Thursday, April 26, 2012

Talk kok but no basic

At this moment, I'm in the class listen to the presentation for Economy Analysis. One of the presenter give a very bombastic presentation topic. After she finish the presentation, the lecturer asking about the basic element from her topic. She stun and unable to answer the lecturer question. 

It remind me and learned during my study in Diploma. We all are eager to have a extravaganza food, but we are neglecting the basic element of the subject/topic. My friend try to create a meat dish and using the orange as a sauce. He explain that Orange or fruit based sauce only suitable for game/poultry and for Pork. 

So morale of the story over here is, "it is ok for u want to have Vaz and extravaganza idea, BUT please...... KNOW the base". 

Child-runs at Pavillion

This week as u know that i am tight with my assignment. Not that i am complain but just wanna say only. So, i have to make a good arrangement on location for my meeting with my lecturer and my group mate for assignment discussion. At the same time my Mac function make me have to make a short child-runs (berlari-lari anak) to KL Pavilion. So a quick trip to EpiCenter in Pavillion. 

While i go there, as usual i always look around, maybe can find some candy eye.

I just realized something, a saw few bunch of young fella at the food court and the way of character is like very tai-tai and datins. So arrogant and kind of behavior of like I-am-so-better-then-u-so-what!. I was like "erkkkk!!!! like this also got ah. If u have lunch at exclusive restaurant with that attitude, i understand, but this is at food court lei". 

To me, i am so pity with them, maybe because they never had a chance to be in tai-tai group so i guess in making that happen they make it where ever they are and whenever they wanna do it. Enough said, i just smiling and just walk by. 

So kesian lei. Feeling-feeling berangan bagus tapi tak kena tempat. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Energy synergy Motivation

I don't know why, but this few weeks i know i am stress with my work load assignment, but i am so excited........

Last semester, at this time, most of my friends can see how stress i am ( yes, my face dun want to cooperate by showing the reality). I guess this is getting better.

I Can Do this.... Yeah!!!!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Early in Morning

Some people like to wake up early in the morning...... others, they like to be on bed as much as they like. 

I used to be like that before, but not too much sleep as well. By 8 am something, my eyes will be open wide and i find it restless if i continue sleeping. Unless i sleep late at the previous night. but then again, that may only reach to 10 am and no more than that. 

Lately, i find that i like early in the morning. i wake up at 7 am and go out at my tiny garden and smell the morning air. (my house is actually at the main road, so, i can't get the almost 100% of the fresh air. but still the fresh is still there)

I have change from the guy who like to sleep late to a guy will definitely sleep at 12 midnight or the most is 1am. unless i go clubbing but that is really really rare. Well if i do it sometimes, i mean sleep really late, that should be ok if the next day is on weekend or not working or no class. 

sign of aging....? yeah kind of. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Time is Gold

In this life, god has provide many things some can be return back, but some u can't get it back after you have made it. its like word, accident and time.

There's a reason behind it.

I write it because i am disappointed with one of my team member. we have discussed about the project earlier and everybody have the responsibility in making the job done. However........

Excuse that i get : ( 

Understand that Masters Student have lots of things need to do. But....... if you don't know how to manage your work and your work are related with other people. Don't you think that this may cause problem to others?

Never mind then. I have to find a ways in making my work done and completed. Even though the previous part have yet to be finished. I can't wait anymore. I can't bear with all this lame excuse. This is really ridiculous and unacceptable.

What has done have complete. Corrective action need to be made.

Insyallah. I can do it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My BBM group

I have BBM group friends. We always chat and tease each other. The name of the BBM Group chat is Nyonya Sosialitas. The name came up simply because every body are like tai-tai or Datins.

All of us have the nick name , like 
Nyonya - because he attached with chinese fella  
Miss J - Because he is very Miss J type 
Datin - all his dressing are like datin
Cik Puan Besar - because he want to be highest level in society 
Lady D - because his english is very England 
PA Rozy - because he act like PA and very mistress lifestyle. 

so how?  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Presentation slide

Ever since my Irish lecturer taught me on how to have a good presentation slide and my SO also give a tip, i always find and look forward to make it SHORT and simplified my slide yet attractive and full with information. It has to be look appealing and the background has to be good enough by NOT distract or make the presentation slide look gloomy or wanna go to funeral.

So slide has to be simple, presentable, easy to look and read yet full with information and attractive enough.

Appealing tak slide example above? LOL

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New quote

Early this morning while doing my assignment, suddenly one of my BBM text me and expressed his worrying because of his loosing too much hair. So after i comfort him with the acceptable word, i actually realized that one of my statement is really wise and i kind of like it. (letak kaki kat escalator naik sendiri LOL)

The word is
"Stop worrying cause it will make more harm to yourself".

Me likey......

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Itchy thought

God always know what He is doing. In this case He want to test me.

Whenever i saw car stranded on the side of the road, i have a crazy thought thinking

"what IF one FINE day, it happen to me"

So, last monday, the itchy wish come true. Not just that, my Adam (nick name i called for my Gen2) engine is broke down and few more complication surround the engine. It cost me almost 3K. Speechless and can't do much about it. Thank god my SO willing to help me.

