im from Nik's family. I just maintain my heritage and at same time modernised it. Nicq.

that's it lor. hehehehehehe

Monday, June 7, 2010

Evil stare

See that picture of cat.....evil stare kan......

That one is my favourite face. Evil stare. ngehehehehehe.......My friends told me that i have a smiley face but than i can be biatch at the same time..... hehehehehehe. I cant help it actually because sometime when we try so hard to be nice....... its not the nice we got. So the best thing is be smile but smack as much as can be. So evil kan.

Normally, the evil stare will be presented to my niece and nephew. if they being notty obviously. sien diaorg. my fren also kena my evil stare if they do somethings annoyed me of coz. So evil stare is the answer. ngehehehehehehe.........

Danny i know u good also in this...... ngehehehehehe
Kak Jehan also very good in this right

Cheers mate

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Golden Girls

This morning when i read news at Yahoo News say one of the Golden Girls actress died due to stroke, its really takes my eyes. Not to say on their sad moment cause out of 4, only left one but my memories with this comedy series.

If i still remember, i watch this when i was at the age of 8. That time TV3, can be watch in Kota Bharu. Lama sungguh this series and still i could recognise and like their actress.

Why my article sound so sad ah... whahahahahaha ntah lor... saje nak mode meraung sedikit..... whahahahahaha. But what am try to say is i like this comedy series and with million of people rite... hehehehehehe.

Cheers guys

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Its June and its in the middle of the year.......time really flies. Seriously when we think it back.....time flies very fast. Hummmmmmmmmmm

Am getting OLDER!!!!!!!!!!

Well yes on age....but not to my heart.......hehehehe am young at heart.....keep smile make my face look younger 3-4 years younger then actual age. good and definitely feel so good... Ngehehehehe


Monday, May 31, 2010

Other Language

You know one thing guys, in Malaysia aje we have more then 2 language we use. Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese, Indian, Arab, even chinese pun we have cantonese, mandarin, hakka. That one not include pribumi's language and also mix with Indonesian dialect and each state dialect. Best and I'm so excited...... kekekeke.......
Recently i always got comment from unknown reader.........( danny,wan, sarah, my dear, you guys i dah start kenal ye.....) .which i like cause i thought i never have reader for my blog...... sometimes feeling2 famous tu ade la...... hehehehehe.......

There's one time, more then one reader give comment that my article is so horrible and my grammar tunggang langgang,....... well...... i admit and i take it..... and i like cause they concern with the English and my writing.........

but......... the one that i weird is, there's one or 2 person nie..... no offence guys.......but they read my blog and comment in Chinese. i was like......apo ko bondo la u nak cakap nie...... i only know English and malays language aje. Other language i nganga oooiiiiii.......

Anyhow, thank you guys cause spend you precious little time read my blog nie, and feel free to comment ya. If comment, please write in English or Malay ya......... that's the only language that i know.......


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sweet memories when im in Cambridge......... accidently saw cute little duck in the tub. so sweet........

Love u dear.........

My ex BOS

I have been working in several places before this. I still contact with my ex bos directly or indirectly... hehehehe...... but then this one difference from all my ex bosses. My ex bos that i work with one of main insurance company in KL. Last nite, suddenly he text me cause he saw my UK trip in my fb......

My ex Bos : U went to UK ke?
Me : Its not secret anymore rite as you seen via fb......( sound sacarstic la lil bit cause dah tahu i post it at fb and say UK trip lagi)
My ex Bos : Why? Holiday? so happy
Me : what do u mean by Why?
My ex Bos : For work? Or seeing some one sp? ( i guess sp mean special)
(when i read it, i was like erk.....nape nie?)
Me : Ape yang you talking nie yw? Yes thats is for holiday. Nape?
My ex Bos : Bagus tapi you not young anymore
Me : And? Your point is? You even older then me yw......... ( yes he still single and he is about 35 above )
My ex Bos : Sakit Hati talking to you la.. So stubborn
(aik... tetiba marah bila i flash back AGE to him....)
Me : I yang degil ke you.
My ex Bos : Dont sweet talk la... will not get upset by degil ppl ( masalah dia bila masa i sweet talk to him and why should i sweet talk to him? )
Me : Yang you suddenly get angry nue why you are the the one brought up the not young issue. There must be something....
My ex Bos : No la just catching up la.. you in touch with akmal? ( nak lari tajuk kan.....)
Me : Nope ( lazy to prolong cause too tired and to sleepy already)
My ex bos : kenapa? You know our company is buying he co over ( so...... what is the connection between her company and me........haduih... pengsan.......)

