Friday, May 25, 2012

Quote moment

Alcohol does not solve the problem. Neither do milk.



The word is so unique cause it also start from human nature.  I be friend with lots and lots of friends. I don't mind who they are cause each of them are different even better if they come from different culture, religion or  background. I do cherish my friends and i like when they are as happy as me. 

Although i never expect for the return the favor but at least try to respect the friendship in a good manner. My mom used to say that she don't have a good friend cause according to her, friends does not bring any good to her, not that she anti-social but she just don't have close friend. On the other hand, my dad is a very social person. He has lots of friends and people he knew. At the end, all of my siblings are likely similar like my dad character and i on the other hand, i mixed character between my mom and dad. 

Like i said, friendship is unique. It come from human and that's how the human will react. Like i said i be close with many people but my close buddy is not that easy. I choose and i pick based on my preference. Some of them are sadly enough i can say a fair weather friends where they only see you and get closed with you when you are at the top position. But when you at the bottom, they stay away. 

Some of them, will come to me when they need something and in deep trouble. Well, for sure i treat them as sincere as i could and i don't ask for the return. It just acknowledge me of what i have done. That's all. I don't ask people to bow me or treat me like a king because of effort that i have done, but just no matter in what situation i was, just be with me. So due to that i choose my close and good buddy. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Charlie Chaplin TV Mode

I guess its my style to study, i can't concentrate when the TV volume is on and i can't study as well if the TV is not ON. So, i combine both element, I switch ON TV and and i silent its volume. I called it Charlie Chaplin Mode.

: )

Friday, May 18, 2012


This is the conversation i heard right after the Cekak pinggang between mom and his son.

Mom : Boy, can you please don't be so naughty, later i will call appu-nene and asks him to scold you.
*while show one indian guy nearby*
Boy : Mom, how did you know that uncle name Appu-nene ya?
Mom : *speechless* Errr Don't ask lot of question can ah.
Me : *snigger* Kid nowadays say the right thing.

Funny conversation

I went to by some food for my dinner near to my house. Once i park my car, come out and bout to lock my car, i heard a conversation between one guy and one lady.

The lady : Asyik-asyik cekak pinggang. Asyik-asyik cekak pinggang.
The Guy : Cekak pinggang aje la. Kalau tak cekak pinggang, nak cekak ape lagi. Takkan nak cekak peha kot.

in my mind : ya lor..... sure weird right if we stare people and at the same time we cekak peha.

Eat Pray Love

I don't know why, but i love that movie so much, every time i watch that movie, it always boost up my motivation. Even i bought its book...... my friend told me that the book its kind of boring but i still like it. One of the part in the story mentioned about the Italian Gardener Lottery jokes. 

There is one Man pray to his Statue god and say " Father-father, please let me win the lottery" and he pray for so many times.  Then one day, the statue god comes alive and said, "my son, please, please please buy a ticket" 

They said its a jokes, but i don't see it as a jokes but something meaningful lies beneath of it. It encourage you to start the effort. If you just pray without makes and effort, you won't get the result. I relates back to myself and i totally agree with the "jokes" 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Presentation Slide

This post i made it while i listen my classmate presenting his proposal for the Graduate project and at the same time i try to calm down. I notice one thing......

1. They like to fill whole paper in one slide. 
2. The background color is to bright compared to the font and make me hard to read what they try to tell 
3. Mumbling is always..... i mean ALWAYS so their IN thing. 
4. For 10 minutes presentation, they like to prepare 100 slide. 
5. The font is so small only ant can read the writings. Hello....... we people want to read what you 
6. Because of that....... so, people will be like this

Because i like to do presentation since my degree years....... i always asked Good and experience people like my aunt (who is debater, lawyer and lecturer), my SO, lecturer and good presenter on tips on how to have good to conduct presentation. This is always feedbacks that i always get. 

1. The voice have to be convincing, for you to convince, you have to calm down. If you calm down, sure you able to answer and explain from the audience queries. 
2. The slide has to be short and simple. But your elaboration has to be creative enough to attract people and not make people wanna sleep. 
3. The font has to CLEAR, readable, and background scene should not OVERSHADOW the points  
4. Bear in your mind, people only can focus about 20-25 minutes only. After that........ only god know what is in their mind. 
5. Your presentation has to be clear and YOU have to know what are you talking about. No point if you talk the Moon but you don't know what Moon is.  

there i said it 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Over Do

Like i just rambling on previous post about "show off". This time about "over do".

I don't know why, i have problem with people that is "over do". To me... people that is "over do" is like you at Kampung but pakai evening gown to pasar malam. Why must be like "over do" stage. be humble la......

One of my classmate she actually dye her hair. Just because she want to be blondie girl. Some guys like her blond hair but for me its like euw...........

so, morale of the story Don't "OVER DO".

