Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last day

Today is my last day in Celcom. What have i accomplished with this company?

1. I have revamp all the Celcom IDD rates from the MOST expensive to the most competitive rate in the market.
2. I have been doing promotion for roaming in JB and Singapore.
3. I have done the technical part of IDD and make calls to all over the world yer. (test call)
4. I have handle the SUKSES product, event for SUKSES from roving, sales booth, social responsibility, sales channel, mobile program, wayang pacak, and many more for event and check revenue, sales, activation, dealer, visibility, and promotion and i meet lots of people and many kind of people.

Why i have to resigned and move to next step?
1. For the change
2. For better exposure
3. For any possibilities that may come.

seriously this is not something that i eager to do but i have to. Somehow or rather i am confident with what i am doing. What is for future? only God knows.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SO birthday

Yesterday is my SO birthday. Despite of long distance relationship, chat via BBM most of the time regards on anything, travel together, know the place together and jokes about bimbo (which refer to me indeed) ,up and down, and many more with each other; i believe i can always be thankful and blessed to my SO cause this is THE BEST relationship i gained with my SO.

Happy Birthday to my Beloved SO. I love u so much and always do. No one take a good care of me and vice versa and ths is DEFINITELY the Best relationship i had in my life. Muah

This is the first time i had the longest relationship in my life with my Love one. i guess i never had this precious relationship like this ever before beside my family and friends love. Look at it i agreed with my SO principle on relationship

1. Share to each other of anything
2. Trust and keep the trust as precious as can be.
3. Jealous can be applied yet in a right way.
4. Jokes and laugh always bind the relationship more
5. Sex is a must. NO Matter what. Relationship without SEX is like nay to relationship.
6. Understanding each other is a MUST.
7. Always spend time between each other. no matter long or short. in my case i spend time with BBM to chat.
8. You can have friends of your own but kindly Please don't cheat or hide to your partner cause that is the disease that could kill your relationship.

I believe that's more like it that make our relationship last longer despite of long distance relationship.

Love you so much dear.
anak kambing

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Methaphor

From all the conversation that i have gained and created. I certainly remember some of it. Here it goes:

1. We are certainly came from different industries, however in a group, we have common view and interest. That makes us bind and cherish.
2. Dont be a straw where you suck all the thing. Be a spoon or chopstick where we choose the best for our food.

Theres more, but now i still cant remember. Will share when the time come.



Dont want to be like Chopstick for a relationship that i have built with my SO for 4 years. I certainly wanna be like other things. Cheers

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Notice one thing

Ever since i was kid, i always follow comedy series like The Cosby show, According to Jim, How i met your mother and many more which i cant recalled what its title. And i notice 1 big thing.
1. Their door will be on right side of the screen and the kitchen will be at the opposite side
2. The stairs to the next floor will be at the center of the hall.

its like so common and i just realized it today. : D