Monday, December 31, 2012

Dec 2012 Post

Today is the last day of 2012.

Alhamdulillah and thanks  to god that i still alive and smashing like previous years. Like every year previously there is up and down, but come to think about it maybe because i have grow older and wiser ( hehehehehehe i am ok), lots of things i face esp the problem part, i manage it in a wise way.

I guess i shall say something to express my gratitude.
1. Thanks to my SO that support me in and out, far and near and in many ways. My cherish and All my Love deep from my sincere heart. Cant wait for more in the future. I love it every moment of it.
2. Thanks to my family that also be with me and certainly family bond always till death do us a part. Still the memory bind stronger and tighter as well.
3. Thanks to my close friends, best buddy and person that know who i am truly. I appreciate that.
4. To my blogger readers. I know maybe we never knew personally but i guess my appreciation cause willing to read my lazy blog.

*Big Hug*
Sayonara 2012
*Wider Hug*
Hello and welcome 2013.

Cheers and Love
Anak Kambing

Friday, November 30, 2012


Start to fall in love with this drink ever since i knew it exist. I guess it because of it mixed with banana and fruits like berries, mango etc.

the taste:       Love it.....
The texture:  Creamy yet healthy
Price:            Lil bit pricey but im ok with it.



I could say am not that a die hard fa of chocolate but i can have with no problem. My problem with chocolate started to get an issues when that chocolate mixed with raisin or orange. The taste....... blergh........

hate it to the MAX.

other than that..... am fine with chocolate. kekekekekekekekeke

Thursday, November 29, 2012


During those years or i guess now also, most of the school in malaysia using Blackboard or green board   for the purpose of the learning and the part that i HATE most is to erase it. Simply because i kind of tall that time even until now.

Now, at university, we are no longer use the black board and chalk but we have the whiteboard and duster. Just now my friend told me that, there is no dust, but we still call the duster as the duster. ironic rite.....


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Structured without i notice it

I guess its the nature of me where the OCD is in my life. No matter what i do, it has to be well arranged and based on the category. Not that serious like certain people but part of it only *ayat nak selamatkan diri dari dicerca*

When i do my work and play with the internet directory, i just realised that i have arrange it based on the priority, the top row is for the frequent usage and my own account such as the Facebook, my blog and gmail account.

The second layer is for the blog including Danny blog page and the last layer row is for the my Master research website including my school website.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

fb post

This morning i post this

i am an ordinary guy with amazing life journey and be friends with lots of extraordinary friends that make my life richer than I can imagine. One of them is you. Yes you who read my post now.

and guess what i get from twist-minded friend. 

An ordinary guy with amazing sex life experience and extraordinary fuck buddies that makes my life richer than i imagine  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Half boiled egg

Malaysia and Singapore; despite on try to compete in various ways, they actually share the common ways in doing things and the most easiest way that we can see is via food. 

Lets cut the crap, if you notice on half boiled egg. You can have it the same in Malaysia and Singapore. I actually not a fan of these slimy things but i guess it is no harm when we can have it when we feel wanna have it right? 

I have tried to have it in Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Manila and even at Seoul. Seriously they failed miserably or maybe have no clue of what i want it. Once i have asked my fb friends about it and almost all of them agreed. 

But seriously, although i do take half boiled egg but i still hate the slimy smell of it. Yuk. Always take with soy sauce to kill the odd smell. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Inherit from grandpa or grandma

Ever since i was kid, my mom always told me that my nose shape come from my dad side, my food shape come from my grandma and bla bla bla........

Now i heard more about it from my aunts, uncles and of course my parents as well. Well i guess, i cant stop because its already part of my life. I inherit from them. Its in my blood

Dual Language Movie

Malaysia has always practicing Dual Language. Bahasa Malaysia / Bahasa Melayu (dunno which one confirmed already after been changed several times) for formal or government related activities and English are commonly used in corporate or working with the private sector.   

All this Dual Language influence has been absorbed in the Television where they introduce dual language in any english speaking movie / cartoon beside the translation word popping at the below of the screen. 

So now im actually watching James Bond and suddenly i saw Dual Language Sign and i try my luck not to laugh, unfortunately i laugh like hell just within a minutes after i change it. Just imagine this word come from our Beloved English James Bond. 

James Bond : Saya Bond, James Bond. Sila angkat tangan anda atau kamu akan ku tembak. 
Villain : Arghhhh Tidak, aku tidak akan mengalah Encik Bond. Tangkaplah aku kalau kau bijak.....muahahahahahahahahahahaha 

*straight away i change back to english. I dont want to feel humiliate and laugh at my own language.  

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dealing with org "Sakit Jiwa"

I have said it before and i guess better i said it again.

It is better to stay away or shall i highlight AVOID org sakit jiwa. If not, it will effected to you if you mingle  with these kind of people.

In Quran (wah tetiba Quran nie), we been told that
- to be a smart person, you have to mingle with an intellectual.
- to be a bad person, well, you know who to mingle with.


With Org sakit Jiwa...... Please stay away from them. Whatever you do, they still dont get why you keep way......... distance from them because they already sakit jiwa. So rather than that sakit jiwa effected to you, I STRONGLY suggest that please STAY AWAY from these people.

