Friday, July 31, 2015

Post Break Up Situation

I guess when we talk, imagine and related about the break up. Im sure you know know / see / understand what is all about. Its either one side only suffering, both sides are suffering because of the break up and not to forget to person that is related closely to either one of the party or both parties such as the child. 

People always said that single is better. No need to think other people. But disagree with the single-hood because by having a partner, you can share and even better supporting each other. The way i see it. when you single, you have set your mind that you have to go solo and you need your personal things all by yourself. So in this case, you can become independent and when you independant, you have the set the best confidence level for yourself. 

But when you are at in attached mode. You tend to be dependent to your partner. Yes..... it will grow stronger. But, some of them tend to be slight weak and less confident of their capability, strength. Thats what happen to me and thats how i felt right now. 

Yes. Time will heel. But it will take time that no one will know when.Whether its short or longer period. People always know me with a guy who like to smile. My smile are the fullest and even stranger look at my smile. They feel the joy and happiness that i project. But now. honestly my smile are just empty. I need to build back my strength and i need to pick up again. 

Damn. Hate when this thing happen. HATE IT! 


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