Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Why i put umbrella as my topic to tell is because i want to share a short story . Start with.....

Story 1.
My mom like to collect umbrella from many places. She even have more then 20 pair of umbrella keep at our living room.

Story 2.
When me and my SO went to London last year, we saw 1 umbrella at Armani Exchange and both of us like it so much. We bring it back and we manage to get the bring it until to the taxi. But then it end up; i left it in the taxi and lost it. So salah. Then, straight my SO called our friend in London to buy and arrange it to bring back to KL. After 10 month waiting, the same type of umbrella rest at my SO place in KL.

Story 3.
I have 10 umbrella. I just simply bought it and keep it here and there. Then last night, i saw all my umbrella, i realised that i have more then 10. 3 in my car, 2 at home, 3 in Kelantan, 2 i've lost it and 2 with my friends. which i forgot to collect.

How was that...... Kak jehan, Bleh buat tak assignment nie. How many umbrella u have and share it with your blog reader......
( Yeah! Its a must and u have to do this...muahahahaha siapa suh start this kan....... )

Shelamat Menchoba........

Friday, March 26, 2010

Your own time....

How you do it?

1. With your friends?
2. With your special one?
3. With your kids, relative?
4. Read books?
5. Listen to the music ?
6. Shopping ?
7. Watch movie alone?
8. Watch movie with your friends?
9. Dinner/Lunch/ coffee snacks with your friends
10. Dinner/Lunch/coffee snacks alone with your laptop?
11. Clean your house alone?
12. Finish up all the pending office work alone at home?

Whats your favourite mate?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Me and My story.

Ever since i start to grow older, KL is one of the places am always be. During my childhood time, my parent always bring us to KL to buy school uniform and meet our cousins. Most of my uncle and aunt stay here.

Then, after SPM i come to KL for break and i should say i have a dream to stay here and work here. I begin to have a strategy on how to be in KL and build my career here. My colleague time,i stay in Shah Alam and i just can see Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower from far......

Cut it short, now my office is just 2 blocks away from Petronas Twin Tower and I used to work at Suria as Waiter in Chakri Palace and San Francisco Coffee and its one of my hang out place when i dont know where to go. I think i already cover most of the tourist place and i say i never shy to say i been there and done that.
KL Tower - Done;
Twin Tower bridge - Done;
Museum- Done;
Masjid Negara - Done;
Central Market - Done
Zoo Negara - Done.
Take KL Public Transportation - Done

I like my life and i like as it is. Some people are just too focus to work where they miss the great opportunity that can be found just next to them. If i think it back, a lot sacrifice and effort that i have done. Thank to Yang Maha Esa, i manage to achieve almost all of my dream. My dream basically like a kiddo yang baru nak belajar tentang dunia and somehow or rather, i manage to get it.
Be yourself and learn of what happen, never regret of what had happen cause from what happened basically has made who you are.
Love you dear.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bebek Bengil.

Like i said in my previous article about Food, this one one of the place we went on Sunday before we took off to Sukarno Hatta Airport.

The location kind of isolated but then its at the heart of Jakarta city

The signboard
The main dish.
Its really rare to see Malay restaurant served duck. There is la but then not much, most of it is in Chinese cuisine. I don't remember when i had duck during my younger days but then i start to have duck back is about 4 years ago and also in Jakarta. Duck in bahasa indonesia is bebek
This one is crispy and tasty. Not keen on the vege and sambal cause afraid my tummy will meragam cause of spicy but the duck really crispy. hummmmmm
Lumayan sekali pak. : )

Eat and Eat

Me and SO like to find something new on "Food". Whether its Chinese, Malay, unique, western, steak, pasta, mix and contemporary, modern, fine dining; and many more, surely we try. Since last weekend i went to Jakarta, we took chance went to Mall Kelapa Gading. According to my SO via friends who is Indonesian... they said its 5 mall in 1 place. We only manage to go Mall Kelapa Gading 1 and 2 and not all we covered.

They have a lot and one of it is the Eat and Eat outlet. Its where the peranakan, Vietnam, authentic Indonesian food from each state in Indonesia and sweets served at this place.
(took this pic from google file)

The way they do on decoration is really focus to the traditional and in peranakan style. The moment you enter to this place, you feel like you in 60's and early 70's. The ambiance is so soothing and peaceful. You can have various type of food.

To have the meal, you need to purchase a prepaid card. Then, with this prepaid card, you just need to choose what you want to eat and present the card. They will deduct the amount of the food price and from the credit you have in the card. You can add on more the value and if you finish, you can redeem again the balance amount money you have in the card.