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Blackberry life

I know i am a blackberry die hard fan (Direct translate "Kipas Susah Mati")

it start with Earlier generation of Curve

Then, because it has problem, i change to new generation of curve

Then i actually upgrade to bold 2, 3 (which almost the same)

and last week because of my beloved bold have a problem with LCD screen, i upgrade it to Bold 5 where it has touchscreen specialty.

so cool...... love it till now. Yeah....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Catch-up the IN thing

Every peoples have their own uniqueness character. I always notice it from my facebook friends and one of it is being a socialite. Sometimes it is good when we're in the glam light, but to me; I don't feel like i need to be in that situation all the time. I just don't feel like it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Samarra Restaurant

Went to this restaurant last week with my other-half. At the first glance, im ok with it cause it different or unique in one sense. But after 10 minutes we've been there, i notice that this restaurant is really mixed various concept in one time. For example...... 
1. Interior decoration is a combination of Arab, persian and Gypsy 
2. They add in the modern element as well which i find odd..... 
3. The menu is Indonesian Cuisine. 
4. The table decoration if i'm not mistaken a mixture of indian n middle east 
5. Drink most of it is western. 

We choose satay, although its delicious, but the mixed concept of interior design is "Really odd" and i do feel awkward when I was there. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quote of the day

Saw this quote

"Winter must cold for those who dont have warm memories"

Nice one indeed actually

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are you a Crew?

Suddenly someone come to me and ask..... 
"Are you a cabin crew staff?"
I just smile and reply "NO" politely. 
#common-question I always get beside that am a chinese/pinoy/non-malay ethnic#

maybe its a common for a mixed blood guy like me. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

55th National Day @ 31st August 2012

Today is the Independence Day for Malaysia.

Despite of having controversial and unwanted issues to be discussed, i still believe Malaysia can be better on its own.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke-55 Malaysia.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Slip in

Since there is not post this month, i guess u just sip in for moment........

Yes am lazy to blog at this moment.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rambling 1

Ramadhan Al Kareem 

As we grow older, the way of our thinking and see of certain thing will be different. My friend Zarul Zafi say is "More better" kekekekekekekeke. Ramadhan or fasting month are commonly known as a fly month for muslim. During my younger years, i guess i take it as a light in a sense of a religion, faith  and see it as another special month in a islamic calendar year. But now, i believe my view has changed to a different perspective. More towards holistic and see my faith. I guess it not only happen during this special month, but in my daily life activities. 

I know i am a naughty person, but i know also i have certain limit and what direction should i choose and believe with that path. In my opinion, nothings wrong if you want to be open and get into the current trend. BUT as long you don't go beyond than that....... i guess it should be ok. 

Yes zarul..... "more better". 


Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadhan has begin

Alhamdulillah, Thanks to the Allah The Creator, blessed, and thankful. 

The moment i typing right now, its already dusk and for muslim known it as Maghrib moment where we pray a solat for maghrib time. In islam calendar, our day it start from the dusk and the special time about now is Ramadhan has begin. 

I do feel so peaceful at this moment. Look back from my life that i have went through, i know Allah has arrange the best journey for me. I am look forward for my fasting month with my family, my beloved SO, my friends, and everybody that knows me and accept me for who i am.  


Eat Pray Love

Read the book

Watch this movie so many times.


My SO told me that Indonesian love........ I say it again LOVE the acronym or short form the word. Maybe they are lazy to say it in a longer or they just simply2 make it short like 
1. DuBes - Duta Besar 
2. Bandara - Bandar Udara (Airport) 
3. lansia - Lanjut Usia 
4. Soho - Social House and many more 

So yesterday, my SO asked me: 

SO:  Yang, have you post the Korsel Pic already? 
Me:  Korsel???? kroset u mean? since when la i wear kroset?  
SO: Korsel is Korea Selatan la. Korut?
Me: Owh........ Cheh! Not yet. Korut??? Korut or Karut??? 
SO: Haduih, my Anak Kambing* is so slow la. Korut is Korea Utara. So Penang Island how they say ah? 
Me: Ngehehehe. Where got slow. errrr little bit slow i guess. Penang Island? Penis is it?
SO n Me: Whahahahahahahhaha  

Dear Blog

Dear Blog, 

I have a problem. I know that now I'm in short semester and i only have 5 classes to attend and i only take 2 subjects, but i always face the same problem every time i wanna do my studies, i always need to seek my mood and conflict internally before i could start my study. 

Last semester, it drag me almost a week with internal conflict, before i could start my reading books or do my assignment and this semester i guess because it short semester, the conflict has shorten its time period as well as in 1 day an half. But STILL an internal conflict. Haih sienz. 

The mood can be distracted sometimes by a simple or shall i say SILLY things like 
1. Am hungry - hungry cannot study well. (excuse) 
2. BBM/Whatsapp/FB or SMS come in. Im sure wanna kaypohchee and prolonged it. 
3. My Brother watch tv. (i always turn ON TV but volume to mute when i study alone)- This one not an excuse. 
4. Any silly excuse that i can think of. 

So, How? 

But a good news is, errr i can study and focus. It just i need to jump up the starting point before i start my study. 