I didnt reply his text cause cannot tahan anymore. dont see any connection and thank god he text me to my sony ericsson phone. if via my BB lagi teruk la i bagi... ngehehehehehe......
its really weird la my ex bos ni. what ever it is "whatever......." like i care la kan......... hehehehehehehe

if this happen to you guys? i guess u will do the same thing rite....?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Food i like

Fish and Chips, chinese Food, Dessert, Pasta, malay cuisine, and japanese food.

why i do this, i dont know lei....... ngehehehehehe.......whats your favourite food...?

PUKS - Post UK Syndrome

Yes guys...... still with my unending syndrome...... ngehehehehehe

If in UK, They really want to stop and give ways to pedestrian to cross the road. Malaysian...... "Me first, i want to go there. Cant you see my car went through...... : p"

something that you need to think about it la kawan.........

Friday, May 21, 2010

PUKS ( Post UK Syndrome)

I have post it in my FB and i guess i want to share it here......Yes i know i still in PUKS whahahahahaha.......

In UK we dont have to pay to enter the toilet, its still clean, dry, toilet bowl flashy and no bad toilet smell. In Malaysia, we have to pay 30 sen - 50 sen, the toilet not that clean, wet, toilet bowl still got stain and dirty, and the smell like puke non stop for one month.


Driving in UK
Although the road is small but we still can drive in peacefully, no harsh and no need to rushing. In busy town, they still give ways and raised hand say thank you cause give ways to them. In Malaysia, driving like their grand mother road, rush like they need to go washroom and never EVER give ways to others even though enough space for the other car to get in WITH signal is switch on.

How Malaysian?

In UK,they will keep on smiling, say hello, good day, and have a pleasant day. We sure feel good one. In Malaysia hard to see they smile, give instruction like want to eat us, show direction with mouth and arrogant.

Malaysian style like that ah?
Think about it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love Never Dies

I guess i told you guys about last trip to London and we went to watch the theater Phantom of the Opera...... This time around, i watch the sequel .......

Love Never Dies.

Jurisdiction...... I love it so much.....The best

My SO said i will sleep while the play held....but Nooo......I watch it and i Love it sooo much

Thanks dear. Hehehehehehe

Friday, May 7, 2010


When we talk about "Conservative" and definitely i check from dictionary and the meaning

is disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

Funny thing is...masa kat UK, i saw this

Macam mana nak change kalau dah the name of the party is Conservative. Contradict kan...... but thats what really happen. Interesting.


Come back......

Hey there..........

Its been quite sometime i tak update my blog. Thats is because am so busy with my work and also start from 21st april till 2nd May, am on leave and went for holiday. Seronok jugak when i got the chance to do this.

I went to UK for a holiday and lot of things that we can learn from it. A lot.... tak tipu punya...... not only from the development that we been dreaming since long time ago, their cultural, menace, attitude and banyak lagi.

The simplest thing i nak share in this blog is their Public toilet. Over there the public is CLEAN and mmg really clean. Takde orang jaga pun still mantained clean......... kat malaysia.....ade orang jaga pun the toilet mesti berbau one kind, wet, not clean and sinki rosak mcm hape. So how?

Driving behaviour? yang nie lagi best........ over there, they are highly tolerance and give and take. Although there are lot of cars, they still give ways to the other party to across and peoples at the back also ok with that.

Banyak benda we can learn from this. But then one thing i feel weird, why malaysian who used to stay in Europe or UK that i know thousand of them and thousand of them also used to work and visit UK, cant they just learn something and practise from this. I know i do.......

Yer betul, maybe this is because of "Post UK Syndrome", but then we can learn something what.

Cheers mate.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Main sebut aje

Some people are just think bout themselves je kan...... dia tak fikir ke yang ade orang lain yang hidup dalam dunia nie. Dia tak fikir ke yang orang lain juga ade buah fikiran yang berbeza-beza. Each of us has our own uniqueness and way of thought.

Last few days i did post some status saying about cant wait for my holiday..... dengan selamba this person said pergi holiday tu ade orang sponsor ker? Dalam FB statement nie di mentioned.

Haduih........ cant they just think first before say it?

Tak terfikir ke kalau my family read it and what do they think about it. What about my face? haduih...........

When i smack and say this is out of the line...... you know what is the answer? Alamak sorry..... aku fikir semua orang open minded............
Ya tuhan..... kalau betul pun semua orang open minded..... takkan nak kompang serata dunia aktivity and my secret. Kalau betul ke, salah ke, bukan ke benda nie privacy.

Fikirla........orang lain pun ade hati dan perasaan jugak. Cakap tu biar la berfikir dulu. Jangan main sebut aje walaupun rasa nak bergurau pun.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

me and me

I pun tak tau ape nak share kat dlm blog. All i know at this moment is ,

- i have to prepare lot of things for the concert
- i cant wait for long holiday with my SO
- mom askin about marriage
- i want to be at home every night.
- i have lot of event to see and montitor.

