Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ampang and Traffic Jam

When i mentioned where i was of the favourite word pop up from them is Traffic Jam. Its already synonym and noted by kl people. Now i can consider better cause we do have the AKLEH where its connected straight from my house area to Kuala Lumpur.

Previously i was attached at Great Eastern Mall building and i have to face the traffic jam almost everyday. Normally, from my house to Great Eastern just take only 15 minutes at most. But because of the traffic jam, it can reach to 1 hour or more. Dont care whether morning or after work, the situation happen are almost the same.
The situation can be even worst if its raining. yeah.... its not raining men hallelujah........... Its Raining men...... The hell with ya........ seriously am not joking. Even one time i used to get caught in traffic jam at Jalan Ampang for more then 4 hours.
The picture is the prove and i guess it can be part and parcel of Ampang folks face this traffic jam and definitely Ampang fella will find alternative ways to get out from the traffic jam.
That's my day stories. Cheers

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Memories picture in Hospital : )

Some of the picture i manage to take during am admitted in Ampang Puteri hospital.

Where i like to go rite now again is ......Jakarta

Definitely i do feel like to go weekend vacation on weekend. Several places that i have in my mind but then Jakarta always the place i tempting to go again.......... I dont care what their citizen thinking about the current issues, the government conflict, the people but what i like about Jakarta is their unique.

They have special character that it really hard to find in other ASEAN countries. The Place like Sudirman, Grand Hyatt, Plaza Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, the Western food like SoHo or Social House, Authentic Nasi Padang from Sari Ratu, and indonesian specialities like Kafe Betawi of Laksa Indonesia and Mee Tek Tek. With club place like Buddhabar, Dragonfly, Immigrant, Cafe of Exxelco and now the new "in" thing is Creambath where definitely pampered us from an exquisite city holiday in Jakarta.

I certainly like the trip by KLM flight from Kuala Lumpur where the price of the flight ticket is not expensive compared to Malaysian Airlines or worst of no flight by Garuda Airlines. Plenty of flight from Air Asia but dont like the risk of flight delay.

All my dream definitely will be memorable when we went with the person that we love. I always like to be with my SO and wish this can be come true. Love the Moment and always do.

Love u. (hehehehehe ; ) )

Admitted in Hospital

Yup........ i been admitted in hospital and guess what...... i like it. This is my second experience i been admitted in Hospital at Ampang Puteri and definitely one of the fun experience and i always enjoy my time stay in hospital.

I guess am a weird person where am so excited to enter the operation theater and look forward what the result on my sickness...... gila kan.....

The reason being of having fun admitted in hospital is because i dont like to portrait myself as sick, weak and dependable. I definitely dont like and certainly things that i need to avoid it. My friends went for a visit and they just really cant imagine how sick i am cause am doing jokes and laugh all the time.

Spend my empty and lonely time with reading books, watching the view and plan what i should do after this for fun. Like the idea and stay healthy is a must i believe. Hope you enjoy your moment in Hospital mate, Dont worry cause the hospital attendance will always assist you.......


Thursday, October 22, 2009

See view from window

One of my favourite behaviour is see the view from the window. Its fine for me whether its in the city or forest view; as long it will bring peace in my mind.

I guess I have turn myself a cityboy. Am ok with the fast flow of car, the sound and the building.

And now am standing beside the window from 6th floor at Ampang Puteri Hospital. I can see view from here the MRR2, Flamingo Hotel and affiliates, Petrol Station, Keramat area, and AKLEH Highway.


Monday, October 19, 2009

NIKON - D5000

Ever since i met my other half, i've been introduce to the DSLR world. How to take picture, how to get the best shot, what to focus on the objects and lots of things of the photography arts. My SO really like it so much and willing to purchase a good one because of the passion.

So happen my SO have extra camera and gave to me to practice my skill.... hehehehe. From the moment i used my SO DSLR and with this NIKON D 5000, my interest gain more and more. I start to asked this and thats from my cousin, my SO, my friends, even stranger on how and what best methods to used for the best picture shot.

Love it and like it. ehehehehehe. This is my new toy.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Malaysian Police Traffic

Ever since i been working in KL and always caught in the jam...... one of the thing that i like to do is watch the surroundings. Police traffic is one of the subjects.

Well, i have no issues with them even i do respect their role by keeping the traffic run smooth and believe me, they have done the good job. But what i would like to share or raise my queries is, look at their body conditions, are they fit enough. I notice, most of them have belly and looks like they not really fit enough. Even, some of the new police also starts to have belly. Its really hard to see our policemen with fit body, best features that give the expression our policemen are strong and capable to fight crime.

What if the incident that they need to run and catch the thief or any case that need they energy..... can they do that? humm.......... why this thing make me think is because i went to several countries and i notice that most of their policemen does look good, fit and helpful too. If am not mistaken, they have a fit program for their policemen. If they fail to achieve certain standard, action will be taken.

Can we have the same methods. What say you guys as a Citizen and policemen perhaps.

