Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ask / Force to get Marry

I guess i have shared this on my previous post which i don't know when...ngehehehehehhe 

At my age range, normally they already married, have a wife / husband, have a house, have a car, have a kids and doing all the life cycle as a married people. Normally! 

But now, I'm not at that life cycle. Where I'm not marry yet, i have a car, and i'm enjoy the life that i have now. The good part is, i can do what ever i want to do, go where ever i want to go and etc etc etc. The not so good about it, well let just straight to the point where people asking me this dislike question 

"Why are you not marry yet?" 
People at this age already have kids, so when is ur turn? 

It depends on my situations at that time to respond it. If i like to make fun about it, i just answer it in a joke way. But normally i just say Its not my time yet or i haven't found someone suitable (which lead to few more questions / remarks after that) or i just simply answered to any reasons that i could think of. 

To be honest, I'm quite fed up to respond to it and even worst force me to get marry. So, just now i get an idea where I'm going to answer 

"so, who is going to get marry, is it me or u?, If you want to get marry, please go ahead. Don't force me"

I don't care  


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hometown Mode of transportation

My hometown is Kota Bharu, and being me as a simple person and sometimes try to find ways that i can budget minimum way to go back to my hometown is normally I take an express bus. But the things that i hate most about  this mode of transportation is 
1. Putra Bus Station is not well maintained in a proper way especially their ventilation and public toilet and Surau 
2. Traveling time is like killing me (7 hour of traveling journey). 
3. The price of flight ticket is way expensive. Neither Malaysia Airlines or Airasia or even worst Fireflyz 
4. Take a train is so NOT my travel style which is 13 hours traveling time. 
5. Seriously i am lazy to drive alone to Kota Bharu because of the budget, and energy saving purpose

Since Bus is the choice, I choose comfortable since we cant force them to improve (shorten) on the traveling journeys and Bus Express company realized the trend and needs of their passenger, nowadays, most of the bus are 3 seats in a row. That is single seat and double. Single seat is my preference. Unless I don't have any option to choose and they always travel at night where they will arrive in Kota Bharu around 5 - 6 am next day. 

But then, thanks to the people who believe in the Economic of scale concept and find an alternatives to make price go lower than the current competitive market price, Malindo Air was born. They actually did mentioned on the chosen destination route and of cause Kota Bharu is one of their destination. So, i just wait when they going to launched their route in Kota Bharu without i realized it that they have launched it few months ago. 

Co incidentally, i went back to my hometown and Bus is my mode and by the time to go back kl, i was like hesitate to take the bus again. So i have decided to check out the flight ticket first and in my mind i just say if the price below than RM 150, i just grab it. I guess God want to help me, where on the way to the MAS, Fireflyz or AirAsia counter, suddenly i notice the Malindo Air. Straight away i ask how much for one-way to KL, and they give the answer that make me smile and want it right away. RM 70 and they landed at Subang Airport. I dont have to go to klia-lcct where it is so far and tiring, and Subang Airport are quite easy to get the taxi to Kelana Jaya LRT station. 

So now, to go back to my hometown, Malindo Air or MAS is my Mode of Transportation.

p/s ok, i know this is a lame story ngehehehehehehehehe  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Madonna - Vogue - MTV Awards 1990

While i do some readings in internet, facebook-ing and YouTube-ing, suddenly i saw this video clip Madonna - Vogue and all i can say is

ok, i'm out of word.

Popularity Seeker

Each of us have different character and it depends on each of the individual to compromise, adapt, accept, avoid, stop or anything that you can think to it. I dont know why but i find it funny to this kind of people who are seeking for the popularity. Whether as a star popularity or non star popularity to me are just the same. They willing to do anything to get that "the light of popularity". 

I like all the stories about this popularity concept, but im not seeking for it. I would rather be a guy that just have my own simple world. Popularity is so not my thing.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kinky fun

I guess when mentioned the word kinky in this modern-"super informative"-creative imagination world,  most of us know what is it. What they dont know about this kinky is the type of the kinky played and terms used for that particular kinky subject. But, more less for some layman understanding is just the same. 

Im not going to brief the type of kinky or what so ever, but what i just want to share something that i heard, see, watch, and bla bla bla bla. The way i noticed about this kinky thing is they like to get pain in order to reach their sexual satisfaction desire. Which, if the other people see or heard bout it, they will shock, jaw drop, wide eyes open and finished it with shaking their head (left-right-left) to show that this is so not their things.  

Leather, tied-up, vibrate dildo, role play, slavery, outdoor sex, melted candle dripping on body, exhibitionist, spanking, torture, solo raping by many people, bla bla bla....... (you name it) is among the common that we understand it is refer to this kinky stuff. What i want to share with you is this really disgusting, dirty, euwww gross, and until can vomit all the meals from stomach. One of it is "Faeces Fest" and second is "Golden Shower". I actually unfortunately got the opportunity see this video recording show they eat the "faeces or the shit" spread on a slice of bread right after they do the No.2. This is done by the Japanese people (owh well, what can we say, some of japanese people are so weird and un thinkable / imaginable). 

