Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Let just say everybody has this character or behaviour; Lazy or Malas. so the person who is lazy is called pemalas.

The weird part is there are lot of the behaviour relate to pemalas :

1. Sanggup go around the house searching the tv remote control. ( i did that too)

2. Sanggup sleep with hungry stomach cause lazy to go out. ( pernah la)

3. Sanggup take a long Q for escalator cause dont want use stairs ( like the picture below and above)

4. Sanggup take lift to level 1 cause dont want use stair as well. (this one my officemate selalu buat)
but then its funny tho......... because of lot of technology and facilities has been provided to us....we tend to be so lazy la.
and today, i lazy to do my report. Can my company say lazy to pay my salary too....whahahahahaha mati la like this.........

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pudu Jail

I guess i have read this Pudu Jail demolition news since the day it will be demolished. Not to say i am a fan of it but then its basically part of my life stories indeed. My dad is prison warden officer. One if the top rank i should say la. the funny part is, non of his son follow him working as a Prison officer hehehehehehe......

Since i was kid. I always heard or knew about this place. The stories of the place from my dad, and many more. Yes, it is include about the hanging place and haunted stories.

To me, when government have finally decide to demolished it. Its more like ok feeling only. At first they said, they want to maintain as a heritage or museum. Then closed cause not money making. Then open again for short while for police if am not mistaken. Then close back and now they demolished.

So, we see what will happen next ya.

Me and Driving

Basically ever since i was kid, I've been expose with driving. My Mom, my dad, my uncle, my grandpa and not just normal driving, but also speedy driving. Always if driving the car, the normal speed is 120 km/h. tak syiok lei drive slow2. Ever since now with Gen 2, i always like to drive such driving in long journey, hill drive also thrills me for driving. Plus i have experience with accident, make spice and sugar to my driving experience.

Maybe because of our nature kot that like to friends always give me to drive their car and they like to be boss sit beside while me driving...... sien : p.....
Last 2 weeks, i went to Mazda Showroom to see Mazda 2 Model type. The car is really been design in a good way so that we feel like driving and passion is there. The technology and the interior really smack and superb; but of course la, the price also make you swallow your saliva la kan. Mazda 3? I should say i fall in love with it from the first time i saw and test drive. ngeheheheheehe

But the thing that i feel weird is the Malaysian Attitude on driving. Not to say i am so good, but then civic minded tu ade la. Nie tak....... they drive like this is their grandfather road. Pengsan lei....... dont la driving so reckless la........

Mengarut betul la i mumbling today...... hehehehehe bosan la nie.....waaaa...........

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Actually i have to share lot of things bout something notty. Just because of this is public and i dun want to offence you guys with my cheeky and naughty thought....ngehehehehehe. What do you know about Fetish:

Fetish may refer to:
Social conditioning to create attraction towards a person, behaviour, place, or an object.

Its really subjective and can be anything. For me, i have several. For this one i just tell the good one la......... the bad one also i just give clue but i leave to your own imagination.

I love Commercial Airplane.

It really excited me and so called turn me ON when i see lots of commercial airline at the airport.
Heathrow, Changi, Soekarno Hatta Airport, JFK, Narita and Charles de Guelle airport is among of the busiest airport in the world. Love it so much.
I like MNC
Big boys like Shell, Exxon Mobile, Nike, Adidas, Nestle, Tiffany, Rolex, Tumi, Tesco, Carrefour, Giant, Zara and many more. Amazing how they can expend in various countries and at the same time make million money everyday. So turn ON. They really keep their reputation on Image, product, cross culture Management, operation, branding, and life spam.
I love to read other people blog.
This one mmg best. Its like my candy or coffee everyday. If i dont read it, i feel not complete wor. Especially to the blog that they update everyday. Eh me also do that lei.....ngehehehehehe...but not as active like Danny, wahdi, Dr Shah and Eric la....... So much things to share and so creative. Im your die hard fan jugak la......(yes Danny true ok.....)whahahahahaha
I love Tulips.
This one i like it since my early age. since this flower hard to find in our country(never ok). When i saw this flower in London last year........ i straight away touch it, smell it, feel it and take picture with it. Syiok ooo when i got chance to do it.
Who doesn't right.....Ice Cream, cream puff, jelly, pudding with sauce, and also the small bit dessert at the buffet line. Hummmmmmmm Va Va Voom you........
The naughty one is.......hummmmmmmm ngehehehehehehehehe
Night and pool. You can have your own imagination ya. I dun want to elaborate. Paiseh lei..........

