Monday, September 28, 2009

F1 Xperience

F1 Xperience really excites me and love it ever since i know bout the chance to be part of the experience together with others. Altho it just a qualifying but really like it man....... even more when am with my other half.... : )

Here some of the pic i manage to take.......

Friday, September 25, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Ambo ingin mengucapkan selamat Hari Rayo ko sesaing, anok beranok, kenalan, worih waroh, sesaing blog, pembaco blog ambo, denga sesiapo jah hok baco article ambo.......

Ambo takdok duik rayo nok bui, tapi ambo bui senyuman hok paling ikhlah snoti ko demo smuo....

Maah la kalu tok pehea stapung pung hok ambo royak nie... tapi gak ambo nok royak, Selama' Hari Rrayo dengea Maaf Zohir nga bating. Minto maah banyok. Tak kiro la ambo ado buak saloh ko, dok ko, ambo mitok maah banyok. Ore kato kosong kosong.

Kalu nok mari derumoh, royak neh tapi gak ambo tok buak openg house. Ambo gi ko rumoh open house blana lah...... tahung lepah bejujuk ambo keno gi. Tahung nie ambo sello sikek, tapi tahu la takuk ado jugok inviteseng gak, ambo keno gi. Pakka' sleke neh.......

Skali lagi, ambo mintok ma'ah banyok, and Selama' Hari Rayo Minah Aidil Wa Fa'ijing.

Maah neh......

Tuna Sandwich

Since last night, am actually craving for TUNA SANDWICH. I know that it has a tangy smell but really i do like the taste especially eat with Toast bread, lettuce, mayonnaise, lots of slice tomato and having it early in a morning..........

Owh...... i also love to have the tuna mayonnaise with Croissant. exquisite

Love the feeling and love the taste. Definitely am craving for tuna sandwich. hehehehehe

Whats your favourite daily meal.

Terima Kasih.........

You know.... Malaysian has a habit that hard to say thank you. Its really easy but hard to hear people say "thank you", and what about smile.... hummmm i guess the same case also with saying thank you.

By saying thank you, basically you already make other people's feel good of what they have done without you notice. Its really a bring impact to you and also to them too......It is a nice thing and we should start to applied it. Dont bother to other person who dont want to start, but if you start, you actually can make a change to others. Then they will do the same thing.

We been label as "Penuh dengan Budi Pekerti". Dunno how to explain in English but something like we are generous with manners but then different reaction applied in real life. So does it mean that we are generous or selective with manners.

Let see in you first then see others.

Cheers mate.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feeling expensive

I know that some people dont have money to pay more but then they have big dream. So to do that........ buy affordable one and feeling expensive taste. For example

Buy Kelisa feeling New Mini

Buy Gen2, feeling BMW

Buy Myvi feeling Jazz.....

Love the idea. hehehehe

Monday, September 14, 2009

Eye of London, Singapore Flyers and Eye on Malaysia

See the 4 common picture below:

Singapore Flyers

Eye on Malaysia

London Eye

Eye of Manchester

Whats is the similarity between 4 of it?
- I have been near to those place and never have intention to go in and take a ride. How was that?
- Reason, we also can see the upper view like they see too.



Up and down.......

Watch one of the serious in AXN, but cant recall what title of that series; anyway, what i would like to share is this. One of the actor say, sound like this

" When you on the top, there's no way else to go unless down".

Its really unique and meaningful. I guess i leave to you to see and find out what does it mean.

Me be me.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

London Taxi

Something special where London Taxi is unique and known to the world. Manage to get a ride by London taxi during my trip to London previously with my SO. Although a short journey but i still can remember till now.

Like it and always cherish me. hummmmm What happen to me aite....... hummmmmmm
Another trip to London or am will be staying in London soon. Hehehehe.Like the idea and dream. Cheers

External Beauty is Not Permanent

While am looking for idea for my article, i read other people's blog and then i saw the word say
"External Beauty is Not Permanent"

I do agree with that and certainly i practice it. Most important is my SO must be brainy, attitude and last one is good looks ahaks...... hehehehe( its supposedly to be ease on eye's mah....... and malay said sedap mata memandang........ if not, hard lor to adapt..... kekekekeke).

It may sound not fair to a person with not good looking right. Don't get me wrong mate. Do remember that i always go for brainy, why brainy is because its easy to talk. You can explain and have a decent conversation with brainy and lots of things we can talk rather then talk back or talk bad on other people cause bimbo and himbo does that and they always like it so much.