Sien but no choice lor.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I start my enjoy the saloon treatment since few years back. That time my hair is not that much and very sensitive with the hot water. My mum say that we should wash our hair with cold water. Since i knew about HOT water effect to my hair i always a make sure the water temperature on cold.

Glad i took her advice, my hair start to getting better plus with the Hair treatment that i have went through few years back. And ever since that anybody (shampoo boy/girl) wash my hair, i make sure it on cold water.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Saw this play in London Few years back. To be truth, i have know idea the actual stories about this play. But then, my SO bring me to watched this play last saturday and serious i Fall in Looooove with this play. Smashing i should say from early part till the end.


When i do laundry, Curtain is the only thing i neglect. simply because I don't like my room without curtain and when i think to wash the curtain, my window will be naked. So i let it be lor...... seriously, i can't remember when is the last time i wash the curtain. Century years ago is possible.

But look at the condition of my curtain, which is turn to black already, so by hook or crook i have to wash it and i have to bear in my mind that my window is naked. So i wash it.

By nature of fabric that if its doesn't was frequently, it will broke easily. True enough..... after i wash it, and to dry it out....... its tear in a BIG and LONG one. I was like *face palm*. Padan Muka to myself lor. So now, my curtain will be alas kaki and i have to go find new curtain. Aiyoooo Mo money lei......

Lesson learn.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Different Singapore

Normally went to Singapore, i always look forward to avoid touristy place. Shopping mall, Orchard, Universal Studio, Jurong Bird Park and club areas is where the location that i not a BIG fan when in I'm singapore. Yes, no doubt i go there, but not big fan except the Jurong Bird Park and Safari Night Zoo cause never get chance to go there yet.

But i look forward to find a place like their park and new develop recreation park. I always impressed on how they develop and change their park landscape. Changi Park, East Coast Park, Punggol Park and many more.

How i wish Malaysia (KL especially) can have like this. The existing is good, but they need to have more.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beautiful SWAN

Beauty and the Geek tv show photo
The Best part that i always look forwards when i watch this reality series is the Make-over part. I actually can understand how do they feel cause i have been through into that situation before. Only i don't have to get into the Reality show to change, but i just change by myself and turn myself from Ugly Duckling to Look-good-on-eye swan.

- Confidence - : D

Sure Danny will laugh like hell when he read my article.

Quote i found

Few days back while watching tv series, i actually notice 1 quote that is really wise and meaning full.
"Without passion, you can't success"

Love it.

Pan Am

I heard about this series few weeks ago and now i manage to get the DVD and watch it. I must say....... I actually like it. Although its like "sol called glamourous but its ok. I can take hit. Nothings wrong for us to dream right.
My Lecturer used to make a joke
" You are not allowed to bring notes, laptop or any reading material but i allow you to dreaming. "
so Dream is fun.

Gender Confuse announcement

Well, most of the language, we all know that there is part of grammar refer for masculine or feminine. Meaning to say, address for male and female. It actually a simple thing but it bring big impact if you don't know how to address it.

Last friday, i actually went back to my hometown. Due to bus ticket sold out because of university mid term break have started, i have no choice to take the Executive Coach Nice Express. Don't ask about the ticket price. Double ok!!!!! from the normal bus price ticket.

The good thing about this executive coach is they provide personal attendance attending the passenger and they serve some finger food and not to forget blanket. So that night, the personal attendance a.k.a bus steward is a guy.

After 10 minutes bus start its journey, i heard an announcement in Bahasa Malaysia.

"Selamat Malang Tuang-tuang dan Puang-puang, Saya Shamsul, Pramugari anda sepanjang perjalanan ini"
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm Shamsul, your stewardess for your journey tonight"

I was like..... WHAT!!!! and i start to giggling for quite sometime. Well, it does make my night until next day in fact until now.

So.... I DONT want to be stewardess la.... Ngehehehe : D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ICT in Malaysia

As you all know (or don't realized) that am actually further my studies in Masters at Local University. To change my mind, set from i no longer working and i actually need to have motivation and goal is something big for me indeed.

Along the journey which i have been through about 6 month now ( including last semester and this semester) i still can't believe i actually doing this. One of the research that I'm doing right now is about ICT. All along malaysian Government has encourage its citizen to know more in ICT. e-gov la, e-commerce la, i this la, i that la........

In my opinion, what i can see is, our government still do not understand much on the ICT. meaning, they kind of lack expertise in this situation. They still in confusing mode and they need to keep up.

I actually don't say that I'm good at it. My SO on the other hand, yes. Very Gadget and IT literate. So as a good Citizen, i will start to be IT savvy and Gadget Literate (Read: $$$$$$$). But i actually can start with simple way by read more about ICT. Probably because I'm doing my course work and most of my studies related to the ICT.

*suddenly convocation ceremony played in my mind* LOL