Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blackout experience

Nowadays, i hardly face the blackout in KL. Last time when me and my family stay in Kelantan and Kluang Johor especially, its like almost every month we experience with the blackout. And there's one time whole peninsular Malaysia experience electricity failure, i was like.....another blackout happen......heehehehehehehe. No biggy to me definitely.

What i always do during black out happen:
1. of course do nothing.
2. Play shadow.
3. Play with the bug.
4. try to get sleep early but then hard for me to get sleep cause it is so hot and i hardly can sleep without fan. I'm not a fan of air con.
5. Do homework
6. most of it do nothing lor..... cause i cant read books, or do homework also no good cause it will damage my eyes cause not enough light.....yeah rite....kekekeke
7. Blackout dream lor.
8. Go outside and try have a chat with neighbour while get night breeze

So, thats what i normally do when blackout happen. yeay......kekekekekke

cheers then

Fasting in Ramadhan - Story

Fasting is one of the thing that muslim need to do once a year for whole month in Ramadhan Month. I start fasting when i was my age of 9 and until now i should say i been good follower. ngehehehehehehe.......But it is really funny when some of muslim dont take this holy month as a special month; after all its only f.or month. They just simply said they cant take it cause of hungry and thirsty.hummmmm sad.........

To me, i take this month really special. The month that i can do lots of prayer such as terawikh, do subuh prayer where other time hard for me to do that, keep my fasting full throughout the month, and be good.

By the whole month, in malaysia especially we can have lots of special food. All the rare delicacies that we hard to find in the other month can find it easily and tasty. Lots of hotel offering Ramadhan Buffet and many place offer good food indeed. For me i would like to have my iftar by having it in a spacial place like home and be with someone that we love. To be frank, i hardly had my white rice for my iftar meal, i like to have cendol that prepared as lai chee kang, kueh with everyday different type, different kind of meal that we can easily find during ramadhan.
Love it every moment in i embrace and cherish with my God, My family and My love one and myself. Its always completes me.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blackberry Torch

Introduce by my fren and office mate about this new Blackberry Torch and since im a Blackberry die Hard Fan........ when i look at it...i fall in love from the first sight.......

Love it, love it, luuurrrrrvvvvveeee it sssooooooooo much cause it is so sexy and superb. Cant describe more.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy with Work........

Ever since Fasting months start and I'm with my Huge project to bring back the expatriates (term that i used for foreign worker) awareness and trust on my prepaid packs cause me dont get enough time for blog...........

Sorry guys, but then i will make sure lot of things i can share especially with my daily and my thought in future after this. Today and yesterday and tomorrow basically on leave and i will blog and share.... ngehehehehehhe

Till now....Cheers guys........

Btw, i still wonder how come my blog is so called popular with Chinese reader and they like to tell in Chinese word.....i don't understand guys......mind if you can write it in normal language that i understand........


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Fasting in Ramadhan Month........

Wishing all Muslim and All my bloggers and my blog readers

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan and Fasting for Whole Month......
You see as born muslim and i have been practise islam my believe, i feel great. Some may say that Islam prohibit you to do this, that, cant eat this, cant eat that, you have to follow this and that and many more that bring up a negative image. Maybe because they just see in from the outside and they dont actually understand what the meaning of Islam.
Am not going to preech or sermon about islam in my blog, but what i would like to share is the good part of doing fasting for whole month. here it goes...:
1. By Fasting
- we can rest our stomach from working all day.
- we can practise diet or slim down
- we can control our (nafsu) needs and urge to waste
- we been thought of being petience and humble and low and cool.
- we dont have to think about lunch and more like want to get rest and finish our work faster
cant think much now cause still hungry,......whahahahaha this is normal as for first few days of fasting, later it should be ok.......
Later guys.