Friday, February 13, 2015

You will be missed Tn Guru Nik Aziz (120215)

Last night around 9 pm, i got a news through Group Whatsapp and they we saying that Tn Guru Nik Aziz just passed away. We asked one of our friends to confirm on the news instead just rely on the rumour spread.

10 minutes later, he came back and confirm on the news. 

Nothing could i say during that time. The only i could do as a muslim is Recited Surah Al-Fatihah for him.

Interesting things that i hear about a good person when they passed away is, 
  1. The news of their death to people who know them are easily spread and lots of people will come and give the last respect to the dearly departed. 
  2. On the funeral day, it always shadowed with the cloud in the sky as its show the sadness for the departed. 
  3. More and more people will come and visit to pay the last respect to the dearly departed. They will follow until to the grave as to show their last respect. 
  4. They not only give the last respect, but they also will pray and hope that dearly departed will be rest in peace till the D-day.  
  5. People will always share all the good things that they have done during their life and remember it 
 First time i hear all this is from my mother. She shared to me on the last moment before my late grand father passed away until the day of funeral. From that story, i observed on any moments that i could anticipate with, the same situation i encounter until now. All the things that my mother said is true. 

Innalillah-hiwainnailai-hirajuin. (From the Allah Al-Mighty we came and to Him we go) 

Condolence to Family of Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz. You will be missed by Family, Friends and Enemy and to all who have known him during his life. 


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