Saturday, December 18, 2010

International Roaming.

International Roaming - is the condition where you will be able to get connected by your caller from home of origin to you whenever you are not in country of origin.

You never know this thing is very important to you until you experience it. I had that experience (the trouble) where i forgot to activate my international roaming services from my network supplier.

Hell yeah the trouble happen and when i think about it again, make me smile. But that is simply memorable to me and my SO.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5 cents thought

There 4 type of person that i normally notice.

1. Positive Thinker - Where these person will look on any positive side. In other words, all positive words mingle in their mind; Strong, firm, confidence, smile, go getter, high achiever, success, peace (depends), and bla bla bla.......

2. Negative Thinker - well it definitely the opposite side of positive. All the negative elements always play in their mind; weak, broken, cant do that, cant do this, why why why, nagging, sour face, stress, and short say all the negative words la.......

3. Confuse Thinker - This one definitely cannot decide which one they want to be. Either positive or negative. This one may good in certain part but then hummmm definitely hard to make a decision. But at least this person being realistic. Where they have the capability of see things in a good or bad. but what i afraid is the last person

4. Un-decided - donno what to say lor.....

so which one of you.?

1 month of silence.......


Look at the last date, its like a month i have not update my blog. I guess if these blog can sure can say....."Hello...... are you run out of idea or you are just lazy.......?"hehehehehehhe

Basically, i always update my blog in office. That is before i start my work. But then recently they realised that am not productive enough and block the blog website since september. So.....this is one of the reason why i cant update my blog ASAP.

2nd reasons is YES i am actually have the 4 letter L words "L-A-Z-Y". So malas to go at any coffee outlet and update these.....

3rd reason is where November i kind of full with action. Im in Bali from Deepavali - 9th Nov (amazing trip i went with my SO; love it every moment went i was there) , Then Biz Plan meeting in PD for 3 days and then went back for Raya Haji cum my younger brother wedding reception in Kota Bharu (Yes danny i am kelantanese : p).

4th reasons is because ermmmm i guess thats only the excuse i have. But no worries, i definitely will keep on post the blog when ever i can and definitely as much as i could.

Hope to see you guys more then.