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Adam

Let me introduce who is this......... this is My car name Adam. Adam already with me since January 2005. Time flies so fast, Adam couple dengan i for 5 years already.

When i decide to buy car, i didn't tell to anyone what car that i bought. I just said im going to buy a car. What car, local or international, big or small, expensive or not; i leave to my friends, relatives and office mate to guess and wonder. This is because if i tell what car i buy, definitely there's a comment la, this la, that la, no good la, and caused me change my mind. Thank god i keep a secret and made my decision.

The first long distance journey with Adam is from KL to Kota Bharu via Terengganu route. Adam know all my ex and if Adam can talk with me, Adam can say which one Adam like and Which one Adam don't like of my ex-es........

If Adam can tell me or record my conversation, Adam can tell a story of sad, fun, laugh, serious conversation, and the ugliest conversation and nastiest conversation.

Every 3 month I bring Adam to the best and known Service center. Sometimes consultation cost for Adam more then BMW. But its ok, as long Adam can bring me with the speed that i like most and i can reach there fast. For the first 4 years, Adam never knock any car, but then other car like to scratch Adam. So kesian to Adam, Can see some scratch marks. Then last year, Adam knock a calf on the way to Kelantan and cause Adam internal injuries. But then thank god, my dad know the Specialist and he fixed it and Adam now as good as new.

Adam is a good carboy. Just sometime Adam merajuk and he do la something that i have to take out several piece of paper with Agung Picture on it. In term of engine, Adam always the best. But then Adam like to merajuk at Electric system, Power Window especially on the passenger side, and the seat already look like i never wash it cause of the water stain on it. My fren told me that i "main" inside Adam.....CHOI!!!!!!!! Em tak lei........ sueiy kereta lei......

2 month i bought the car, i was so clever where i left my gym bag on a seat and cause me a damage to the window screen. Someone knock my window screen to take my Gym bag and thinking ade valuable item in it. Padahal just t-shirt, shorts and towel but gym bag tu mmg the one that i like so much.

Adam has been to Kota Bharu Every Year, Kuala terengganu several times also, Kuantan and cherating several times too....Melaka twice, Johor Bahru twice, All around KL and Selangor and its has exceed to almost 200K mileage now........ Still i like to drive Adam for more then 150 km/h and Adam never fail me.

I used to change Adam tyre on a hill and twice ok. Thank god nothing happen. I used to change Adam's battery several times also cause of my careless taking care of car battery. Finally i change's Adam battery to dry type and last longer till now.

I love Adam so much.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Congeniality vs Contigency

Still like this word........ My fren like Movie Miss Congeniality so much...... so one day

Place : Uni Food Court

We all : hey Naza..... cantik la you......(hey naza...u look lovely...)
naza : eh betul ke....i kan Miss Contingency. ( is that true, i am Miss Contingency)

I was like...hummmm whats wrong with this......

Me : Eh Naza....Miss Congeniality la..... Contingency to kecemasan......
Naza : Gulp.......(hide her face under the table)
Others - Laugh like hell

Result : Now she is known as Miss Contingency........


BBM - Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry has become a new trend in KL or Malaysia i suppose...... Lot of things we can do with it. Check email, Internet, GPS, do the listing, check out the list, Excel, Word, Take picture also can. But what i like most with Blackberry is Blackberry Messenger.
With a good plan that local telco offer, i definitely use it non stop. You can transfer pic via BBM, send voicemail also, update and chat via group and many more. Definitely this is the my communication between me and my SO. Since my SO not here, so if call, for sure expensive kan. Nak jimat, BBM lor......hehehehehee. It is so handy when use this.

I still remember past 2 years where i just start using Blackberry, my fren laugh at me cause i bring the brick blok (batu bata kata org melayu) . Now they also use the brink block. : p

To add also fren with BB also easy. ngehehehehehehehe. And guess what..... now all my brothers use the blackberry also...... ngehehehehehehe

Love it.

Further Study

Nowadays, i can see lots of my friends further their studies to Masters. Most of them took part time studies. So envy lei cause they really have the guts to do it. The time and also mindset to prepare. My SO also take MBA. Sometime my SO so stress with the work, and also assignment and the exam.

I will make sure to support my SO what ever happen. Altho my SO stay far away from me, but then definitely i will encourage my SO to focus studies and calm when my SO stress out. Ngeheehehehehe.

Miss my SO already altho everyday chat non stop via BBM.