Then, the next thing is attitude; with attitude, this person definitely know how to mingle with. I love to get know many kind of people cause the more you mingle the more you can get. So, be nice to other people cause you never know one day what they can do to you in the future.

Looks definitely means ease to your eye's. Eye candy is one of the thing that i like. But external beauty is not permanent. Thats you brainy always my priority and works well on me. Think about it mate.........

Till then, cheers.

What say U

I found this at Mid Valley Car Park and to me its no longer cute but UGLY...... Ops.... do i type it so BIG........ yeah..... its no longer cute though.....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Using Islam Name

I guess we should never mix religion to anything activities that mean no good but then lately, we can see some used the religion name to get the attention and just for their own benefits. I guess am the person who dont like to mix for my own interest.

Really dont know what to answer on this point. Am speechless actually. hummmmmm

Belated Eid Ramadhan Wish

I guess i have yet wish you all Happy Eid Ramadhan ya....... so here it is;

Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa dan Semoga setiap amalan yang dilakukan di rahmati serta diberkati oleh yang Yang Maha Esa.


Not suitable attire at the not suitable place and time

Went to Bora Ombak for Iftar with my office mate, and as usual am having my own sweet time looking the food and enjoy the moment as well.

Then just about iftar going to start, Azan call been announce and everybody start to have their meal for breakfasting. My eyes head straight to the Azan caller and it was a guy( as normal practice) but the not so suitable is that fella wear necklace.

Known to the rules in islam where Men dont wear any accessories similar to women, and in a modern world looks like men do wear necklace, ear ring, whist band and many more. Well i did the same thing but wear necklace and at the same time be a Azan caller? Is that the suitable attire and in a suitable time.

Makes me wonder.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Stress again

Woke up this morning i feel somethings not right to me. My mood not represent as me and im having difficulty in taking a deep breath.

Last time i had this situation is when im stress with my unit superior. I guess am facing the same thing. Got a feeling its related to work again. Ya Allah, please help me to calm down. I really need to be patience now or else it will become to worse scenario.......

I really need to be calm.

This Too Shall Pass.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Iftar at Hotel Buffet

My clique generously offer for treat our team for Iftar gathering at one of the local 5 star hotel and i arrange it at my convenience and easy to handle. Easy because my good friend work over there but not because i can get the lower price then...... hehehehehe.

I believe its a trend nowadays where most of the people went there for iftar session and they treat that as a gathering moment. Look at the crowd, many Malaysian is a wealthy and they can pay with quite some money for their iftar meal.

At the same time, i met my friends. Not just one, but 4 friends. Am glad they are still a good one and they still remember me. Really glad man........

To me, am no longer a fan of buffet serving. This is because i have turn myself as a small eater but i do enjoy some of the dessert. I always love dessert. I actually made my own dessert for my own taste. Usually for iftar, me and cendol is a must. At least have a taste will do....... Just now what i do is.... i put in the Cincau, cendol, ice shread and lai chee kang, Hummmm lavish.......

I always like to find something that is really rare we can get during a non fasting month. Today i had Nasi Dagang, My own taste buds cendols, lamb with mint sauce, rendang with nasi impit, and several selection of dessert. Yummy and lavish and enough.........

Rarely for me have white rice for my iftar meal unless there's no food serve. Hehehehehe. So whats your traditional treat then.........

So for now i can say few things;
1. Malaysian is already start to get wealthier year by year.
2. Buffet offer is a lot and already a trend
3. I love cendol so much and so my mom and dad. Its a traditional and its never endings.
4. Am not a big eater anymore.
5. I meet my good friends and we share of what we miss.
6. Iftar is good for gathering.
7. Dont you just love Fasting Month.

Whats your casualties mate.......

Till then Cheers

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What do i want rite now?

I really dont know what should i say but there few things i want to do and unfortunately my way still not work......... i really dont know.......

1. I want to be at home, relax and cherish my time.
2. I want to be like other people who is happy with their life, no need to worries and stuck in the office just because to full fill other people dream.
3. I want to be mingle with my friends, share and spend time with them and have my own time.
4. I want to go back my hometown for few days and be with my mom and dad.
5. I want to be with my partner and spend time with my partner, talk and be with my partner. I really want to have this.
6. I want to finish my work and all my works work very well. Dont like when it stuck because of something that people can be arrange it and can pass through.

In other words, i miss me of what i had before where i have my own time, my time with my partner, my time with family, can do house cleaning, can be like other people and i have control my work as well.

I really jealous where see people has their own time like what i have before. Now, to take a leave also i really not in a mood, cause some may call me and ask me this and that. so how?

What should i do?