We can do something.


Ever since i know bollywood or hindustan or tamil movie, their plot of stories are just very similar. They have singging, bright colours costume, bad character, innocent character, rich vs bad, extreme love stories, dancing with the whole villagers, the actor and actress is the extreme pretty and many more unique identity from the bollywood movie.

Then, i just not follow it. But then, now i can see that bollywood and tamil movie has upgrade their style where they go all round the world. I thot..... the singing and dancing with the whole villages not happen. Blind me...... It does...... now with the international local villages.

Hehehehehe. something that not change from bollywood........
Me stilll love Movie that i like. hehehehe

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do nothing Syndrome

Its really something not good when am not doing anything in the office. Just came back from 1 day MC and till now i just manage to do only one work. Really not a productive day today. I just in a midst of change my mind of what i had rite now and back to the reality. Really confuse and dont know what i need to do........

See in the reality part, i have lot of work need to do as per plan. But i still blur and super duper blur.

maybe i do need time for myself and me.


Open House Run....

I notice few things when it come to the raya month;
1. People like to do open house and its here and there.
2. MRR2 route will be caught in jam
3. Weekend will be full of variety of food.
4. People wont go to the un-open house.
5. Variety of food served.

My Open house race starts on saturday and till sunday; basically starts last week, but am unable to attend cause of the certain reason. On saturday, my aunty call for durian session cum open house. Then on sunday starts in afternoon, i went to kepong, then went to Sri Gombak, then straight to Cheras. Thought want to use my car, but seen the situation of traffic jam.... i just straight by my brothers bike. Really dont like using bike for long journey but i have too.....

Thank god manage to go almost all house, but keep priority to the one that i can achieve.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Wise quote

Saw this quote at my new fb friend and i really like it so much.

Only God knows where the story ends for me, but i know where the story begins.
Its up to us to choose whether we in or loose; and Win is my Goal.
Its been quite a while am in a unknown situation; not to say that i dont have goal in my life but there certain point where you dont realised your aim and you focus has skid from the path that i choose and i believe its time for me to come back and have my own direction, my own focus and my own goal.
I know i can do it and what i will definitely i could.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Masjid and Church.....


Like the place cause of :
1. Peaceful.
2. Clean
3. Calm
Been to masjid and during my childhood time, i like to hang out in surau for reading and study. Even during my study in university, i feel so peace and manage to study. alhamdulillah.

Kipas and Air Cond

I need the Fan to cool me down....... hehehehe

nah........ am ok with the air cond coldness.......

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Geng

Me and Ariff
Ariff and Aziz

Me and Aziz

Meet my friend Ariff and Aziz at KLCC yesterday after my hair treatment. Im glad to have them as one of my good friends cause we can share lots of things and crack a joke all along.........

I have different kind if friends and definitely its good for me cause i can have different point of view and also i can get advice from the expert.

My other half always says to me that dont be friend with fair weather friends cause it wont bring good to you. Cherish the true and sincere friendship cause somehow or rather, maybe one day you might need their expertise. You never know.........

Thanks guys for the time, I really had a great time.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Me and me

Colours of my life........

Monday, October 5, 2009

1 Year Anniversary.......

Whats your idea of celebrating 1 year anniversary?

My Other half has arrange a vacation in an island below south and its really meaningfull to me...... to me be with my other half and spend a really good quality time is always the one am looking for.

Definitely this is really meaningfull to me and i really dont want this to end ever and i really look forward for more and go ahead for further step.

I really dont know how to say thank you and how tp repay you. This is so special to me and hope you enjoy also of every moment you spend time with me from the moment i met till now.

Love you...... Love you sooo much. : )

Friday, October 2, 2009

WH Question

How can i achieve my dream ?
Have i achieve my dream ?
What am i dream and want ?
Am i just a dreamer or i can achieve of what i dream?
Am i a good person ?
Do my friend like me as who i am?
Am i treat my friends very well?
Who am i?
where am i? Life? Career? friendship?
How am i doing? Well or just so so?
Should i just be like this? should i go more?
Am i a good colleague?
Why some of my project not doing very well?
Why am still not happy with my work?
What do i want now?
What i really want now?
Why am still not satisfied even from me?
Which section do i like?
Which direction i want to choose?

Me still not satisfied with me, thats for sure.

F1 Goodies......

Another F1 fever with the evidence..... hehehehehe : )

Hehehehe.....Thanks to my SO...... : ) Love it soooo much.......

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kemanan Kopitiam - SUPERB and DELICIOUS

Me and my uncle and cousin went to Kemanan Kopitiam at Kota Bharu and we are trying the drink over there....... the pic as above and one word i can say ........ Superb..........
Love it..... wish my SO also can enjoy to...... its ok.... there will be the time for it..... : )

My Car Key-chain

This is my key-chain that be with me for about 4 years. Its been a years and lots of memories i had with it and my car also la kan....... hehehehehe

Cheers to the Key Chain.........