There, thats my concern blog. I know this won't help me much, but i certainly enjoy reading it in the future like i did. LOL 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Confident FB Post 2

Another sacarstic statement that i post in my fb statement is

Dia is not my threat. I just define that person as Lalat that sometimes meng"annoying"kan.

So, why bother.

Confident FB post

I like to post something at my fb and recently i did it again.......

"I may not as leaned and have a 6 pax abs like you...... but i am WAY................. Taller, better and wiser than you". 

Muahahahahahahaha *evil laugh start*. 

No plastics

Its been 1 month plus i didn't blog....... lots of things to talk but when it come to the screen, i was like n mood to tell you a story. ngehehehehehehe 

but this time, let me share you one thing 

Last Saturday i went to buy lunch nearby at bukit indah, so after select what i want, i go to the counter to pay. While i took the money to pay, this makcik wanna pack my food polysterene inside the plastic bag. Straight away i said "no need the plastic bag".

She kind of stunned. I continued and say that no need to waste it. She replied and said "not nice hold that polystyrene just like that. I just smile and went out. 

Sometimes, we need to start by NOT using the plastic bag. No need the local authority say and keep remind us for this. it has to start from us.    

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Curse Term

Me and my SO always have a short form for us to describe or addressing someone that caught our intention. Like "ting" refer to the good looking person and many more.

I also have my own personal curse short form like "kiki la....." that means Puki la...... and many2 more.

Damn bad right. but well...... sometime i need those to entertain myself. Muahahahahaha


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Self Challenging

Last year i should say its not my year. I quit my job, self internal break-down and experiencing several situation that it does not on a pleasant to remember; i have spoke about this with my friends and coincidently she is taurus zodiac same like me and we share same thought...... 2011 is not our year. 

When i think about it, yes it does give me hassle and problem however i do believe things happen with a reason and all those reason will bring benefits to myself and better situation in the future.  

These few days as well, i always have a wise quote and some direction that i have thought that mainly meant to me. God is fair and know what he is doing. 

I am glad that he always give me direction. Alhamdulillah. 


Sat at the lounge with my SO and suddenly i heard a conversation from a table beside us

Sometimes, its not perfection you seek,its the change for a better person that you need most. 

Love the quote

Friday, May 25, 2012

Quote moment

Alcohol does not solve the problem. Neither do milk.



The word is so unique cause it also start from human nature.  I be friend with lots and lots of friends. I don't mind who they are cause each of them are different even better if they come from different culture, religion or  background. I do cherish my friends and i like when they are as happy as me. 

Although i never expect for the return the favor but at least try to respect the friendship in a good manner. My mom used to say that she don't have a good friend cause according to her, friends does not bring any good to her, not that she anti-social but she just don't have close friend. On the other hand, my dad is a very social person. He has lots of friends and people he knew. At the end, all of my siblings are likely similar like my dad character and i on the other hand, i mixed character between my mom and dad. 

Like i said, friendship is unique. It come from human and that's how the human will react. Like i said i be close with many people but my close buddy is not that easy. I choose and i pick based on my preference. Some of them are sadly enough i can say a fair weather friends where they only see you and get closed with you when you are at the top position. But when you at the bottom, they stay away. 

Some of them, will come to me when they need something and in deep trouble. Well, for sure i treat them as sincere as i could and i don't ask for the return. It just acknowledge me of what i have done. That's all. I don't ask people to bow me or treat me like a king because of effort that i have done, but just no matter in what situation i was, just be with me. So due to that i choose my close and good buddy. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Charlie Chaplin TV Mode

I guess its my style to study, i can't concentrate when the TV volume is on and i can't study as well if the TV is not ON. So, i combine both element, I switch ON TV and and i silent its volume. I called it Charlie Chaplin Mode.

: )

Friday, May 18, 2012


This is the conversation i heard right after the Cekak pinggang between mom and his son.

Mom : Boy, can you please don't be so naughty, later i will call appu-nene and asks him to scold you.
*while show one indian guy nearby*
Boy : Mom, how did you know that uncle name Appu-nene ya?
Mom : *speechless* Errr Don't ask lot of question can ah.
Me : *snigger* Kid nowadays say the right thing.

Funny conversation

I went to by some food for my dinner near to my house. Once i park my car, come out and bout to lock my car, i heard a conversation between one guy and one lady.

The lady : Asyik-asyik cekak pinggang. Asyik-asyik cekak pinggang.
The Guy : Cekak pinggang aje la. Kalau tak cekak pinggang, nak cekak ape lagi. Takkan nak cekak peha kot.

in my mind : ya lor..... sure weird right if we stare people and at the same time we cekak peha.

Eat Pray Love

I don't know why, but i love that movie so much, every time i watch that movie, it always boost up my motivation. Even i bought its book...... my friend told me that the book its kind of boring but i still like it. One of the part in the story mentioned about the Italian Gardener Lottery jokes. 

There is one Man pray to his Statue god and say " Father-father, please let me win the lottery" and he pray for so many times.  Then one day, the statue god comes alive and said, "my son, please, please please buy a ticket" 

They said its a jokes, but i don't see it as a jokes but something meaningful lies beneath of it. It encourage you to start the effort. If you just pray without makes and effort, you won't get the result. I relates back to myself and i totally agree with the "jokes" 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Presentation Slide

This post i made it while i listen my classmate presenting his proposal for the Graduate project and at the same time i try to calm down. I notice one thing......