Cheers mate.

Monday, June 14, 2010

See other people......


what will you do when you see handicap people, old people that sleep at the corner of the street, or mentally disorder people. Will you help them........?

Near to my office, ade there's one old fella. He always sleep under the skybridge stairs and so kesian....... i wish i could help him and give him shelter. But i cant because i also dun have the guts to do that. But then still i will help him if i could. any help that i can offer. Like give money, food, drink and anything so that he is ok.

Look at him, he seems ok, he sleep so peaceful although the road busy and noisy. Not to say im glad with him but then look at him, he seems so peaceful. He dont event look so stress, hurry or anything. I wish i can have that state of mind. No stress, not thinking of anything and be happy all the time.

Do u?

Thats not my name.......2

hehehehe...No danny this is not to tell you my malam and siang name ok......: p cause i dun have...sorry to disappoint you.....ngehehehehee.

After i read it again, i forgot there's another one name that i used it. yang nie my SO call me....Anak Kambing.....(calling manja2.....) at first when my SO call me like that; i was like hummmm, thats a weird name. but then, i like it and used it in my fb as well.

Thats all. hehehehhe

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thats not my name......hehehehehe

Recently i notice, some of the blog that i read, they mentioned about calling names, wrong call name and what name they have....... i guess, i have some to share......

Ever since my younger age, my family call me nas, and since is near to a fruit call nenas, being a kids they tease me nas nenas; nas suka makan nenas. Well, masa kecik, we definitely dunno how special our name unlike nowadays la.

But when i was 11, my dad transfer to Johor and johorean like to call people from first name, since my first name is Ahmad; so it straight away called amat or amad... Till now, most of my johore frens called me amad.

Then when i was form 5, dad transfer back to Kota Bharu and at that time, there's famous malay artist name Nash. Since my name near to nash...... so Nash it is...... Till know my secondary fren from Kota Bharu call me Nash.

After SPM, I further my study kat UITM and since a so called traditional to them, senior give names to the junior. Some of my frens got name like tauchu, chiky, garbok, toso, miri (cause he from Miri), abon, bonzer (cause his body big like bonzer), manja (cause his eyes have jelingan manja), Butet, nyot (he like suck), sultan (cause his face like sultan kelantan), laloq (cause his face looks like stone and high) and many more. This one i dont want to share cause so buruk my name they give. Since that, my fren call me that name, i know that its name from UiTM.

Then, i further to university and im no longer a Mr Nice Guy. So i want to be cheeky always. I use cheeky as my nickname. But then that name is so not cool. whahahahaha. Again, i know already, when ppl call me cheeky, sure from Uni.

Since i already work and dun want to all my nick name, i use my formal name that is Nasrul. But still gatal nak ade nickname. Since im from Nik's family. I just maintain my heritage and at same time modernised it. Nicq.

that's it lor. hehehehehehe

Monday, June 7, 2010

Evil stare

See that picture of cat.....evil stare kan......

That one is my favourite face. Evil stare. ngehehehehehe.......My friends told me that i have a smiley face but than i can be biatch at the same time..... hehehehehehe. I cant help it actually because sometime when we try so hard to be nice....... its not the nice we got. So the best thing is be smile but smack as much as can be. So evil kan.

Normally, the evil stare will be presented to my niece and nephew. if they being notty obviously. sien diaorg. my fren also kena my evil stare if they do somethings annoyed me of coz. So evil stare is the answer. ngehehehehehehe.........

Danny i know u good also in this...... ngehehehehehe
Kak Jehan also very good in this right

Cheers mate

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Golden Girls

This morning when i read news at Yahoo News say one of the Golden Girls actress died due to stroke, its really takes my eyes. Not to say on their sad moment cause out of 4, only left one but my memories with this comedy series.

If i still remember, i watch this when i was at the age of 8. That time TV3, can be watch in Kota Bharu. Lama sungguh this series and still i could recognise and like their actress.

Why my article sound so sad ah... whahahahahaha ntah lor... saje nak mode meraung sedikit..... whahahahahaha. But what am try to say is i like this comedy series and with million of people rite... hehehehehehe.

Cheers guys

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Its June and its in the middle of the year.......time really flies. Seriously when we think it back.....time flies very fast. Hummmmmmmmmmm

Am getting OLDER!!!!!!!!!!

Well yes on age....but not to my heart.......hehehehe am young at heart.....keep smile make my face look younger 3-4 years younger then actual age. good and definitely feel so good... Ngehehehehe