The food taste, i should say delicious. We too Lauk Pengantin and Soto and it really feels like home cook food. You want the taste, get the enough portion and good ambiance. Superb

Hard to find this concept in KL. It more like similar to Le Marche but then with the le Marche, we pay later but this one we pay first. Good idea and maybe we can do this in KL perhaps......

Me and travel. Love you dear.

Me, Tagged again by Sis Ahan

I have been tagged by ahanintheafternoon... again. Looks like this kakak comel has got idea with evil motif for giving out assignments to fellow bloggers in the form of tags! Well, its only because I lurve almost all of her article that I am humoring the tag.... hehehehe!

The rules of this tag are:
1. Go to your photo files… (hard to find cause i have ribuan folder; so i took it from fb, senang nak pilih) then; select the 8th photo folder
2. Select the 8th photo in that folder
3. Post that photo along with the story behind it
4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same.

Someone's who like to go singapore recently, must know where is this. So, here goes:

Am actually have almost thousand over picture taken from last year till now. Since my lovely sister said the 8th album and on the 8th position, so to make it easy, i just select from facebook. This pic took on Christmas last year. The venue is at Orchard Center and if you notice that i took escelator which located at side of building.

Although am not a height person but then i manage to be in this escelator until top of the building. Penakut tinggi tu is exactly my weakness but then still got heart to do bungy jumping. Then at the same time, i do amaze with the building which is different and unique. they have weird kind of layout and hard to explain and lazy to explain too........

Since sis ahan said according, me also want to mentioned about according....... according to my SO, this is the tallest shopping complex in Singapore and South East Asia, and i really feel weird cause shopping complex has been grow like mushroom. Are they really into shopping when then free...... dunno what to say wor......

If it was not for this tag, this pic will just lay back in Facebook and always viewed by public (a.k.a my fans) . So I now challenge this eight bloggers to post theirs too! I hereby tag:

1. Azea - cause i can see ur blog dah jadi bersawang. At least something to generate article
2. Sumeng - you also...... be creative la
3. Nasir - hummmmm can u try do something different in ur blog..... hehehe.
4. Syefik - this budak so lazy to do article, at least got something to do.

Then anybody la can do this........ kekekekeke

Friday, March 12, 2010

Who is your match?

When we talk about "match"; we can actually relates to anything...... in this case i guess i narrow to relationship. Several situation we can put is :

Good Look with beauty = The dream match
- People always see this as a dream thing.

Good look with normal face = The Ordinary
- The mix reaction can be some say the good look deserved to have that. some may say the good look sould get the same level of the good look but then this wont be the issues.

Ordinary look with beauty = The ordinary
- same reaction with the previous one.

Normal with normal = Normal and last longer
- No doubt and this will last longer

Good Look with Ugly = Odd but they may have different reaction
- reaction A) they sure like the mix
- Reaction B) They dont like and say bad thing about the ugly

Ugly with Beauty = Odd and different reaction indeed
- reaction a) They will say the ugly always know how to used a sweet word that attract the beauty
- reaction b) They will say that the beauty is so blind and she suppose to get WAY better then ugly.

To me, everybody have their own interest and preference. Other people has no right to say bad things about the odd relationship cause as a human, we never perfect.

tepuk dada tanya selera.


Sweet Beggar

Last nite went dinner with my best friends at Nailis Ampang. The place was ok, not then the only part that i not really keen or preferred is there are lot of beggar. Well, i actually dun mind on giving donation to them with sincere but last night actually does touch my heart.

These an old blind man came with his accompany and i guess his wife of friends. The way they approach is like cheers and really soothing tone. Its not like in a sad way where you beg for money.

Then there's another beggar and this time is a young kid. Sad where he come and asked for money like that. Don't know that this is a scam or survival but if its true this is scam, i really sad cause people can really think of bad things on this. hummmmm

something sweet and sour in life.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Need another Vacay escaped

Where to....... hummmm

A developed city that really developed. The people and the city never sleep. The cleanliness, the building, the historical been preserved or adapt in a new concept, the structured and the place where people alwasy talk about it.
Jakarta ?
The unique city with different kind of cultural, ethnic, people, theme, entertainment, food, and many more that make them "unique".

Kota Bharu?

My favourite spot and always love it. The place where i was born, broad up, the place i start to know my parents, friends, and my character build too.
Kuala Lumpur?
A city that has their own identity, their own life, harmony, yet cherish every part life with their own way.

Where will i be for my next vacay escaped. You will know then.....