1. They like to fill whole paper in one slide. 
2. The background color is to bright compared to the font and make me hard to read what they try to tell 
3. Mumbling is always..... i mean ALWAYS so their IN thing. 
4. For 10 minutes presentation, they like to prepare 100 slide. 
5. The font is so small only ant can read the writings. Hello....... we people want to read what you 
6. Because of that....... so, people will be like this

Because i like to do presentation since my degree years....... i always asked Good and experience people like my aunt (who is debater, lawyer and lecturer), my SO, lecturer and good presenter on tips on how to have good to conduct presentation. This is always feedbacks that i always get. 

1. The voice have to be convincing, for you to convince, you have to calm down. If you calm down, sure you able to answer and explain from the audience queries. 
2. The slide has to be short and simple. But your elaboration has to be creative enough to attract people and not make people wanna sleep. 
3. The font has to CLEAR, readable, and background scene should not OVERSHADOW the points  
4. Bear in your mind, people only can focus about 20-25 minutes only. After that........ only god know what is in their mind. 
5. Your presentation has to be clear and YOU have to know what are you talking about. No point if you talk the Moon but you don't know what Moon is.  

there i said it 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Over Do

Like i just rambling on previous post about "show off". This time about "over do".

I don't know why, i have problem with people that is "over do". To me... people that is "over do" is like you at Kampung but pakai evening gown to pasar malam. Why must be like "over do" stage. be humble la......

One of my classmate she actually dye her hair. Just because she want to be blondie girl. Some guys like her blond hair but for me its like euw...........

so, morale of the story Don't "OVER DO".

Show Off

In this world, basically we can have positive impact, or negative impact should anything that we do kind of "over do". For Positive, it show that how we go extra miles and indirectly we can get more information from it; however, on the other hand it can create something that unpleasant feelings to the other person.

Nothing is wrong if you wanna show off, but if you have mumbling........ basically people actually start to ignored you because they pissed you off.

In my class, i actually know this one person. Like to make things very "VAS" but unfortunately "The VAS" is not at the right time and at the right place.

In my predicts..... Wasted!!!!!!!!

Just be moderate. Nothings wrong if you wanna be "vas" but you have to know how to make it "vas" .

Friday, May 11, 2012

Make fuzz of little thing

Read one statement from one of my fb friend that he is not satisfied with one jilbab girl that hold the pig and the dog. The reason is because of she said it is not "haram" to hold those animals and it is part of her duty as well.

His reaction is like the world is has reach the end. He make fuzz like its a BIG issue.

As far i remember, that issue its already has passed way many years ago. Its already settled by the University Management and no more news after that. In my opinion, this fella are just make a BIG fuzz of something that is small little thing. Make a BIG fuzz of a small thing, certainly you would go nowhere. You will be stuck over there. We have to see bigger picture.

Trust me

God is Fair

This few days, i actually had few conversation with my friends its either via face to face or via chat.... and talking about life. And as a muslim, we always been thought that God always know what happen of each every of his creation.

God is Fair and Great. Yes He is and certainly i have no doubt about it. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fairy Tales

Some people say that life is like a fairy tales.

Some, warned us that please dun dream like a fairy tales cause fairy tales does not exist.

what i think is
"to have our story like a fairy tales is something that give happy thought to yourselves. No harm to dream cause by dream you can plan and have it as reality but...... you don't do it to much dreaming cause too much of something is bad enough"

Life does like a fairy tales. It you make like like a fairy tales or nightmares. 

Bangun Balik

Our life is always like a ball. Once we are on the top, others, we are at the bottom. As part of human, i also face the same thing. This morning, when i was woke up, i went out at my garage. In front of my house, there is a Manggo tree. There is a time that a lightning  struck on one of its branches and it turn out just look like a stick. 

My heart feel down when i saw that tree. Maybe because at that time, i also in a down feelings. But now, it back to the normal condition and their condition is better than before. Relates to myself, i also have up and down and now bounce back to go up. Hope i won't forget of the pass down experience, yet i want to have it grow strength inside of me. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


For you my SO......
i, saya, wo, ana
you, awak, ni, anta

(post gedik manja will only appear once in a blue moon. even though i don't see any blue moon yet in my life) 

To me, You are perfect

Yesterday, i had a conversation via phone with my lesbian couple Sharifah. She just say keep explain me about her love life and how not confident she is because of her figure and ask me why this particular guy still look forward for her even though he told her that she is not his type. So i just said
"well, thats how quality guy will do. They will look for a internal quality cause external features still can be fixed but internal hard to change
so, my SO, 
To me, You are perfect. Muah 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Contest Present from Danny

Got this Headphone from Danny because i give a smashingly Vogiu word contest..... Ngehehehehehehehe

So suka.........

Thanks Danny

A quote i found

On the way to Puerto Galera White Sand Beach, at Calapan, i notice one word that is meaningful.

Be Honest
Even if others don't do it
Even if others ignore it
Even if other don't practice it.

Sweet yet meaningful.