It was actually my friend who watched it those video and i unfortunately coincident enter to his room. I just blindly kaypohchee see what video is all about and it hit to the spot to the slot that i mentioned just now. So, quickly i say euwwwwww and get out cause i cant barely watched it anymore. And the part where i have seen it, been stored in one tiny part in my brain and sometimes appear whenever i heard or talking about this kinky or disgusting stuff that human can do. 

Other thing that i mentioned is this "Golden shower" thing. I was like what the hell is this? So again, with the kaypohchee to the something weird set of mind that i have in my brain, i look what does it mean from the internet. Found it and I was like........ 

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Euwwwwwwwwwww 

Golden Shower is where one person pee on the other person body or face and both of them like it so much. It really make them turned ON by doing that. Even, the article said they even drink it while the other persons pee. 

So again, with the information that i've read about the "Golden Shower" and my so called wild-creative-that-so-not-in-the-right-place created by my humble-innocent-brain, it has been stored together with the "Faeces Fest". 



Naked concept in the Public as an Art

Yes, this post talk the same subject/concept/theme/category from my previous post. 

Again, in the European country or East Asia like Japan, Korea and China regional plus Thailand and Philippines as well, they see it as common thing. For example, naked paint picture, naked statue, do an act performance in nude and i guess many more which you can think, remember or own wild create imagination. 

They do it openly for people to see it and they proud of it. To them, this is an Art. 

I actually do remember there's one time in Indonesia where this particular lady (famous person im sure) published a book that have naked pose of her. Because of it, it turn out a seasonal controversial issue over there where for the Islamic Authority bodies really against it, media have it as a hot-selling point, and i guess it gives a mixed reaction from the public of Indonesia. Well, it is obviously it agains the cultural practices and indirectly actually create a negative morale value to the society. But what really caught my attention is on her reason answer through it. She said it is just an Art. 

Same thing in Thailand where Sex has become an industry. They have "An adult area" which i dont have to mention it here cause you know what im talking about. It pulls thousands of tourist from all over the world just to experience it. 

I believe nowadays, most of you have heard about some of their friends have a nude pose picture just because of their interest on it and see it as an Art reason. Interesting of it is where they take a picture that obviously show that they are naked but not revealing ermmm private tool visual. They cover with the angle of the pose like hand, or leg. 

So, the point is this, Can you open your view on the other perspectives rather just narrow it to the negative-sex intention?   

Dare to be naked at the open or outdoor area.

This post may get the intention from someone that never read my blog. 

Negative or positive, i don't care because this is just my point of view and this is my blog. It just matters of sharing something interesting

Every each of us has their own weird fetish, whether they willing to share with other people or just keep it to themselves. And as for me what is my fetish is related to the outdoor naked or maybe in a case of Malaysian context do it but not at an open public area. But other countries, this is just normal. Like for example, I heard in japan, there is a traditional customs where whole family have shower together in one time and all naked (Yes, they will see they parents private area and so are they and this is really awkward to us especially) and even they have public bath place where they naked shower and do touch up like comb hair, picked ear in front of mirror and just naked. 

In Korea as well have the similar stories which i've experienced it too, although i kind of look for it (ok, you got the clue already what is my fetish) but somehow at the earlier part when i entered at that shower place, i kind of shy, awkward and strange. Probably because of i over think of a situation where my "junior' might wake up, but then thank god it didn't happen. Yes, my junior does give a transformation reaction but i guess within less than a minutes, it goes back to the previous conditions. 

For the european country, i'm sure you have heard about the nude beach. Even in some places if i'm not mistaken they do sun bath at the park naked. I even read that they have a "Nude Camp" over there where everybody are nude. Like this clip in youtube The point i want to say here (again) it's just a common to them but not in Malaysia or Indonesia.    

Enough said and yes, i like to be naked too. To me, i feel free and careless. Well, some said they have the same thing so why need to be shy. It just i'm not feel comfortable taking a naked picture and save it in my phone. Well, just a precautions so that it wont give problem in future where i lost that phone with naked picture in it to someone that is irresponsible. Even if someone just give their naked picture to me as well i feel disturbed with that action. 

So back to the naked at the open-closed area like locker room, i guess i have no problem to be naked. Walking from the shower cubicle to the dry area naked, wipe my body without cover the private part and get dress is just feel ok and comfortable with it. I don't see it as i am an exhibitionist or sexual intention and I just feels it's ok as long i'm not over do it like go beyond the borderline. Same like most of the guy topless at home.  

In this part also i defined as the same concept of what i have mentioned earlier. If there is a place in Malaysia where i can do skinny dipped (naked swimming) at the beach or pool, i'm sure i am a regular patron. Plus, people at the surrounding area also do the same thing like we do. Swimming naked just make me feel so free and careless. Same as sleep naked, naked in the house or even naked in the hot sauna or steam sauna. 

All the above part i can say very subjective and different interpret by each of us. Some may see it ok, some will just love it, some may hate it, some may find it annoying or disturbing etc etc. The way i see it, as long i didn't do something that cause cross the borderline like having sex in a public (i guess this is too much right), or have the sexual-attract intentions is fine to me.  

So, are you dare for it?