Friday, April 16, 2010

Main sebut aje

Some people are just think bout themselves je kan...... dia tak fikir ke yang ade orang lain yang hidup dalam dunia nie. Dia tak fikir ke yang orang lain juga ade buah fikiran yang berbeza-beza. Each of us has our own uniqueness and way of thought.

Last few days i did post some status saying about cant wait for my holiday..... dengan selamba this person said pergi holiday tu ade orang sponsor ker? Dalam FB statement nie di mentioned.

Haduih........ cant they just think first before say it?

Tak terfikir ke kalau my family read it and what do they think about it. What about my face? haduih...........

When i smack and say this is out of the line...... you know what is the answer? Alamak sorry..... aku fikir semua orang open minded............
Ya tuhan..... kalau betul pun semua orang open minded..... takkan nak kompang serata dunia aktivity and my secret. Kalau betul ke, salah ke, bukan ke benda nie privacy.

Fikirla........orang lain pun ade hati dan perasaan jugak. Cakap tu biar la berfikir dulu. Jangan main sebut aje walaupun rasa nak bergurau pun.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

me and me

I pun tak tau ape nak share kat dlm blog. All i know at this moment is ,

- i have to prepare lot of things for the concert
- i cant wait for long holiday with my SO
- mom askin about marriage
- i want to be at home every night.
- i have lot of event to see and montitor.

At now, it is still managable and controlable but the 3rd point actually worries me lil bit.



Thursday, April 1, 2010

1st April

Just a start month of April and its known to April Fool. Not a fan of it but just simply ok with it. What i like bout this month is my birthday date falls at the end of this month.