At now, it is still managable and controlable but the 3rd point actually worries me lil bit.



Thursday, April 1, 2010

1st April

Just a start month of April and its known to April Fool. Not a fan of it but just simply ok with it. What i like bout this month is my birthday date falls at the end of this month.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Why i put umbrella as my topic to tell is because i want to share a short story . Start with.....

Story 1.
My mom like to collect umbrella from many places. She even have more then 20 pair of umbrella keep at our living room.

Story 2.
When me and my SO went to London last year, we saw 1 umbrella at Armani Exchange and both of us like it so much. We bring it back and we manage to get the bring it until to the taxi. But then it end up; i left it in the taxi and lost it. So salah. Then, straight my SO called our friend in London to buy and arrange it to bring back to KL. After 10 month waiting, the same type of umbrella rest at my SO place in KL.

Story 3.
I have 10 umbrella. I just simply bought it and keep it here and there. Then last night, i saw all my umbrella, i realised that i have more then 10. 3 in my car, 2 at home, 3 in Kelantan, 2 i've lost it and 2 with my friends. which i forgot to collect.

How was that...... Kak jehan, Bleh buat tak assignment nie. How many umbrella u have and share it with your blog reader......
( Yeah! Its a must and u have to do this...muahahahaha siapa suh start this kan....... )

Shelamat Menchoba........

Friday, March 26, 2010

Your own time....

How you do it?

1. With your friends?
2. With your special one?
3. With your kids, relative?
4. Read books?
5. Listen to the music ?
6. Shopping ?
7. Watch movie alone?
8. Watch movie with your friends?
9. Dinner/Lunch/ coffee snacks with your friends
10. Dinner/Lunch/coffee snacks alone with your laptop?
11. Clean your house alone?
12. Finish up all the pending office work alone at home?

Whats your favourite mate?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Me and My story.

Ever since i start to grow older, KL is one of the places am always be. During my childhood time, my parent always bring us to KL to buy school uniform and meet our cousins. Most of my uncle and aunt stay here.

Then, after SPM i come to KL for break and i should say i have a dream to stay here and work here. I begin to have a strategy on how to be in KL and build my career here. My colleague time,i stay in Shah Alam and i just can see Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower from far......

Cut it short, now my office is just 2 blocks away from Petronas Twin Tower and I used to work at Suria as Waiter in Chakri Palace and San Francisco Coffee and its one of my hang out place when i dont know where to go. I think i already cover most of the tourist place and i say i never shy to say i been there and done that.
KL Tower - Done;
Twin Tower bridge - Done;
Museum- Done;
Masjid Negara - Done;
Central Market - Done
Zoo Negara - Done.
Take KL Public Transportation - Done

I like my life and i like as it is. Some people are just too focus to work where they miss the great opportunity that can be found just next to them. If i think it back, a lot sacrifice and effort that i have done. Thank to Yang Maha Esa, i manage to achieve almost all of my dream. My dream basically like a kiddo yang baru nak belajar tentang dunia and somehow or rather, i manage to get it.
Be yourself and learn of what happen, never regret of what had happen cause from what happened basically has made who you are.
Love you dear.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bebek Bengil.

Like i said in my previous article about Food, this one one of the place we went on Sunday before we took off to Sukarno Hatta Airport.

The location kind of isolated but then its at the heart of Jakarta city

The signboard
The main dish.
Its really rare to see Malay restaurant served duck. There is la but then not much, most of it is in Chinese cuisine. I don't remember when i had duck during my younger days but then i start to have duck back is about 4 years ago and also in Jakarta. Duck in bahasa indonesia is bebek
This one is crispy and tasty. Not keen on the vege and sambal cause afraid my tummy will meragam cause of spicy but the duck really crispy. hummmmmm
Lumayan sekali pak. : )

Eat and Eat

Me and SO like to find something new on "Food". Whether its Chinese, Malay, unique, western, steak, pasta, mix and contemporary, modern, fine dining; and many more, surely we try. Since last weekend i went to Jakarta, we took chance went to Mall Kelapa Gading. According to my SO via friends who is Indonesian... they said its 5 mall in 1 place. We only manage to go Mall Kelapa Gading 1 and 2 and not all we covered.

They have a lot and one of it is the Eat and Eat outlet. Its where the peranakan, Vietnam, authentic Indonesian food from each state in Indonesia and sweets served at this place.
(took this pic from google file)

The way they do on decoration is really focus to the traditional and in peranakan style. The moment you enter to this place, you feel like you in 60's and early 70's. The ambiance is so soothing and peaceful. You can have various type of food.