Birthday Celebration

Ever since i know my other half, the celebration definitely will always the blast, unique and meaningful. Last 4 years, we went to London. My first trip to Europe country. It was extraordinary and until now i still remember the moment of that trip. London Bridge, Big Ben, Greenwich, Gaucho - Argentinian Steak at O2, Manchester, The Phantom of the Opera, Queen of the Dessert show, and Many More............ 

The next following years, went around UK. Birmingham, Lake District, Oxford, Kent, Isle of Wright, Bournemouth and not to forget London. We went trip by Car and seriously the Best and always the Best. 

Last year, Hong Kong. Spend time and went almost every single place in Hong kong. Amazingly until i still can't describe by words. Flying to Hong Kong with Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Business Class is speechless experience to describe.  

This year.... Manila. Just Came back from Manila. My other half still maintain the same concept where we don't go to the tourist area yet........ the experience amazingly smashing. The eve, we celebrate by having a seafood dinner on the floating raft under the stars and half bright moonlight and the next day went to Puerto Galera where most of the local only went there. A simple celebration yet i love it every moment. 

Thank you so much my SO for all the un describe moment for my birthday. You are always the best and no one can be like u. Special is you ultimate word that i could describe. 

Love u.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Talk kok but no basic

At this moment, I'm in the class listen to the presentation for Economy Analysis. One of the presenter give a very bombastic presentation topic. After she finish the presentation, the lecturer asking about the basic element from her topic. She stun and unable to answer the lecturer question. 

It remind me and learned during my study in Diploma. We all are eager to have a extravaganza food, but we are neglecting the basic element of the subject/topic. My friend try to create a meat dish and using the orange as a sauce. He explain that Orange or fruit based sauce only suitable for game/poultry and for Pork. 

So morale of the story over here is, "it is ok for u want to have Vaz and extravaganza idea, BUT please...... KNOW the base". 

Child-runs at Pavillion

This week as u know that i am tight with my assignment. Not that i am complain but just wanna say only. So, i have to make a good arrangement on location for my meeting with my lecturer and my group mate for assignment discussion. At the same time my Mac function make me have to make a short child-runs (berlari-lari anak) to KL Pavilion. So a quick trip to EpiCenter in Pavillion. 

While i go there, as usual i always look around, maybe can find some candy eye.

I just realized something, a saw few bunch of young fella at the food court and the way of character is like very tai-tai and datins. So arrogant and kind of behavior of like I-am-so-better-then-u-so-what!. I was like "erkkkk!!!! like this also got ah. If u have lunch at exclusive restaurant with that attitude, i understand, but this is at food court lei". 

To me, i am so pity with them, maybe because they never had a chance to be in tai-tai group so i guess in making that happen they make it where ever they are and whenever they wanna do it. Enough said, i just smiling and just walk by. 

So kesian lei. Feeling-feeling berangan bagus tapi tak kena tempat. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Energy synergy Motivation

I don't know why, but this few weeks i know i am stress with my work load assignment, but i am so excited........

Last semester, at this time, most of my friends can see how stress i am ( yes, my face dun want to cooperate by showing the reality). I guess this is getting better.

I Can Do this.... Yeah!!!!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Early in Morning

Some people like to wake up early in the morning...... others, they like to be on bed as much as they like. 

I used to be like that before, but not too much sleep as well. By 8 am something, my eyes will be open wide and i find it restless if i continue sleeping. Unless i sleep late at the previous night. but then again, that may only reach to 10 am and no more than that. 

Lately, i find that i like early in the morning. i wake up at 7 am and go out at my tiny garden and smell the morning air. (my house is actually at the main road, so, i can't get the almost 100% of the fresh air. but still the fresh is still there)

I have change from the guy who like to sleep late to a guy will definitely sleep at 12 midnight or the most is 1am. unless i go clubbing but that is really really rare. Well if i do it sometimes, i mean sleep really late, that should be ok if the next day is on weekend or not working or no class. 

sign of aging....? yeah kind of. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Time is Gold

In this life, god has provide many things some can be return back, but some u can't get it back after you have made it. its like word, accident and time.

There's a reason behind it.

I write it because i am disappointed with one of my team member. we have discussed about the project earlier and everybody have the responsibility in making the job done. However........

Excuse that i get : ( 

Understand that Masters Student have lots of things need to do. But....... if you don't know how to manage your work and your work are related with other people. Don't you think that this may cause problem to others?

Never mind then. I have to find a ways in making my work done and completed. Even though the previous part have yet to be finished. I can't wait anymore. I can't bear with all this lame excuse. This is really ridiculous and unacceptable.

What has done have complete. Corrective action need to be made.

Insyallah. I can do it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My BBM group

I have BBM group friends. We always chat and tease each other. The name of the BBM Group chat is Nyonya Sosialitas. The name came up simply because every body are like tai-tai or Datins.

All of us have the nick name , like 
Nyonya - because he attached with chinese fella  
Miss J - Because he is very Miss J type 
Datin - all his dressing are like datin
Cik Puan Besar - because he want to be highest level in society 
Lady D - because his english is very England 
PA Rozy - because he act like PA and very mistress lifestyle. 

so how?  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Presentation slide

Ever since my Irish lecturer taught me on how to have a good presentation slide and my SO also give a tip, i always find and look forward to make it SHORT and simplified my slide yet attractive and full with information. It has to be look appealing and the background has to be good enough by NOT distract or make the presentation slide look gloomy or wanna go to funeral.