Show Off

In this world, basically we can have positive impact, or negative impact should anything that we do kind of "over do". For Positive, it show that how we go extra miles and indirectly we can get more information from it; however, on the other hand it can create something that unpleasant feelings to the other person.

Nothing is wrong if you wanna show off, but if you have mumbling........ basically people actually start to ignored you because they pissed you off.

In my class, i actually know this one person. Like to make things very "VAS" but unfortunately "The VAS" is not at the right time and at the right place.

In my predicts..... Wasted!!!!!!!!

Just be moderate. Nothings wrong if you wanna be "vas" but you have to know how to make it "vas" .

Friday, May 11, 2012

Make fuzz of little thing

Read one statement from one of my fb friend that he is not satisfied with one jilbab girl that hold the pig and the dog. The reason is because of she said it is not "haram" to hold those animals and it is part of her duty as well.

His reaction is like the world is has reach the end. He make fuzz like its a BIG issue.

As far i remember, that issue its already has passed way many years ago. Its already settled by the University Management and no more news after that. In my opinion, this fella are just make a BIG fuzz of something that is small little thing. Make a BIG fuzz of a small thing, certainly you would go nowhere. You will be stuck over there. We have to see bigger picture.

Trust me

God is Fair

This few days, i actually had few conversation with my friends its either via face to face or via chat.... and talking about life. And as a muslim, we always been thought that God always know what happen of each every of his creation.

God is Fair and Great. Yes He is and certainly i have no doubt about it. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fairy Tales

Some people say that life is like a fairy tales.

Some, warned us that please dun dream like a fairy tales cause fairy tales does not exist.

what i think is
"to have our story like a fairy tales is something that give happy thought to yourselves. No harm to dream cause by dream you can plan and have it as reality but...... you don't do it to much dreaming cause too much of something is bad enough"

Life does like a fairy tales. It you make like like a fairy tales or nightmares. 

Bangun Balik

Our life is always like a ball. Once we are on the top, others, we are at the bottom. As part of human, i also face the same thing. This morning, when i was woke up, i went out at my garage. In front of my house, there is a Manggo tree. There is a time that a lightning  struck on one of its branches and it turn out just look like a stick. 

My heart feel down when i saw that tree. Maybe because at that time, i also in a down feelings. But now, it back to the normal condition and their condition is better than before. Relates to myself, i also have up and down and now bounce back to go up. Hope i won't forget of the pass down experience, yet i want to have it grow strength inside of me. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


For you my SO......
i, saya, wo, ana
you, awak, ni, anta

(post gedik manja will only appear once in a blue moon. even though i don't see any blue moon yet in my life) 

To me, You are perfect

Yesterday, i had a conversation via phone with my lesbian couple Sharifah. She just say keep explain me about her love life and how not confident she is because of her figure and ask me why this particular guy still look forward for her even though he told her that she is not his type. So i just said
"well, thats how quality guy will do. They will look for a internal quality cause external features still can be fixed but internal hard to change
so, my SO, 
To me, You are perfect. Muah 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Contest Present from Danny

Got this Headphone from Danny because i give a smashingly Vogiu word contest..... Ngehehehehehehehe

So suka.........

Thanks Danny

A quote i found

On the way to Puerto Galera White Sand Beach, at Calapan, i notice one word that is meaningful.

Be Honest
Even if others don't do it
Even if others ignore it
Even if other don't practice it.

Sweet yet meaningful.

Birthday Celebration

Ever since i know my other half, the celebration definitely will always the blast, unique and meaningful. Last 4 years, we went to London. My first trip to Europe country. It was extraordinary and until now i still remember the moment of that trip. London Bridge, Big Ben, Greenwich, Gaucho - Argentinian Steak at O2, Manchester, The Phantom of the Opera, Queen of the Dessert show, and Many More............ 

The next following years, went around UK. Birmingham, Lake District, Oxford, Kent, Isle of Wright, Bournemouth and not to forget London. We went trip by Car and seriously the Best and always the Best. 

Last year, Hong Kong. Spend time and went almost every single place in Hong kong. Amazingly until i still can't describe by words. Flying to Hong Kong with Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Business Class is speechless experience to describe.  

This year.... Manila. Just Came back from Manila. My other half still maintain the same concept where we don't go to the tourist area yet........ the experience amazingly smashing. The eve, we celebrate by having a seafood dinner on the floating raft under the stars and half bright moonlight and the next day went to Puerto Galera where most of the local only went there. A simple celebration yet i love it every moment. 

Thank you so much my SO for all the un describe moment for my birthday. You are always the best and no one can be like u. Special is you ultimate word that i could describe. 

Love u.