To have the meal, you need to purchase a prepaid card. Then, with this prepaid card, you just need to choose what you want to eat and present the card. They will deduct the amount of the food price and from the credit you have in the card. You can add on more the value and if you finish, you can redeem again the balance amount money you have in the card.

The food taste, i should say delicious. We too Lauk Pengantin and Soto and it really feels like home cook food. You want the taste, get the enough portion and good ambiance. Superb

Hard to find this concept in KL. It more like similar to Le Marche but then with the le Marche, we pay later but this one we pay first. Good idea and maybe we can do this in KL perhaps......

Me and travel. Love you dear.

Me, Tagged again by Sis Ahan

I have been tagged by ahanintheafternoon... again. Looks like this kakak comel has got idea with evil motif for giving out assignments to fellow bloggers in the form of tags! Well, its only because I lurve almost all of her article that I am humoring the tag.... hehehehe!

The rules of this tag are:
1. Go to your photo files… (hard to find cause i have ribuan folder; so i took it from fb, senang nak pilih) then; select the 8th photo folder
2. Select the 8th photo in that folder
3. Post that photo along with the story behind it
4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same.

Someone's who like to go singapore recently, must know where is this. So, here goes:

Am actually have almost thousand over picture taken from last year till now. Since my lovely sister said the 8th album and on the 8th position, so to make it easy, i just select from facebook. This pic took on Christmas last year. The venue is at Orchard Center and if you notice that i took escelator which located at side of building.

Although am not a height person but then i manage to be in this escelator until top of the building. Penakut tinggi tu is exactly my weakness but then still got heart to do bungy jumping. Then at the same time, i do amaze with the building which is different and unique. they have weird kind of layout and hard to explain and lazy to explain too........

Since sis ahan said according, me also want to mentioned about according....... according to my SO, this is the tallest shopping complex in Singapore and South East Asia, and i really feel weird cause shopping complex has been grow like mushroom. Are they really into shopping when then free...... dunno what to say wor......

If it was not for this tag, this pic will just lay back in Facebook and always viewed by public (a.k.a my fans) . So I now challenge this eight bloggers to post theirs too! I hereby tag:

1. Azea - cause i can see ur blog dah jadi bersawang. At least something to generate article
2. Sumeng - you also...... be creative la
3. Nasir - hummmmm can u try do something different in ur blog..... hehehe.
4. Syefik - this budak so lazy to do article, at least got something to do.

Then anybody la can do this........ kekekekeke

Friday, March 12, 2010

Who is your match?

When we talk about "match"; we can actually relates to anything...... in this case i guess i narrow to relationship. Several situation we can put is :

Good Look with beauty = The dream match
- People always see this as a dream thing.

Good look with normal face = The Ordinary
- The mix reaction can be some say the good look deserved to have that. some may say the good look sould get the same level of the good look but then this wont be the issues.

Ordinary look with beauty = The ordinary
- same reaction with the previous one.

Normal with normal = Normal and last longer
- No doubt and this will last longer

Good Look with Ugly = Odd but they may have different reaction
- reaction A) they sure like the mix
- Reaction B) They dont like and say bad thing about the ugly

Ugly with Beauty = Odd and different reaction indeed
- reaction a) They will say the ugly always know how to used a sweet word that attract the beauty
- reaction b) They will say that the beauty is so blind and she suppose to get WAY better then ugly.

To me, everybody have their own interest and preference. Other people has no right to say bad things about the odd relationship cause as a human, we never perfect.

tepuk dada tanya selera.


Sweet Beggar

Last nite went dinner with my best friends at Nailis Ampang. The place was ok, not then the only part that i not really keen or preferred is there are lot of beggar. Well, i actually dun mind on giving donation to them with sincere but last night actually does touch my heart.

These an old blind man came with his accompany and i guess his wife of friends. The way they approach is like cheers and really soothing tone. Its not like in a sad way where you beg for money.

Then there's another beggar and this time is a young kid. Sad where he come and asked for money like that. Don't know that this is a scam or survival but if its true this is scam, i really sad cause people can really think of bad things on this. hummmmm

something sweet and sour in life.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Need another Vacay escaped

Where to....... hummmm

A developed city that really developed. The people and the city never sleep. The cleanliness, the building, the historical been preserved or adapt in a new concept, the structured and the place where people alwasy talk about it.
Jakarta ?
The unique city with different kind of cultural, ethnic, people, theme, entertainment, food, and many more that make them "unique".

Kota Bharu?

My favourite spot and always love it. The place where i was born, broad up, the place i start to know my parents, friends, and my character build too.
Kuala Lumpur?
A city that has their own identity, their own life, harmony, yet cherish every part life with their own way.

Where will i be for my next vacay escaped. You will know then.....