So slide has to be simple, presentable, easy to look and read yet full with information and attractive enough.

Appealing tak slide example above? LOL

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New quote

Early this morning while doing my assignment, suddenly one of my BBM text me and expressed his worrying because of his loosing too much hair. So after i comfort him with the acceptable word, i actually realized that one of my statement is really wise and i kind of like it. (letak kaki kat escalator naik sendiri LOL)

The word is
"Stop worrying cause it will make more harm to yourself".

Me likey......

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Itchy thought

God always know what He is doing. In this case He want to test me.

Whenever i saw car stranded on the side of the road, i have a crazy thought thinking

"what IF one FINE day, it happen to me"

So, last monday, the itchy wish come true. Not just that, my Adam (nick name i called for my Gen2) engine is broke down and few more complication surround the engine. It cost me almost 3K. Speechless and can't do much about it. Thank god my SO willing to help me.

Sien but no choice lor.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I start my enjoy the saloon treatment since few years back. That time my hair is not that much and very sensitive with the hot water. My mum say that we should wash our hair with cold water. Since i knew about HOT water effect to my hair i always a make sure the water temperature on cold.

Glad i took her advice, my hair start to getting better plus with the Hair treatment that i have went through few years back. And ever since that anybody (shampoo boy/girl) wash my hair, i make sure it on cold water.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Saw this play in London Few years back. To be truth, i have know idea the actual stories about this play. But then, my SO bring me to watched this play last saturday and serious i Fall in Looooove with this play. Smashing i should say from early part till the end.


When i do laundry, Curtain is the only thing i neglect. simply because I don't like my room without curtain and when i think to wash the curtain, my window will be naked. So i let it be lor...... seriously, i can't remember when is the last time i wash the curtain. Century years ago is possible.

But look at the condition of my curtain, which is turn to black already, so by hook or crook i have to wash it and i have to bear in my mind that my window is naked. So i wash it.

By nature of fabric that if its doesn't was frequently, it will broke easily. True enough..... after i wash it, and to dry it out....... its tear in a BIG and LONG one. I was like *face palm*. Padan Muka to myself lor. So now, my curtain will be alas kaki and i have to go find new curtain. Aiyoooo Mo money lei......

Lesson learn.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Different Singapore

Normally went to Singapore, i always look forward to avoid touristy place. Shopping mall, Orchard, Universal Studio, Jurong Bird Park and club areas is where the location that i not a BIG fan when in I'm singapore. Yes, no doubt i go there, but not big fan except the Jurong Bird Park and Safari Night Zoo cause never get chance to go there yet.

But i look forward to find a place like their park and new develop recreation park. I always impressed on how they develop and change their park landscape. Changi Park, East Coast Park, Punggol Park and many more.

How i wish Malaysia (KL especially) can have like this. The existing is good, but they need to have more.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beautiful SWAN

Beauty and the Geek tv show photo
The Best part that i always look forwards when i watch this reality series is the Make-over part. I actually can understand how do they feel cause i have been through into that situation before. Only i don't have to get into the Reality show to change, but i just change by myself and turn myself from Ugly Duckling to Look-good-on-eye swan.

- Confidence - : D

Sure Danny will laugh like hell when he read my article.

Quote i found

Few days back while watching tv series, i actually notice 1 quote that is really wise and meaning full.
"Without passion, you can't success"

Love it.

Pan Am

I heard about this series few weeks ago and now i manage to get the DVD and watch it. I must say....... I actually like it. Although its like "sol called glamourous but its ok. I can take hit. Nothings wrong for us to dream right.
My Lecturer used to make a joke
" You are not allowed to bring notes, laptop or any reading material but i allow you to dreaming. "
so Dream is fun.

Gender Confuse announcement

Well, most of the language, we all know that there is part of grammar refer for masculine or feminine. Meaning to say, address for male and female. It actually a simple thing but it bring big impact if you don't know how to address it.

Last friday, i actually went back to my hometown. Due to bus ticket sold out because of university mid term break have started, i have no choice to take the Executive Coach Nice Express. Don't ask about the ticket price. Double ok!!!!! from the normal bus price ticket.

The good thing about this executive coach is they provide personal attendance attending the passenger and they serve some finger food and not to forget blanket. So that night, the personal attendance a.k.a bus steward is a guy.

After 10 minutes bus start its journey, i heard an announcement in Bahasa Malaysia.

"Selamat Malang Tuang-tuang dan Puang-puang, Saya Shamsul, Pramugari anda sepanjang perjalanan ini"
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm Shamsul, your stewardess for your journey tonight"

I was like..... WHAT!!!! and i start to giggling for quite sometime. Well, it does make my night until next day in fact until now.

So.... I DONT want to be stewardess la.... Ngehehehe : D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ICT in Malaysia

As you all know (or don't realized) that am actually further my studies in Masters at Local University. To change my mind, set from i no longer working and i actually need to have motivation and goal is something big for me indeed.

Along the journey which i have been through about 6 month now ( including last semester and this semester) i still can't believe i actually doing this. One of the research that I'm doing right now is about ICT. All along malaysian Government has encourage its citizen to know more in ICT. e-gov la, e-commerce la, i this la, i that la........

