Saturday, January 31, 2009

Watch TV

Wake up bout 11 am today.....not really a good day to me cause last nite i had a bad fever.........
after take shower, take breakfast, i just decide to be a couch potato. Lay down in front of the tv.

From one channel to another channel and from one hour to another hour....... i just kill my time lay down on couch......... then i stop at one Indonesian movie.......9 naga.......

I remember this movie.... i've watch it at cinema with my friend muja.....He is really like any Indonesia style..... from music, artist, art, country and movie......he start to like those stuff if am not mistaken..... since the movie " Ada Apa Pada Cinta" hits in Malaysia almost 6 years ago.....

Back to the 9-Naga, i just realised i like this kind of movie....... their motive is about reality, how people suffer to put food on a table, survival and many more........ sometime, we may forgot what is happening outside of our world........ although there is Internet, TV and any other mean.... but still we neglect it.........

Malaysia movie as far i concern..... Love is the main subject...... all the cintan cintun ....... but now they have change it. Hope to a better changes. More reality from Yasmin served....... its really a X factor.

I guess that's all....
Till then, Cheers

Friday, January 30, 2009

A wise quote

I receive the email from my boss and he placed one quote for all of us to think.....

Quote from Hitler's Personal Diary

"I could have annihilated all the Jews in the world, but I left some of them so you will know why I was killing them."

Adolf Hitler

I always believe that a person who been portrait a BAD person, there must be a something reason behind it. You will never know there and then but you may know when it happen to you. God Almighty is really fair and HE know what he is doing.

Think about it.......till then,


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Surprise Bouquet of Roses......

I believe everybody experience the surprise....... whether a good surprise, shock surprise, bad surprise or act surprise....... still a surprise........

Last week i receive a surprise bouquet of roses..... 2 dozen of roses wooo.......from my SO. The bouquet came straight to me and at that moment i didn't expect anything...... shock and happy at the same time.........

Nice rite......

When think about it, it still bring a big smile to me and never ever forget about it.

Make my day till today.........hummmmmm

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Being me

Been busy lately with my work and have to work late night again. I would like to share more but still few more to finish up.

Will be with my blog and will share few stories from what i have observed.

Till then, Cheers

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

See what you have in YOU

Have you ever thought who are you?

What i mean by who are you is , do you actually know who you are? what is your strength, what is your weakness, what opportunity that you can use for your own good or benefits, what chance that you have, whether slim or big chance to break through or to change.

Some people can see who they are, some cant see it, and need other people to tell. Some, once incident happen to them, make them realised what they have and they may change it, some may not able to change it. It depends on you.

Am not a God and am not perfect either. But i try my level best to do what i can provide and deliver and be myself and at the same time not to do bad things to other. I hate fake people and being fake to others. Truth to yourself, don't lie to yourself and ask the truth from other about who you are. Sometime, the opinion you get, may pinch you most but that's the reality. True friends will say the right thing and bad friends will ignore you or make things worse when you in trouble.

So, what do you see in YOU and again.......


Till then, cheers mate

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tai Chee

When we talk about Tai Che...... for most of the people will see it a one of the finest Chinese exercise that has been practise for thousand of years. Its really good practice where it help to the practitioner to have lot of benefits such as:

- anti stress
- smooth the blood circulation
- exercise whole body
- exercise your mind to a relax and calm
and many more which may related to it.

But what am going to say about other side of "tai che" is on people behaviour and reaction in doing things especially avoid from to be blame.

Yes, don't want to get blame, so this fella will start "tai che" and put the blame to the other party. Sometimes, its is clearly the problem occurred, or mistake appear, this one person really don't want to admit his or her mistake, so they start doing tai che.

Normally, this happen on project faulty or failure, report show the low performance, activities plan not working and etc. Do we have to be like that?

To me, i would suggest by stop blaming to the other party where its clearly your mistake, rectify the problem, find the solution how to solve the problem, get the solution done and make things clear. No need to open up your "Great tai che skill" because definitely and clearly not bring any good but delay and make things even worst.

Somehow or rather, this people like to show their so called "Great tai che skill" where it doesn't bring any good except give excuse.

Guys, please do the practice the GOOD Tai Che..... not the FAKE Tai Che. Its not worth it mate. Why i said that......

Good things last longer, Fake things only look good but not last longer.

Think about it.

Till then, cheers

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Earliest time type my blog

I just simply want to do anything and share anything inside my blog. Like the title, yes it is..... this is the earlier moment i type my blog. 6 o'clock in the morning.hehehehehe......

This is because i have to do my work and currently am waiting the result come out...... so at the mean time..... blogging......

I guess that all.... till then, cheers

Monday, January 5, 2009


Am the MASTER of Mahjong!!!!!!yeah rite..... cause am not....
Ehehehehehe........ Am actually spend time with my SO during weekend and one of the activities while am at my SO place is play Mahjong.......
My SO thought me how to play mahjong and seriously its excites me. I like it cause of
(1) its a new game to me
(2) Am with my SO spend time together... ( ok ok ok i know.... am to exaggerate)
(3) make me sakit hati cause i keep on loosing money ( phew thank god we just play with small money)
(4) give me an idea to write in my blog.
For Chinese, this game is their culture. They play Mahjong since they were small. For Malay, we just see Mahjong is just a gambling ( yes its true) and gambling is Haram...... without see it from other point of views.
My point is - by play mahjong..... we actually got more then serious. Ok let me list down what do we get from play mahjong......
1. Whole family can get together.
2. Learn how to use number effectively
3. Learn how to act and change strategy very quick
4. Be fair and square
5. Challenge our mind and action.
6. Get socialized.
7. Polish your planning and strategies
8. Its fun.
Sometime, be in a same group or friends, we tend not to open our mind. How about meet other people, see what they get, what to offer and what to have from what we have given........
This is really important for the reality and the fact is all around us. Seriously, think of what i said and i believe we can get more by mix ourselves with other different kind of people and you will know you will get more from it.
Till then, cheers mate


Have you ever asked yourself, what is your preference for breakfast?

This idea pop up yesterday when me and my SO went out to tah-pau food for breakfast. After woke up late morning yesterday, me and my SO went out to the near Setapak area to buy food for breakfast.

For me normally, like to tah-pau food and eat it at home.... this been practise by my mom cause according to her, its the best way for family gather early in the morning. In fact we can save more by doing that.

Others like to cook for breakfast. Which we all do also cause too much eat outside food make all of us get bored easily......

Some other people like wise, they like to eat breakfast outside. Their reason because there lot of choices and lazy to cook. Simple and easy. Just wake up, wash face, brush their teeth, dress as simple as can be and look like they had shower...... then go out at mamak or cafe and had breakfast....... They can have heavy breakfast and no need to eat lunch....... yeah rite...... still eat ok....... but late lunch la....... kekekekeke.

So again.... what is your preference for breakfast?

Till then, Cheers

2009, New Year Just begin.

Hey there guys,

I guess its not too late to wish all of you

Happy New Year, May this year will bring the best throughout 2009!!!

Last year...... where am i celebrating New Year ........... i was in Grik, Perak and participate Kayak Expedition. Its totally awesome and love the program and love the scenery.

Where was i this year...... hehehehe, somewhere in this region where i celebrate it in pur own special celebration. hehehehe.


From me........nicq.