Saturday, March 30, 2013


I always say Confident as in "Condifent". Its start with a joke actually until few incident i guess it does have a sarcasm behind it. I define Condifent as in beyond than overconfident in this case. 

This morning, i actually went to the Taman TAR for jogging. 2 reasons behind it, first reason is because of exercise after 1 whole week i didnt get chance to do it at my hometown because of no running shoe and tired because of the kenduri (excuse much...ngehehehehehee). then the other reason is because i can "cuci mata" where is i got lucky, there is some candy eye doing some jogging as well (yummy). 

Back to the condifent issue, right on the way back i just drive one round at the park to have last call of cuci mata moment. Suddenly, i saw 3 "kakaks" are about to start jogging. One of them wear really short parts,  and over-show singlet with while talking so loud and walk so lenggang kangkung i was like aiyoooohhhhhhh so condifent ok. 


Friday, March 22, 2013

Am sorry.

Am sorry, or sorry or please forgive me is a simple word with a big meaning if you mean it. No need to explain when and how to use it anymore cause everybody knows about it i guess for the early years they can speak. 

But in this case i should remind that sorry should come from your heart and thats mean you "mean it". Some people are just simply say it for the sake of not prolonged the issue or the sour situation. However, they actually don't realized it, the impact is not to the person who say sorry, but to the other person.  

As for me, its ok to forgive but then to forget its not easy. 

think about it.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

French Language

I just love french language. The way it pronunciation, the masculine feminine and adjective and everything inside it sound so unique. Others proclaimed that language is the romantic language but i guess Italian is more romance and romantic compared to french people. 

I actually learned french language during my diploma years but well, like people always said, if you not practice it, you definitely cant master it and speak fluently. Same goes with other language or foreign language. 

I hope one day i could speak french very fluently. I knew one day, there will be an opportunity to have it. 

Till then, Au Revoir Monsieur Madam.  

When am hungry

I dont know about other person but as for me, when im hungry, my character almost quickly can change to the bad temper very fast. My responding to the people can be sacarstic like hell. Cant help it cause make of who i am.

My friends know me as a simple, patience and alway crack a stupid jokes. but when they know that am hungry, all those thing wont be in my life-hungry-situation dictionary. And normally all this thing will happen during at the restaurant. And the inefficient waiter and slow service always kena.

ngeehhehehehehehehehe what can i say, thats who i am.

Cheers anak kambing.