In my opinion, what i can see is, our government still do not understand much on the ICT. meaning, they kind of lack expertise in this situation. They still in confusing mode and they need to keep up.

I actually don't say that I'm good at it. My SO on the other hand, yes. Very Gadget and IT literate. So as a good Citizen, i will start to be IT savvy and Gadget Literate (Read: $$$$$$$). But i actually can start with simple way by read more about ICT. Probably because I'm doing my course work and most of my studies related to the ICT.

*suddenly convocation ceremony played in my mind* LOL

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Anniversary

Today is the day that i start blog or shall i say my blog. It start with my hobby reading other peoples blog, then my friend give suggestion to me to start the blog. Its been a while and without i realized that my blog has reached 4th years and entering to 5th years by tomorrow.

This what i call priceless memories of what i have achieved. Would love to have more and achieve more. Will do that more and my blog will be updated as frequent as i could.


anak kambing noted on 3rd October. : )

Friday, March 23, 2012


Some people are just simply ignorance without they think that actually doesn't bring a good image to themselves. One of the character of ignorance is

" They just want other people listen to their idea/way only".

I just don't understand with these kind of people. I have done of what they have requested, in fact i do some extra mile by alert to the person that is higher position of them. End yet, they actually make fuzz. That is simply stupid.

My approach is just simple and i don't complicate things. If all the things goes complicated, i actually try to find a way to simplified it and make our life easier. THAT ALL. Why can't they think that way????? *sigh*.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ugly Duckling

Every person has their own uniqueness and can attract their own specific partner.

I remember, when i was young and teenage years, i kind of down and feels like I'm ugly. I don't like to see myself in the mirror. With the big spectacle, one kind of hair style and boring body posture.

However, all those has change bit by bit. I start to change my style and way when i was in university. Try to follow the trend but not be a fashion victim. Now, the older i get (yes, i claimed myself as an old man), the better looking i get. I want to maintain and look better then.

So i do also believe that "Ugly Duckling can change to Beautiful Swan" :D

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cigarette and Smoking

Well, this is not new in my life. Ever since i was kid, i can see my family member have the connection with cigarette. My Dad, my uncles, my grand ma and my neighbor. During my teenage years, my friends used to smoke after school and that actually including with me. I start try to smoke since 15 years old. But due to afraid to my parents, I'm not really hook to the cigarette.

During my university years, most of my friends smoke. My roommate smoke and well i join smoke with them as well. But maybe because of nicotine not really ngam with my body, so the urge of smoking is not that much unless I'm in the club. At that time, i found out that i am a social smoker. I only smoke when I'm in the group of smoker.

It continues until i was attached with Insurance company and i guess at that time the stress is like piling up, my social smoker status has become a permanent smoker. But i guess my fate with cigarette is not a good combination. There's a time where i fell sick and after i recover and try to smoke back, i end up coughing like I'm about to go heaven. So i decide to stop and thanks to Al-Mighty that it stop until now.

I guess, the addiction can stop you from smoking. If i can, why can't u.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Realized Half Way

Have you ever face a situation where you are doing something and reaching half way u kind of stuck and don't know what you want to do? Thats what really happen to me.

As you all know that I'm in a midst of continue my Master Study and the same symptom happen like last semester that I'm stuck in the middle. My mind can't think much. But thanks to almighty that now i actually realized it earlier than last semester. So kind of prepare this time.

My aim for this semester is to achieve higher grade then last semester. Hope and i truly Hope i can achieve it.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Don't you just hate when this things happen to you. That what really happen to me right now. I kind of dunno what should i do or focus where else i actually know that i need to settle it up ASAP.

This can't stop me in improving and making me at the same like am used to.

Yeah i know. I need to wake up and no one else could force me or motivate me beside myself.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Travel with elderly people.

Last week and last 2 week i actually have the opportunity went to see my SO in 2 common city but this time i actually went together with my SO's parents. Well, to be frank, I'm quite close with them. Always visit them to their house when my SO not in country and catch up.

Look at the bring side of it, this is the time i actually went travel with elderly people. Most of the people complain on how hard or hassle can these be. To be frank, yes, it is not easy. Like us who always travel, certainly you know what to do and walk freely. Unfortunately for them, you have to be more patience and handle with care.

KLIA is not a handicap / disable friendly, neither Soekarno Hatta Airport. Yes. This is the statement based on my observation and especially when you travel by Budget Airlines, they actually neglect some of the most basic features for the disable people. Im not talking about the Disable toilet, but wheelchair.

To think about it, i thankful to Al-Mighty that giving me opportunity in giving the experience to these situation. I look at the bright side, what if all these happen to any of my family. My beloved Parents especially. Certainly i would like to take care and make sure they feel very comfortable in an unpleasant feelings.

Being on a wheelchair is really not an easy feeling. Certain part of your life might thinking that you are useless and not worth it anymore. Directly am saying that, you have to be patience in a high level. I'm actually saying for both person, the wheelchair pusher and the person on a wheelchair. Mental strength especially cause this is seriously not as easy as it looks.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Friends with Benefits

The statement sometimes brings a good meaning and on the other hand bad meaning as well.