Weekend Story

As usual when i have a time to do it definitely i will spend my time with my SO. The things that am always look forward every weekend. Last weekend is more like Cherish and a moment that a night incident that you will never forget.

Start with a good one where we had lunch at our favourite restaurant with my friends too. So happen my friends were around, so its more like meet and greet session. Then we went to karaoke for our next event..... after that we straight to dinner. Almost say, the night went well. But then, right after the clock enter 12.00 midnight, it turn opposite and start with a road block, then feels like " I wish this wouldn't happen tonight" situation.

Me and my SO didn't get a chance to sleep that whole night and the bad situation end early in the morning. We settle as much we could and thank god no more drama right after that. Then we finally can go to sleep and woke up in the afternoon.

When i think this back, its really a memorable moment and definitely i will never forget about it. What a weekend.

How was ur weekend folks?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tai Chee Master

I guess i have mentioned this on my previous article and yesterday is one of the experience i had with the tai chi master.

Represent......... My supervisor aka my boss.....

really well known to the title.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Talk kok

Ade banyak beza dengan orang yang do work and talk need to explain too much cause if i explain too much it show i talk kok also. Today i had meeting with my VP and he said there's different between talk business and do business. When i heard that word, straight i connact it with talk kok.

so.... which one u want.... do work or talk kok.

I lazy to talk kok now. how?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teater Muzikal Patung Kertas

Enough said i like the theater and once i got the chance, definitely i will make sure that im around to watch the play......

Teater Muzikal Patung kertas is one of it.........

Teater Muzikal Patung Kertas yang memakan kos RM100 ribu ini akan dipentaskan di Dewan Auditorium Tunku Abdul Rahman, MATIC, Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur . Teater muzikal ini mengisahkan tentang dunia pahit, manis, pahit dan kelat sekumpulan manusia yang digelar sebagai patung kertas atau lebih dikenali sebagai “Paper Doll”. Ia bermula dengan perhubungan akrab antara Abang Long (Lakonan Dato’ Jalaludin Hassan) dengan Adik Chu, Kerry, Syam dan ramai lagi. Mereka melakukan kebajikan dalam kumpulan ‘Patung Kertas’ yang mempromosikan primadona hitam putih dalam setiap persembahan mereka.

Pergolakan dunia patung kertas yang penuh dengan suka duka ini bagaimana pun menimbulkan konflik apabila Abang Long yang rapat dengan salah seorang penari baru dari dalam kumpulan tersebut tidak disenangi oleh seseorang. Bukan setakat itu sahaja, perebutan kawasan ‘berniaga’ juga menjadikan suasana tegang dan ada antara golongan patung kertas ini tidak ’sebulu’ malah adegan cabar mencabar berebutkan kawasan juga berlaku.

Di sebalik kekalutan itu, Ebby Yus, seorang pemuda yang berniaga secara kecil-kecilan di siar kaki kawasan ‘perniagaan’ patung kertas ini turut dibabitkan oleh kumpulan terbabit. Kenapa Ebby pula menjadi mangsa? Inilah persoalannya yang akan dirungkaikan.

Teater muzikal ini juga menyingkap bagaimana Adik Chu akhirnya juga mengikuti jejak Abang Long yang ingin berkahwin dengan kekasih lamanya. Apakah kebajikan yang dilakukan oleh patung kertas kepada seorang kanak-kanak yang mengidap kanser?

Teater yang membariskan pelakon terhebat tanahair seperti Dato Jalaluddin Hassan sebagai Abang Long, Adik Chu dilakonkan oleh Along Fariz, sementara pelakon kacak Ashraff Muslim membawakan watak Kerry sementara dibantu oleh Zuhairi Ibrahim, Aishah Atan, Ebby Yus, Syed Wafa, Shajiry dan ramai lagi serta penampilan khas oleh Ika Fancy Group, pasti meruntun perasaan dan jiwa anda bila menontonnya.

Teater muzikal Patung Kertas pasti akan membawa satu kelainan dan memberikan satu perspektif baru kepada peminat-peminat teater.

* a short story from


Am one of the theater fan........ i've watched several play and until now, i still like and enjoy. No matter the event is small play or the big one, i still like it. KLpac is one of the venue that i recently last visit for the "Swimming Instructor".

Love it........
when i saw this posters at KLpac. I should say yes am a Virgin to KLPac and definitely enjoy the play at KLPac.

SIR ( Spell it right)

I know my english is not really england standard but moreless ok la...... but it does bring me a smile when i look at this pic that i took at kotaraya

a question.......which part of body name "tang"and "mouse"?

hehehehehe manage to identified the correct one?