Good Meaning
- this is where you can benefits from your friends good/have such as contacts, expertise etc etc etc.
- At the same time, your friends can get the same benefits from urself.

Bad Meaning
- this is the part where only your friend obtained the benefits that you gave but unfortunately u didn't get anything but trouble or nothing from it.

At this moment, i actually watch the sitcom "Friends With Benefits" and no further explanation related to this sitcom.

At this moment as well, i actually try to get away from my friends who try to used me of who and what i am capable with; simply because i don't want to feel useless at the end of the day.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

Facts says that Valentines Day has been created to remember St Valentines long time ago. Long after that, I'm not sure how the St. Valentines Remembered Day has become the Love Day that been cherish all around the world who think that these days are special for all.

Recently, Malaysian religious department have come out with the fatwa said that Valentines Day should not been celebrate by Muslim because its against the Islamic law.

These year, i have the opportunity to observed the Valentines Day in Jakarta where fact claimed that Indonesia has the most population of the Muslim in the world. Well, as far that i knew, Indonesia has always practice the secularism in their way of life since if am not mistaken Soekarno era.

I actually went around the Plaza Indonesia and its neighbor mall Grand Indonesia and i can see that florist shop has displayed and arrange more than usual numbers of bouquet of flower and people are queuing to buy and not to forget some bouquet delivery to the lucky person.

We actually planned to have dinner at several nice restaurant and to be surprised that its all fully booked. We actually try our luck with waiting list and it more shocking news telling that the waiting list is piling up to the longer waiting time.

In fact my SO saw a cashier tied a pink ribbon along their jilbab as to create the ambiance of the Valentines Day and attract the customer to purchase their goods and upscale the profit from the Valentines Day fever.

I don't know how to analyze; it is weird and makes me wonder as well with these scenario. But what i can say is, Valentines Day is a special Day for the couple (although other days also can be as special as Valentines Day) and i just cherish the moment of the Special Day.

To make me change the way of my religious believes? i affirmatively know my Believe and path. I put myself as liberal where i adapt the other customs, culture, religion cause that make it unique and i could understand more why Allah Al-Mighty has create lots of religion in these world.

Moral of the story.
ermmmm i let you to see about it because it is subjective.

Pull hand brake.

I always put myself very lenient and compromise with all sort of things in my life, without knowing sometime people or situation have cross the borderline of my compromise. Normally i always give myself and that person/situation up to 3 chances. When it has exceed, i guess its about time for me to pull the hand break.

Recently few of my good friends of mine have make me pull the hand break. For some reason that i guess my tolerance has reached to its limits. I don't know whether they knew or notice about it, but i really don't care and don't want to bother about it anymore.

I have stop all mode of conversation for a while with them. For the situation, i just simply let go and don't want to get involve in the similar situation that has annoyed me. People always said that we should talk or be frank with that person, in my case, i guess i should pull back first. Until the time is suitable, then i will share and explain why i did that.

Different and Changing

Its been a while i don't blog, simply because i don't know what to write. When i opened my page, and try to figure what to say..... it turn out blank.

But, i believe i could share one little things that i guess its a bout time for me to do that. That is shift to the New of me. Look back from my previous days, i guess i have accidentally turn to someone that make me not proud of.

To change or shift is not an easy things. It took a good strength, courage and strong will to make sure that the shift is happen. Or else it will turn up to be the same "New Year Resolution Dream" that at the end of the year, still not be achieved; worst part is we are still at the same of what we have before.

So far, the progress is still on. I have decided to keep it to myself and keep track on the progress. I evaluate myself and make sure i will not do the same stupidity that i have done previously.

I believe i shall stop for moment on sharing what is the progress has went through and i will share in these blog more in the short while. Owh yes, i notice one wise quote and i have been using these for the pass 4 years and still it valid with my way that is

I would, i could.

Monday, January 16, 2012

my 2012 Start

How this thing all starts........

My final exam start 8 days after New Year come in and at the same time am actually struggling with the assignment that need to complete before 31st Dec 2011.

Lesson Learn -
1. Do your assignment as efficient and as fast with a good preparation earlier.
2. I actually did, but not that good and effective enough.

Complete assignment on time with the good cooperation from group mate and at the same time i manage to do my revision while doing the assignment. Not to forget with the drama that i get from one of my trouble teammate. The exam? i think I'm prepare for more thrill in the future. I have some more planning for the next following semester and complete with my studies and start to have my own plan for my future. Not to forget shift from what I've been through all these years to a better life with Person that i love most in my life and together with my family.

Lesson learn -
1. Life is not easy and unexpected. Enjoy, learn and cherish it while you can do it.
2. I believe i am adult and i can handle this.
3. Be prepare for that.

thats life.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Have a tea with style

Went to karaoke with my other half at Fahrenheit and i actually parked at the StarHill. I have to walk inside the premise and pass through one tea cafe at the ground floor if am not mistaken. Well i always pass through that place but never come through in my mind to have a tea or hi-tea there with my Nyonya Sosialitas gang.

But these one lucky day that my mind have a thought to do that. Maybe because i like tea and like the way of that cafe guest have a tea moment there.

Yeah... why not. Ngehehehehehehe

p/s one fine day ya.......